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  • Posted by Pirate , on 23/04/2013 , @ 10:40am


    Following the initial update recently, another PMS update is out bringing it to v1.81. This latest version just brings various improvements and bug fixes.

    Add/fix audio channel options
    Build script: add HTTPS support
    Add support for the file:// protocol
    Match protocols (e.g. mms://…) before extensions (e.g. http://example.com/foo.mms)

    Media Parser v1: fix audio channel parsing
    Fix for “Can’t assign requested address” bug after update to Java 1.6.0_45 on Mac OSX


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 23/04/2013 , @ 06:04am


    Konami just confirmed ‘Legacy Collection’ on PS3 in june.
    Lately i don’t know what’s happening with Kojima’s mind but i hope MSG 4 do not end on MS side. Any “hardcore” fan will get very mad if that happens. Meanwhile enjoy this goldmine ;) or box of Snakes.

    To quote:

    The Metal Gear Solid “Legacy Collection” found on a Korean rating has now been officially announced by Konami. The PS3 collection brings together Metal Gear Solid, the HD Collection versions of Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and Peace Walker, and the “Trophy Edition” ofMetal Gear Solid 4, along with the relatively hard-to-find Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions and two digital graphic novels by Ashley Wood, in a handsome package that might make some consider buying them again.

    Metal Gear fans have an affinity for fancy cardboard boxes. The collection will be released in North and South America in June. Konami has yet to specify a price.


    [Source] = Joystiq

  • Posted by manster , on 22/04/2013 , @ 01:02pm


    Here are 2 nice releases by PS3HaX members for all your cover needs.

    Tidy CoverAgent v1.0

    A HQ Game artwork searcher

    Features v1.0

    - Search for Box/Disc artwork by ID
    - Preview each image, or see in full size mode
    - Quick save for loaders , multiman , wiiflow etc
    - Finds High Quality img’s first
    - See latest additions uploaded by members
    - Drag and drop from new additions to preview
    - Download templates to design your own covers
    - See brief synopsis of each game loaded


    In next version

    Better template interface
    Retro systems



    PS3 Covers Uploader 1.0

    This is a specialized FTP client that auto-converts any image (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF) to the proper cover size of 260×300 used by multiMAN, and auto-upload it as JPG to the proper covers path. Supports: drag & drop of multiple files, browse dialog, copy & paste image or URL from clipboard.

    Note: Use multiMAN as FTP Server. It’s a great companion for Tidy CoverAgent.

    Source: PS3HaX and aldostools.org/ps3tools.html

  • Posted by manster , on 22/04/2013 , @ 12:42pm


    Game Genie has released a new Update for their save editor to counter the efforts made by the developers of the FREE PS3 Scene (Thanks to aldostools for BSD and all his other tools, and gingerbread for PS3Cheating.net). Read more at the link below (thanks to firepixiedarien for the thread).

    With the 04/18/13 update, the PS3 Game Genie save editor has now removed the ability to see the codes they have found.

    You can still make your own cheats, but will no longer have offsets found by Game Genie to assist you in making/finding your own.

    This was done obviously to combat BSD.

    Atrocious. Absolutely positively atrocious. This just perpetuates such hobbies involving coding as something strictly for people with above average intelligence.

    Read more and discuss this topic in the PS3HaX Forum

  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/04/2013 , @ 10:53am


    Another wave of releases this week around the scene…here are your latest NFO update for this week :)


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 20/04/2013 , @ 10:36am


    Cody Kretsinger aka Recursion from Lulzsec has been sentenced to one year in jail for his part in hacking Sony Pictures in July 2011, here is a quote from the source:

    A 25-year-old man known online as Recursion has been sentenced to a year in jail for hacking Sony Pictures Entertainment.

    Cody Kretsinger pleaded guilty last April, and admitted being part of an infamous hacking group known as Lulzsec.

    After his jail term, Kretsinger will be required to do 1,000 hours of community service, a Los Angeles judge ruled.

    Sony said the hack caused more than $600,000 (£392,000) in damage.

    Not to be confused with the attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network, the Sony Pictures hack in July 2011 involved breaching the company’s website and accessing a database of customers’ names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

    Around 50,000 of the names were later posted online.

    Kretsinger pleaded guilty to counts of conspiracy and unauthorised impairment of a protected computer.

