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  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 16/12/2013 , @ 08:52pm


    This is an steroid “unofficial” version of Iris Manager 2.65 by Estwald/D-Skywalk. This version includes all the nice Cobra features added by Estwald in 2.60 and the new ISO functions of 2.65. The changes that I made are mainly related to the user interface (buttons layout are more XMB-like, quick access to File Manager, progress bar when game list is scanned or file permissions are applied, colors, 4 gui modes, etc.). It also includes the Payloads for 4.41DEX/4.46DEX/4.50DEX and the grids 8×6 and 6×4 from Rancid-O‘s PS3ITA Manager and Payload for 4.53 CEX from HABIB. The most notable feature is that unlike the official version, it scans GAMES/GAMEZ/GAMES_DUP/GAMES_BAD on the external drives.

    * Major features:
    - Most (if not all) the features from Iris Manager 2.65 (including ISO features for Cobra CFW)
    - Added scanning of games on /GAMES, /GAMEZ, /GAMES_DUP, /GAMES_BAD on external drive
    - Added new GUI mode: grid 6×4 and 8×6 from PS3ITA Manager (for a total of 4 GUI modes with/without covers)
    - Added payloads for 4.41DEX, 4.46DEX, 4.50DEX from PS3ITA Manager and 4.53CEX from HABIB
    - New buttons layout to resemble multiMAN / XMB buttons layout
    - Hold R2 or L2 while the program is starting to enter directly into File Manager mode without scan games
    - Added progress bar while games are being scanned and when file permissions are applied
    - Prevents re-scan of games when exiting from File Manager
    - Added option to disable the loading of the Fan Control Utility payload
    - Added auto-preview and full screen preview of images (.jpg/.png)
    - Changed colors, default temperature table, some labels, etc.
    - Auto-boot PSX ISO placed in USRDIR/ps1_iso/ (useful to create PS1 pkgs). Hold L1/R1 for memory card configuration.

    * New Button mapping:
    In game list:
    - CROSS: Select/Mount game
    - CIRCLE: Cancel / Exit to XMB
    - TRIANGLE: Menu
    - START: Global config
    - SELECT+START: File Manager
    - SELECT+CIRCLE: Prompt for reboot the PS3
    - L2+START: Change GUI mode
    - L1/R1: Scroll game list by page
    - R3: Re-scan the games

    In File Manager:
    - CROSS: View in Hex Editor / Launch file
    - CIRCLE or TRIANGLE: File Menu
    - SQUARE: Select file/folder
    - SELECT+SQUARE: Select/Unselect all files/folder
    - SELECT+START: Exit File Manager
    - SELECT+CIRCLE: Exit to XMB
    - SELECT+CROSS: View in Hex Editor (PKG, .self) / on .. go to root
    - L1/R1: Scroll up/down by page
    - LEFT / RIGHT: Switch panel
    - L2/R2: Switch vertical/horizontal screen layout
    - L3/R3: Quick jump to paths (root, self path, other panel path)

    Source Code: here

    IRISMAN 2.65-2 (mod)


    Thanks to @Simonbuck  ;)



    The current version is IRISMAN 2.70-1 (same as the official Iris Manager).

    Changelog 2.70-1:
    - Added all the changes from Iris Manager 2.70, including the new ‘Mamba‘ payload to support ISOs on CFW 4.53 & 4.46 non-cobra and the fixes for PS2 games
    - Added option to game scanning on /host_root and /dev_hdd0/video (for users using m@tsumoto’s stealth version of multiMAN)
    - Fixed display of JPG/PNG on File Manager when grid 4×6 or 6×8 is selected.
    - Fixed the auto-mount of NTFS drives on File ManagerNOTE: Read the post about the relase of Iris Manager 2.70 for more information about Mamba payload.

    [Download IRISMAN 2.70-1] = Click here

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 16/12/2013 , @ 08:11pm


    Thanks to @carldenning ;) for this one. More awesome news for Iris Manager users.

    Iris Manager just gets better and better:

    Estwald has update Iris Manager to version 2.70 with some nice features for non cobra firmwares.
    Mamba is the name off the payload, Which is like cobra (stage 2).
    It supports PS3′S ISO, But at the moment it does not support the PSP and PS2 emulators.

