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  • Posted by Pirate , on 30/04/2013 , @ 10:48am


    A test build of Showtime is available, and what special for this new build is it brings FTP support. The FTP feature is still in beta, so besure to report any issues you encounter with it!


    Fix bug making ‘Refresh metdata…’ option in item menu not to work at all


    Avoid loading .mkv attachments into RAM

    Instead we keep a reference to where in the MKV file the attachment
    is located and we can later open a slice of the mkv-file as the attachment.

    This combined with the fact that freetype can open fonts from a file
    handle reduces the static memory use for attachments to 0 bytes

    Fixes #1689 (out of memory (av error -12) with certain MKV files)


    Initial attempt of a built-in FTP client in Showtime

    To use it enter ‘ftp://ip.address.of.ftpserver’ in search bar
    or create a bookmark (much like the CIFS/SMB client)

    Note that the code has only been tested against a few FTP servers
    so it’s probably still buggy. If you find any problems and want
    to report please turn on “FTP logging” in settings:dev and include
    the logfile in ticket.


    upnp: Include video playback URL in canonical URL

    Fixes problem with UPNP servers that just give sequential numbers to
    directory items. If just using the URL items would be confused with
    other items if video are removed from the directory

    Fixes #1697


    Add Danish translation


    Fix bug that caused “Custom search query” to disappear for video items

    Fixes #1696


    Fix a bunch of memory leaks

    [Download and Source]

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 30/04/2013 , @ 01:38am


    You know what people say about being too much time being silent (and idle).
    Who knows maybe you start to hear better hence you are in complete silence or just ignoring your surroundings. This “phenomena” could happen for 3 reasons:

    1) You have something detrimental to say but you choose to keep it.
    2) You are watching things evolve and fall apart from a safe distance.
    3) You are about to explode in anger.

    Maybe those 3 reasons were enough to stay silent, away and watching.

    I’m not surprised about what i saw.
    I saw setbacks, advances, random fights about being ethical or some tantrum about having morals or not having them at all.

    So i will state some points that caught my attention and for a while not talk about them them maybe for being “taboo” or knowing that should ignite some ice-cold jab to the ones who don’t read/listen enough.


    Where is COBRA ODE and what happened to 3K3Y?:

    Latest news from those venomous snakes (weird fixation on them if you ask me) was on = 4 - 04 - 2013.
    Showing that awful PCB and some W.I.P.

    Hence 3K3Y done their move and i have to give them some Kudos for releasing their product and having 3 reviews. Most important one is from Brakk3n.

    They never removed this from their website but they remove them from features:

    *We are working on hardware methods for extracting keys from PS3′s already on 4.x firmware.*

    Both of them keep claiming that they are working on hardware methods for those lost in limbo that have as 4.x OFW and they can’t do pretty much anything with their retail consoles, only play on PSN with retails.

    But seems or it’s only me that it’s thinking a little out of the box about Cobra that they went too far with their own statements:

    2k,2k5k,3k and 4k series slim and super slim consoles. Cobra ODE is the first truly universal PS3 ODE bringing maximum convenience to end users and resellers alike.

    Really?…the only one who got balls to release some product and avoid getting butchered for not delivering some solution to 3K/4K users were 3K3Y.
    Don’t get me wrong here im just using each *company* statements to try to figure out who is trying so hard not to lie to end users and lure brainwashed or just *i don’t want to read and just buy* future costumers to their own ranks.

    Oh almost forget that one…yeah that one! E3 PS3 glitcher and E3 Drive EMU Board which for the first time they don’t promised “free gifts” for the ones lucky enough to pre-order “it”. (Insert random adjective here).

    "Free gifts"


    It’s just another web of lies?:

    They are expecting to PS4 and Xbox 720 release (nothing new here) and the BAM you will probably get all those free solutions that got “encapsulated” all this years just to make more money.

    Im not saying that someone hide the “key” and just play dumb all this time.
    Just stating something that probably and most of us have a “hunch” that eventually will happen.

    No need to get more attention on PS3 anymore and “they” (connect dots if you don’t want to i don’t blame ya’) eventually will give some green light to make pretty much the f@$ we want with our systems.