    Prosecutors declined to say if Kretsinger was also co-operating with authorities in exchange for leniency.


    Now that’s the news over, now for something a little personal, if you don’t want to read it, then don’t.

    Now you are probably asking why CNET are mentioned in the title, well its because when the story broke by BBC, that Lulzsec had pleaded guilty, stussy1 posted an article here that said:
    PSN hackers plead guilty in UK court
    I read the article and followed the link which lead to CNET, who for some stupid reason decided to claim that Lulzsec were the PSN hackers:

    Now after reading all the article regarding Lulzsec and the hacks they did, i couldn’t see anything nor had i even seen anything about them hacking PSN, so i made a post asking where they got the PSN information from, which was seven days ago:

    The genius author of the article this far has been incapable of replying or fixing the article, now you are probably asking why i should care, well its because i hate people being fed false stories, it has led many people to wrongly assume that Lulzsec are the PSN hackers, including a certain CrunchTard site, now i hope with this article, people can see and understand that there is no proof, nor evidence that Lulzsec had any part in the PSN attack, nor have they admitted any part in it, so until they admit any part in it, or there is evidence to prove they did it, they are innocent of any involvement in the PSN attack.

    News sites, do some research and learn how to read, educate yourselves on the difference between right from wrong, most of you main stream media idiots get paid for writing, so write properly and truly, yeah it was a rant, don’t like it ? sue me :)

  • Posted by manster , on 19/04/2013 , @ 01:16pm


    Here’s a tutorial by PS3HaX user stone_boys to block the XMB scrolling, advertisting, or the news ticker.

    Tutorial to permanently disable the PS3 Ticker
    Sometimes called XMB scrolling ticker, XMB advertisting ticker, or XMB news ticker.


    1. Multiman/mmOS
    2. Ability to blacklist a DNS domain for the PS3 using OpenDNS, local router, or other method.


    1. FileZilla (or other FTP client)

    Steps to follow:

    1. Start Multiman and use FileZilla (FTP client) to connect (or use mmOS directly)
    2. Delete /dev/hdd0/tmp/explore/nsx/db.xml
    3. Delete all applicable folders containing a file named getmanifest under /dev/hdd0/tmp/explore/nsx/
    4. Blacklist ndmdhs.com or us.np.adproxy.ndmdhs.com through OpenDNS, local router, or any other method to blacklist the DNS domain
    5. Restart PS3

    After restart, the db.xml gets recreated, but since the DNS domain is blacklisted the folder and the getmanifest file isn’t be created.

    Be careful which folders you delete as some people may use /dev/hdd0/tmp/explore/nsx/ folder to install homebrew or show additional software on XMB.

    That’s it. Enjoy. Maybe somebody can build on this and find another way.



    Possible option for Multiman

    Maybe Deank can put an option in Multiman to delete this info and/or make the nsx folder immutable (unsure if PS3 has this ability).

    My motivation for providing this:

    I was banned from the Playstation Network. The ticker really annoyed me and since I can’t to use PSN anymore, why should Sony get to put advertisements on my console? I’ve also seen other ask if this can be done.

    Things that didn’t work regarding /dev/hdd0/tmp/explore/nsx/

    1. Renamed nsx folder to nsx_old. After restarting the PS3, a new nsx folder was created.
    2. Changing permissions of nsx folder to 000. After restarting the PS3, nsx folder was renamed to nsx_yyyymmddhhmmss_00 and a new nsx folder was created.
    3. I was hoping to find a way to change the username/group ownership of the nsx folder, but haven’t found a way. I assume it won’t work either based on other attempts.

    Source: PS3HaX

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 19/04/2013 , @ 04:03am


    I really don’t hide my feelings regarding Electronic Arts(EA), i think they are a horrible company that doesnt care a lot for their customers and this court settlement proves just that, here is a quote from the source:

    What is this lawsuit about?
    Answer: The lawsuit claims that Electronic Arts violated federal and California antitrust laws, as well as California consumer protection laws, by signing exclusive licensing agreements with the Arena Football League (“AFL), the Collegiate Licensing Company (“CLC”) (on behalf of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”)), the National Football League (“NFL”), and the National Football League Players Association (“NFLPA”). The lawsuit claims that these agreements gave Electronic Arts a monopoly over an alleged market for league-branded, simulation football videogames, and allowed it to charge higher prices than it would have in a competitive environment. The suit seeks to recover monetary damages and restitution, as well as injunctive relief.