    Translated from elotrolado

    What’s New in version 2.70 :

    - Added support ‘ Mamba ‘ for CFW 4.46 (not Cobra) and 4.53 ( Habib )

    ‘ Mamba ‘ is a version of the payload Cobra ( stage2 ) that can be launched from the Iris Manager itself to support ISOS and PS3 games and some of the features of Cobra payload ( load plugins internally, it ignores the list ) but does not support the PSP and PS2 emulators .

    ‘ Mamba ‘ is not exclusive to a possible CFW Cobra: Cobra detects whether a payload loaded and inhibited in that case. It can also be differentiated by sys8_mamba ( ) (if returned 0×666 , is Mamba ) .

    - Fixed some minor bugs ( file sizes shown on Archive Manager and disassembly / assembly BDVD forgotten XD)

    for Developers

    The source of ‘ Mamba ‘ code adapted with minimal compiler for PS3 used to compile ( then else , use my build environment PSL1GHT , well known ) , can be downloaded from this link:


    Please remember to publicize the changes and / or additions you make , so that everyone can work from that base.



    Estwald Github

  • Posted by Pirate , on 16/12/2013 , @ 10:59am


    Showtime is rolling out with a new update this week.  Various new improvements, including finally including NTFS support.


    v4.3.576 & Recent Changes

    ps3: Fix bug in litecoin miner causing it to be a lot less efficient than it should be
    ps3: Relax memory warning thresholds a bit. Now that we use TLSF it’s much less of a problem
    stos: sync() after critical writes to disk
    Fix crash in UPNP code Fixes #1773
    js: Add support for plugins to set cookies directly
    ps3: Add a miner
    Transfer Copyright to Lonelycoder AB
    prop: Disable prop subscription stats
    prop: Redeuce memory usage by reusing compile time strings during prop symlinking
    prop: Correctly handle settings of a PROP_DIR to some other value
    glw/view: Improve trace() function a bit
    prop/core: We must use prop_ref_dec_locked() when prop_mutex is held Fixes #1797
    ps3: Make it possible to edit discovered FAT and HDD sources from settings
    ps3: Add NTFS support
    httpclient: Fix broken cookie domain validation Fixes #1794
    Add so called ‘managed services’
    Huge rework of prop tree symbolic links
    Add missing title and contents for network discovered services
    Add str_cleanup() helper
    ps3: Add some mutex debug helpers
    Update fr_FR.lang
    Update it_IT.lang
    glw: Fix problem when assigning ‘args’ attribute with a non-prop p Fixes #1776


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 14/12/2013 , @ 08:21pm


    The XMB Manager Plus gives us full control of our Playstation 3 directly from the XMB without having to launch any homebrew outside of BYC so we want to give you the translation of this wonderful homebrew.



    I had promised him, and although a bit ‘late here is the translation of the homebrew Aldo Vargas, who as we all know is arrived at version 0.22.011,   adding the entry “All Devices” option to install Package Files in the Package Manager Team Rebug and changing some items on filecategory_game.xml.


    • Added “All Devices” in the Rebug Package Manager, now you can search all paths instead of one at a time.
    • Updated file category_game.xml (It was replaced the classic Install Package Files with Rebug Package Manager).
    • Added WebMan 1:24 and Webman 1.24 per CCAPI. *

    Download: XMB Manager Plus 0.22.011 (mod) for COBRA 7.0

    Download: XMB Manager Plus 0.22.011 (mod) for COBRA 7:00 ITA



    If installing for first time you would need this file (instruction in readme)

    Thanks to @STLcardsWS ;)

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 13/12/2013 , @ 08:05pm


    SteamOS is already available to download. Based on the Debian 7.1 flavor of Linux, this *sweet* distro has more than meets the eye. Size = 960MB.
    Bare in mind that’s it still in BETA.
    What’s Steam OS?:

    SteamOS is designed primarily for playing video games. Users will be able to stream games from their Windows or Mac computers to one running SteamOS, and it will incorporate the same family sharing and restrictions as Steam on the desktop.[1] Valve claims that it has “achieved significant performance increases in graphics processing” through SteamOS. The operating system will be open source allowing anyone to build on or adapt the source code, which will run on Steam Machines.

