• PS3 Hacks , 30.03.2013

    Deroad has updated his NoRSX library due to a huge memory leak problem.

    I have updated NoRSX to 0.3.0 THIS IS A MANDATORY UPDATE! Rebuild all your works, because there was a huge memory leak problem!

    There was a problem with Font implementation. i forgot to free va_list and Freetype2 glyph and that caused a really hi memory corruption.

    so please, update to this version!

    [GIT] https://github.com/wargio/NoRSX

    Source: Deroad’s Blog via Twitter

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    1. SuperDre
      10:57 AM

      thanx deroad, i've got 3 weeks vacation and i hope i finally get some development actually done..
      keep up the great work..

    2. mecwerks
      04:35 PM

      Hopefully this will fix the roadblock me and my dad hit with our project