    Hey! but watch it! don’t be so naïve and expect some softmod solution.
    Or you don’t remember PS2 with chip Matrix how many years have passed until someone can run stable backups, etc.

    Random leaks will start to appear on god forsaken places with weird usernames and pirates as brew lovers finally (and probably) will get along at last.


    Last thing:

    Many HAX users, i mean people who help other people on the board.
    I think they are TIRED of replying the same question all the time.

    3K and 4K series of PS3:

    1) NO DOWNGRADE POSSIBLE. (until someone decides to risk his/her neck).
    3) NO BACKUPS.


    Yours truly. (lol)


    [Sources] = 3K3Y / COBRA ODE / E3

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/04/2013 , @ 10:14pm


    That’s right this awesome game has already release date on North America and UK = November 19 and 22. We can play this on our PS3 or Xbox360? YES! but also planned for next-gen consoles. (Looking forward to see that).
    Enjoy having NO privacy at all in this cyberpunk game.

    To quote:

    Ubisoft will launch city hacking action adventure Watch Dogs on November 19 and 22 in North America and UK, respectively. The cross-generation game will be available on all current-gen systems, PC, PS4 and “is also planned for other next generation consoles” (i.e. the next Xbox).

    The game will launch in the UK with four different editions. The Dedsec Edition (at select UK retailers) includes a 23cm figurine. The Vigilante Edition (at Game in UK, GameStop in Ireland) includes Aiden Pearce’s cap and mask – yup, no way that could go wrong. The Uplay exclusive edition, available on Ubisoft’s digital distribution network, will apparently send you a steelbook. Finally, the very unspecially named Special Edition (from Game in the UK) includes an extra single player mission.

    We’ll update when we get word of North Americans bundles.

    [Source] = Joystiq

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/04/2013 , @ 02:26pm


    The new Grand Theft Auto V trailer will be released live tomorrow, the 30th of April 2013, you can watch the video embeded below, or watch at the source:

    Time = 11 AM ET or 4PM GMT.


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/04/2013 , @ 12:48pm


    I posted this article regarding the Xbox 720 a little while ago, so i thought id post more rumours, here are some of them as carefully detailed by Gematsu:



    • Announcement: Microsoft will announce the new Xbox on May 21.
    • Full Details: Though it will be announced on May 21, Microsoft will fully detail the system, including launch lineup, at E3 in June.
    • Developer Platform: Microsoft will discuss the Xbox developer platform at the Build conference in late June, “based on clues on the Build website.”
    • Release Date: The next Xbox will launch in early November 2013.
    • Windows 8: The next Xbox is based on the “Core” version of Windows 8, which, according to Thurrott, “suggests a common apps platform” or “one similar to Windows 8.”
    • Price: The system will launch at two prices. The standalone model will cost $499. A $299 model, which requires a two-year Xbox LIVE Gold subscription plus an additional $10 a month, will also be released.
    • Yuma: Microsoft originally planned to offer a full version and an “entertainment” version of the next Xbox code-named “Yuma,” but put those plans on hold.
    • Blu-ray: The next Xbox wil use a Blu-ray disc reader.
    • Always-On: The next Xbox “must be internet-connected to use.” According to Thurrott, “this is the source of the ‘always on’/’always online’ rumors and isn’t as Draconian as many seem to believe.”
    • The next Xbox will “indeed have some form of an always-on requirement.” According to the site, this is both to support the non-gaming apps that will be launched with the console and as an “anti-piracy tool.” The console will support “digital rights management and anti-piracy checks using an internet connection.” Under Microsoft’s current guidelines, “the decision of whether a game will require an internet connection to work and if that is a one-time authentication or a constant connection, will be left up to individual publishers.”
    • Xbox 360: A third Xbox 360 revision will be released this year at a “slightly less expensive” price than previous models. Code-named “Stingray,” Thurrott said it is “not clear if this device is required because the next Xbox isn’t backwards compatible, or because Microsoft simply wants a low-cost entertainment box alternative.”
    • Video Sharing: Like PlayStation 4, the next Xbox will include the ability to capture and share video through networks like Ustream and Facebook. The system will capture your gameplay like a DVR, allowing you to go back and select highlights. This function can be turned on or off, or set up to auto-capture certain in-game events.
    • Achievements: Publishers will be able to add more achievements after launch without the need to add download content. According to Polygon, “this is designed specifically to allow developers to tweak player behavior.” Achievements can also be tied to “broader events,” like a weekend challenge where a number of players contribute to a goal of 10,000 kills. Cross-platform achievements, like those earned by playing a game on the next Xbox and then using a companion app or website, are also being talked about.
    • Xbox LIVE: Microsoft is looking for a way to better align Xbox LIVE with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. There won’t be a friends cap anymore. The friends system will now act more like Twitter, where people can choose to follow one another.


