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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/01/2013 , @ 11:06am


    The plan had been to release the game around spring time, but it has been delayed and given an actual release date, here is a quote from the source:

    Dear all,

    Today, we have an official release date to share with you: Grand Theft Auto V will arrive in stores on September 17, 2013.

    We know this is about four months later than originally planned and we know that this short delay will come as a disappointment to many of you, but, trust us, it will be worth the extra time. GTAV is a massively ambitious and complex game and it simply needs a little more polish to be of the standard we and, more importantly, you require.

    To all Grand Theft Auto fans, please accept our apologies for the delay, and our promise that the entire team here is working very hard to make the game all it can be. We are doing all we can to help ensure it will meet if not exceed your expectations come September – we thank you for your support and patience.

    The GTA Team


  • Posted by Pirate , on 31/01/2013 , @ 11:04am


    The E3 Team who brought you various other PS3 related products have announced their latest one, the E3 Station. The E3 station basically is a solder-on-PS3(multi-console compatible!) tool that allows you to run PS1/PS2/PS3 backup from HDD (on both 3k/4k consoles), and bring homebrew based on the E3 station to the PS3.

    The SDK for E3Station will be made available for free for developers to use. Interested devs can grab their free copy via email below.

    To quote:

    E3TEAM, the world renowned PS3 team, the maker of E3 FLASHER, E3 CARD READER and E3 CFW 4.30 etc,will release a Revolutionary innovation products— E3 Station .

    E3 Station is a multi-console supported platform, which we spent nearly a year developed by E3TEAM . It has huge hardware scalability and various software applications. Its main features are

    1: A high-performance hardware architecture
    2: Big HD touch screen allow players to use the software easily .
    3: Support for an expansion hardware board. With the custom expansive board, the user can play backup game easily.
    4: Multi-console compatable, such as PS3/XBOX360/WIIU, and also future PS4/XBOX720.
    5: Built-in Bluetooth, WIFI and HDMI interface, support HD Internet TV and a variety of high-definition 1080P multimedia(include BD ISO).
    6: Perfect quality and attractive price.

    The E3 STATION will be the best development tools for developers. E3TEAM will open the application SDK, and provide free
    sample for those interested developers . The developer can release their work(software or hardware) which based on
    E3 STATION free or paid. E3TEAM will also reward the good work, we will public the Awards Program later.

    We believe that the support of many developers, E3 STATION users will get the best experience.

    Addition, E3TEAM will release some E3 expansion board which run on E3 Station . User can choose according to their own needs


    The NAND board KIT includes the NAND board and the Nand CLIP . These boards work in conjunction with the E3 Station, the NAND-model PS3 Users can easily achieve one
    click downgrades without the need of any hassle or even a PC. Just touch E3 station screen and downgrade is completed.


    The NOR board KIT includes the NOR board and the NOR CLIP . These boards also work in conjunction with E3 Station, the NOR-model PS3 Users can easily achieve one
    click downgrades without the need of any hassle or even a PC. Just touch E3 station screen and downgrade is completed.

    About PS3 3K and 4K console, we will release 2 products for them:
    The DRIVE EMU BOARD works with the E3 station, users can run PS1/PS2/PS3 backup game from harddisk, this works on ALL PS3 models including 3K and 4K.

    2: PS3 Glitcher
    This is an independent small size chip with cheaper cost. It does not need additional hardware like the E3 Station . We have succeeded in glitching the PS3 3K and 4K a few months ago,all we need is some time to improve boot rate.

    More special function expansion boards will be announced later (for XBOX360 and WIIU etc), while welcoming the developer to obtain the SDK and E3 STATION sample, to become the member of E3 developer .

    here is our new email address for applying to become E3 developer : [email protected]

    Enclose some pictures for our products,we will release more details on Feb .