    Since SteamOS is designed for playing games it will not have many built-in functions beyond web browsing and playing games; for example there is no file manager or image viewer. Though the OS does not, in its current form, support streaming services, Valve is in talks with streaming companies to bring the feature to SteamOS.

    To quote:

    Just as promised, Valve has made its first release of SteamOS available for downloads at the same time it ships out prototype Steam Machines to 300 beta testers. Based on the Debian 7.1 flavor of Linux, SteamOS is a platform purpose built for playing PC games on the TV. Cutting out the cruft of desktop operating systems that aren’t well suited for the lean-back experience, one of its main features is the ability to stream games running on a computer elsewhere in the house, so they can be played on the TV, as well as play native SteamOS games.

    It’s currently in beta, so Valve is recommending those without experience with Linux wait for a more polished version next year, around the time Steam Machinegaming PCs arrive at retail. Still, if you know your apt-get from your su and want to show those Xbox One and PS4 owners what an open next-gen platform is like, feel free to start the 960MB download here (good luck, some report downloads are already choking under the strain) to check it out early. Need more information on how it’s done? All the information you’ll need to get up and running, from hardware requirements to installation instructions can be found in this freshly-posted FAQ.


    SteamOS in Steam: Click here


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 13/12/2013 , @ 07:37pm


    If you like Flower (game). You will like this. A game called flow, very simplistic and stunning visuals.Comes to PS4 this Tuesday. Just relax and enjoy ;) .

    To quote:

    Thatgamecompany’s Flow was supposed to launch with the PlayStation 4 and the developer’s other title, Flower, on Nov. 15. But the indie game has taken a little longer to port to Sony’s next-gen console.

    Sony Santa Monica announced today that Flow will be available on PS4 and PS Vita this coming Tuesday, Dec. 17, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog. The main game will cost $6, and the downloadable content will be priced at $2.

    SuperVillain Studios helped bring the title to the two platforms. The point of the game is to guide a worm-like creature through an aquatic environment teeming with life.

    Both Flow and Flower are cross-buy titles, so buying one version gets you a copy for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 13/12/2013 , @ 12:41pm


    I am proud to announce there are new moderators joining the Hax staffing team! Please give a warm welcome to the newest moderators:


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 12/12/2013 , @ 11:39pm



    Producer JP Kellams sincericide is quite amusing, when he got asked on twitter about Bayonetta 2 for a PS3 and Xbox360 edition. He just replied: I hate pedantic port-begging.”
    Maybe the guy is bit tired of seeing always the same question or just had a bad day. Bayonetta 2 will see the light on Wii-U about the others platforms?..well. We hate pedantic ports.

    To quote:

    Bayonetta 2 developer Platinum Games is bringing its hack-and-slash sequel to Wii U via Nintendo, yet gamers are still asking the studio for a PS3 and Xbox 360 edition. Creative Producer JP Kellams has said on Twitter that he’s tired of “pedantic port-begging.”

    As spotted by MyNintendoNews, Kellams took to Twitter and had this to say:


  • Posted by Pirate , on 12/12/2013 , @ 08:50pm


    The latest version of Iris Manager is out and it packs its own set of new features such as the ability to completely open/extract/create ISO files within the manager.

    What’s New in version 2.65 :

    Added DEX supports CFW 4.50 and 4.53

    Added tools to create, extract and patch ISOS (Error 0×80010009 ) from PC ( with source code and compilable at least from MinGW and Cygwin )

    Added the ability to create , copy, delete ISOS (except EXTx ) and extract from Iris ISOS Manager.

    Added fix Error 0×80010009 for updates and ISOS (except EXTx ) from the “Check Files ” option.

    New rawseciso (source code is included in the rar . ) With some fixed bugs and improvements against errors ( even allows the disconnect / reconnect the device) , and includes support for hdd0 , USB00X through a new mode ( see launch_iso_game () in Iris Manager source ) code and a mixed mode file / list of sectors for the Build ISO ( see launch_iso_build () in Iris Manager source code).

    In Archive Manager now supports all ISO Build ( FAT32/NTFS/EXTx ) devices and extensions detected mkv , avi , mp4 , ogm , mpg video and multimedia files to launch ” Showtime” . .

    Now the current game is saved to return to him during the game and drink the last game released for my connecting the device that contains it.

    Added exception in the Archive Manager to detect if an ISO is launched from a ” BDISO ” folder is taken as Bluray Video.