    Gematsu 2




  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/04/2013 , @ 12:03pm


    I just watched a YouTube video by GamesHQMedia, titled “Xbox 720 - IllumiRoom”, i was in awe at how stunning it looks, so i wont say any more and just post the video:


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 28/04/2013 , @ 05:04pm


    Rebug has released two versions of the 4.41 spoof.

    First they release the Rebug update package for Rebug CFW users for 4.21 and 4.30 here > http://rebug.me/rebug-update-package…-x-and-4-30-x/


    **** FOR REBUG 4.21.x AND REBUG 4.30.x ONLY ****


    This will update REBUG’s version spoof files to 4.41 and allow connection to PSN.


    Update the current version spoof files to 4.41 with PSN access

    1: Install Rebug_Update_Package.pkg file from XMB
    2: Run Rebug Update Package from the [Games] menu
    3: Follow the on screen prompts
    4: PS3 will reboot if needed when finished

    NOTE: Once the PS3 has rebooted you can delete Rebug Update Package from your XMB as it is not needed.

    NOTE: Please do not email us about game compatibility. Some may just require a simple PARAM.SFO edit to get past the latest game update, others may not work at all because the game NEEDS the newer files.

    And the second is for non-Rebug CFW (4.21 / 4.30 / 4.31 / 4.40) users here> http://rebug.me/4-41-version-spoofer…-30-4-31-4-40/


    *********** THIS WILL NOT WORK ON REBUG FIRMWARE ***********

    ******** YOU MUST BE SPOOFED TO ACCESS PSN ********

    4.41 Version Spoofer 2.3 for 4.21 CEX/DEX, 4.30 CEX/DEX, 4.31 CEX, 4.40 CEX. The app backs up your current files before activating the spoof, then auto reboots.

    Press L1+CROSS to INSTALL 4.41 Version Spoof files to your PS3

    Press L1+CROSS to ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE (System will reboot)

    Press L1+CIRCLE to UNINSTALL (this will deactivate the spoofer, remove the spoof files from dev_flash and reboot if needed)

    NOTE: Please do not email us about game compatibility. Some may just require a simple PARAM.SFO edit to get past the latest game update, others may not work at all because the game NEEDS the newer files.

    This will allow for PSN access so use at your own risk!!!

  • Posted by manster , on 28/04/2013 , @ 06:10am


    If you’re looking to convert your PSP games to be playable on your PS3, then I have some good news to share. The developers (szczuru, Pink1, arnold (swapperneger), zecoxao, tpu, doobz, sandungas, $n!pR and aldostools) have released new versions of the PSP to PS3 Tools with an improved compatibility, other fixes and new ‘features’.

    [UPDATE] I have reorganized the news


    Link: PS3HaX Thread - psp isos/homebrew disguised as minis
    Originally posted by sandungas:

    PSPtoPS3-b22 has been coded by doobz, with help from zecoxao, me and other anonymous coders, also tested by several anonymous people in IRC and other channels (this is why is beta 22, because was a long road)
    The app is working several weeks ago, the interface has been expanded around 2 weeks ago, and the psp remaster creation is added like a week ago (this has been the bigger changes before the release)


    PSP2PS3 package by szczuru
    v1.8.1 (2013-04-27) mod by aldostools

    Links: http://www.aldostools.org/ps3tools.html
    PSP2PS3 CEX-DEX Dropbox folder by szczuru

    Based on the awesome scripts created by szczuru, and the tools created by Pink1, arnold (swapperneger), zecoxao, tpu, doobz, sandungas among others devs. This “mod” tries to streamline the process of conversion of PKG/ISO/CSO/PBP to PSP package for PS3. Latest versions include a GUI and improved compatibility.