    1: PS3 Glitcher test board from E3TEAM
    2: E3 Nand and Nor expasion board
    3: E3 DRIVE EMU test board front
    4: E3 DRIVE EMU test board back

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/01/2013 , @ 10:07am


    PS3HaX moderator DEFAULTDNB has released another application, this one verifys an .PUP file agains .MD5, here is a quote from his thread:



    Ok so I got bored again and wanted to learn more about MD5 hashes and incorporate it into my own coding, so I came up with a quick tool, which can verify the MD5 of over 350+ known MFW/CFW/CEX/DEX/SEX PS3 update files.
    I wanted to make this noob friendly, so its easy to pick up and use with no knowledge of anything other than clicking 1 button.

    Never get scammed and by downloading and installing a fake update again!

    All you need to do is open the app, click “Select and check” point it to a pup file and bingo you get your MD5 result and whether or not it matches the known database, if it’s fake, or if its unknown (if new CFW comes out it will state unknown and to google the MD5 it generates so you can double check the authenticity of the PUP).


    I will update the app if people want me to in future (if there is enough call for it), and it is a known thing that the app takes 3-8 seconds to cross check the MD5 and return the result.

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/k0u084 = V1

    Tested on Windows Vista/XP & virus scanned with AVG.

    As I am a noob coder there may be a few bugs, so please pm me if you find any and I will fix and update asap. This app (like my others) are flash based so they can potentially be made into web apps (no exe) so dont be surprised if it asks you to update your players 
    (I also want to point out this took me only 4 hrs learn about MD5 and to build it to V1)

    Thanks to @aldostools for the extensive MD5 list on his site http://aldostools.org/temp/md5.txt
    Props to @superfurry

    If you enjoyed this and want more, then please also check out my date code check app: http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?p=417124

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/01/2013 , @ 10:03am


    Hello every body!

    This is me Abkarino (Console Admin from DVD4Arab forum), This is a quick and dirty release for 3K3Y Ripper application including the full recovered source code.
    So you can build/modify your own version.

    All you will need is:
    .Net Framework Runtime v4.0

    Message to 3K3Y Team:
    Do not stole glevand’s work again :P
    Also do not forget to protect you applications using a good .Net protector like .Net Reactor to prevent me or any body else from recovering your codes :P

    Special Thanks To:
    Glevand, Graf, Zadow28, Flatz, DVD4Arab Forum, PS3Hax Forum, PS3Crunch Forum, And sure our lovely team 3K3Y for releasing this app :P
    And any body else i may forget (Please forgive me) 

    Release (Binary + Source Code):

    Password for release:

    Hope that will help someone to do something useful in the feature 

    Abkarino (Mohammed Hassan)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/01/2013 , @ 09:38am


    Whilst i was helping a PS3HaX member yesterday morning, i searched for a tutorial for him, only to realise that when i looked at the tutorial, it no longer was viable for use, so i decided to look for an alternative way, to view the full story and understand where this is coming from, then click the link below:
    Websites that allow DL on PS web Browser

    I’m sure there have been times when a spouse or friend is using your computer and you just want to grab a brand new copy of Ubuntu, but all you have is your PS3 and you want to grab the latest Ubuntu torrent and download, here is how to do it on your PS3 :)

    First thing, make sure you have some sort of External FAT32 Storage connected, like a FAT32 formatted thumb drive.
    On your PS3′s Browser

    1. Press Triangle, go to the menu called File, select it, then select Address Entry
    2. Enter http://zbigz.com/ into the URL space.
    3. Press L3, the press triangle and choose open new window
    4. Once there choose a site that has a torrent, like http://www.Ubuntu.com entering that address into the URL bar.
    5. Go to download, then click on Ubuntu Desktop, then go scroll down until you see alternate options, click the link.
    6. Find the Ubuntu version you would like to download, once you have found it, hover the mouse icon over the link.
    7. Press Triangle, go to the menu that says File, select it, then go down to where it says Copy Address Of This Link and press X
    8. Press L3 to go back to the page which has http://zbigz.com/ on it and paste the link into the section provided.
    9. Press go and wait for the download link.
    10. When the dialogue pops up select your external storage device and press start, that will start it downloading.