    Fixed several bugs like filenames too long in Archive Manager and added other small details and optimizations ( such as now when a device with NTFS partitions / EXTx is detected, the USB icon appears blue during the time waiting before mounting )


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    Hello Friends and Members,

    @aldostools has updated his Bruteforce Save Data to version 4.4. This new version features tons of new features and bug fixes! One of the main new feature is PS3 FTP Saves Transfer Module! It lets users to connect to their CFW PS3 via FTP and Transfer save easily. The module is great for testing, modding and for backup operations. Bruteforce Save Data has definitely came a long way thanks to @aldostools . Version 4.4 is another milestone in its development. Without doubt, BSD is the Definitive Save Data Manager in PS3′s history. 

    Feature List

    - Click on the happy face to change views.
    - Able to load saves from available user accounts from PS3.
    - RIght-click on the happy face for quick links to webMAN’s features (setup, temperature, mount games) and restart/shutdown the PS3.
    - Items with blue text are stored locally. Items with black text are remote only. Remote saves are listed with a blue folder icon.
    - Double click on the “Save Manager” title to open the “Download Save from PS3 via FTP” module.
    - Use F3 or Ctrl+F to find a save.
    - Right-Click on empty to show/hide column
    - Switch between Saves or Trophies
    - Works fine with webMAN’s ftp server and multiMAN’s ftp server.

    Official Download Link

    For all bug reports and suggestion please post them in the Official Bruteforce Save Data Development Thread

    As usual for more info and cheats/saves submission, please visit http://ps3cheating.net/

    Thank you friends.

  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 12/12/2013 , @ 04:50am


    PPC+ ~12/12/2013
    + Added [SPRX] selection
    + Added [WEBMAN] colorway [ACID GREEN] for webftp SPRX verification
    + Added [WEBMAN] 1.00 to 1.24 CCAPI [SPRX] MD5′s (massive thanks @aldostools )
    + Updated support for of [MULTIMAN] PKG’s
    + Added [MULTIMAN] 04.46.04 UPDATE [CEX] MD5
    + Added [MULTIMAN] 04.50.00 BASE [CEX] (20131003) [PKG]
    + Added [MULTIMAN] 04.50.01 BASE [CEX] (20131006) [PKG]
    + Added [MULTIMAN] 04.50.02 BASE [DEX] (20131013) [PKG]
    + Added [PS4 RETAIL/CEX] 1.520 [UPDATE] MD5
    + Added [PS4 RETAIL/CEX] 1.520 [RECOVERY] MD5


    PPC+ MD5: 50e3e26dc008648cbfca580d6c314527

    PS: Thanks @haz367 for [SPRX] suggestion, and the mM Md5′s



  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 11/12/2013 , @ 01:32pm


    When Carmack speaks, it’s some kind of love/hate relationship with his words. Some points in his arguments could bring the best of you as some could bring you anger because what many studios could done with current-gen, like PS3 and Xbox 360.
    In this interview with Wired, he states that the *current-gen* is far from over and dead and that there are many things to do.
    He also said that, we are *beginning* to understand how *current-gen* really works and why in some extent this *next-gen* is not getting so *much love* as many expected.
    Many things he said are pretty obvious in many points.
    While Eyecandy doesn’t make a game better but nicer to your sight to enjoy, but if the game fails to show you some wide spectrum in the argument and many other variables; well, it’s DOOMED to fail.

    So the history goes, that with a well coded engine and not some ported sh@!$ and with more than 8 years old hardware, you can still fill your gamer libido even more than with the *new-gen*.
    Thing is, companies and devs are the ones responsable for the console life-span. If they don’t come with some bright ideas or those ideas get lost because greed.
    Well, indeed there’s much we can still do with PS3 and Xbox 360 BUT if those companies allows that to happen.

    New Hardware, equals “raw power”. Which is the key to success but if you don’t keep up, well it’s just a machine with huge potential wasted by *software malpraxis*.

    To quote:

    Speaking with Wired, Carmack said he still “struggles” with the decision to make games for new systems or continue exploring the potential of odler hardware.

    “There’s so much you can still do on the previous console generation. The 360 and PS3 are far from tapped out in terms of what a developer could do with them, but the whole world’s gonna move over towards next-gen and high-end PCs and all these other things,” he said.

