• PS3 Hacks , 23.04.2014

    Updates are out for MM and standalone Showtime apps for PS3. This latest version brings a handful of bug fixes and performance enhancements.


    Changes in 4.5.333

    Fix crash when playing MJPEG movies (recent regression)
    ps3: Include eth address in device id hash
    Improve traceprint to print source IP address
    Add usage tracker
    js: Avoid running multiple search queries in the same plugin
    navigator: Avoid duplicate pages next to each other in history …
    Update libav with fix for incorrect DVHS packet framing …
    Move libav specific stuff from video_decoder.c into libav.c
    vdpau: Get rid of a debug printf
    glw/video: Fix recent regression in VDPAU video display
    fix build breaks
    Make it possible to turn off video frame interpolation …
    Show if decoder is hw accelerated in status bar
    Remove trailing whitespace
    Fix broken rescan of /dev/event devices
    fa/smb: Fix use after free
    Rewrite VDPAU implementation. Now works again after libav10 upgrade.

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