    If my tutorial wasn’t quite plain enough
    Here is a video showing you what to do:



    Thanks to Google for being my friend :)

    Also thanks to maxwellmojo for putting the idea into my head.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 31/01/2013 , @ 01:30am


    This is proper translation made by me to understand what’s CFW 4.31 by MiralaTijera features:

    Hi, i present myself on this community showing what i been working in the darkness.

    You may ask what this is all about?.
    Well it’s about my CFW 4.31 FULL 4.31, nothing about spoof’s. It’s ported to 4.31. And..

    I give you along with the Os also my (personal) multiTOOL called “core” it’s only a self that loads at console startup.
    If it’s available on right USb port of our PS3 “/dev_usb000/” that among other things this will allow to dump console flash.
    Also activates QA flags (on 4.31 = directly) and exits and start on factory mode.

    Here some specs:

    lv1 CoreOS hash deactivated for downgraded consoles.
    lv1 183/182 undocumented ( lv1 peek / poke )
    lv1 Otheros ++
    VSH: nas_plugin ( all pkgs can get installed , explore_plugin y game_ext plugin to show the install package and erase that annoying warning message of *epilepsy* (though this is automatic while with QA flag)
    and patches VSH for rif / rap with fakesign.)
    default.spp: added that memory extra on gameOS for otherOs.
    lv2 peek / poke , syscall 6 / 7 ,
    lv2 lv1 peek / poke ( opcional syscall 8 / 9 via core)
    Payload Hermes with ported SC 36
    APPLDR: lv2 memory hash desactived from appldr ( no need to patch on lv1 ) , dev_flash whitelist deactivated ( loads any keyset from dev_flash ) and ECDSA deactivated.
    ISOLDR : ECDSA deactivated
    SPP_VERIFIER: ECDSA deactivated
    spu_utoken_processor : ECDSA deactivated ( qa flag )

    Here you have the payload to include on C for our managers with fixes and hook.

    http://pastie.org/private/cxg8xvohjbh99q45jw ( payload with sc36 )

    http://pastie.org/private/rbmvhgepnwlisvqm1zvchq (lv2 lv1 calls)

    Now let’s talk about = Core.

    It’s AIO (all in one) tool. This CFW at startup search on dev_usb000 if theres a files called cellftp.self and other called copy_script.txt. Also i activated *search function* you can deactivate if you want so just doing this:

    You have to put an original 4.31 sys_init_osd.self inside dev_flash/sys/internal/HERE and that will stop it for search it.

    So i developed a homebrew called core, that allows to end user have more options and tools.

    Remember though that the self has to be on your pendrive root along with copy_script.txt and flags folder with the flags ( functions ) that you want inside.

    When your PS3 starts up will search for it and execute it. It will leave a log on root called core.log.

    I will mention the more important ones and tomorrow i will explain a little more:

    BD emu flag = Is for if you don’t have blu-ray drive or just don’t work npdrm if you activate this flag, the PS3 will behave as if it have the drive installed.

    Enableqa = Activates those QA flag directly on 4.31 ..

    Dump nand

    Dump nor

    Dump lv2

    Dump full ram



    4MMML .
    MMMMM. xf
    . M6MMM .MM-
    Mh.. +MM5MMM .MMMM
    .. *MMMMx MMM dMMMM .nnMMMMM*
    *PMMMMMMhn. *x > M .MMMM**
    **MMMMhx/.h/ .=*
    .3P …
    nP *MMnx

    core 2.6.5

    changelog 2.6.5:

    Added toggle_recovery flag = Warning PHAT wipe.

    Fixed 6 flags.

    Erased that epilepsy warning.