    “Part of me still frets a little bit about that, where just as you fully understand a previous generation, you have to put it away to kind of surf forward on the tidal wave of technology that’s always moving.”

    But the tech guru also acknowledged that this concern has been raised every generation, and that he now recognises some of his reluctance as a soon-to-be nostalgic fondness for hardware he’s already comfortable with.

    “Data has shown over the decades that that’s usually not as important as you think it is,” he said.

    “Although I keep making new arguments where now we can say that we’re past the knee of the cost-benefit curve in terms of what we get with graphics, and people are saying that with the next-gen consoles, that okay, they look better but they don’t look nearly as much better as the previous generation. So does that mean people will stay happier with the current things? And I could make that argument with a straight face and play for it, but it’s probably going to be wrong,” he added.


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 09/12/2013 , @ 03:19pm


    The wait for Minecraft on consoles other than the Xbox 360 continues as 4J Studios provided an update Sunday on the status of the PS3, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the popular open-world sandbox game.

    “We’re still bug fixing Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition. The bug list is getting shorter, but we’re not there yet,” 4J Studios wrote on its official Twitter account.

    The developer re-arranged the release schedule for the game in November with plans to release the PS4 Edition at the console’s launch thrown out the window. The PS3 version will now be released first and the PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita editions at a later date.

    4J Studios did reveal a bit of good news on the next-gen console front, however, as Minecraft is at least functioning there.

    “The game is running on both Xbox One and PS4, but there’s a lot more work to do on both,” 4J Studiosexplained. “No dates for either yet.”

    The PS4 and Xbox One Editions of Minecraft will support larger worlds and more player in multiplayer thanks to the larger memory sizes of both consoles. However, this also forks the development between the PS3, Xbox 360 and PS Vita versions which means extra work for 4J Studios.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 09/12/2013 , @ 12:01pm


    Another version of UMS is out. This new update brings a few new features such as reporting when a specific port is blocked, and changing servernames:

    Added the option to toggle the display of the profile name after the server name on the renderer
    Added a warning on the Status tab if the UMS port is being blocked
    Added some missing entries to UMS.conf
    Added automatic video scaling to renderer resolution limits in FFmpeg
    Added the ability to use asterisks for the “Force transcoding” and “Skip transcoding” options
    Added config option “itunes_library_path”
    Improved detection of which videos should be muxed automatically when using MEncoder or FFmpeg
    Fixed files with compatible video but incompatible audio not muxing video
    Fixed support for outputting 24-bit FLAC files as 24-bit by muxing them with video
    Fixed audio playback if VLC is enabled
    Made server restarts more reliable
    Made sure FFmpeg outputs a compatible colorspace when transcoding to H.264
    Made sure the transcode folder appears before files instead of after (below)
    Renamed config setting “ffmpeg_font_config” to “ffmpeg_fontconfig”
    Renamed config setting “hide_new_media” to “hide_new_media_folder”
    Improved video compatibility on Panasonic TVs
    Updated the PS3 image
    Updated the XBMC logo
    Minor language tweaks
    Renamed “Advanced Monitoring” to “Include in New Media folder”

    [via and source]

  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 09/12/2013 , @ 11:13am


    Well I recently got a new laptop and had to move everything across, so its taken me WAY too long to push this update, but here it is anyway!

    PPC+ ~9/12/2013)
    + Added [ReActPSN] 3.01, 3.02 [PKG] MD5′s
    + Added [VENOMCORP] colorway [ORANGE] until proven safe
    + Added [VENOMCORP] 4.50 CFW [CEX]
    + Added [HABIB] 4.46 + cobra/4.50/4.53 1.00/4.53 1.01/4.53 DB [CEX] MD5′s
    + Added [HISHAMAGE] 4.50 1.05 [CEX] MD5 (I need 1.03-1.04 MD5′s please??)
    + Added [HISHAMAGE] 4.50 1.00 [DEX] MD5
    + Added [MIRALATIJERA] 4.46 + Cobra 7.00 [CEX] MD5
    + Added [OFW/CEX] 4.53 MD5
    + Added [TJHOOKER73] 4.53 REVERTER MD5
    + Added [PS4 OFW/CEX] 1.500/1.501/1.510 [PUP & RECOVERY] MD5′s
    + Rewritten I/O toggle to only output for unknown files (I might just remove this in future seeing as it always copies to clipboard by default…[?])
    + Added file selection toggle for PKG files.
    + Haven’t added support for newest mM builds yet (if anyone has MD5′s for the latest builds since 4.46 please post them here (@mschumacher69?) )

