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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/05/2014 , @ 09:01am


    The guy that doesn’t like being called a dev, zecoxao, has patched Rebug Rex 4.46, so that people with broken Blu Ray drives will be able to run Homebrew on their PS3′s, here is a video of it in action:


    Also could the other people with news writing abilities keep an eye on actual forum threads to see if they have news in them, as a lot of stuff is being missed, don’t expect the news to always be posted in the “Member News” section, Pirate, manster, Mackdanny, I’m looking at you guys…

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/05/2014 , @ 08:49am


    PS3 dev oct0xor has released deci3dbg, which is a Ida Pro debugger module for PlayStation 3, here is a quote from his blog:

    Okay, I hear that someone of you is asking why I did Ida module and not some kind of gdb proxy instead, and reasons are simple:

    • I already have experience of making gdb proxys and hosts, but not had experience of making Ida debugger modules (actually not much who did this)
    • Ida’s gdb client is not open source
    • ppc stub is buggy in 6.1. I do own the latest build of Ida Pro, but lets be honest here, most dont. So I was making this code around this version of Ida. Do not need to mention that Ida Pro 6.5 is backward compatible with 6.1, and even debugger module compiled with idasdk61 would work just fine (much better) with 6.5.

    Follow oct0xor On Twitter

  • Posted by Pirate , on 30/05/2014 , @ 07:16am


    Aldostools has updated PS3 Tools Collection, bringing over 40+ noob-friendly PS3 related tools. The latest update compiles many of his tools together, and updated onces such as Retro XMB creator.

    PS3 Tools Collection 2.7.15

    Release Date: May 28th, 2014
    This is a collection of tools that I have developed for personal use…

    It now includes +40 tools. See all the downloads at the bottom of the page.

    Important Note: Windows Unicode should be using English locale and VB5 Runtime must be installed.


    Download: PS3 Tools Collection 2.7.15 (22.59 MB) - (includes over 40 tools)

    Download: Retro XMB Creator 1.6 (12 MB)
    Download: PSP2PS3 2.1.2 “mod” (3.08 MB)
    Download: PS2 Classics GUI 2.0 (2.41 MB)
    Download: PS3 Edat Tool GUI 1.0 (218 KB)
    Download: Bruteforce Edat 1.2.1 (354 KB)
    Download: PS3 HDD GUI 1.3 (1.34 MB)
    Download: lastGAME Customizer 1.4.2 (1.15 MB)
    Download: PS3 FTP Client 3.1 (938 KB)
    Download: PS3 Covers Uploader 1.01 (174 KB)
    Download: PS3 Ftp Data Sync 1.2 (555 KB)
    Download: PS3 Game Updates 3.0.5 (829 KB)
    Download: PS3 PSARC 1.2 (771 KB) (x64: here)

    Download: PARAM.SFO editor 2.8.6 (106 KB)
    Download: PS3 Games Database 1.6.3 (1.01 MB)
    Download: PS3 NET Server GUI 1.1 (174 KB)
    Download: mmDM 02.04.02 - PS3 DEX Game Mounter (3.0 MB) (x64: here)
    Download: mmRAS Server 01.01.04 (86 KB)
    Download: mmRAS 01.02.02 (122 KB)
    Download: TXT to Links.xml 1.1 (22 KB)

    Aldo’s Databases
    titleid.txt - Database of Title IDs (PS3, PSP, PSVita, PSN PSOne, PSN PS2)
    ps2titleid.txt - Database of original Title IDs for PS2
    md5.txt - Database of PS3 Firmware Updates (OFW & CFW)
    raps.md5 - Database of MD5 of RAP/edat files
    klics.txt - Database of Klicensees for EBOOT/SELF/SPRX decryption
    dev_klics.txt - Database of Developer’s Klicensees for EDAT decryption
    keys - Database of PS3 decryption keys for scetool
    PS3 Packages
    Download: EP0001-PKGMANAGE_00-XMBMANPLUS010MOD.pkg (flasher for 3.55)
    Download: XMBM+ for COBRA 7.0 (manual installation)
    Download: XMBM+ 0.22.010-mod (HDD)

    Bonus: netmon (70KB)
    This tool is the perfect complement for PS3 NET Server and PS3 FTP Client
    It monitors the network transfers (upstream/downstream) on the PC.

    All these tools are Win32 and require the VB5 runtime DLL.
    XP users should have this already installed (if not, download & install the DLL).