    Core 2.6.0

    Changelog 2.6.0:

    añadida flag para limpiar restos de flag’s de otheros ( usar en casos de problemas al entrar recovery )

    Added flag to clean otherOS flag’s ( use in case that you have problem to enter into recovery).

    Changelog 2.5.0:

    Added otherOS.

    Fixed dumpnandflash flag, now dumps bootloader also to have a full vital backup of your PS3.


    OtherOS boot Tutorial:

    1) Start core only with setup_flash_for_otheros flag, when you hear a double beep means that’s the process went well. If you don’t listened nothing = check log.

    2) Then put dtbImage.ps3.bin (the one who corresponds to your CONSOLE)
    If it’s Nand = dtbImage.ps3.bin.nand
    If it’s NOR = dtbImage.ps3.bin.nor
    You have to rename it to = dtbImage.ps3.bin and paste it on the your pendrive root in this case we will use install_otheros flag.

    3) This will boot up and you will hear 2 beeps, if you don’t listened. Again, check the log. Something failed.

    4) Once we done this, shutdown your PS3 and use boot_otheros flag. On boot you will see petitboot on your screen.

    Thanks hermes, i used your cosunpkg and cospkg to align of CoreOs AND payload with sc36.

    Links about all i mentioned above :


    Mirror thanks to “palestina” http://ul.to/0mp1pmbl

    BD Emu function is integrated also on one CFW 3.55 that im currently uploading. This comes handy for example if you want to dump your root key.

    Here =

    To created our own CFW, just open delta patcher. On original file choose 4.31 OFW from here:


    On xdelta patch, hit the patch and apply with check checksum option and keep original file tilted. This will create other file called *NEW.PUP being * name of the OFW you use.

    PUP Hashes should be:

    CRC32: 203E06EC
    MD5: AD09B0CB3C09CFCCAB578E4E85969830
    SHA-1: 7258E1BB84ED6E8AB0F6325A0199B65F82C7ADEF


    This method was in the shadows for some time and was tested and all systems that allow this.

    I think on give core src once i polish it. Honestly im ashamed about some much comments on this code xD

    Enjoy it.
    I will keep you guys posted on this thread for next 3 days.

    Now Rogero come and copy this xDDDDDD (Joke)

    int main(void)
    int gilipollas;
    int ret;
    int size;
    gilipollas = 1;
    ret = crearpersona();
    if (ret==gilipollas)
    strlen(gilipollas,size); // midiendo al tipo de gilipollas
    palizapakeaprenda(size, "entre muchosrn");

    This *code* above have spanish slang, it’s a joke made by the author of this article on code format. I didn’t translated it for obvious reasons because it’s useless. It’s like writting *Hello world* with my spanish slang on it, google translate or any other online translator will give any kind of weird results.

    Translation made by Hellsing9


    Source = EOL

    Dev = MiralaTijera

    Saludos a los amigos de EOL 

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 30/01/2013 , @ 11:22pm


    Earlier zadow28 posted some information about the 3K3Y .pkg, here are his quotes from the forum:

    Damn your fast.
    Well maybe the greedy bastards, forgot to crypt there ripper, while counting money.
    Alot off info there 
    here is just one
    im not into VS very much, maybe the devs can have an look. etc


    its the visual source/assemply code for the x3key ps3 software for pc.
    got there keys and even shows there iso disc codes, plus alot more.
    im not an visual expert, so maybe there are some visual experts here.
    shows how the x3key acts like an Bulk. etc

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 30/01/2013 , @ 11:15pm


    [Release] FB Alpha RL (Retro Loader) v1.00 (CFW 3.40/4.XX)

    Hiyas everyone, today I come with something that I’ve been working for the last few days, please read the documentation before using it, I know that some people don’t usually like to read, but please take a minute to read and see what FB Alpha RL offers.

    Note: I verified the problems with emulation of CPS-1, and it seems it is only happening on libretro port, not on the Windows official release of FB Alpha. I tried to see if I could find the issue, but I couldn’t identify it.