    PSP2PS3 Toolkit 1.40 by $n!pR

    Link: PS3HaX Thread - PSP2PS3 Toolkit 1.40 by $n!pR

    Thanks to all devs that made this possible!

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 27/04/2013 , @ 05:32am


    Gitbrew’s site is back up. you can check it out here


    wiki is also back


    services are online and the common sites are back, here are them:




    irc is back, consult the wiki if you want to see how to access

    “United we stand, Divided we Fall”

    Have a nice day 

  • Posted by manster , on 27/04/2013 , @ 03:06am


    K.G has released the second version of his [PS3] Save Resigner app. This tool is to resign/decrypt/encrypt PS3 Game Saves.

    What’s up guys,

    I give a whole new version of my first PS3 Save Resigner.
    PS3 Save Resigner 2.0.
    It’s further more easier to resign/decrypt/encrypt a PS3 save now.

    With the PS3 Save Resigner, you can resign any saves from any regions to any regions. From any accounts to any Accounts.
    You can also remove the copy-protection, decrypt & encrypt.
    It’s easy to use, and VERY user-friendly. It works for Retail PS3.
    You don’t have to search keys anymore.

    ▶ Download link:
    [PS3] Save Resigner 2.0 (Latest Update)
    Note: the games.conf is updated regularly by aldostool, so i will update the new file each times in the “yousendit folder”. You will have to replace the old one by the updated one in the tool’s folder.

    Thanks to @ flat_z for his amazing work. The games.conf is from aldostool.
    This is just for people who needs an easier way to use flat_z’s tool.
    Credit goes to flatz for his pfdtool.

    ▶ Update logs:

    Click to expand post: Click here to see full text SelectShow

    Source: PS3HaX

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 25/04/2013 , @ 12:27pm


    Hi everyone, a new version of XMBPC is available!

    Complete Changelog from v0.8 to v0.9:

    Other notes:
    - Update from v0.8.X not recommended, always use a new stable release like this one
    - To use the PS2 Emulator you need to configure it first (CDVD -> cdvdGigaherz !) and add a BIOS file (I cannot provide one…).
    - DON’T forget to install the driver first to get no errors 

    README: http://luxdev.de/XMBPCE/README.txt
    SvenGDK on Twitter

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/04/2013 , @ 10:50am


    At the Sony conference where Sony revealed the PS4, a service called PlayGo was mentioned, not a great amount was explained about it, apart from it allowing you to play a game at the same time you are downloading it, yesterday in an interview with Gamasutra, Mark Cerny discussed more about PlayGo, here are some of the key points he spoke of:

    “The reason we use dedicated units is it means the overhead as far as games are concerned is very low,” said Cerny. “It also establishes a baseline that we can use in our user experience.”

    “For example, by having the hardware dedicated unit for audio, that means we can support audio chat without the games needing to dedicate any significant resources to them. The same thing for compression and decompression of video.” The audio unit also handles decompression of “a very large number” of MP3 streams for in-game audio”

    “The concept is you download just a portion of the overall data and start your play session, and you continue your play session as the rest downloads in the background”

    However, PlayGo “is two separate linked systems” Cerny said. The other is to do with the Blu-ray drive — to help with the fact that it is, essentially, a bit slow for next-gen games.

    “So, what we do as the game accesses the Blu-ray disc, is we take any data that was accessed and we put it on the hard drive. And if then if there is idle time, we go ahead and copy the remaining data to the hard drive. And what that means is after an hour or two, the game is on the hard drive, and you have access, you have dramatically quicker loading… And you have the ability to do some truly high-speed streaming.”

