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  • Posted by Mackdanny , on 26/02/2014 , @ 07:17pm



    So we’ve heard by now that the Titanfall bundle is coming to a store near you, and we’ve heard that it is $499, the same price as an Xbox one without the game. Many are calling it a pseudo-price drop, while there are rumors that there will be Xbox 1 units with a price drop in certain non-US territories coming soon. But is it too late? even though we’ve seen respectable numbers from Xbox sales, they still seem to be trailing massively behind Sony, in what analysts are referring to as the atonement for the mistakes in the PS3 and a recall to the PS2 era which had units sold out for months after launch. but a price drop a mere 3-4 months in??? the bundle is well received by many, but sources say that the PS4 Infamous bundle at $570 with an extra controller and Plus thrown in (virtually no discount in comparison) is even more anticipated in stores like Gamestop.

    As the source at BGR puts

    No, this is not an indication of how well the Titanfall bundle will sell, how well either of these games will sell or how well the consoles are performing — but it is one more sign that the fervor over the PlayStation 4 hasn’t begun to die down yet. In my very limited personal experience, the Xbox One is far easier to find on store shelves than the PS4, which could be due to countless factors, but nevertheless is contributing to the panic every time a new PS4 bundle goes on sale.

    you can read the rest at the link below, in the meantime, what are your thoughts? How do you like your 8th gen systems? And why is the 3DS the only lifeline Nintendo currently has.



  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/02/2014 , @ 11:56am


    Orion has released an update to his BM, bringing latest version to 2.25. This new version greatly increases speed of copying/deleting ISO games, and fixes various bugs and crashes.

    Changelog v2.25:

    Fixed a bug that caused crashes when opening the console settings play a game format. Iso
    Fixed a bug in the User mode by the fan control utility.
    Fixed bug with auto scan NTFS drive on cfw not cobra 4:46 to 4:53.
    Increased speed of copying, and deleting games in iso format.
    Added Greek language.

    Gamesonic Manager and ‘a fork of Iris Manager from the creator Estwald.Ha many additional features and is’ one of the best managers in the PS3 scene


    Almost all the original features of Iris Manager 2.92 (including ISO functions for payload Mamba and Cobra Custom Firmware 4.53 and 4.46 for non-HABIB cobra).
    Added a scan of the games on / GAMES / GAMEZ, / BD_GAMES / PS3_GAMES and / PSXISO.
    Added option to scan / host_root and / dev_hdd0/video (for those titles where you use a particular folder for the stealth version of multiMAN).
    Added a new GUI mode: 4:08 × 6 × 6 grids from PS3ITA Manager (for a total of 4 GUI mode with and without cover).
    Added display of cover from multiMAN or ICON0.PNG.
    New buttons layout to resemble buttons multiMAN / XMB.
    Disabling re-scan of the games when you exit the File Manager.
    Added option to disable the loading of the payload for the Fan Control Utility.
    Added auto-preview and full screen preview for images (.jpg / .png).
    Added Network Tools.
    Added browser.
    Added showtime.
    Added Retroarch.
    Added automatic language detection.
    Auto setting options in games cfw cobra to work best.
    Discless Payload included in the default manager.
    The fan control utility is completely stable.
    Compatible with all CFW 3:41 to 4:55.
    Manager full stealth for the security on psn.
    Compatible with remote play for psp, psvita.


  • Posted by Simonbuck , on 26/02/2014 , @ 05:26am


    The developer @aldostools bring us a new update to his popular Iris Manager mod,



    This is an “unofficial” version of Iris Manager 2.93 by Estwald/D-Skywalk. This version includes all the new Cobra/Mamba payload and ISO features added by Estwald. The changes that I made are mainly related to the user interface (buttons layout are more XMB-like, quick access to File Manager, progress bar when game list is scanned or file permissions are applied, colors, 15 gui modes, etc.). It also includes the Payloads for 4.41DEX/4.46DEX/4.50DEX/4.53CEX/4.55CEX from Rancid-O‘s PS3ITA Manager. The most notable feature is that unlike the official version, it scans GAMES/GAMEZ on the external drives.