    As a dev from the official FB Alpha Team, FB Alpha RL was made with a objective in mind, to keep the original experience from the official FB Alpha (for Windows OS) on the PS3 system.

    Even when I don’t know how to implement a fancy GUI for the PS3 system with textures and all the complicated stuff, I managed to use my previous application core (gamePKG core) to create this nice frontend for RetroArch’s FB Alpha core.

    I know that RetroArch is already a frontend, but I like to keep things simple and straight to the point.

    Please, read the technical info for more details.

    Technical Info:

    Signed for CFW 3.40 / 4.XX (should work for everyone). Tested @ 1080p resolution via HDMI.

    FB Alpha RL uses a custom “burn_drivers.h” header file that was generated by modifying the official windows version of FB Alpha with a routine to generate such file on launch.

    The header have a big structure with all the information for all supported drivers in FB Alpha v0.2.97.28. Information such as:

    • Romset Name (Ex. kof2002)
    • Parent ROM (Ex. sf2)
    • Year
    • Manufacturer (Ex. Capcom)
    • System (Ex. Neo Geo)
    • Max players
    • Game Screen Resolution
    • Game Screen Aspect Ratio

    Future release will have a custom generated header with all the ROM information as well, so the application will be able to verify every romset with precise CRC32 checks (as in the official FB Alpha for Windows).

    FB Alpha RL will scan the following directories for ZIP files:

    Specific directories:

    • /dev_hdd0/game/ROMS00000/USRDIR
    • /dev_hdd0/game/ROMS00000/USRDIR/fba
    • /dev_hdd0/game/SSNE10000/USRDIR/cores/roms

    Generic directories:

    • /dev_*/roms
    • /dev_*/roms/fba

    Devices scanned are:

    • dev_hdd0 (PS3 Internal HDD)
    • dev_usb000 (External USB)
    • dev_usb001 (External USB)
    • dev_usb002 (External USB)
    • dev_usb003 (External USB)
    • dev_cf (Compact Flash)
    • dev_sd (SD Card)
    • dev_ms (Memory Stick)

    NOTE: You don’t need the official RetroArch installed, this already has my own modified build incorporated into FB Alpha RL installation directory. So you can safely install the official RetroArch and it won’t interfere.


    • Use UP and DOWN to select Games.
    • Press  to Load the selected Game.
    • Press  to Quit and return to XMB.
    • Press [SELECT] to Load “RetroArch” (FB Alpha Core).


    • Auto configure screen Aspect Ratio on game load.
    • Quick ROM(s) scanning in extensive path locations.
    • Romset validation against FB Alpha v0.2.97.28 drivers library.
    • Checking for duplicate ROM(s).
    • Detailed info about listed ROM(s).
    • Full game name display for easier navigation.
    • Direct loading of ROM(s).
    • Simple GUI & nice application logos(LMAO xD).

    WIP / Coming on future releases:

    • Set System Input preset on Game Load (Ex. NeoGeo.cfg / Shooters.cfg / etc).
    • Simple Input Mapping feature.
    • Display Extended ROM information by pressing .


    1.00 (January 30, 2013)

    • Initial Release

    Thanks to:

    • My buddies Treble Winner (Barry) / Kev / IQ_132 from the original FB Alpha Team <3.
    • PS3 Scene websites (in no order) such as: PS3HAX / PSX-Scene / PS3Crunch / Etc, for you support
    • TheMaister / Twinaphex / Squarepusher / Company - Libretro/RetroArch is just amazing.
    • pete_uk - for your unofficial RetroArch builds.
    • STLcardsWS - for your support 
    • aldostools - your ps3tools for windows are the best =)
    • deank - multiMAN helped me research / debug my application
    • fail0verfl0w, GeoHot, etc - for all you have done for the PS3 scene
    • Annonymous - for releasing Sony SDKs

    Thanks to anyone else I forgot that in some way contributed to the PS3 scene and as a result I was able to do this homebrew application.


