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    If you want to know how to use the lately released Save Game Tools by flatz, this tutorial by zorrolaro (posted in the PS3HaX Tutorials Section) will help you.

    Required tools:

    • pfdtool by flatz http://rghost.ru/42242210
    • wireshark http://www.wireshark.org/download.html
    • PS3 ProxyServer by CF3B5 http://www.ps3hax.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=92
    • .net 1.1 runtimes (for PS3 PoxyServer) http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downl…ils.aspx?id=26
    1. Create a folder near your root drive for pfdtool (i.e. c:/pfdtool/), then extract all files into that folder from the linked archive.
    2. Download and install wireshark and winPcap (included with the wireshark installer)
    3. Download and install the .net runtimes
    4. Download and install PS3 ProxyServer
    5. Open a command prompt (start menu -> all programs -> accessories -> command prompt) and enter command “ipconfig”. Write down the IPv4 address (should look like or something similar)
    6. Open PS3 ProxyServer and copy the IPv4 address you wrote down into the IP Address field and check of PS3 mode, leave the other options alone. Hit the big start button. Keep you IPv4 number handy, you’ll need it again. Leave this program running.
    7. Open Wireshark. On the left side there is an option to start capture. Left click with your mouse to select the appropriate network adapter listed below the start command. If you are not sure about which adapter to use, select them all using ctrl + left mouse click. Hit the start button once you’ve highlighted the appropriate adapters. Leave this program running.
    8. Boot up your PS3 and navigate to Settings -> Network Settings -> Internet Connection Settings. on the first page select Custom, on the second select whether you are connected wirelessly or wired. Skip all other options by hitting right on your controller until you get to the Proxy Server page, then select use for that option. input the IPv4 address you wrote down earlier into the top field. Make sure that the port number on this page matches the port number on PS3 ProxyServer (should both say 8080). Skip to the last page on the configuration and hit x. Test connection when prompted by hitting x again. As long as the top 3 fields say succeeded you can carry on to the next step. if not, review your settings in this step and steps 5 and 6 and retry.
    9. Sign into the playstation network and login to the psn store.
    10. Go back to your pc and check Wireshark. There should be a whole bunch of information displayed on the screen, don’t worry you don’t need to know what it means. Press [ctrl]+ e to stop capturing, then press [ctrl]+f to bring up your search dialogue. Under “find” check of “string” and under “Search In” check off “Packet bytes”. Enter 0000000100 as your search criteria and hit enter. If the necessary packet was found, in the bottom frame it should show the number highlighted on the right side (plaintext view) to ensure you have the right packet, right before the highlighted text it should say “devideID”:” and then the numbers you searched for. Take all the numbers and letters starting with your highlighted numbers and copy everything down until you find the next quotation mark in the plaintext. You should have a total of 32 digits written down. Should look something like 000000010084 followed by a bunch of letters and numbers. This is your console id.
    11. Go to the folder you installed pfdtool in. Open global.conf in notepad. Eidt the line where it says console_id=by adding the console id you just captured after the =. Also change the other fields that are bolded below to match

      ; Global settings



      Save file and exit (make sure you save as .conf not .txt)

    12. Open the games.conf file in the same folder. Edit it as follows for NA retail disc version only. You’ll have a different game id (the BLUS30982) and secure_file_id. You’ll need to ask for someone on the forums to get those for you if you are using a different region, version or entirely differnt game. You can add additional games follwing the same layout by adding more lines. The disc_hash_key is commented out, so you will get a notifaction everytime you use pfdtool, but it still works fine.

      ; “Borderlands 2″

      Save and close the file once you are done adding games. Again make sure you save as .conf, not .txt.

    13. Make sure you have a copy of your save game on your pc. I like to copy them right into the same folder as pfdtool to make for shorter commands.
    14. You are now ready to actually use pfdtool. Navigate your command prompt to the folder you installed it (command to use is simply the path of the folder, ie “c:/pfdtool”). To decrypt we use the following command:

      pfdtool -g BLUS30982 -d “C:/pfdtool/BLUS30982-SAVE-SAVE0001″ SAVE0001.SAV

      where the part in quotations will be changed to reflect your actual drive location and the name of the file will be changed to your actual file name. The file name and path are case sensitive, make sure you double check you have the right case.

    15. You now have a decrypted save file. Use your hex editor of choice or in the case of Borderlands 2 you can use the latest version of Gibbed’s Borderlands 2 Save Editor. Once you are done editing, sae your game again and onto the last step.
    16. All that’s left at this point is to encrypt the file again. See below, same notes as when decrypting about file path and name.

      pfdtool -g BLUS30982 -e “C:/pfdtool/BLUS30982-SAVE-SAVE0001″ SAVE0001.SAV

      you can now transfer your save game back to your ps3.

    A couple of quick notes: I have tried to make this as noob friendly as possible, but you still need some basic knowledge to follow this guide. Also, atm I really have no interest in modding any other save games so I do not have the info for other games to place in your games.conf file, though if anyone wants to post them I will be happy to add them to the guide. I did not write nor do I support any of the software mentioned in this guide.

    If you have any suggestions for additions to this guide, post in comments below ^^, happy modding.

    Source: PS3HaX

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    1. xAfgkiller96x
      04:31 AM

      Everything works till i opened PFDTOOL or SFOPATCHER.
      when i try to type a command it doesnt work , WHY???
      can anyone help me?