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  • Posted by manster , on 31/03/2013 , @ 01:56pm


    Here’s some nice info from zecoxao about running PSP Games/Homebrews (disguised as minis) on a PS3.

    Cleaned up. OK, so here’s how it works:

    On each mini, there are two files called ISO.BIN.EDAT and MINIS.EDAT.
    There’s also another one(the game) called EBOOT.PBP

    Decrypting ISO.BIN.EDAT will generate a binary that contains the following :


    Decrypting MINIS.EDAT will generate a binary that contains almost the same, except that it is much smaller because it only contains a small header and the encrypted version key (i’m going to add the info to the wiki so don’t worry)

    Now, there is a program, with included source code, based on libkirk, that does all the hard work for us and decrypts the EBOOT.PBP. just rename EBOOT.PBP to NP.PBP and it’ll decrypt the eboots contents for you

    That program will also generate the header (in big endian) and the version key (exists per pbp)

    Let’s take care of the MINIS.BIN first. it has a random 16 bytes of data. if we decrypt that data with this specific key using aes-cbc

    62 5E 77 79 46 62 6A 37 33 6E 3A 5D 4A 6B 71 4B

    we will get the version key. that takes care of MINIS.BIN and we can forge our own if we want with another eboot.

    let’s go now to ISO.BIN

    the header there is the same as the generated header from the decryptor, except byte swapped in some places (again, little endian in ISO.BIN and big endian in np_header.bin)

    header taken care of, we go to the table (lots of ****ing hours on this one guys)

    this is divided in 4 parts (cmac of block using another key, offset of block relative to np_header and size in bytes of encrypted and compressed data)

    finding the block offset (tp[4] in code) and the block size (tp [5]) in the code was easy, as well as the padding bytes (tp [6] and [7]). the hard part was the cmac, which is now taken care of ( the link for the modified tool is here : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/35197530/npdpc.zip , take notice only the first block cmac is generated)

    you’ll notice that in that code, there is a key in npeg.c . that is the minis1 key .
    now we have proper cmacs. Very nice :D

    what’s missing now is to find an iso and make it an eboot, and use the information of the eboot and put it on ISO.BIN and MINIS.BIN, then repack the edats (using KDSBest’s tool) , create a pkg and test it

    for packing isos into eboots the closest we have is fake_np (also in libkirk)

    for those of you who want to test these kirk tools, check the link under the minis table information

    And that’s it

    I guess we just have to wait a bit for a “noob-friendly” version..

    Source: PS3HaX

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 31/03/2013 , @ 10:07am


    Kiefer Sutherland Voice acting.

    This is a shocker. I don’t understand why Hayter was not contacted by Kojima about MGS 5. I mean i love Kiefer sutherland voice but…it’s not the same!!.

    To quote:

    While Metal Gear fans are excited this week with Metal Gear Solid V announced, many are displeased that Naked Snake/Big Boss will not be played by the character’s longtime voice actor David Hayter, who wasn’t even contacted about the project.

    Upon watching the gameplay footage shown at the 2013 Game Developers Conference, it is clearly audible it is a different person other than Hayter voicing Snake. Hideo Kojima explained his decision to choose a new actor in an interview with GameTrailers’ Geoff Keighley. “I can say, yes, it will be a new person. I can’t say who it is yet. What we’re trying to accomplish here is recreate the Metal Gear series. It’s a new type of Metal Gear game, and we want to have this reflected in the voice actor as well.”

    That doesn’t sound promising for Hayter, as Kojima implies that this new voice actor will become the new voice of the Snake characters from here on out. A recent rumor speculates that 24′s Kiefer Sutherland may not only be voicing a new supporting character, Ishmael, but Big Boss as well.


    [Source] = PSU

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 31/03/2013 , @ 09:56am


    To quote:

    Mark Rein, Vice President and co-founder of Epic Games, has clarified on his Twitter that the current crop of consoles won’t be getting the Unreal Engine 4.

    This isn’t to say it’s bad, since the PlayStation 4 will certainly benefit from the visual horsepower of the  Unreal Engine 4, but this is likely due to limitations within current hardware that hinder it from utilizing the new engine. The current-gen consoles still have something in the ball park, since Rein reps the Unreal Engine 3 as an “awesome engine” for them.

    Regardless, the inability to use the next Unreal engine on current hardware is a testament to what the new engine has in store, and many of the early tech demos are showing something wonderful in what the Unreal Engine 4 can do.