    Electronic Arts denies Plaintiffs’ allegations. Electronic Arts asserts that (i) there is no such thing as a discreet “market” for league-branded, simulation football videogames; (ii) the NFL and its Players’ Association, the NCAA, and other licensors asked Electronic Arts and other game publishers to bid for the rights to make videogames using their trademarks and other intellectual property rights; (iii) EA did so and was awarded certain rights to make videogames using these licensors’ trademarks and other intellectual property rights; (iv) it is not illegal to bid on trademark licenses, exclusive or otherwise, that intellectual property owners choose to offer, (v) exclusive trademark licenses are commonplace and widely accepted in commerce and under the law as one legitimate way for an intellectual property rights holder to maximize the value of its property, (vi) the conduct challenged by Plaintiffs has not injured consumers, and (vii) Electronic Arts has never charged supra-competitive prices for its videogames.

    The Court has not decided whether Electronic Arts did anything wrong, and this Notice is not an expression of any opinion by the Court about the merits of any of the claims or defenses asserted by any party to this litigation.

    How much will my payment be?
    If approved by the Court, payments will be made to Settlement Class Members who submit timely and valid claims out of the net proceeds of the Settlement (the amount available after deducting payment of the costs of administering the Settlement, including the costs of notice, attorneys’ fees, costs of the litigation, and any payments allowed by the Court to the named Plaintiffs) based on the type and number of videogames purchased by a Settlement Class Member.

    Valid claims for the purchase of Madden NFL, NCAA Football, or Arena Football videogames for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC, or GameCube platforms (“Sixth Generation Purchasers”) will be valued at $20.37 per new game purchased, up to a total of eight units ($162.96). Valid claims for the purchase of Madden NFL, NCAA Football, or Arena Football videogames for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii platforms (“Seventh Generation Purchasers”) will be valued at $5.85 per new game purchased, up to a total of eight units ($46.80). The different amounts reflect the differences in the estimated overcharge for the various platforms, as determined by the economics experts hired by Plaintiffs to evaluate their claims.

    If after receiving all valid claims, the claims administrator determines that the net settlement amount is sufficient to pay out all the valid claims submitted, then each valid claim will be paid out at the values listed above. If, however, the claims administrator determines that the net settlement amount is not enough to pay out all the valid claims submitted, then the claim amounts will be reduced on a pro rata basis.

    If, after paying out valid claims made by Settlement Class Members, monies remain available, payment in the form of a check will automatically be sent to Settlement Class Members who (i) have purchased sixth generation games and/or seventh generation games, (ii) provided Electronic Arts with a name and physical mailing address, and (iii) did not submit a Claim. The payment to this group of Settlement Class Members will be in an amount that equals the average claim paid to a sixth generation purchaser and/or a seventh generation purchaser who submitted a claim, subject to the trebling discussed above, and without the necessity of submitting a Claims Form.

    So if you are from America and bought any of the games mentioned above, check out the source on how to claim:

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 19/04/2013 , @ 02:49am


    Back in May 2011 a Canadian by the name of Natasha Maksimovic took Sony Canada to court over the PSN breach, in her claim she suggested that Sony pay $1 Billion in damages, you can read about the lawsuit here:

     photo natasha-maksimovic_zpse2d50883.jpg

    Canadian PSN Users Sues Sony Worldwide On Behalf Of Canada

    On the 17th of this month(April 2013) an agreement was reached and those of you from Canada are eligible to some free games, here is a quote from the official source:

    A settlement has been reached with the Sony Entities in a class action lawsuit about the illegal and unauthorized attacks in April of 2011 on the computer network systems used to provide the PlayStation Network (“PSN”), Qriocity, and Sony Online Entertainment (“SOE”) services (the “Intrusions”). The settlement provides benefits to eligible Canadian consumers who file a valid claim.

    The Ontario Superior Court of Justice will have a hearing to decide whether to give final approval to the settlement, so that the benefits can be issued. The included consumers have legal rights and options, such as excluding themselves from the settlement, or alternatively, objecting to and/or submitting a claim for benefits from the settlement.