    To further help the Blu-ray along, the system also has a unit to support zlib decompression — so developers can confidently compress all of their game data and know the system will decode it on the fly. “As a minimum, our vision is that our games are zlib compressed on media”

    Mark Cerny also discussed how the modified the PS4 Hardware, here is a quote:

    The three “major modifications” Sony did to the architecture to support this vision are as follows, in Cerny’s words:

    • “First, we added another bus to the GPU that allows it to read directly from system memory or write directly to system memory, bypassing its own L1 and L2 caches. As a result, if the data that’s being passed back and forth between CPU and GPU is small, you don’t have issues with synchronization between them anymore. And by small, I just mean small in next-gen terms. We can pass almost 20 gigabytes a second down that bus. That’s not very small in today’s terms — it’s larger than the PCIe on most PCs!
    • “Next, to support the case where you want to use the GPU L2 cache simultaneously for both graphics processing and asynchronous compute, we have added a bit in the tags of the cache lines, we call it the ‘volatile’ bit. You can then selectively mark all accesses by compute as ‘volatile,’ and when it’s time for compute to read from system memory, it can invalidate, selectively, the lines it uses in the L2. When it comes time to write back the results, it can write back selectively the lines that it uses. This innovation allows compute to use the GPU L2 cache and perform the required operations without significantly impacting the graphics operations going on at the same time — in other words, it radically reduces the overhead of running compute and graphics together on the GPU.”
    • Thirdly, said Cerny, “The original AMD GCN architecture allowed for one source of graphics commands, and two sources of compute commands. For PS4, we’ve worked with AMD to increase the limit to 64 sources of compute commands — the idea is if you have some asynchronous compute you want to perform, you put commands in one of these 64 queues, and then there are multiple levels of arbitration in the hardware to determine what runs, how it runs, and when it runs, alongside the graphics that’s in the system.”

    To read the full interview, check this link:
    Inside the PlayStation 4 With Mark Cerny

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/04/2013 , @ 10:28am


    PS4 developers discuss the new PS4 control Pad in this YouTube video:

  • Posted by Pirate , on 25/04/2013 , @ 10:05am


    Aldostools is hard at work bringing you new updates to his app. The new update brings various features, including automatic file conversion and more.

    To quote:

    PS3 Covers Uploader 1.01 new 2013-04-22! NEW! HOT!
    This is a specialized FTP client that auto-converts any image (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF) to the proper cover size of 260×300 used by multiMAN, and auto-upload it as JPG to the proper covers path. Supports: drag & drop of multiple files, browse dialog, copy & paste image or URL from clipboard.

    Note: Use multiMAN as FTP Server. It’s a great companion for Tidy CoverAgent.

    PSP2PS3 1.7.5 “mod” updated 2013-04-20!
    Changes in v1.7.5 “mod by aldostools”
    - Updated with ps3_minis GUI v1.3 (mainly minor changes to the GUI. Compatibility should be the same as 1.7.4)

    PARAM.SFO editor 2.8.5 updated 2013-04-18!
    Changes in 2.8.5:
    - Fixed issue adding version fields through the command without the leading/trailing zeroes.

    PS3 Bruteforce Save Data 3.8.1 updated 2013-04-18!
    New features:
    Resign trophies or saves, preview images of trophies, direct FTP download/Upload saves or trophies from/to PS3, unlock saves/trophies to work on any PS3 account, unlock saves/trophies with FAKE account id, added support for Game Genie cheats, fixed issue with patch SFO, improved load time. Multiple saves can be resigned in a single step.

    Added direct update of the repository of cheats from ps3cheating.net. It also features the Patch Creator 1.3 plugin to assist in the creation of save patches.

    TIP: After you resign and replace your trophies, it is required to Rebuild Database through Recovery Menu, and launch a game that will do “Sync Trophies” on it’s startup in order to get the trophies working properly.

    Special thanks to flatz, Alex @ CMP, skillerCMP, gingerbread, butnut, acab, Petar, Dreamcat4 and many others

    New PS3Cheating.net Repository by gingerbread new 2013-04-15!
    New site dedicated exclusively for PS3 cheating using PS3 Bruteforce Save Data (BSD) and PS3 Cheats Editor (PCE). Share your own cheats created with Patch Creator, discuss about existing cheats and help to improve the cheats repositories.