    I can understand from a marketing view that UE 4 engine on future releases for *old* consoles such as PS3, Xbox360 but Wii-u?.
    So long story short they constantly debating about how much “horse power” PS4 or another console will have.
    INSTEAD of perform various tests to tweak/optimize Unreal Engine 4.
    I’m the only one that is thinking that is pretty much messed up.
    Seems they don’t learn from the past.
    You can have enough “horse power” but if the engine is not fully optimized is same as nothing. Frame rate issues, random crashes, etc.

    Remember boys. Some bad optimized engine can give US severe heaches.

    [Source] = PSU

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 30/03/2013 , @ 02:45pm


    The long awaited fix for Progskeet 1.2 is finally here, uf6667 confirms this should fix the write issues people were getting with 1.2

    uf6667 said he will get it on progskeet.com later on hopefully


    Source PS3 Dev Wiki

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 30/03/2013 , @ 01:34pm


    This new Command-Line GUI tools converts your old PS2 savegames to a readable format for the PS3 system.


    Run your PS2Classic at least once.
    Exit to the XMB, and go to “Save Data Utility (PS2)”
    Copy your PS2Classic Game’s Savedata to your external drive

    Follow the steps below to Convert your old savegame files, and then overwrite this one.

    1. Export your old PS2 saves from your PS2 Memory Stick to your computer, using either

    A. Sony’s memory Card Adapter (Requires PSV exporter)
    B. uLaunchElf; Tutorial included below.

    I recommend just copying your entire library of saves to an external drive

    2. Run SaveBuild - *Note - you may have to open PS2save-builder manually with admin rights; it is located in “tools”.
    3. Click “Edit > Add File”, and browse to the folder of your savegame. It will look something like “mc0:/BASLUS-21490″
    4. Import every file from that directory into the tool. (i.e. BASLUS-21490/icon.sys , BASLUS-21490/config , etc)
    5. Now edit the Root/ID field to match the name of the folder (i.e. Root/ID = BASLUS-21490)
    6. Go to “File > Save as…” and select “Save as file type: X-port2 (*.xps)” and save the file as your Root/ID (i.e. BASLUS-21490.xps) The program will ask you to save the file inside of your savegame folder, save it somewhere like your desktop)
    7. Run MyMC
    8. When the program starts, it will ask you to open a .PS2 file; select “SCEVMC0.PS2″ (I have included one with the tools.)


    9. Click “File > Import…” and select the .XPS you just created.
    10. Run PS2toVME ; Make sure the new SCEVMC0.PS2 is in the same folder. (the .PS2 will be cleaned automatically every time PS2toVME closes)
    11. Copy the New VME in the VME folder to your external drive (external drive:/PS3/EXPORT/PS2SD/PS2UXXXXX/SCEVMC0.VME)
    12. On your PS3, plug in your external drive and go to the Game portion of the XMB, and select “Saved data Utility (PS2)”
    13. Select your external drive and copy over the new savegame
    14. You’re good to go, load up your game

    ulaunchElf Copy Savgame Guide

    1. Load uLaunchELF on your PS2, browse to your USB flash (under mc0:/ or mc1:/ ).
    2. Locate the folder that contains your savegame, then press R1 and select Copy to copy the entire folder (it should contain files like icon.sys , config , etc)
    3. Browse to your external drive ( mass:/ )
    4. press R1 again and select mcPaste to paste the entire folder onto your external drive (do NOT use Paste, while it works for most games, some games require mPaste)


    SOURCE. Psx scene

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 30/03/2013 , @ 01:31pm


    Estwald has updated Iris Manager to version 2.22B


    Quote from the source:

    Lo nuevo: en versión 2.22B

    - arreglado el offset de lv2 strcpy en el payload 4.40 MLT (bug importante)

    - Parcheador de explore_plugin modificado para que muestre el icono de disco en 4.40 MLT y no de error al parchear el que incluye Miralatijera

    Google Translation:

    Changes in 2.22B

    - Fixed offset in the payload strcpy lv2 MLT 4.40 (major bug)

    - Patcher explore_plugin modified to show disc icon and MLT 4.40 error while patching which includes Miralatijera




  • Posted by manster , on 30/03/2013 , @ 09:34am


    aldostools has released the PS3 Tools Collection 2.3.1. This includes updates for PS2 Classics GUI, PKG ContentID, Bruteforce Save Data, PS3 ConsoleID, …

    For latest updates, infos and download links of his apps, please visit his homepage.

  • Posted by manster , on 30/03/2013 , @ 07:25am


    Deroad has updated his NoRSX library due to a huge memory leak problem.

    I have updated NoRSX to 0.3.0 THIS IS A MANDATORY UPDATE! Rebuild all your works, because there was a huge memory leak problem!