    [mediafire] FB_Alpha_RL_1.00_[20130130].pkg [~ 8.5 MB]
    [zippyshare] FB_Alpha_RL_1.00_[20130130].pkg [~ 8.5 MB]
    [mega] FB_Alpha_RL_1.00_[20130130].pkg [~ 8.5 MB]

    Source Code:

    FB Alpha RL - https://github.com/CaptainCPS/FBAlphaRL
    RetroArch (Modded for FB Alpha RL) - https://github.com/CaptainCPS/RetroArch (ATM is just a fork of official RetroArch, but tonight I will commit my changes, so they are easier to track down )
    FB Alpha v0.2.97.28 (Modded to generate “burn_drivers.h”)(Windows) - (coming soon, Im organizing it)


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/01/2013 , @ 01:37pm


    Estwald has updated Iris manager to version 1.55, here is a quote from the change log:

    What’s new:

    - 4.31 CFW Support Miralastijeras: Give thanks for my part, collaborative attitude author, who has tried to give me the job as possible (still, if I had not moved to CFW, would have been difficult, because there were things that fallitos missing and some we had gone mad: so that I could dump LV1 and LV2

    - New Homelaunc1 for CFW 4.31

    - New patch for PS1 EMULATOR: I put big that solves the problem that some games cause ps1_netemu call: I do fakeando the disk ID in sector 16. That was the reason why such Chrono Cross remained in black, but if another disk givest PSX, tore that game

    I also added a new patch to simulate TOC extended info, if necessary.

    IMPORTANT: 4.31 ps1_emu not be used. Using 4.30 or less. I have to look at how viable is doing via syscall emulation (the biggest problem, to house the code, which is a lot and used to all versions)

    - Fixed some minor bugs in the previous version.




    Thanks for the tip esmjanus

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 30/01/2013 , @ 08:33am


    Mysis has recently released Nor Inspector version 0.0.1, here is a quote from the Readme

    Nor Inspector (c) Mysis 2013

    I was working on this application for a little while now.
    By its release, it doesnt mean others should stop their work.

    Keep up the good work !

    Coded in C# - Requires .NET Framework 2.0


    * Drag’n'drop your dumps!
    * Drag’n'drop Core OS / Revoke Package to replace!
    * Diplay of general informations
    * Additional reverse engineering related information
    * Tree View of your Nor Dump
    * Extract Option for contents
    * Verification of Operating System Files
    * Hex-Region Viewer
    * Byte reverse dumps supported
    * Error Logging in Status-Tab (OK/ERR)
    “The Tab is green, the dump is clean!”


    + ps3devwiki people for their hard work and still updating every day !
    (so much names i cant write them all, you know who you are ! :o )

    P.S.: This is just the beginning. I’m planning to add alot more stuff. To be continued….


  • Posted by manster , on 30/01/2013 , @ 05:18am


    PS3 Scene developer aldostools has released a few updates for his Bruteforce Save Data tool. He has also updated a 10 year old application from him, called Memory Card Manager to support Virtual Memory Card formats used by the PS3 and PSP (.VM1 and .VMP files). As usual you can download the tools on his website or at the links below.


    Download Memory Card Manager 1.4

    Download Bruteforce Save Data 2.4.1

    Source: http://www.aldostools.org/ps3tools.html

  • Posted by manster , on 30/01/2013 , @ 04:47am


    PS3HaX member and creator of Red Ribbon Linux r04drunner has released a new online update for the release candidates 6 and 7. You can update by following the instructions below.



    I have published a new online update.

    This update has been designed for the releases candidates 6 and 7. It includes the following changes:

    • Added a new logout window that includes the “Boot GameOS” option.
    • Added a new version of the Red Ribbon theme.
    • Fixed the hang problems when shutting down and rebooting.