    The Sony Entities deny any claims of wrongdoing in this case, and the settlement does not mean that the Sony Entities violated any laws or did anything wrong.

    The Class includes everyone who resides in Canada who had a PSN account, a Qriocity account, or an SOE account at any time prior to May 15, 2011.

    There are various benefits, depending in part on what type of account(s) you had:

    Inactive PlayStation Network Accountholders:
    If you used any of your PSN accounts any time from January 1, 2011 through May 14, 2011, but you did not use them after that through January 24, 2013 because of the Intrusions, you can get a payment equal to any balance of paid virtual currency in your account wallet if that balance is at least U.S. $2.

    Active PlayStation Network Accountholders:
    a) If you paid other companies for certain media services that you could not access through the PSN during the PSN outage from April 20 through May 14, 2011, you can get 3 free PS3 themes or a 50% discount on PlayStation Plus for 3 months. Up to U.S. $100,000 in total benefits will be available, on a first-come, first-served basis.

    b) If you participated in the PSN “Welcome Back” program that followed the April 2011 service outage, you can get either a free game for your PS3 or PSP, 3 free PS3 themes, or a 50% discount on PlayStation Plus for 3 months. If you did not participate in the PSN “Welcome Back” program, you can submit a claim for two of the above benefits. Up to U.S. $1 million in these benefits will be available, on a first-come, first-served basis; claimants who file claims thereafter can get a 50% discount on PlayStation Plus for one month. Qriocity Accountholders:
    If you were not a PSN accountholder but you had a Qriocity account at the time of the April 2011 service outage, you can get one free month of Music Unlimited.

    Inactive Sony Online Entertainment Accountholders:
    If you used any of your SOE accounts at any time from January 1 through May 14, 2011, but you did not use them after that through January 24, 2013 because of the Intrusions, you can get a payment equal to any balance of paid virtual currency in your account wallet if that balance is at least U.S. $2.

    Active Sony Online Entertainment Accountholders:
    You can get a deposit of U.S. $4.50 in “Station Cash” into that account, usable for SOE digital products and services. Deposits will be reduced proportionally if total deposits exceed U.S. $240,000 in benefits.

    Identity Theft Reimbursement Claims:
    If you incurred out-of-pocket charges due to actual identity theft and submit documentation proving by a preponderance of the evidence that the intrusion(s) directly and proximately caused the identity theft, you can submit a claim for reimbursement up to $2,500. Reimbursements will be reduced proportionally if the amount payable on all valid claims exceeds U.S. $90,000.

    TLDR; ?
    Sony lost, you will get a couple of free games or half price PS+

    Download Court Documents

    Official Source

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 19/04/2013 , @ 02:16am


    aldostools has released a GUI for the various PSP to PS3 scripts/apps released, here is a quote from the source:

     photo ps3_minis_zps70f068e0.jpg

    Based on the awesome scripts created by szczuru, and the tools created by Pink1, arnold (swapperneger), zecoxao, tpu, a friend that modded fake_np.exe, among others devs. This “mod” tries to streamline the process of conversion of PKG/ISO/CSO/PBP to PSP package for PS3. Latest version has improved compatibility thanks to a new process for resigning EBOOT suggested by Celebratesparta.


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 18/04/2013 , @ 10:04pm



    Endless battles about the future of PS3. This article states that Sony won’t replace PS3 with PS4 but label this last one (Orbis) as an addition to Sony products.

    To quote:

    Sony isn’t looking to replace the PS3 with its next-gen PS4. It’s more of an addition to the family.

    While most gamers will be casting aside or trading in their PS3s when the PS4 does launch at the end of this year, Sony doesn’t consider its next-gen console a complete replacement to the current gen.
    Sony’s Middle East general manager suggested the PS4 will have a ‘very positive’ response in the region, but went on to describe the company’s expectations for the next-gen machine.
    “PS4, an addition to the PS family, like PSP and PS Vita, will offer a completely new gaming experience,” said Fisser, adding that the PS4 is ‘not a successor’ to the PS3.
    He also confirmed that the “PS4 will be released in at least one region across the world during the Western holiday season this year.”
    While it’s clear this is a reference to the US release date - which Sony has already confirmed will be ‘Holiday 2013′ - Fisser failed to specify which regions this might be.
    It’s not yet known whether or not the PS4 will launch in Europe at the same time as the US launch, something that - historically - has not happened with a PlayStation console.