    There was a problem with Font implementation. i forgot to free va_list and Freetype2 glyph and that caused a really hi memory corruption.

    so please, update to this version!

    [GIT] https://github.com/wargio/NoRSX

    Source: Deroad’s Blog via Twitter

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 30/03/2013 , @ 07:02am


    PS3HaX user solidspike has patched stoker25′s PSIDPatch to work on CFW 4.40. Here are the release notes and the readme:

    PSIDPATCH 4.40 for most 4.40 CFW like rogero, miralatijera etc

    Download Link : rghost.net/44887220

    The last 2 offsets for console id seem to keep changing in lv2 every time the system is restarted so we can’t patch these unless someone creates a new program that patches dynamically instead of using fixed offsets.

    However this works and patches the PSID and the 2 fixed locations where the console id is for 4.40 CFW


    PSIDPATCH for 4.40 CFW

    Supports most 4.40 CFW like Rogero and Miralatijera


    Made from PSIDPatch 1.6 source by stoker25


    Original info from PSIDPatch 1.6

    PSID is your playstation’s unique identifier to Sony, this program will patch the loaded PSID in memory to one of your choice. This won’t permanently patch your PSID, but *MIGHT* let you fool PSN.
    Best way to test this is for somebody with a banned PS3 to try changing it and going online.

    + Shows you current PSID
    + Shows you current Console ID
    + Patch PSID from dev_usb/psid.txt
    + Patch PSID to random number
    + Patch Console ID from dev_usb/consoleid.txt
    + Patch ConsoleID (line 2) to random number
    + Choose USB to load from

    This uses the peek and poke syscalls in order to patch your PSID.

    Install package
    Run PSIDPatch
    Press Cross to patch PSID with a random number, or Square to patch ConsoleID.
    Or.. if you want to use your own:
    Create a text file called psid.txt/consoleid.txt on root of your USB
    Put 32 hex characters inside (e.g. 1234567890ABCDEFFEDCBA0987654321) or 64 for ConsoleID
    Open PSIDPatch, choose your USB using Up/Down arrows and press R1/L1 to patch.

    Mathieulh/RichDevX - bragging about PSID stuff on twitter, if it was a private convo I never would of started this :)
    user - Fixing CFWLoad code so no SCE confidential stuff is included, thanks man :D
    djekl - Random PSID idea, can’t believe I didn’t think of that…

    - stoker25


  • Posted by manster , on 30/03/2013 , @ 06:36am


    Following up on PS3 4.40 CFW and the PS3 v3.1.0 Core Update, today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer MiralaTijera has updated his PS3 4.40 CFW to include a ReActPSN RIF license bypass which allows users to run all PS3 DLC, PS1, PS2 Classic and PSN content that previously required RIF files without ReActPSN now.

    To quote, Properly translated thanks to @CaptainCPS-X :D :

    [update 2 released , read the whole post :-) ]

    CFW 4.40 MiralaTijera :

    Specifications :
    sys_init_osd ( read “Special” )
    lv1 peek / poke
    lv2 peek / poke
    Patched Syscon hash
    Patched nas_plugin ( PKG Install )
    explore_plugin parcheado ( original Install Packages )
    appldr , lv2 hash
    appldr, ecdsa
    isoldr, ecdsa
    spu_pkg_rvk_verifier , ecdsa
    spu_token_processor , ecdsa

    Functional QA flag :-D

    You can re-install the CFW over itself and you can install from CFW 4.31 MiralaTijera, and in theory from any CFW (I just confirm my CFWs).


    -Integrated Core 3.0.1 (Install the nosearch flag for the controller synchronization problem /dev_usb000/flags/nosearch)
    -sys_init_osd no longer exist, it has been completely replaced by CORE
    -LED aways green (FOR NOW)


    BDEMU without the drive is not working, OtherOS is not working


    Iris Manager 2.22 with payload 4.40 is included and ported to this version, source code has been handed to estwald, so he can upload them himself to the Git (repository).

    Links for all this:


    USE THIS IRIS, I FIXED SOME BUGS: http://www.sendspace.com/file/spo1wh

    the process to create the CFW is identical to the previous CFW I did before…

    tomorrow or this afternoon I will make an update to the CORE to add BDEMU without need of the drive and the rest of things that need to be ported to the core ;-)

    [update 1 ]

    Core 3.1.0 CFW 4.40 MLT

    BDEMU without drive working in 4.40 ( bdemu flag )

    (beta) loading of alternative kernel (anotherlv2 flag) (the kernel has to be manually copied to /dev_rewrite/lv2ker.self, the console will do a reboot and when the USB is turned off, we remove it and it will load it. (beta)

    reActPSN working, unsigned RIF and ACT.DAT deletion prevention.

