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  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 31/07/2013 , @ 11:33am


    Click for full size


    You may hate ODDE’s but 3K3Y found a way where others “failed”.
    It’s a battle, it’s war, it’s not clean.

    You also may hate this messanger but you already know me.  A review from @harryoke will be up soon, 3k3y sent him a superslim device kit.

    Cobra and E3 probably can rest in peace and fight between each other which one will forfeit first.
    If Sony launches an update Cobra will be useless in less than a week.
    Meanwhile 3K3Y will still stand like a silent king, not saying much, not explaining much. Just delivering in near future to those end-users interested enough in this device what they wanted all along.

    3K3Y: The Artificer words

    .AES encryption in HW to allow playback of unencrypted ISOs.
    .Superslim adapters are in mass production.
    .Boot decrypted ISOs.
    .698 IRD files for 672 game. (around 10 games a day)
    .App for android/ipod/ipad working = https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xk3y.dongle.android (you will need to use 01.99B6A firmware). You can choose to use the Web app or just your Ip and magic happens. See Web interface.

    Today report:
    .Superslim production devices = Done.
    .Passthru & emulation are working. Final test was update = Done and working.

    So what now?:

    3K3Y mean business. They managed to release a product that actually works and will continue to work in CFW even if you get banned plus homebrew enabled and many of those promises that others failed to comply.
    I won’t enter into some random “moral” contest on what is wrong or what is right.
    What matters here that you have something that actually is not some stupid HTML static webpage telling you to preorder something that it’s not “there” or just a ghost like E3.

    Final words:

    This information which is not 100% organized, will probably lead to many questions. It’s up to the demand of the product and a possitive feedback with people that actually work with this device.
    Also it’s up to end-user to pick what to believe or not.
    You can chase rainbows with Cobra statements or just waiting an E3 resurrection.

    Last but not less important is the Web interface that you can use with any of your devices. Android/Ipod/Ipad/etc You can control all from there.

    Web Interface: Some pics.

    Click for full size.

    Click for full size

    Thanks to @bubba for the information (main source) and Scrano for the pics. More to come.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 30/07/2013 , @ 07:31pm


    Click to full size.

    300GB blu-ray disc of information. If this optical disc in a near future is available for end users…Well you can imagine the rest. They plan to finish this project by the end of 2015.

    To quote:

    In the current world today, a dual layer Blu-ray disc can hold approximately 50GB of data. The next-gen consoles will obviously have the blue-ray features, but it seems that Sony wants to improve beyond today’s technology capabilities.

    Panasonic has recently announced that they are working with Sony to making an optical disc that can reserve up to 300GB of information. They plan to finish the project by the end of 2015.

    With such an upgraded capacity of storage, the technology will be used professionally and should help the work of video editors and archivists.

    Now they just have to make this new technology more appealing to gamers. Hopefully they can introduce these discs to be pre-compatible with with the PS4. With even more advanced titles coming soon, this technology may advance the way we play games in the future.

    [Panasonic source about this project]

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 30/07/2013 , @ 07:12pm


    Yoshida explained that PS Vita if could be used as a PS4 controller. He went on saying that “In a normal sense, no. Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use of PS Vita.”.
    Anyone with common sense should know that this eventually will happen. Don’t question Sony’s logic.
    Indeed PS vita will be a perfect companion for the next-gen PS4 but from a safe distance, unless PS vita devs next year or at this end of this one. Find a way to make those two more than “brothers” instead of those distant cousin that you barely remember his/her name.

    To quote:

    President of Sony Computer Entertainment of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida was once again on his twitter responding to fascinating questions left and right. He was recently asked if the PS Vita could be used as a PS4 controller.

    Yoshida answers, “In a normal sense, no. Unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use of PS Vita.”

    Check out the actual twitter conversation below.

    Not every game will let you have this advantage, but it has already been confirmed that almost every PS4 game that does not need the camera, will be playable on the PS Vita through remote-play.



  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 30/07/2013 , @ 06:53pm


    This is significant cut to losses in the same period last year, which hit almost $111 million but i would say that Company CEO Strauss Zelnick it’s pretty confident about what’s going to happen next.

    Net revenues for the quarter, ended June 30 2013, was $142.7 million, down from $226.1 million the prior year which benefitted from a duo of major launches in the form of Max Payne 3 and Spec Ops: The Line.

    Borderlands 2, NBA 2K13, Grand Theft Auto IV, and BioShock Infinite were named the biggest contributors to revenues in the quarter, while the firm reports that revenue from digitally delivered content grew 128 per cent year-over-year.

    Company CEO Strauss Zelnick commented, “Our better-than-expected first quarter results demonstrate that the market remains strong for the highest-quality interactive entertainment. We continue to benefit from robust demand for our recent genre-leading releases, iconic catalog titles and growing portfolio of innovative digitally delivered offerings.”

    He went on, “With Grand Theft Auto V launching on September 17th, followed by the releases of NBA 2K14 and WWE 2K14, fiscal 2014 is poised to be one of our best years ever. Looking ahead, we are well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the upcoming launches of the next-generation consoles. We have an extensive development pipeline, highlighted by proven franchises and groundbreaking new intellectual property.”


  • Posted by Pirate , on 30/07/2013 , @ 06:14pm


    uf6667 has released more updates to his tool, Winskeet. The latest update brings improvements to NAND support and a bitstream checker.



    • NAND works PERFECT now
    • last bitstream before final release
    • progskeet core was rewritten and command set reimplemented in qt (hence the lack of releases in almost a week)
    • versioning added (it will check if you are using the appropriate bitstream, which is located in /bitstream)
    • use of files to load presets (instead of using the box on the first page)… nand is still in the making, so I left the first box as-is for now
    • CFI for NOR works however, presets include most popular NORs but you can also save them (click “Dump CFI” and then “yes” when you are asked to save. put them in /cfi/)
    • handshakes implemented (goodbye timeouts! might, but doesn’t have to, make it slower though… on the other hand, this might enable calibration for specific computers/chipsets )
    • usb core had a bug where it would just keep writing to fifo regardless of full or not, but this has been fixed
    • SPI flashing added! (will only be available once I release it for every platform though)


  • Posted by Pirate , on 28/07/2013 , @ 04:55am


    According to reports, Sony internal documents reveal that the PS4 will allocate (guarantee) 4.5gb out of 8gb total for game development. This new information pretty much brings PS4 development specs very close to around those of Xbox One. There is also some confusion Sony recently cleared up with the Director Memory and Flex Memory available on the console, it would seems developer could squeeze an extra 512mb of RAM to work with giving a total of ~5GB for games.

    UPDATE #2: Sony has issued a statement:

    We would like to clear up a misunderstanding regarding our “direct” and “flexible” memory systems. The article states that “flexible” memory is borrowed from the OS, and must be returned when requested - that’s not actually the case.

    The actual true distinction is that:

    “Direct Memory” is memory allocated under the traditional video game model, so the game controls all aspects of its allocation
    “Flexible Memory” is memory managed by the PS4 OS on the game’s behalf, and allows games to use some very nice FreeBSD virtual memory functionality. However this memory is 100 per cent the game’s memory, and is never used by the OS, and as it is the game’s memory it should be easy for every developer to use it.
    We have no comment to make on the amount of memory reserved by the system or what it is used for.

    Based on this information, plus the new source coming forward to explain the properties of flexible memory, our take on this right now is that there is 4.5GB of conventional RAM available to developers, along with the OS-controlled flexible memory Sony describes, in addition to that.

    We understand that this is a 1GB virtual address space, split into two areas - 512MB of on-chip RAM is used (the physical area) and another 512MB is “paged”, perhaps like a Windows swap file. But to be clear, of the 8GB of GDDR5 on PS4, our contention is that 5GB of it is available to developers.

    The good news is that the amount is static and not dictated by OS functions as we stated in our original post, making it a lot easier for developers to work with.

    UPDATE: A new source familiar with the matter has provided additional information to Digital Foundry that confirms only 4.5GB of the PS4′s 8GB GDDR5 memory pool is guaranteed to game developers right now, while also clarifying how the PS4′s “flexible memory” works in practice.

    In real terms, an additional 512MB of physical RAM may be available in addition to the 4.5GB mentioned in the SDK. Flexible memory consists of physical and virtual spaces, and the latter introduces paging issues which impact performance. In our original story we combined them together.

    For practical game applications, the correct figures for this story, as we understand it now, are a guaranteed 4.5GB for development and a further 512MB from the flexible pool. We have updated the headline accordingly.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/07/2013 , @ 04:57am


    A newer version of SEN Enabler is out from the big 5.1 update. These update brings fixed 4.46 CFW bugs, advance options and a few other tid bits.


    SEN Enabler has been updated to v5.1.1 with these changes: Added advanced option, Fixed CFW 4.46 bugs, Fixed CFW Rebug 4.30 bugs, Added CFW/OFW modes. Also checkout this SEN Enabler Tutorial by Nathan_r32_69. Checkout all the details below.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 26/07/2013 , @ 06:30pm


    Team SPT finally released the CFW ARCH CEX 4.46 Build A01 based on the Official firmware 4.46. Thanks @Nicolas19 ;)


    • Compatible Reactpsn v2.26
    • Patched Peek / Poke
    • RSoD bybass
    • Patch Cinavia (protection removed)
    • Compatible with all original backup ps3 games
    • BD Emulation is OK
    • Support downgrade downgrade PUP by 4.25 to 3.55 Rebug or 999 or other

    (better to activate the menu QA flag first before installing the CFW)

    • Compatible Mini PSX / PS2 or Remaster Mini / Mini or PSP Remaster
    • Compatible with PS3 blu-ray off (note: the reader must still be connected

    even if it is off).

    • LV0 patch to disable the check in ecdsa CoreOS
    • Installing from 3.55 or any CFW 3.xx or 4.xx
    • Compatible PS3 system has undergone a downgrade by a flash chip or dongle
    • Access to SEN ok (at your own risk)
    • Support QA menu flag if previously activated with toggle QA.
    • Various modifications of the XMB (RCO / XML Multilanguage)

    Network Category: news

    Update the “homebrew tools” section (all the latest homebrew is rested 19 total)

    Update the “Homebrew Manager” (includes all the latest versions of backup Manager)

    Adding: Twitter Facebook connection and connection

    video that shows the modified classes and the use of ARCH Updater package RC6:


    DOWNLOAD: CFW ARCH CEX 4.46 Build A01 / Mirror # 1 / # 2 Mirror / Mirror # 3 / # 4 Mirror 
    MD5: 6f6ffe700f69d6251e9a11ebc43454d0

    Installation Tips:

    *Nothing in the BD player console!
    *Do not install on a ps3 official firmware higher than 3.55!
    *Installing from the XMB or Recovery Mode (recovery option / 6)
    *It is strongly recommended to activate the menu QA flag from a CFW 3.55 Kmeaw or else if you’ve never done before (package => toggle-qa.rar )
    *Update your manager in compatibility payload 4.46
    *if you encounter a 800xxxxxxx error during installation, downgrade to 3.55 to go up on the 4.46 CFW.

    By Team-SPT / ARCH

    Thank you to the Beta tester!

    Thank you to Playgame6989 for its support.


    ARCH Updater / Customizer package RC6:

    - For CFW 4.46 => HERE

    - For CFW 4.41 => HERE

    - For CFW 4.40 => HERE

    NOTE => delete the old version before installing the new one.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 26/07/2013 , @ 06:19pm


    This Tool is Swizzy’s “PS3 Dump checker” merged with “PS3 Flash Auto Patcher” .
    This is an “All in One” Tool now, it will do both the verification of vital Data and the Patching of the Nor/Nand Image.
    It will replace “Ps3 Flash Auto Patcher v4.46a” from now on.

    Credits to my friend “Swizzy” the well known coder for his many Tools in the Xbox360 scene 

    How to use:
    Drag and Drop any PS3 Nor or Interleaved NAND Dump onto the “PS3_Flash_Tool_v1.0.exe”
    it will verify the dump, detects its type and patch it accordingly with Rogero CEX_4.46 patches, all this in less then 2 seconds.

    v 1.00 (initial release)
    Merged Swizzy’s PS3DumpChecker Tool with Rogero’s AutoPatcher v4.46
    Both NOR and Nand (Interleaved) Flash Dumps are supported.
    Compatible with Win7/8 and windows XP.
    Easy operation, just Drag and Drop the Dump over “PS3_Flash_Tool_v1.0.exe”.
    The dump will be checked to verify all sections are valid.
    When a Dump is checked and found Valid it will Proceed to Patch it.
    it have 2 operation Modes: Auto and Normal (can be toggled with included Registry Files).
    Auto Mode : will check the dump and if found valid it will patch it automatically (all in less then 2 seconds).
    Normal Mode : will check the dump and if found valid it will ask if you want to patch it.



  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/07/2013 , @ 10:34am


    Here is last week’s recap of newly updated/released PS3 homebrew apps around the scene for week of 26/07/2013.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 25/07/2013 , @ 04:52am


    Estwald has released the latest update to the popular Iris Manager. This latest update brings support for CFW 4.46 and various other tid bits and fixes.

    Full changelog below:

    Version 2.51

    After a time of rest and complete disconnection (have been away from home more than one week without Internet XD) and at your request, here’s what I did:

    What’s new in version 2.51:

    -Added support CFW 4.46 (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20.) Thanks to Rancid - o and company)
    Note: Has not been tested by my e don’t know if needed additional patches in Rogero 4.46 or if there is some kind of bug. I’m still in 4.40 MiralaTijera… so give a try it and if there are problems, we will see that it can be

    -Updated languages Chinese simplified/traditional (Thanks Liqianyu) and added Portuguese (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20)

    -Added access to menus of options (SELECT and START) by parental control lock to prevent children from accessing these options: If the parental control for the games is set between 1 and 8 inclusive pressing these buttons, display a message instead.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 24/07/2013 , @ 09:59pm


    Hello Friends & Members,

    Few days back I shared the news on PS3 Save Portal. Today I am excited to announce that @aldostools has updated his application to version 4.0. It features a brand new PS3 Save Portal module! With this update, IMO, PS3 Bruteforce Save Data 4.0 has become the definitive Save Data Manager in PlayStation 3′s history!

    - Pulls Information from PS3Cheating’s Save Portal.
    - Allows users to search for available Game Titles easily.
    - Tooltip will display description about the save.
    - Users could select their desired saves and download them to their prefered directory.
    - Upon downloading, users could open the archive easily via windows zip application or user’s zip application.
    - Users could easily extract the file, drag & drop to BSD for Resigning.

    At the moment, the Save Library is limited. But I believe it will grow over time if more passionate contributors comes on board!

    If you like to be a contributor and if you meet these requirements. Contact me.

    Special Thanks to @aldostools and @ElecTriX

    Download PS3 Bruteforce Save Data 4.0:

  • Posted by Mackdanny , on 24/07/2013 , @ 08:44pm


    We’ve known that Sony has supported indie development for quite some time. But now, it seems that Nintendo and Microsoft, who at first had a strict policy that was turning indie devs away, has changed their minds and policies AGAIN in an effort to get more devs onboard with the Xbox One.

    Mark Whitten, ho is Corporate VP with Xbox had a nice long interview with Shacknews. Its quite long and detailed, so instead of giving you the gist of it i’ll give you an excerpt

    “our goal is that everybody can decide to stop playing and start creating.” And key to that strategy is that “the box you get at retail can be a dev kit, period.”

    “Everyone will be able to self-publish content,” Whitten told us, adding “this is the fundamental shift that needs to happen.”

    Part of why Microsoft originally required publishers for content on Xbox Live Arcade was the way Live was built on Xbox 360. Pointing to dev kits and the PartnerNet developer environment, publishing on Live Arcade was inherently “low-scale.” But those bottlenecks are gone with Microsoft’s next console. “It’s one of the foundational things we’re working with Xbox One,” he told us. “With Xbox One, all development is done against production network.”

    “One of the things we missed with on 360 is because PartnerNet was so low-scale, even when we did things like XNA, they couldn’t take advantage of the services that we put inside of Live. Now that we’ve re-architected the system from the ground-up, we’ll be able to give developers a full suite of tools,” Whitten said. “What happens when you give to the indie world Kinect, cloud, and the things that come with cloud? You’ll see ridiculous, crazy things that will really drive about how people think about this platform.”

    So, how will the process of turning a retail Xbox One into a dev kit work? Whitten explained: “when you register as a developer, it will create a relationship between our Live service and your box so that you can put code that runs inside that environment.” However, this feature won’t be available at launch, meaning indie devs will either have to wait for the program’s launch, or get a dev kit from Microsoft now.

    While Microsoft’s plans are certainly ambitious, with everyone being able to self-publish games, there is a real threat that Xbox Live can become as cluttered as the app stores on iOS and Android today-especially because there won’t be any segregation between retail, downloadable, and indie games on the Marketplace. Whitten says that surfacing will be the big challenge for Microsoft. “I still believe strongly in curation, and that means how do we present users with the content that’s most relevant to them?”

    “If you make a game with zombies in it, and it’s a big hit and people like it, it’s going to flow up,” Whitten said.

    Now, Nintendo is a bit tricky, because while they are understandably allowing US devs self publishing rights in an effort to get more support for their fledgling console, they have in a bizarre twist of fate BARRED their own kind this right. CVG had this to report on the matter:

    “The policy in question is the decision of Nintendo’s department responsible for licensing activities in each region, and the licensing department of Nintendo is currently not accepting subject applications from individuals in Japan.”

    Nintendo traditionally works exclusively with established publishing entities, but it has recently observed a growing and thriving independent development sector across the west. Developers can now claim a free Unity Engine licence and self-publish their projects, according to recent comments from Retro City Rampage creator Brian Provinciano:

    All in all it looks like everyone is trying to be neck and neck with each other. First it was hardware, then DRM, and now indie loyalty.

    On a side note its interesting how well Sony is doing this gen compared to the 7th gen, but that’s just my opinions, and now I welcome yours.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 24/07/2013 , @ 07:37pm


    According to FCC extensive tests revealed that PS4 will run “cooler” than PS3 between 5 and 35 Celsius. Im starting to wonder if all high end computer hardcore and not so hardcore users started to use more Water cooling solutions. Why PS4 discarded that idea?.
    Plus FCC also measured that PS4′s maximum clock efficiency at 2.75GHz.

    To quote:


    Sony‘s PlayStation 4 will run at a significantly cooler temperature than the PlayStation 3, making it less likely to overheat.

    Extensive testing by US government agency the FCC has revealed that the console will run at between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius, compared to its predecessor’s average of between 45 and 55.

    The system will weigh in lighter than the original model of the PS3 at 2.8kg, with the older console weighing 5kg, Engadget reports.

    However, it weighs slightly more than the latest slimline model of the PS3, which ranks at 2.1kg.

    The FCC’s consumer arm also measured the PS4′s maximum clock efficiency at 2.75GHz.


    [Source] = Digitalspy

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 24/07/2013 , @ 06:29pm


    Thanks @Sandungas for this update. :)
    After some vacations estwald releases a new official version of iris manager:

    Changes in v2.51:
    -Added support for 4.46CFW (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20. Thanks to Rancid-o and company )
    *Notes: Not tested by myself and i ignore if there are needed additional patches for Rogero 4.46 or if there is some kind of bug. Im still in 4.40 MiralaTijera… so test it and if there is some problem will see what can be done 

    -Updated languages Chinese simplifyed/traditional (Thanks Liqianyu) and portuguese (from PS3Ita Manager v1.20)

    -Added parental block to the settings menues (SELECT and START) based in the parental level of the user profile (readed from xRegistry.sys) to avoid kids entering in such setting menues. When the parental control is configured between 1 and 8 included it will be displayed a message when pressing these buttons

    Source: http://www.elotrolado.net/hilo_aplic…-v2-51_1862716

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 24/07/2013 , @ 06:18pm


    Mobile devices will arrive in 2014 with a new Nvidia graphics processor that will be more powerful than the PS3, according to Nvidia.
    The graphics chip maker today revealed details for ‘Project Logan’, the code name for a new mobile graphics chip based on its latest Kepler architecture.

    The firm used a chart to show that the new mobile chip will help mobile devices significantly outpace Sony’s PS3 in “relative graphics horsepower” by early 2014.

    “GeForce 256 revolutionized PC graphics and created the GPU category, with its full workstation-class feature set and industry-leading performance. Kepler delivers the same promise to mobile,” it said.

    “It brings a huge jump in performance. It offers extraordinary power efficiency. And it provides full support for the modern GPU feature set found in the latest PC GPUs and upcoming consoles, instead of the incomplete, outdated capabilities of current mobile GPUs.”

    While the new tech draws just a third the power of processors found in iPad 4 to perform equivalent rendering, it’s capable of all the latest rendering techniques.

    “We achieved this efficiency without compromising graphics capability,” explains Nvidia. “Kepler supports the full spectrum of OpenGL - including the just-announced OpenGL 4.4 full-featured graphics specification and the OpenGL ES 3.0 embedded standard. It also supports DirectX 11, Microsoft’s latest graphics API.”

    Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney backed the announcement with confirmation of support for the new chip with the studio’s next-gen graphics engine, Unreal Engine 4.

    “The big news here is NVIDIA’s support for the OpenGL 4.3 feature set, which brings to mobile devices the same high-end graphics hardware capabilities exposed via DirectX 11 on PC games and on next-generation consoles,” enthused Sweeney.

    “It’s the same Kepler architecture on top of which we’ve created high-end Unreal Engine 4 PC demos, which have taken advantage of over 2.5 teraflops of computing performance,” he added.

    Here are two tech demos originally used to demonstrate high-end desktop PC processors earlier this year, now running on a mobile device equipped with Project Logan.


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 23/07/2013 , @ 12:12am


    Over the last few months, both Microsoft and Sony have been talking up the ability for their upcoming systems to record the last few minutes of gameplay in a persistent buffer that can be edited and shared online after the fact. Now we’re getting word on just how much recent gameplay will be kept cycled on each system; five minutes on the Xbox One and 15 minutes on the PlayStation 4.

    The Xbox One number comes courtesy of Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lobb, who mentioned the stat during a demonstration of the new Killer Instinct for Gamespot at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. “It’s called Project Upload. So the idea is you’re always recording,” Lobb said. “So we have a ring buffer game DVR, basically. So the last five minutes of any game you’re playing is always being stored locally on your hard drive.”

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe R&D head Neil Brown, meanwhile, said at the Develop Conference earlier this month that the PS4 will record “several minutes” of previous gameplay to a buffer, though some reports indicated that he said “seven” minutes. In either case, a Sony spokesperson reconfirmed to CVG today that the system will actually record the last 15 minutes-worth of gameplay, as Sony initially announced back in February.

    An extra 10 minutes of recording buffer might not seem like a big deal, and Microsoft could likely update its OS to have an extended buffer through future updates. Still, with both systems lookinglargely comparable in terms of raw hardware power and features, any edge could be an important one.


  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 22/07/2013 , @ 01:58pm



    Hello Friends and Members,

    Back in April, I launch PS3Cheating.net to facilitate BSD’s Cheat’s Database and DRM based Game Genie responded by hiding their codes. Despite their counter-measure, BSD’s Cheats DB is still growing and members are still finding and sharing their user created code. There was also a RISE in Game Genie save threads all over net where users share their modded saves.

    I observed these types of thread and found some problems and I would like to share how & why I came up with this Idea and Solution to those problems. Save Sharing is nothing new. Gamers have been sharing their saves all over the Internet since Day 1. And there were various PS3 Game Save Site launched since the inception of PlayStation 3. Sadly, most of those sites shared the same fate. Those site went down due the lack of a strong passionate community or management or maintenance.

    Fortunately there are still some sites that still has strong collection of PS3 Games Save. But at the same time, there are some serious drawbacks.

    1. GameFAQs - Amazing site! Has a dedicated section for PS3 Game Saves. But the site will only allow legitimate unmodded saves.

    2. NextGenUpdate (NGU) - Passionate Gaming Community! It also has a dedicated section for PS3 Game Saves. Although PS3 Game Saves are organised per thread level, I find them being somewhat messy. But that is not the problem. The problem is users/members use 3rd party upload service (Example - Mediafire and Sendspace ) to shared their saves. And we all know what the problem is. The links will expire sooner or later.

    3. PS3HAX - We also have a dedicated section for PS3 Game Saves and we also have some Game Genie resign service threads! But the problem is the same as NGU’s. The links will Expire Sooner or later. :P

    4. PS3 Brewology - Has a really interesting list of game saves. IMO, there list is not comprehensive enough. Currently does not have saves that has cheats applied. Requires registration.

    Now let’s look at how commercial products handle PS3 Game Saves.

    5. Xploder - Ask for $$$$ to download their saves! LOL!

    6. Game Genie - Game Genie does not allow users to share their Modded saves or save that has cheats applied on their forums. For obvious reason. They are afraid that it would cannibalise their product. Haha!

    Solution to all of the above.

    So after much thinking on what would be the best solution for all these problems. I decided that a “PS3 Save Portal” section within PS3Cheating.net would be the best solution. Some users have requested to have upload feature on the site so that they can share their save. But I just do not want to implement a upload plugin. It has to be different and unique. Also, like any sites, there needs to be some form of management and control to prevent abuse. And I also want to offer the best solution to all the visitors/member of the site. The only solution was custom development.

    At this point, I would like to thank @ElecTriX for helping me develop the module for the site and for helping the community!! You are simply awesome!! Hats off!!


    - All Saves will be available Free publically for everyone to download. No Registration Required! No Download Limits!
    - PS3 Games Saves will be listed automatically by game titles.
    - Features A-Z Index to find your Game Save quickly.
    - Display Latest Uploaded Saves
    - Uploaders can select from existing list of game titles or enter one that is not in DB.
    - All Save are only in .zip format. (For consistency & Compatibility reason)
    - Technically don’t have to own Xploder or Game Genie (US/EU) or Cyber Save Editor (JP) to enjoy the Cheats.
    - All Save are stored in PS3Cheating’s server. Links will never expire! Our very own cloud service system!
    - Just use your favourite PS3 save resign tool to resign the saves to your PS3 User account. (PS3 Bruteforce Save Data is prefered)
    - Incoming Bruteforce Save Data 4.0 with PS3 Save Portal Module where user could download saves from PS3Cheating.net’s cloud and resign with click of a button (Maybe few clicks).

    To offer the best service and standards to all gamers/visitors. I decided that only trusted members who meet the requirement will get Uploader Access.

    Uploader’s Requirement (Must be more than 1 of the below)
    1. Owns Game Genie US/EU or Cyber Save Editor (JP). Haha!
    2. Has submitted Cheats to PS3Cheaing.net or other sites.
    3. Has strong/expert knowledge in Bruteforce Save Data and Cheats Code Creation.
    4. Has a huge collection of PS3 Saves that he/she would like to share.

    If you meet the requirement please drop me a PM either in PS3HAX or PS3Cheating or contact me via twitter, I will grant you Uploader Access.


    Let’s us RISE and make sure that PS3Cheating’s Save Repository Portal is the most comprehensive Save repository on the internet!


    Props to @gingerbread for this news!