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    Embrace digital era ;) EPIX is the way.

    To quote:

    EPIX has signed a deal with Sony to bring its movie streaming service to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

    The EPIX app will be released on PS3 during the first quarter of 2013 and the Vita app will follow. On-demand movies, T.V. shows and event will be available to those who currently have EPIX as their cable provider in the U.S.

    Here’s what EPIX and Sony had to say about the new relationship.

    We’re thrilled to join forces with Sony Computer Entertainment to offer subscribers a unique and unparalleled experience. This is another important step in our mission to provide the best content in every way consumers want it, creating better entertainment experiences using our premium content, and by working with technology partners and our distribution partners,” said Mark Greenberg, EPIX CEO and President.

    Our core audience has demonstrated a tremendous appetite for streaming movies and TV shows through their PS3, and we’re excited to bring EPIX into the homes of millions of PS3 owners in the U.S. as well as to PlayStation fans on-the-go through their PS Vita,” said Phil Rosenberg, SVP, Strategic Business Development, SCEA.

    EPIX has a decent back-catalogue of titles from the major studios, such as Paramount and MGM, as well as popular films including The Hunger Games and Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol. Head over to the EPIX website to see what else is in store.

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    1. cloudx
      11:22 PM

      hmmm epix sounds familler is it one of these that shows these commercials all the time in the theaters before a movie starts ? lol

    2. hellsing9
      12:40 AM

      Originally Posted by cloudx
      hmmm epix sounds familler is it one of these that shows these commercials all the time in the theaters before a movie starts ? lol
      I think so.


    3. SYN1ST3R
      04:31 AM

      great another icon added to the xmb that i cant remove

    4. tjhooker73
      04:42 AM

      Much like Version fios and 360?

    5. manster
      05:48 AM

      So, this is US only?
      I wonder when the **** they are going to update the Austrian PS Store. There' isn't even the youtube app and the only streaming service is MUBI...

    6. hellsing9
      03:38 PM

      US only [MENTION=141843]manster[/MENTION]
      I have my account from US because if i have to connect from my country with an account made on my country i can't even log to PSN.

      But beats me to it, i never used this kind of services.

    7. CNPalmer
      05:50 PM

      I doubt this service will catch on much since the EPIX TV channel isn't carried by Comcast, the U.S.'s largest cable provider. When you select a video service that isn't carried by the largest carrier you already shot yourself in the foot and you haven't even finished loading the gun. If you do not have access to the actual TV channel thru your provider you do not have access to it thru the PS3 outside of a 14 day trial run. >_<