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    Wololo made a quick easy to follow guide to use SKFU’s proxy tool. This will allow you to sniff incoming/outcoming traffic and learn how your PS4 communicates with Sony’s servers. Huge thanks for this one to Wololo and many kudos to SKFU.

    To quote:

    The following guide covers the very basics of how to install and run a proxy server on your local computer to use with your PS4. This allows you to study how the PS4 communicates with Sony’s servers, for various reasons. A proxy lets you block some of the traffic (which has been useful in the past to let users access Netflix on their PS3 even when they didn’t have PSN access), or replace some of the traffic with connections to your own server (useful for being able to connect to the PSN on a lower firmware), or simply because you’d like to know what type of information your console sends to Sony’s servers.

    Charles proxy is probably the most popular proxy around here, but it is commercial software. Thankfully, scene dev SKFU has been creating and updating his own proxy server for windows, and this is the tool I will be showing today. There’s nothing really complex with installing and running SKFU’s pr0xy server, but many people assume it’s difficult and don’t even give it a try. Hopefully this tutorial will prove them wrong.

    Link to this tutorial: Click here

    SKFU’s proxy app = Download




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    1. arwynj55
      03:25 PM

      key's anyone?

    2. Isleofdoom
      10:14 PM

      This is only to learn nothing to do with keys or anything lol

    3. znmike
      12:13 AM

      This might be helpful in attempting to run digital downloads that require physical game discs. Might be able to spoof that game disk is inserted, or send packets confirming that a game disk is in the console.

    4. Ray305
      02:14 PM

      If you try to run, let's say, Call of Duty Ghosts Digital Upgrade version with no disk inserted, it won't let you boot up the game. What exactly does the system look for in the disk in order to tell itself "Ok, this guy owns the game, boot up the game?"

    5. Joonie86
      04:50 PM

      I often use ps3's proxy tools for my psn digital contents, I'm hoping one day I could use this tool for my ps4 as well

    6. skyo78
      04:34 PM

      I have been able to sniff and downnload a psn game link from my ps4 and copy the link to IDM.

      NOw I have the psn game downloaded on my pc, but how do I transfer it back to the ps4 like we used to do with the ps3proxy??