    You need to connect the PS3 to the internet, open a lxterminal and download the file:

    wget http://downloads.redribbon.t15.org/online-update-2013-01-30.sh

    Then, you must execute it:

    sudo sh online-update-2013-01-30.sh

    And wait until finished. Then, you must logout and login again.

    This update will be included on the next release of the LiveCD.

    Note: When you turn off the PS3 if the red light is blinking, do not worry. Now a syscall is used to simulate a problem and to turn off the PS3, but actually everything is ok .


    Red Ribbon GNU/Linux @ Sourceforge

    Red Ribbon GNU/Linux Blog

    Source: PS3HaX

  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/01/2013 , @ 11:49am


    Another update is out for your favorite media server, this latest update brings various enhancements to the MKV/MP4 playback. It also brings various other speed/bug fixes.

    To quote:

    • General:
      • FFmpeg supports audio selection
      • Improved MKV/MP4 support on PS3
      • Fixed rare bug where files stop half way through
      • Support streaming mp4 to WD TV Live
      • Added initial support for Vizio Smart TVs
      • Fixed playback on unknown renderers
      • Fixed several FFmpeg-related bugs
      • Improved support for videos whose containers change aspect ratios
      • Tried to fix headless mode detection on Ubuntu
      • Fixed various bugs
    • External Components:
      • Updated FFmpeg for Windows to SB5, which:
        • Improves AC-3 audio buffering
        • Fixes memory leaks
        • Fixes a bug which detected transport streams as finished when they weren’t
        • Improved MPEG-PS encoding
        • Made error codes more meaningful
        • Improves Matroska (MKV) support
        • Improves threading
        • Optimized AC-3 decoding
    • Updated InterFrame to 2.4.0, which:
      • Improves scene-change detection

    [Source and download]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/01/2013 , @ 02:54am


    PS3HaX member zecoxao has created a ps3 hdd/eEID decryption repository, here is a quote from his thread:

    so, i decided to create a ps3 hdd/eEID decryption repository, just for the gist of it. bear in mind that the code is adapted from naehrwert’s code, so it’s not 100% my code, but i did modify some things and made it so that it’d be more user-friendly. for now, it only runs on linux, and people who want to use it on windows or mac have to adapt the code (the cygwin zip i have also works for windows, but i want to improve it a bit)

    here’s my repository:


    that should work on linux if you have build-essential, openssl, and libpolarssl-dev installed. just read the readme, and you’re good to go.

    Note: gitorious didn’t seem to work for me, so i decided for github instead.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/01/2013 , @ 08:26pm


    PS3HaX member LoboGuara has put together an awesome tutorial to help people using Iris manager, hre is a quote from his thread:

    The objective of this thread is to gather all available information in a single place. It’s far from perfect, but I count with the help of you guys to improve it over time. I apologize for my bad English, corrections and criticisms are welcome.

    Things you need:

    The latest Iris Manager release (Actually, 1.54)

    TrueAncestor SELF resigner (only for the required files)

    A file manager (i.e. multiMAN , Comgenie Awesome FileManager) OR a working PC-PS3 ftp connection

    Install the Iris PKG on your PS3 (The pkg is inside the rar file: irismanager-4-x.pkg)

    1. Extract the Iris Manager rar file on your PC

    2. Inside the Iris uncompressed folder, you will se a file named patch_ps1emu.rar. Extract this file

    3. Extract TrueAncestor SELF resigner and copy the contents of the DATA folder (ldr_curves, vsh_curves, keys) to the patch_ps1emu DATA folder.