    Download: HERE

    Discuss: HERE

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 07/12/2013 , @ 02:23pm


    Wololo made a quick easy to follow guide to use SKFU’s proxy tool. This will allow you to sniff incoming/outcoming traffic and learn how your PS4 communicates with Sony’s servers. Huge thanks for this one to Wololo and many kudos to SKFU.

    To quote:

    The following guide covers the very basics of how to install and run a proxy server on your local computer to use with your PS4. This allows you to study how the PS4 communicates with Sony’s servers, for various reasons. A proxy lets you block some of the traffic (which has been useful in the past to let users access Netflix on their PS3 even when they didn’t have PSN access), or replace some of the traffic with connections to your own server (useful for being able to connect to the PSN on a lower firmware), or simply because you’d like to know what type of information your console sends to Sony’s servers.

    Charles proxy is probably the most popular proxy around here, but it is commercial software. Thankfully, scene dev SKFU has been creating and updating his own proxy server for windows, and this is the tool I will be showing today. There’s nothing really complex with installing and running SKFU’s pr0xy server, but many people assume it’s difficult and don’t even give it a try. Hopefully this tutorial will prove them wrong.

    Link to this tutorial: Click here

    SKFU’s proxy app = Download




    SKFU’S Blog

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 07/12/2013 , @ 02:02pm


    I really don’t know what they call “Irregular Activity” thus they didn’t want (care) to explain. So check your mailbox just in case, be cautious about the sender. They are checking for *Irregular activity* which for me is like *Paranormal activity 5*. Plausible reason, they don’t want to get hacked like happened back in 2011 or they just tweaking some sh@$. Who knows?.

    To quote:

    In response to detecting “irregular activity,” Sony has reportedly reset the passwords for some PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network accounts. For those affected, the company is sending out emails, which were reportedly received by two account holders at The Verge.

    “The Sony Entertainment Network team routinely monitors for any irregular activity, and if such activity is detected, we may sometimes reset passwords of affected accounts to protect consumers and their account information,” the email begins. “Your account password was recently reset as part of this process and you will need to create a new password the next time you access your account using the ‘Forgot Your Password’ option on the Sign in screen.”

    “We encourage you to create a complex unique password that you have not used before or isn’t the same password as those associated with other online services,” the email continues. “As always, we also encourage you to keep a close eye on your account for any unusual activity including emails about transactions you did not perform. Please click here if you need help in changing your password, or to contact us for additional assistance.”

    “Also, remember that Sony will never ask you for your password or any personal or account information in an email,” the email concludes. “Please use caution if you receive any emails or phone calls from anyone asking for personal information or directing you to a website where you are asked to provide personal information.”

    Sony doesn’t go into specifics about the “irregular activity,” but the company is understandably cautious given all the recent press about the NSA and the April 2011 PSN hack that left the network down for weeks. There’s also no indication of how many people were affected by the “irregularity.” However, the Verge lists two factors that may have pushed Sony to reset passwords: the recent Adobe hack that affected millions of customer accounts, and another incident that forced Facebook Twitter and other services to reset passwords after a hacker ran off with 2 million passwords.

    “We routinely monitor for irregular activity, and if such activity is detected, we may sometimes reset passwords of affected [Sony Entertainment Network] accounts to protect consumers and their account information,” a Sony representative told Polygon


  • Posted by Pirate , on 06/12/2013 , @ 12:16pm


    Deank has released teh latest version of webMAN, this new one brings your usual bug fixes, some shortcuts and a bit few features!

    webMAN 1.20 is now available for download:

    * Added more delays for AUTOBOOT.ISO/lastgame when startup-content-scan is disabled
    * [L3]+[R2]+[X] (shutdown) and [L3]+[R2]+[O] (restart) combos are more responsive now
    * www server tweaked a bit to conserve memory and still serve all requests
    * [SELECT]+[L1] (previous) and [SELECT]+[R1] (next) allow you to load the last three games/videos you loaded without the need of a browser/My Games