    [Source] = Nowgamer

  • Posted by Pirate , on 18/04/2013 , @ 10:05am


    Fairly small update this week around PSN, mainly preorders if your a GTA fan…nevertheless here is your latest PSN store update


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 18/04/2013 , @ 03:43am


    Finally, everyone can use this tool to decrypt and encrypt edat files on pc.

    Thanks for KDSBest,JuanNadie,flatz,aldostool and other people I did not mentioned.
    Without their previous hard work I would not have made this tool.

    TrueAncestor EDAT Rebuilder v1.0 Features
    1. Decrypt and encrypt edat files on pc.
    2. Fast rebuild mode.
    3. Batch mode.
    4. Dev Klic should be input manually at now.

    If someone can make a command line bruteforce dec_klic tool for me, it would be fantastic.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 18/04/2013 , @ 03:40am



    • NOR/NAND statistics
    • NOR/NAND patching
    • NOR/NAND byte swapping
    • NOR/NAND infos
    • NOR/NAND validation
    • NOR/NAND extraction
    • DATECODE check

    This tool works different than other validators. Instead of outputing a full log, it will output an error.log, if validate is checked. But see for yourself.

    Always patching 3.55 is recommended to see if the patched statistic is right/green.

    ckp_management_ID values have to be equel as well as per_console_nonce.
    (should be stated in error.log if not)

    There is one easy rule! If the error.log contains an entry, your dump is definetly broken!

    Ros section is excluded from validation. Why? It´s easy to repair, the hole section gets patched anyway and it leads to the rule above.

    For NAND all known sections gets checked. But a big part is not or only rarely documented. So the hole part after cvtrm, cell_ext_os_area, OtherOS and unreferenced area at the end won´t be checked. It´s very important that you have look at the statistics and the “corrupt block count” of flowrebuilder when interleaving.

    It´s always recommended to check dumps manually with an hexeditor, and using other tools for validation, to be as save as possible!
    As long as it is not possible to decrypt the full dump, it`s impossible to validate it to 100%.

    Keep in mind this is only beta. 


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 17/04/2013 , @ 07:52pm


    Italian Developer Francesco Lanzilotta from BiteYourConsole has updated his PSP Mini’s application to version 1.4 Extreme, here is a quote from the source:

     photo PSPMinis-Bite_zps363b8ac8.png

    After a very short time since our last release we have decided to release to the public a new version of our tool for Windows PCs called Bite, to version 1.4 (Extreme Edition).

    The tool allows you to convert and transform your files with a simple click, and in turn transform your PSP games in PKG and launch on PS3 with CFW.

    This new update adds lots of news! Now the meter will be installed from the setup, no more folders improvised, we have integrated a video player, a mp3 player, in fact clicking on the button shaped like a musical note we can load our favorite song, and many other innovations that we’re going to see here followed by the changelog.

    Changelog v1.4 Bite

    • Fixati some Bug
    • Adding new GUI
    • Added the readings. Mp3 files
    • Adding reading video files
    • Adding installation via setup
    • Added HTML Browser with direct connection to the site BiteYourConsole
    • Added the ability to convert ps1 backup with the program PS1toPS3
    • Integrated HxD Hex editor
    • Integrated PBP unpacker utility

    Thanks Francesco Lanzillotta

    Changelog 1.7.4 PSP2PS3

    • Added a new method to Resign suggested by Celebratesparta @ ps3hax. Thanks to @ Romangelo ps3hax for the clear tutorial.
    • CSO2ISO now called SIGN_EBOOT.bat instead of 1b. ISO2EBOOT.bat
    • SIGN_EBOOT.bat now EBOOT.BIN extracted from the file NP.ISO, decrypts EBOOT.BIN, resigna ‘s EBOOT.BIN EBOOT.BIN and adds, boot.bin and blank OPNSSMP.BIN return to’ ISO
    • Added into: WQSG_UMD_R31.exe, eboot_decrypt.exe tools folder of the
    • Removed save_tmp / open_tmp / load_tmp from root folder from the template
    • Waiting time extended on MakeEDATs.exe

    thanks aldostools


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 17/04/2013 , @ 03:40pm


    Estwald has updated Iris Manager to version 2.3.6

    Here are the changes in both 2.3.5 and 2.3.6


    What’s new on Iris Manager 2.35

    -Ported all console presentation to support UTF8 instead of ANSI

    - Added improvements to “Archive Manager”: ability to edit LV2, RAM, select a piece of code, copy it (max 1MB), paste it on other place(file/memory), use it to find matches (max 512 bytes) or create a new file with that content.