    4. Copy the file /dev_flash/ps1emu/ps1_emu.self (using FTP or a file Manager) and put this file into the patch_ps1emu extracted folder

    5. Run patch_ps1emu.bat with Administrator privileges

    6. Copy the generated ps1_emu_patched2.self to the IRIS MANAGER folder on PS3 (usually /dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4)

    Example: /dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4/ ps1_emu_patched2.self

    Preparing your PSX ISOS:

    On your EXTERNAL USB device, create a folder called “PSXISOS”


    Inside the PSXGAMES folder, create a foder with the game name



    Inside the game folder, put your ISO/BIN/IMG and Optionally, a JPG image named “Cover.jpg” (to get the cover showing on Iris Manager game list),

    The Directory structure should be like this:


    If the game has multiple disks, put the other disk images in the same folder respecting the filename of the first disc. Example

    /dev_usb000/PSXGAMES/FinalFantasy9/ FF9_disc1.ISO
    /dev_usb000/PSXGAMES/FinalFantasy9/ FF9_disc2.ISO
    /dev_usb000/PSXGAMES/FinalFantasy9/ FF9_disc3.ISO
    /dev_usb000/PSXGAMES/FinalFantasy9/ FF9_disc4.ISO

    The Cover image must not exceed 1024×1024 in size

    Done. Your PSX games will now apperar on Iris Game list

    Note: there is a pkg containing the patched ps1_emu_patched2.self , you can download it HERE if you are having problems patching your own file. Im not recommending using it, since i have not tested this pkg myself.

    Example of the correct folder structure using Iris Manager:

    PS3 GAMES: 

    Iris Manager will search for your PS3 games on /dev_usb000/GAMEZ instead of GAMES

    If you are a multiMAN user, you can just rename your GAMES folder  to GAMEZ. Since multiMAN search for games in both GAMES and GAMEZ folder, you will have no problems.


    You can use the same multiMAN “covers” on Iris Manager! Just copy the “covers” folder into the Iris Manager directory

    Ex: /dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4/covers


    To load the last played game: Hold L1 at Iris Manager startup
    Sorting the games by system: Press L2 (PSX) or R2 (PS3)
    Game config: Select your PSX/PS3 game and press SELECT
    General config: Press START

    Iris Manager Translations:

    ps3hax user @brunolee provide a nice language pkgs, you can get these translations here: http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=51087

    Just install the respective .pkg and you are done!

    Have fun!

    * If you have any doubts/questions, dont hesitate to ask!

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/01/2013 , @ 08:18pm


    PS3 Dev flatz has released source code for his pfd & sfo tools

    Source flatz Twitter

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/01/2013 , @ 07:31pm


    At the moment all i can see is that this free game is for EU regions and you will be able to grab it in next weeks PS Store update, here is some info from the source:

    As usual, over the coming weeks you can also expect exclusive PS Plus discounts on lots of other titles, including Just Cause 1 and 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the Dust 514 Mercenary Pack and Alien Breed Trilogy. We’ll update you on these offers and more in the weekly Store posts. Also, Plus members will have access to an exclusive theme for Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch from 30th January.

    On top of all that, I’m very pleased to announce that as of 6th February we will once again be bringing you a fantastic discount on the 90 day membership for PlayStation Plus. For two whole weeks you’ll be able to get over 30% off the regular price – that’s €9.99/£7.99, reduced from €14.99/£11.99. A bargain, no?

    In summary

    Leaving the Plus Service in February:
    6th February: BioShock 2
    6th February: Ratchet and Clank All 4 One
    6th February: Cubixx HD
    13th February: Jet Set Radio
    20th February: Pinball Arcade

    Entering the Plus Service in February:
    6th February: Sleeping Dogs
    6th February: Quantum Conundrum
    6th February: F1 Race Stars
    13th February: WipEout 2048
    20th February: Lumines Electronic Symphony

    Source EU PS Blog

    Here is a hand tip for you, if you want to grab Sleeping Dogs, without buying a PS+
    Grab This Free UK 30 Day PS+ Trial
    You will have to enter your Credit/Debit card details, but as long as you un subscribe from auto renew, you will be fine and wont be charged when the free month is over.