    Installation: Put the files on the package on the root of a USB Storage Device, then connect it to the right USB slot and turn the PS3 on, it will install and if the LED stays yellow, then it means that everything worked fine, you will have the log in the USB as before, etc…

    Update 2

    PSX games will have the complete animation intro just like the PS1 :-D

    ReactPSN has been fixed ( without copying or looking at Rogero’s fix )

    RIF license bypass, this means that now the console will not care if the content has been purchased or not, so this means that a console without RIF’s nor ACT.DAT should boot all content without any problem ( ps2 classics for example ) BUUUUT will give a blackscreen, to fix that we will have to patch the “ps2netemu” so it uses a static klicensee.

    and a new mode that I’ve called…

    Dcex, basically reload the system in DEX mode WITHOUT changing the EID or doing the paraphernalia to switch the console to DEX, what you do need to have activated are the QA Flags, nothing else… all in a safe mode and we have our own kind of Debugger to be able to debug games and mount games via Network without any need of backup managers

    This works as follows, inside the pack ( assuming that you have the console running this CFW update). I attached a file called lv2ker.self located in a folder that indicates to read this post.

    This file must be transferred manually to the root of dev_flash, in this case using dev_blind or the same dev_rewrite that gets mounted by the core on each boot.

    Next you just have to activate the flag anotherlv2 (I advice that all this process is temporal, if for any reason the boot fails and it gives 2 beeps, there is no problem, simply remove the flag from USB and reboot the console again.

    Very well, once booted you will see everything just like a DEX, all the special icons and the quick sign up, everything is all good.

    To use the PC Tools, you will need to connect the PS3 via Ethernet wire to your Router, and extract the RAR with all the tools that I’ve attached to the root of a Game, it should end up something like this =

     dtccons..... ETC..

    And then, go to Network Settings and verify the IP address you are assinged, right-click “MLTmountydebug.bat” and choose “Edit” and inside you will see the following IP, change it with your IP, save changes and run the script / batch… in that same moment you will see in discless that it mounts the game via Network, and in one of the 4 windows that will open, the “dtccons” will show you the debugging output, from the PS3 game and system.

    Something like :

    dtccons (Version 1.3 Thu Jun 08 17:05:26 2006)
    ===== Start agent =====
    VSH Debug Agent Version 4.3.0 (62) (Built - Oct 17 2012 18:24:19)

    And core 3.1.1 with the updates and fixes to accommodate what has just been described before in the CFW.

    To apply the update, do as always, with the CORE and nosearch DISABLED you will put everything on the root of a USB Storage Device and it will do the dirty work, on reboot everything will be updated.

    And with this and a Brazier, we burn Rogero xDDDD





    Thanks to OKR2012 for the news submission!

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/03/2013 , @ 05:19pm


    @Rogero , famous for his work on Rogero Manager and Rogero CFW, has Updated PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher to v0.04
    The application patches valid PlayStation 3 NOR & Nand dumps with proper downgrade files necessary for downgrading/unbricking PlayStation consoles.


    initial release v 0.01

    • Compatible with both E3 and ProgSkeet Nor dumps.
    • Checking your PS3 Nor Dump if it is Byte-Reversed or No.
    • Applying the correct downgrade patches depending on the Dump type detected.
    • Eliminating the need to byte-swap the dump in order to apply the patches.
    • Making the patching easier rather then using several programs to do it.

    v 0.04

    • Added new Rogero CFW4.40 v1.02 patches.
    • Works for any PS3 model with downgradable metldr revision (not metldr2) including PS3 with Minver 3.56
    • No more FSM is needed for downgrading.
    • Added detection of non-downgradable “metldr” revisions.
    • Added support for Interleaved NAND Dumps (now will patch both Nor and Nand dumps)

    How to use:

    Drag and Drop any Nor or Interleaved NAND Dump onto the executable,
    it will detect the dump type and patch it accordingly with CFW4.40 patches.


    This program does not check for the dump validity,
    you must provide a good dump previously checked and verified.

    It will patch the dump image even if it’s not a 100% valid dump,
    the program only does some minimal checks before patching
    assuming that the user have provided a valid dump.

    Download PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v0.04.exe
    Download PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v0.04.exe MIRROR
    Download PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v0.04.exe MIRROR 2
    Download PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v0.04.exe MIRROR 3

    Source: Tortuga-Cove

    Thanks to Nicolas19 and Simonbuck for the news submission.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 28/03/2013 , @ 11:27am


    Playstation Store update for 3/26/2013 is out, here are your latest updates for this week! (Psst BioShock Infinite is really good!)


