• PS3 Hacks, PS4 Hacks , 09.01.2014

    Just a small reminder that the we have a PlayStation 4 forum and front page dedicated to the console

     photo Capture_zpsd3770abc.png

    Click the link below and bookmark it, if you want to be kept up to date with PS4 related news:

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    1. GelsonSilva
      05:55 AM

      Good to focus only PS4.

    2. infectious_d
      07:50 AM

      cheers ma ninjas , here's to an exciting future *raises glass n' pipe*

    3. NTA
      10:18 AM

      i remember being confused a couple of weeks ago because the ps4 hax logo links to ps3hax forums still lol

    4. rocksmart1
      12:10 PM

      Thanks for working for our future needs. Good luck.

    5. hellsing9
      12:31 PM

      Though i appreciate [MENTION=7773]GregoryRasputin[/MENTION] gesture by remarking something that should be pretty obvious while is not thus we have 2 HAX news portals instead of one.
      We can do little related to give more notoriety to PS4HAX news thus we can't use WP (wordpress) like we've done with PS3 news so far.

      Even if we keep giving links to PS4hax.net, we will lose for sure many users who get used to read in main front page.
      Ergo we are losing some occasional readers because they think that's only a thread posted in ps4hax news/member news section.

      As many new users fail to read the banner. They will also probably fail to see and click on PS4 news icon as PS4HAX network one.

      1) Clicking PS4HAX network icon or pic which has no aesthetic difference with PS3HAX network one. Will redirect you to the forums instead of PS4news.

      2) Clicking in "PS4 news" tab will redirect you to ps4hax.net where you will find all the articles related to PS4.