• PS4 Hacks , 05.12.2013

    On the 29th of November, the PS4 made its debut in parts of Europe, including the UK and Ireland, most people who made pre orders seem to have gotten away problem free, but those in the UK who preorderd their PS4 online with Game, had a ton of hassle to go through, with their preorders being cancelled, with no warning, you can read my rant here:
    Game UK Screws Up - Cancels Hundreds Of PS4 Preorders

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    To update my story, i received my console on release day, but i did not receive the bundle i had previously preordered, i had peordered the Killzone Mega Bundle, which included an extra control pad and the PS4 Camera, which is a saving of £100 on buying the items separately, i only received the Kilzone Special edition pack, im glad they only charged me for that pack..
    Now whilst i was extremely annoyed with Game for being so incompetent, i was happy that i received the console, i was also delighted to know that my story and that of others went main stream, with the story being posted on one of the UK’s biggest tabloids, The Guardian posted about the trouble suffered by those who had preordered with Game, here is a small quote from their story:

    The Guardian has received reports that PlayStation 4 pre-orders, specifically through the high street and online retailer Game, have been cancelled with little in the way of explanation or notice. Last week, gamershit the PlayStation forum to complain about receiving cancellation emails from Game informing them that they would need to contact customer services if they wanted the order to be re-instated. One customer Gregory Rasputin, recorded his own experience online, including the email from Game that suggested there may have been a problem with payment.

    From forum messages, it seems that pre-orders have been taken on bank cards that later expired, but that customers were not informed when the payment was attempted and failed. On his site, Rasputin posted a list of tweets from other pre-order customers, sent to the @gamedigital Twitter feed. One says: “Can someone help me with my PS4 preorder? You have tried to take payment from the wrong card account and have cancelled it!”

    Through reading the rest of that story, it seems that people are still having problems, those that received their consoles on release day were Phase 1 customers and all Phase 1 customers should have had their consoles on release day, but one reader of The Guardian reported that after a week of trying to get in touch with Game, he was finally called and told that he is considered a Phase 2 customer and will not receive his console before Christmas, to make things worse for Game, the comments from some Phase 2 and Phase 3 customers state that their preorders have been cancelled.

    You can read the full story from The Guardian here.

    Lesson and message to anyone thinking of dealing with Game.
    That being said, Game are still a decent company for game software, they just cant handle online hardware preorders very well.

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    1. DARKFiB3R
      05:17 PM

      I had a similar situation with Game and my XB1 pre-order.

      Actually, they mysteriously added a second console to my order, and so the credit card refused the almost �900 charge.


      Also, the account section of their website is a horrible mess.

    2. steplay29
      06:26 PM

      well tonite I got an email from game asking me to pick up my ps4 by close of business on Saturday. yet funny thing is I picked it up last thursday night.

    3. NTA
      06:42 PM

      Lol never heard of a store called game before. Can't get any realer than that

    4. General Plot
      06:43 PM

      With all the phase 2 people getting screwed and being told they won't have theirs by Christmas, I consider myself lucky I got mine as fast as I did. I won't be going through them again for any preorders though, that's for sure.

    5. tech3475
      04:05 AM

      Would have been better off just picking one up on launch at some other stores which had them without preorder.

    6. OoZic
      04:51 AM

      nice wordplay: gamershit

    7. hellsing9
      08:15 AM

      Well, at least you got your PS4.
      Now i have to wait...2 months to get mine over here. **** my luck.

    8. Mystt
      10:05 AM

      That really sucks! I really don't even know what else to say. Try to have a happy holiday anyway to those affected, but that definitely was unnecessary. Some form of compensation should be given to all affected, in my opinion.

    9. General Plot
      12:37 PM

      What's even worse is I was in town today and noticed the local Game store is selling PS4's off the shelf. This is the same place I picked mine up from, who only last weekend told me I might not get mine before Christmas. Mind you they're bundles, but most people with preorders probably would have paid a little more to upgrade to one of these instead of having to wait until after Christmas to get them. The fact they weren't given priority to have an option on these and instead they're being sold to the general public is pretty shameful.

    10. SJM
      12:54 PM

      Nice one getting your name in the Guardian GR.

      Enough meat and heat here on the site to provide journalists with ample material to write a piece on tech.


    11. pustal
      07:34 PM

      I have mine pre-ordered in the Portuguese New Game (Game franchise was sold and called New Game here). They didn't cancelled pre-orders but have delayed deliveries twice now. I should have picked up mine today but now it has been posponed to the 20th. I just hope I get mine in time for Christmas holydays...

    12. fatguy666
      12:13 PM

      Not surprised they cancelled pre-orders after seeing pictures from the launch in London. Such a dickish move.

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    13. Daveyshambles
      06:29 PM

      Its not gonna be long before they go bust completely, there days on the high street are numbered........ The internet is king, shops will soon be a thing ofthe past, being knocked down to make more room for houses we cant afford to live in....... Goodbye GAME