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 28/03/2013 , @ 05:28am


    This CFW was tested on most PS3 Models by different testers and no problems were encountered.
    But as any CFW release you must install it with caution and by following proper instructions, No one will be held responsible for any damage caused.

    Rogero CFW4.40 v1.02
    v1.00 (initial build)
    v1.01 (private beta build)
    This CFW can be installed fine from XMB Update over OFW3.55 or any CFW ver: 3.55/4.21/4.30/4.40 with the spkg patch.
    Added the Cinavia Patched Video Player to disable the Cinavia Protection on HDD based content.
    Added the needed patches for the Original “*Install Package Files” Credits to Szalay and “hidden Man”.
    HDD can be swapped/changed and the CFW will re-install without any problem.
    Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection.
    Patched LV1 to add peek/poke support.
    Patched LV1 Core OS Hash Check (to prevent Bricking on non-dehashed downgraded consoles)
    Patched LV2 to add peek/poke support.
    QA Flag enabled by default to allow for easier downgrading using Recovery Menu.
    RSOD screen bypass patch for RSOD machines (it won’t fix the RSOD but allows the PS3 to boot fine into XMB)
    PSN/SEN access is available as long as the current “passphrase” still the same but it’s not recommended.
    It can run games signed with Keys up to version 4.40 without any Eboot/Sprx patching needed.
    The CFW can be used directly for Downgrading with Hardware flashers using the new tool “PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher v0.04″.

    Source: tortuga-cove.com

    Here’s a short video:

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/03/2013 , @ 06:57pm


    Our favourite female moderator DEFAULTDNB has updated her PS3 PUP Check application to version 2.0, here is a quote from her release thread:

    [UPDATED] PS3 PUP Check+ v2.0 [MD5 VERIFY]~27/03/2013

    +Updated UI
    +Fixed bugs
    +Added Rogero 4.40 1.02 MD5



    Source Thread



    MD5: d1490f7a8f260ace67305e75544af7b1

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/03/2013 , @ 03:42pm


    Im not going to waste any time writing anything, i simply invite you to watch this beautiful video:

    You can also visit the official site here:

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/03/2013 , @ 04:14am


    Waiting is finally over for those who were waiting this “redisgned” Battlefield.
    Now you have almost 18 minutes lenght of gameplay. Showing how far they can go with their jaw-dropping.

    Funny though and pathetic at the same time that most of the user didn’t recognize the song used on the gameplay video.
    Hence in COD universe Eminem is the “King of the hill” here you have an Oldie that most kiddos don’t even recognize. (Only their parents).

    Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart - YouTube

    Bonnie tyler = Total eclipse of the heart.

    And for almost the minute long video you have Rihanna (With some tune that fits well with the ambience).


    Showing raw power based on their own engine: Is that cool enough?.

    I have to come clean from this one, i saw some stunning graphics but above all i have to admit that’s more of the same.
    The whole idea or concept behind is to struck a nerve.

    I saw those rendered faces almost close to be real, expressions, flawless movements but more of the same.

    I can’t say anything about that Oldie song used to make some melodramatic atmosphere for those ones who got shocked easily.
    Fits perfect in a situation that is FUBAR and i think the type of tune will live the rest of your life with you and your own demons.

    Noticed some commands that you can give to your team (idk who is the one called Tombstone) but it’s pretty easy to play that way while you are on campaing or solo mode.
    Hope this is some HINT that they will add to multiplayer stances.

    Final toughts:

    I was expecting something else but EA managed to pull this one out.
    They can take my money for sure with this new game of theirs.
    I know im paying for something that will worth to spent some friday instead of banging rihanna, spent that time for some fun only play.

    I don’t see nothing that i was *HEY! THIS CAN’T BE TRUE* well it’s a game.
    So i have to be honest again on this one.
    If they expect BF4 to be on PS4 and Xbox 720 i can surely say that’s a joke for those consoles.
    Or we are facing with a sour reality that a PS4 and Xbox 720 can perform like an high end PC at the end of the day.

    This being said.
    Love the game but i hate the lack of innovation but not all is said and one.
    Until the product is finally released.



  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 26/03/2013 , @ 12:43pm


    Here is a video created by UnknownArchive , it shows Roms working straight from the XMB, without having to start any app, i do not know how this works, but it relies on the best Emulator in existence, RetroArch, anyhow, enjoy the video, just a small warning though, if you are prone to butt hurt or if humour offends you, then don’t watch this: