• Backup Managers, PS3 Hacks , 26.02.2014

    Orion has released an update to his BM, bringing latest version to 2.25. This new version greatly increases speed of copying/deleting ISO games, and fixes various bugs and crashes.

    Changelog v2.25:

    Fixed a bug that caused crashes when opening the console settings play a game format. Iso
    Fixed a bug in the User mode by the fan control utility.
    Fixed bug with auto scan NTFS drive on cfw not cobra 4:46 to 4:53.
    Increased speed of copying, and deleting games in iso format.
    Added Greek language.

    Gamesonic Manager and ‘a fork of Iris Manager from the creator Estwald.Ha many additional features and is’ one of the best managers in the PS3 scene


    Almost all the original features of Iris Manager 2.92 (including ISO functions for payload Mamba and Cobra Custom Firmware 4.53 and 4.46 for non-HABIB cobra).
    Added a scan of the games on / GAMES / GAMEZ, / BD_GAMES / PS3_GAMES and / PSXISO.
    Added option to scan / host_root and / dev_hdd0/video (for those titles where you use a particular folder for the stealth version of multiMAN).
    Added a new GUI mode: 4:08 × 6 × 6 grids from PS3ITA Manager (for a total of 4 GUI mode with and without cover).
    Added display of cover from multiMAN or ICON0.PNG.
    New buttons layout to resemble buttons multiMAN / XMB.
    Disabling re-scan of the games when you exit the File Manager.
    Added option to disable the loading of the payload for the Fan Control Utility.
    Added auto-preview and full screen preview for images (.jpg / .png).
    Added Network Tools.
    Added browser.
    Added showtime.
    Added Retroarch.
    Added automatic language detection.
    Auto setting options in games cfw cobra to work best.
    Discless Payload included in the default manager.
    The fan control utility is completely stable.
    Compatible with all CFW 3:41 to 4:55.
    Manager full stealth for the security on psn.
    Compatible with remote play for psp, psvita.


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