    Changelog 2.93-1: Added the features from official Iris Manager 2.93: Added support for Bluray and DVD ISOS and MKV videos on Cobra/Mamba (4.46, 4.53, 4.55); Use separated icons for MKV and DVD ISO; Scan /VIDEO and /MOVIES folders. /MKV path can be customized in settings.ini


    Source Code 2.93-1: here

    IRISMAN 2.93-1 (mod) updated 2014-02-24!



  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/02/2014 , @ 01:57pm


    Here is a video, showing a behind the scenes look at the creation of one of last years greatest games:


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 25/02/2014 , @ 05:30am


    Still without photoshop..sorry.

    I will make this straight to the point, thus there’s not too much questions and answers to cover; than that we already explained 100 times on so many threads. Those common and irking questions like:

    • I got banned, now what?.
    • There’s a safer way to play online with CFW and NOT get banned?.
    • I’m on CFW, which tools/app could i use to avoid detection?.

    “I got banned, now what?”:

    Well, i know that some users rarely reads something BEFORE doing anything. I understand that hype of going online with a modified system, but then..shit happens.
    Common sense dictactes; that if you are on CFW, which is a custom firmware not the original one OFW. You are under their Sony’s radar that same instant you entered into a COD lobby of infected zombies.

    You got hammered, your account is lost in oblivion with 0 chance of recorevy but you can use some “unorthodox” tools and guides to get back to PSN. With a *new* randomly generated IDPS.
    So getting banned is the less of your worries, i can relate too to that anger that flows in your vains because you lost everything you’ve done so far.
    But hey!, you don’t need to read whole PSDEVWIKI to understand that you are entering into a almost 0 tolerance zone with a modified unit. Which by the way is not allowed.

    We have a ban/poll thread = http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=46571
    And this thread not so updated about risks and how back in those days you still could get into PSN without so much risks of detections like today =http://www.ps3hax.net/showthread.php?t=46647

    As for the tools, you know them = PS_Unban and others.
    Just ask nicely and will we reply with a smile on our faces. :)
    Otherwise, you could try to educate yourself, using this to feed your knowledge libido = and keep reading until your start to talk in codes with your family, wife or girlfriend. (or both).


    There’s a safer way to play online with CFW and NOT get banned?:

    It’s the most simple and straight to the point, response anyone could give you.

    If you want to add some *extra* life-span, if you are so thirsty to get online with a modified system. Then buy an ODE device, install it and enjoy being the most cool guy in the block.
    Ahh you thought ODE were free?, nope. It’s something you have to BUY to install into your PS3. In order to play ONLINE and avoid getting hammered from time to time.
    Even if that happens, you could easily get it away with murder by changing a thing or 2 and keep cheating like there’s no tomorrow.

    For a price.

    Or if happens that you own an unhackeable one, instead of choosing an ODE for your PS3 system. You could sell it and buy a hackeable one = 2K series and below.
    3K series and above = You are one of many lucky bastards who have to choose that *legit* way and you can’t use an eyepatch and play backups, unless you buy an ODE device. Again, for a price.

    Please refrain to make comments about if endorse or i’m pro or against ODE’s. It’s a hardware solution out there in the market, pretty expensive but enough to satify those consumers; who doesn’t WANT TO KNOW more about that product that they own and about that marvellous world of CFW’s.


    I’m on CFW, which tools/apps could i use to avoid detection?:

    Like i said above, you are with a modified system. Thus everytime you go online, a simple *ping* (so to speak) will reveal your position to the enemy. So there’s no foolproof method to avoid it, just get lucky and read some more.
    Zecoxao once said:

    Regarding Sony Bans


    take a look at the files, *he* left us. they tell a lot of things Sony is doing in order to find out who is being banned and who isn’t . look at the third file for an example. PTL.TMP.OUT shows in decrypted form an entry under the name of MULTIMAN. you can draw your own conclusions from there

    Also, i’m not sure if this should be moved to the technical development and discussion section. Feel free to move it as you wish mods

    There are many other interesting threads from dedicated devs which i won’t use as source at least in this frontpaged article.
    You are free to search for them or ask for them, to get a better understanding how you get spotted when you get online with a CFW PS3.
    Very “techy” for some but worths the read.


    Final words:

    Read. Read and read more.
    There’s no way to understand something if you didn’t read it before or experience some kind of problem with it.
    That’s the main reason many of us are here, seeking for answers.

    Back in 2009/2010 i didn’t know what JB was, i tought it standed for some Justin bieber secret code or some weird term like that.
    But as a lurkerer i wanted to get involved and learn about it. Of course, i’m amazed by some releases and how some creative minds managed to get at certain point that most of us thought as impossible.

    My message is clear, either you come to ask a simple question and wait for an answer or just seek for that answer for yourself. By the little help and hints other users gave you.
    It’s called interaction and something rather common in a community and society.

    With so much patience and love.


    “My mind,” he said, “rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere. I can dispense then with artificial stimulants. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation. That is why I have chosen my own particular profession, or rather created it, for I am the only one in the world.”
    ― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Sign of Four

    Your PS3/PS4 bible.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 24/02/2014 , @ 11:19pm


    Hykem the Demon, known for his amazing work on Reverse Engineering on file formats, such as PGD, SDAT, EDAT, RIF, RAP, ACT.DAT and others (you can see some of his work on the emunewz network forums) has decided to release the last piece of the puzzle for psx decryption, a tool called psxtract, which converts psx eboots to iso format.

    You can read all about it on his github:

    Tool to decrypt and convert PSOne Classics from PSP/PS3. Written by Hykem.

    This tool allows you to decrypt a PSOne Classics EBOOT.PBP on your PC, using the emulated PSP method. It features a modified version of libkirk’s source code to support DES encryption/decryption and the AMCTRL functions.


    You may supply a KEYS.BIN file to the tool, but this is not necessary. Using the internal files’ hashes, psxtract can calculate the key by itself.

    Game file manual decryption is also supported (DOCUMENT.DAT).

    For more details about the algorithms involved in the extraction process please check the following sources:

    PBP unpacking: https://github.com/pspdev/pspsdk/blo…s/unpack-pbp.c

    PGD decryption: http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=3834 (initial research) https://code.google.com/p/jpcsp/sour…rypto/PGD.java (JPCSP)https://github.com/tpunix/kirk_engin…r/npdrm/dnas.c (tpunix)

    AMCTRL functions: https://code.google.com/p/jpcsp/sour…to/AMCTRL.java (JPCSP) https://github.com/tpunix/kirk_engin…/kirk/amctrl.c (tpunix)


    Draan, Proxima and everyone involved in kirk-engine (libkirk source code)

    tpunix (C port and research of the PGD and AMCTRL algorithms)

    PSPSDK (PBP unpacking sample code)

    Note for the people using this: Multi Disc ISO support isn’t available. you may also expect some bugs with some of the isos.

    Source and download

    Thanks to zecoxao ;)

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 24/02/2014 , @ 10:59pm


    PS Vita 2nd birthday sale, cheap games. Enjoy

    To quote:

    The PlayStation Vita released two years ago last Saturday. It’s been a rocky two years, with the unfortunately common “got no games” accusation being thrown around, Sony’s trouble getting the device to sell due to a steep entry price, and lengthy droughts in between big releases, but things have been looking up for the little portable that could - with sales seeing a 163% boost in the UK after the PlayStation 4 launched and a huge catalog of indie hits available on the device.

    To celebrate the device’s second anniversary, PlayStation has put sixteen titles on sale over on the PlayStation Store, with many of them supporting cross-buy, so they’ll be available on both home PlayStation consoles and the Vita.

    For starters, the incredibly fun and violent (is that why it’s fun?) Hotline Miami can be purchased for the low price of $4.99 ($2.50 with PlayStation Plus). In fact, FlowerflOWMachinariumOpen Me!,ProteusVelocity UltraOgarythm, and SuminomiDemon Arts can be purchased for less than $5 for those with a PlayStation Plus Subscription or for a few dollars more with those without a subscription to the service.

    Killzone: Mercenary, The Vita’s first not-terrible first person shooter is on sale from $35.99 to $17.49 ($24.99 without Plus). Ragnarok Odyssey has also come down from $29.99 to the Plus-exclusive price of $14.69. Escape Plan and Malicious Rebirth are both half off as well, dropping from $14.99 to $7.34 with Plus.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 24/02/2014 , @ 12:31pm


    Aldostools brings us a handfull of updates for IrisMAN since the initial 2.92 release. The updates include increased gui modes, various bug fixes, and a few feature upgrades. Full list below:


    Changelog: 2.92-4

    • Added Greek language (thanks to baxalo).
    • Use Left/Right arrows to select language in Tools menu.
    • Added customizable paths for Covers, Updates and Background pictures through settings.ini.
    • Fixed an issue refreshing game list.

    Changelog: 2.92-3

    • Added display of game version (APP_VER) to Game Options menu (Triangle)
    • Patch_error_09 function now should work on 4.53 and 4.55
    • Updated language files (included portuguese translation by Sipp)

    Changelog: 2.92-2

    • Changes:
      • Now there are 15 GUI modes.
      • Updated background colors.
      • Added option for random background picture (among the first 15 pictures).

    Changelog: 2.92-1

    • Changes:
      • Added the features from official Iris Manager 2.92:
        • Now there are 12 GUI modes
        • support for background picture
        • animated background, etc.
        • Use SELECT + TRIANGLE on the Options menu (TRIANGLE) to use the PIC1.PNG of the current game as background.
        • Also fixed few bugs.

    [aldostools via psx-scene]

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 22/02/2014 , @ 11:25am


    GOG will *give* to you a free game, if you buy/preorder one of three big upcoming games via digital version service. Plus they will add in regional pricing since it currently only accepts payments in US.
    I like what GOG stated thus if you think about progress, devs and alike have to help, share, contribute and give a boost to those ones who doesn’t have many options.

    We need more games, devs, and publishers on board to make DRM-free gaming something that’s standard for all of the gaming world!

    To quote:

    GOG is offering its customers a nice deal: Buy or preorder any one of three “big” upcoming games through its digital-distribution service and get another for free.

    The company announced today that it’s lining up three “big titles” for either preorder or launch-day purchase in the next couple months. Two of them are role-playing games, and one is a strategy title.

    “While we can’t tell you what they are yet because breaking an NDA has more severe penalties than just getting a noogie, we’re confident that you’ll be as excited about these games as we are,” GOG wrote in an update today.

    Customers who buy or preorder any of the three can choose a free gift from a selection of games that GOG offers as a bonus. It did this previously for developer CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 2.

    And like with The Witcher 2, GOG will add in regional pricing since it currently only accepts payments in USD.

    “We’re doing this because we believe that there’s no better way to accomplish our overall goals for DRM-free gaming and GOG.com,” it wrote. “We need more games, devs, and publishers on board to make DRM-free gaming something that’s standard for all of the gaming world!”


  • Posted by Pirate , on 19/02/2014 , @ 10:51pm


    The latest version of PS3 ISO tools is out. The new version brings updates to makeps3iso, extract3iso, and patchps3iso. Along comes your usual bug fixes and what not.

    Changelog v1.94B:

    Various bug fixes
    Include latest makeps3iso, extractps3iso, patchps3iso

    Click Here for Previous Changelogs


    “PS3 ISO TOOLS” is an all-in-one tool for a complete PS3-ISO handling and contains:

    ISO-Generator to convert PS3-Folder-Format-Games 2 PS3-ISO-Format-Games (splitted big-files will be joined)
    ISO-Extractor to convert PS3-ISO-Format-Games 2 PS3-Folder-Format-Games (big-files will be optionaly splitted)
    ISO-Splitter to split single PS3-ISOs for use on a FAT32 device (“*.iso.0″, “*.iso.1″, …etc)
    ISO-Joiner to join splitted PS3-ISOs into single PS3-ISOs
    ISO-Modifier to rename single or splitted PS3-ISOs according to game-info found in “PARAM.SFO”-file
    to hide/un-hide parts of splitted ISOs (“*.iso.1″, “*.iso.2″, …etc)
    to extract and save “PARAM.SFO” and “ICON0.PNG” as “[ISO-name].SFO” respectively “[ISO-name].PNG” within ISO-folder

    ISO-Patcher to patch single or splitted PS3-ISOs to a lower firmware version (down to 4.21)


    Pretty self-explanatory… read the tool-tips

    You can batch-convert all of your PS3-Folder-Format-Games, when you select your game-archive as source-folder(eg “X:GAMES” or “X:GAMESZ”)
    All other tools, with the exception of ISO-Patcher, support batch-operation as well. Just multi-select the ISOs you like to process.
    ISO-names will NOT contain special ASCII-characters 0-31, 126-255 and also NOT /:*?”<>| … This is to avoid problems with webMAN (You can allow usage of special ASCII-characters 126-255, like ‘™’ or ‘®’ in “ISO-conversion-Options”)
    After conversion/extraction a log-file will be shown, which compares size and number of files


    While converting to ISO-format “PARAM.SFO” and “ICON0.PNG”(Game-Icon) will be placed (hidden) as “[ISO-name].SFO” and “[ISO-name].PNG” at target-folder. If you use webMAN copy these 2 files(per game) to “/dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/”. This will save you the effort to mount each game at least once to make webMAN display it’s game-icon.
    Aborted batch-conversions could be continued. Already finished conversions will be skipped.

    @Estwald for “makeps3iso”, “extractps3iso” and “patchps3iso”



  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 18/02/2014 , @ 12:52pm


    I don't have photoshop..deal with it ;)

    As it seems the new rebug 4.55 that will come has some of the cobra 7 features ;)

    quote from evilsperm: (Yesterday, 09:56 AM)

    We are still alive
    Just have been busy paying bills, and yes WTF_Rebug we will do what ever the **** we want and not adhere your schedule…
    So unless you start paying our bills shut the **** up ;P
    Also realize no one helps us financially, so when a system goes down we replace it on our own dime. We are currently down to 1 system each so if one dies on us we/you are fuct because I know I’m not buying another system again as I have too many bills to pay, and I am positive the same goes for cyberskunk. So sit back relax and wait for our release or go move to some other firmware.
    We were going to release 4.53 but got caught up actually fixing all the cobra patches “Correctly” along with a host of other features.
    Then just when thing were looking like they were finished 4.55 was released…
    So now everything has to be re-patched re-tested and some things need to be tweaked again, then it will be time for a release, but we are not going to release something half assed. Remember that Rebug innovates and everyone making CFW these days uses Rebug patches not the other way around… So once we have the features we want in there and its working to perfection, only then will there be a release. Sorry that I can not give you all an ETA on a release date


    Thanks to @ICECOLDKILLAH

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 18/02/2014 , @ 11:15am



    He knows how to tease and try to *please* everyone. Kojima-san, posted those comparison videos, just to try to put a smile on consumer faces. Good played. You asked for them, he gave what many twitter followers asked for.

    To quote:

    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima is quite obviously looking at the comments filtering through after the posting of the screenshot comparison between the various versions of the game of and he had some comments of his own, posted on Twitter.

    We published comparison pictures between consoles since we received so many questions. Once I said that we carefully adjusted content and controls so that they can be equally fun on all platforms, people say “then next-gen is meaningless”. Well, I want people to play the next-gen version if they are able to afford it, and for those that can’t, just play  the current-gen version, as it is indeed multiplatform.

    I may publish the comparison video between platforms for Ground Zeroes tomorrow since it is a holiday in the US.

    Next-gen versions look better because of the high specs of the consoles, but what I want you to feel that we’re pursuing a photorealistic image even with the current generation version. FOX Engine was created to achieve that. Though, it’s nonsense make a comparison between Metal Gear Solid 4 and Ground Zeroes since GZ is  an open world game.


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 18/02/2014 , @ 05:18am


    Team SGK is one of those teams you don’t want to see them. This fucking bunch of opportunists are back again.

    • If you download this POS and you brick. Don’t blame us.
    • If you brick because of them. Blame yourself.
    • DO NOT TRUST in those half-assed releases.

    Tried to download the godforsaken file and their site is down, at least for me.


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 18/02/2014 , @ 03:39am


    Another week, another round of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Although Outlastremains this month’s sole free PS4 title, another round of free games are hitting the PS3 and Vita.

    For PlayStation 3, PS Plus subscribers can download Capcom’s Remember Me tomorrow. I had the opportunity of reviewing this game when it first came out and while I appreciated some of its unique features — like the create-your-own combo system — many of the game’s other aspects failed to captivate. The result was an entertaining game but hardly a memorable one. It’s still worth a playthrough — especially if given away for free.

    Remember Me is the third and final game being offered for free this month for PS Plus members. You can still download Payday 2 and Metro: Last Light, along with tons of other games previously made free (BioShock Infinite, Dyad, Binary Domain), from the PS Store.

    On the handheld side of things, Vita owners will get Street Fighter x Tekken. I’ve never been much of a fighter fan, but any time you take two iconic games and combine the characters, it’s going to be a good time. Plus, you can play the Vita version against those who own the PS3 version.

    Looking ahead (because that’s what we do in the gaming industry), Sony has yet to announce its March lineup of PS Plus games; however, a recent leak indicated that PlayStation Europe gamers will get Tomb Raider and Brothers: A Tale of Two Son for PS3; the PS4 game is rumored to be Dead Nation, which hasn’t even been revealed as coming to the new system.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 17/02/2014 , @ 02:07pm


    Orion Developer continues with all passion Gamesonic Manager update in version 2.20. Gamesonic Manager is a fork of Iris Manager but with additional options that make it one of the best manager updated
    rebuilt from 0,
    Enter all of the features of iris manager V 2.92,
    arranged multi scan function,
    accelerated access to retroArch and all other features
    Upcoming release:
    Add scummvm to lovers of point and click Games
    https://mega.co.nz/#!jgBhmIjb!iD-vVg…Q3nyCrpdtBvw_w retro included

    https://mega.co.nz/#!rg4WBZ7Q!pqURe7…ky3KDl085KjrbM normal manager

    source code:
    thank you:Estwald,Aldo Vargas,Habib,Rancid-0,libretro,all dev and site ps3 scene

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 17/02/2014 , @ 02:07pm


    This is an unofficial release by PS3ITA MANAGER of Rancid-o and developed by ORION.Being that the manager had stuck to the old payload we decided to update and make it work on cfw 4.55 to help our friends at PS3ITA

    added 4.55 and 4.53 payload
    works on all cfw 4.55
    change console IDs for inserted cfw-4.55 4.53,
    inserted file only for cfw discless 4.55


    source code:

    Thank you:Rancid-o,Estwald ,Aldo Vargas
    Warning: Remember that this manager is property of Estwald and ps3ita.it, this version was made for users who want to use this manager even on new cfw, but it is clear that this, perhaps, will be the only release of this genre because we already are committed with the development of gamesonic manager who already has all the features of ps3ita manager.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 17/02/2014 , @ 02:07pm


    This CFW was tested on most PS3 Models by different testers and no problems were encountered.
    But as any CFW release you must install it with caution and by following proper instructions, No one will be held responsible for any damage caused.

    Rogero CFW4.55 v1.00

    ReactPSN patch.
    Cinavia Disabled for HDD content playback only.
    noBD/noBT patches to allow installation on consoles with broken BluRay Drive or Bluetooth board.
    This CFW can be installed fine from XMB Update over OFW3.55 or any CFW ver

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 17/02/2014 , @ 02:07pm


    Orion tireless developer releases today a new update that makes the manager one of numbers one
    In this new release
    new animated wallpapers by iris manager v 2.90,
    the ability to launch showtime from the list games
    , inserted the last payload mamba
    game with auto-set payload active mamba
    Resolved several fixes in the stable now and 4.55 payload does not return to the xmb anymore after installing the manager

    Sorry for the constant updates 

    retroarch included

    Normal manager(no retroarch)

    source code:
    Thank you:Estwald,Habib,Aldo Vargas,Mussonero,My play designer,all site and dev for the scene ps3