• Xbox One , 04.04.2014

    When i first seen the title
    “5-year-old cracks Xbox One security by discovering simple flaw”
    my immediate thought was that my news reader was slow on showing me an April Fools joke, but no, there was no joke, just over sensationalized headlines and news reporters over hyping a minor flaw and making it out to be something huge, as in the consoles actual security has been hacked.

    What has actually happened is that a 5 year old boy, discovered a bug in the Xbox One System, that lets you bypass the parental password of the Xbox One, by pressing space a few times and pressing enter, now I’m not taking anything away from this kid, i think it’s awesome that he has discovered this failing by Microsoft, that could have cost a lot of parents charges on the Xbox Live accounts, all I’m saying is that main stream media seem to have hyped this into something that it isn’t or I’m just salty that i thought it was more than it was by misleading headlines, anyhow, here is a quote from the source:

    Just after Christmas, Kristoffer’s parents noticed he was logging into his father’s Xbox Live account and playing games he wasn’t supposed to be.

    “I got nervous. I thought he was going to find out,” said Kristoffer.

    In video shot soon after, his father, Robert Davies, is heard asking Kristoffer how he was doing it.

    A suddenly excited Kristoffer showed Dad that when he typed in a wrong password for his father’s account, it clicked to a password verification screen. By typing in space keys, then hitting enter, Kristoffer was able to get in through a back door.

    Kristoffers’ father, who works in computer security, was one proud papa. His first reaction? “How awesome is that!” Davies said. “Just being 5 years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch onto that. I thought that was pretty cool.”


    You can watch the video via the source link or here on YouTube.

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    1. itskamel
      10:50 AM

      hahaha i like this, i would be proud of my son too.

    2. ModderFokker619
      11:33 AM

      Haha what a kid the next c4 or err yunno.

    3. hashim97
      06:53 AM

      I wish that boy can hack a ps4 by pressing some buttons

    4. warlock1986
      10:15 AM

      it just so happends his father works in computer security it makes me think the dad has cracked it and said it was his kid

    5. slippy
      04:18 PM

      Originally Posted by warlock1986
      it just so happends his father works in computer security it makes me think the dad has cracked it and said it was his kid
      ya im thinking the same thing

    6. tjhooker73
      04:51 PM


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    7. JulianXhokaxhiu
      04:56 PM

      Originally Posted by tjhooker73


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      That's the same for me. Wtf?

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