    PS3 Cheats Editor 3.0 updated 2013-04-15!
    Now the cheats compatible with the EBOOT hack can be identified easily. This version includes a cheats database for 557 games compiled by gingerbread @ ps3hax and a link to his discussion thread. Thanks to @SkillerCMP now the EBOOT patcher supports code type: 0T00 (8bit), 1T00 (16bit), 2T00 (32bit), 4T00 (Serial codes), 5T00 (Copy codes)

    New features:
    Creation of PKG for patched EBOOTs, improved tagging for cheats compatibility with EBOOT patch, updated the cheat database with gingerbread’s update containing 534 games, fixed issue with version numbers and creation of PKG for disc EBOOTs. Update the database directly from PS3Cheating.net

    PS3 Games Database 1.4 updated 2013-04-15!
    New features:
    Auto download images from PSN store, save database to CSV file, import list of games from USB drive, FTP server, clipboard or just entering the URL of a game. Now the database allows multiple selection of items.

    Bruteforce Edat 1.0.4 updated 2013-04-14!
    It’s a dev klicensee bruteforcer that can be used to find the klicensee used on edat files. It uses BuC’s dev klicensee validator to test the potential keys. The tool works in a similar way as Scetool/Bruteforce tool used to find regular Klicensees.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 25/04/2013 , @ 02:01am



    Another friggin update. Thanks to @LoverboySimer for this one :)

    Sony has released their latest firmware update for the PS3.

    From PlayStation’s Twitter feed
    PS3 software update v4.41 is coming today, it’s a minor update that will improve system stability.

    Download Link US

    Download Link Europe

    Download Link Japan

    Download Link Australia and New Zealand

    [Source] = https://twitter.com/PlayStation


    Here are some details by euss:

    Kiosk/Shop/SEX was also changed - same deal as retail ofcourse

    Still downgradeable and modifyable logically…

    Not changed:

    • Keys
    • Passphrase
    • Syscon firmware
    • Bluetooth firmware
    • Wifi firmware
    • BD firmware
    • Multicardreader firmware
    • USB firmware


    • CORE_OS_PACKAGE.pkg (lv0, lv1.self, lv2_kernel.self)
    • RL_FOR_PROGRAM.img
    • some dev_flash files (see below)

    dev_flash changes:

    Originally Posted by dev_flash changes






    vshetcindex.dat (see below version.txt)
    vshetcversion.txt (see below version.txt)

    Version.txt / Index.dat changes (for spoof):

    Originally Posted by version.txt

    security:5058 @SEC urity/sdk_branches/release_441/trunk:
    system:49767 @SyS /sdk_branches/release_441/trunk:
    sys_jp:87 @SyS _jp/branches/target441:
    ps2gxemu:16862 @bran ches/target400/gx:
    ps2softemu:16770 @bran ches/soft190/soft:
    emerald:3933 @eme rald/target44x:

    Quite boring and uninteresting changes…

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 23/04/2013 , @ 11:28am


    Most of you that have owned a PS2 or PS3, know who Ratchet And Clank are and if you are one of those who enjoyed the games, you will be happy to know that there is going to be a Ratchet And Clank movie, below is a teaser for the movie, first here is some information for those of you who do not know the game or have forgotten about it:

    Ratchet & Clank is a series of platform video games. The franchise was created and developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for many different PlayStation consoles, such as PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 with the exclusion of Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank, which were developed by High Impact Games for the PlayStation Portable. Every game in the series has been released for every console, as the IP is owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. An animated feature film produced by Rainmaker Entertainment and Blockade Entertainment is set for release in 2015.
    The games take place in a science fiction setting and follow the adventures of Ratchet (an animalistic human-like character known as a Lombax, who is a mechanic) and Clank (a diminutive, sentient robot) as they travel through the universe, saving it from evil forces on a regular basis. The series is noted for the inclusion of many exotic and unique, over the top weapons and devices, a concept that Insomniac Games also expanded into their other games.

     photo 2-26_zps87532114.jpg

    Official Facebook
    Official Twitter

    Source EU PS Blog