    - Added procedure Write HTAB (thanks to Miralatijera for the assembly code) to make LV2 executable and other stuff [+ laughs]

    - Added Disc-less mode that runs games from a simulated disc in XMB, using BD EMU, patched explore_plugin and patched libfs, has successfully launched all the games I’ve tried, without addressing /APP_HOME in CFW 4.40 Miralatijera .

    This mode doesn’t work for those who have a broken BD-Drive or don’t have a working lector


    - Modules explore_plugin and libfs must be patched.

    - A USB flash drive, memory card or USB storage device connected (recommended method)

    - On Iris Manager, press START to “Global Options”, go to “Tools” and select where it says ” With/Without BDVD Controller” the “Disc - Less payload” option.

    - Restart Iris Manager and select a game: to have a better compatibility, use BD EMU with patched libfs.sprx or patched explore_plugin.sprx.

    Virtual mounting system

    There are three ways to get the disc mounted:

    - On Iris Manager or XMB, insert a USB flash drive, USB storage device, or memory card, and then launch the game.

    - Before to run Iris Manager, insert a USB flash drive, USB storage device or memory card, then run Iris Manager, select a game and the disc will be mounted on XMB automatically.

    - Without a USB device or memory card: Run Iris Manager, select a game and on XMB, run another application, such as “Homelaunc1″, that get in and get out quickly. With that, the game will be mounted on XMB.


    This has been tested in CFW 4.40 Miralatijera: in theory, It should work on other CFW, since the code was created considering the portability (ability to locate the code on any place and re-define the necessary calls).

    Notice again that there is no support for those who have a broken BD-Drive or simply do not have a working lector. (I’m really sorry, but I have no technical resources to find out what’s wrong and it’s an achievement that I have made this in that way [+ laughs])

    Obviously, this is a full disc-less mode: you can’t pretend to insert a real disc with the syscalls simulating another, so you must restart the PS3. It’s compatible with the PSX ISOS from Iris Manager.


    Fixed an issue that occurs when copying files, because the bookstore Tiny3D forms a polygon packet too long hanging GPU console from TTF.

    Fixed color interposing (background color) with another texture (TTF character colored) so that breaks the list, forcing shader change (as happened with the old printing routines characters)

    PS: Yes, it is a rare problem that copying files , pete la GPU XD

    Mirror (Mediafire)

    Thanks LoboGuara and esmjanus for the news :)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 17/04/2013 , @ 10:23am


    PS3HaX dev $n!pR has released an app to help those of you messing with converting PSP games to a format the PS3 will read, here is a quote from the thread:

    Ok so while running batch files is fun and all I decided to make my own tool. This is just an early build I’ve been working on which creates the basic file structure. You still need Adolstools to create the PKG file for now.

    Basic howto:

    • Browse to ISO, the program will automatically find the CID
    • Enter the Title ID you want to use
    • Click Make Package
    • Right click the folder created and click Make PKG


    • Add option to copy media files from ISO
    • Add option to use EBOOT.PBP from PSN
    • Make PKG file


    New build 1.10 will be posted later

    Don’t have time to test it but you can scratch some stuff off the list 


    • Copies media files from ISO by default
    • Make PKG file


    • Add option to use EBOOT.PBP from PSN
    • Add option to use custom media files (psn_package_npdrm requires ICON0.PNG)



    Hi guys,

    Version 1.20 incoming 

    Change Log

    • Added option to use EBOOT.PBP from PSN
    • Added option to use custom media files
    • Bug fixes in PKG creation process
    • There was a bug in PARAM SFO Editor which has been fixed in v2.8.5


    I haven’t tested it thoroughly so post any bugs you find.



    Minor update - Version 1.20a

    Change Log

    • Added save game fix option