• Backup Managers, PS3 Hacks , 09.04.2014

    The latest version of IrisMAN is here, and brings PSP ISO support for those on Cobra CFW.  Apart from that your usual bug fixes, overall improvements and GUI updates.

    IRISMAN 2.93-11: [Update - APR/8/14]

    • Added PSP ISO support on Cobra CFW (thanks to master deank for webMAN’s source code)
    • Added fix game option to File Manager menu (fix error 80010009 on games that require a higher fw version)
    • Added “Refresh Game List” option to Global Menu (SELECT+R3)
    • Minor tweaks to the GUI

    [Source and Download]

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    1. peterthelemon
      09:03 AM

      Nice. Wonder if chinatowm wars works. Can anyone test it? Doesnt work with any other method thus far.