• Homebrew, PS3 Hacks, Showtime , 26.12.2012

    Facanferff has published the Showtime Plugin Youtube 2.0, which will make Youtube browsing on the PS3 a “New Experience”.

    Showtime Plugin Youtube

    The first major release of the plugin was more than a year ago and now it is time to renew that experience and provide a improved experience that I hope everyone will enjoy. Please see carefully the changelog so you know exactly what’s new:

    - Add: Support for Continuous Playback (needs to activate setting in Showtime’s Video Playback Settings)
    - Add: Main Page now supports order customization (like Showtime Main Page)
    - Add: Youtube Disco
    - Add: Native Sorting (by Publish Date, by Views, by Title (incrementing/decrementing) and as Default)
    - Add: Youtube EDU
    - Add: Featured feed in Youtube Movies
    - Add: New User Profile Interface/Experience
    - Add: New Advanced Mode for videos
    - Add: Choose what feeds to show in User Profile
    - Add: Header buttons in Oceanus skin plugin
    - Add: Item Menu:
    – Like/Dislike video
    – Comment video
    – Add to Favorites
    – Add to Watch Later
    – Related Videos
    – Response Videos
    – Redirect to Movie (if video is a known trailer)
    – Trailers (if video is a movie)
    – Redirect to a Show (if video belongs to a Show)
    – Redirect to the Show Season (if video belongs to a Show Season)
    - Fix: Video Playback
    - Fix: Some videos would fail due to some RegEx differences
    - Fix: Videos that are no available don’t show friendly error message
    - Fix: The plugin would load additional pages of a feed that didn’t contain entries
    - Fix: User Favorites didn’t work
    - Improvement: Updated video metadata for support in Oceanus skin plugin
    - Improvement: More flexibe Youtube Search
    - Improvement: Don’t show login popup in search

    As you may see several things that were being asked since the first release are now here, fresh and ready to be used.

    Showtime Plugin Youtube

    The new Home Screen, using SELECT + Arrows in PS3 you can customize the order of the items.

    Showtime Plugin Youtube

    The improved item listing.

    Showtime Plugin Youtube

    The new Youtube Search screen providing easy to use search for everything you want.

    Showtime Plugin Youtube

    The new advanced mode in videos, cleaner and easier to use.

    Showtime Plugin Youtube

    The new User Profile screen, featuring an easy to use and fast experience.


    Go to Plugin Central (puzzle icon in home screen) inside Showtime and download the plugin.

    Special thanks:

    - andoma: for creating Showtime and maintaining it

    - Tyrant: for beta testing the plugin and giving fresh ideas


    - When testing, my Beta Tester (El Tyrant) found that the resume videos of Showtime does not work properly with the plugin, so please disable the following settting: Video playback -> Resume video playback


    1. I found some issues, had crashes or have suggestions, where can I inform the developer about them?
    At https://www.lonelycoder.com/redmine/projects/showtime.

    Source: facanferff.net via Twitter

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    1. w0313
      07:52 AM

      I like it..download link please. thank you

    2. AndyTime
      07:54 AM

      Download Link ??

    3. manster
      08:11 AM

      Originally Posted by w0313
      I like it..download link please. thank you
      Originally Posted by AndyTime
      Download Link ??
      Download within showtime (plugin central)

      Go to Plugin Central (puzzle icon in home screen) inside Showtime and download the plugin.

    4. JailBroken
      10:30 AM

      here are some links :
      [kudos to facanferff ]


    5. snkysnake02
      10:43 AM

      This is great update ^_^ thanks a ton :-D just found update before logging into hax ^_^

    6. Theeze
      11:55 AM

      Nice update, I was hoping for pairing support with mobile devices though

    7. stussy1
      12:15 PM

      Originally Posted by Theeze
      Nice update, I was hoping for pairing support with mobile devices though
      That would be good

    8. AndyTime
      01:29 PM

      Nice quality ! Thanks devs for this update

    9. Wakenbake
      12:09 AM

      Crashes my ps3 constantly have to pull the plug