    [Source and Downloads]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 28/05/2014 , @ 07:50pm


    If your a true-hardcore fan, you now have the option to watch Sony’s upcoming E3 pressconfrence in theaters in over 40 cities across US:


    …Or you could watch it behind the comfort of your computer screen :)

  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/05/2014 , @ 10:17pm


    The latest version of UMS is out, and this new update brings improved wireless connection, and brings rendering support to additional devices (listed below).

    Tweaked the default Wi-Fi settings for smoother playback on slower networks
    Fixed automatic updating on Windows
    Fixed a memory leak
    Fixed several bugs on OS X
    Optimized code
    Improved logging

    Improved support for Apple mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod)
    Improved support for DirecTV HR
    Improved support for LG LA644V Smart TV
    Improved support for Nokia N900
    Improved support for Pioneer Kuro
    Improved support for Samsung mobile devices
    Improved support for Sony Bravia 4500
    Improved support for Sony Bravia EX620
    Improved support for Telstra T-Box
    Updated Spanish translation (thanks, AlfredoRamos!)


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 27/05/2014 , @ 10:03pm


    Sony is allowed to sell their products in China. Though with a collaboration of a local company, called Shangai Oriental Pearl Culture = OPCD. This collaboration will form two companies, one dedicated to sell the hardware and second one, all online services related. (seems that they want to control this situation for a little longer).

    OPCD-Sony will only be producing games in line with China’s strict cultural standards, which long story short they are still on a *leash* with the content regulated by China’s Goverment.
    But it’s good to read that Chinese players will officialy appear on Sony’s grid. Even Microsoft managed to enter into this so susceptible market.

    To quote:

    The government in China is relaxing their ban on imported video games and consoles, allowing Microsoft and Sony to swoop in with their products. Microsoftwill be bringing Xbox to China in September and Sony plans to bring PlayStation there soon also. An official date for PlayStation has not yet been announced.

    Sony will be collaborating with a local company, Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development (OPCD) to bring PlayStation to China. The collaboration will form two companies: the first will manage manufacturing and sell the hardware and the second will manage the services, sales, licensing and distribution of the software. It’ll be called “Shanghai Oriental Pearl Sony Computer Entertainment Culture Development.” They really like long names over there, so let’s call this one OPCD-Sony for short.

    OPCD-Sony will only be producing games in line with China’s strict cultural standards. Their announcement stated they ”will introduce quality, healthy games that are suitable to China’s national conditions and the preferences of domestic players, as according to the relevant government policies.”

    This means the games available for PlayStation will be censored,  but after a thirteen-year ban on the stand-alone consoles, gamers will be happy to get even a watered down version of Sony games. 


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/05/2014 , @ 08:06am


    Well some famous actress whom i have never heard of before, has stated this, so that must mean its true, right ???

    Here is the tweet from Holly Marie Combs, “famous for her roles as Kimberly Brock on Picket Fences (1992) and as Piper Halliwell on Charmed”(had to Google her name).



    The #YesAllWomen hashtag started after the mentally ill teenager Elliot Rodger, went on a killing spree, killing six people then himself, all because females didn’t want to date him, the hashtag was used my women and girls to express their experiences at the hands of horrible men and i fully support this hashtag, more women should speak out against abusive men, more wives should speak out against abusive husbands, more daughters should speak out against abusive fathers, etc, you get my point, i support any and all stand against the abuse of women, by fragile cowardly men, who only have the ability to raise their hands to women.

    However what i will not and cannot stand for, is the abuse of this hashtag, to attack video games or to blame video games on creating violence or making people violent, because it is simply not true.

    True there are violent people who plays video games, but that does not mean that ALL gamers are violent and to state that games cause violence, is purely a grab at attention, which is obviously what Holly Marie Combs has achieved, i still wouldn’t know who she was, if i hadn’t read this story about her today:
    ‘Virtual violence leads to actual violence’: Actress Holly Marie Combs condemns video games

    What are your opinions on this story ?
    Ill add a poll to the thread.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 26/05/2014 , @ 09:11am


    If you have some tree logs, a PS Eye and a Modified Turntable, you will be able to make your own music.
    That’s what Bartholomäus Traubeck has done , which you can see here:

    What happens is the camera reads the year rings on a slice of tree trunk, then transfers that data to a computer, where a piece of software converts into music, i know its old news, but its interesting all the same.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 26/05/2014 , @ 08:35am


    Dnawrkshp has been playing around with the possibility of using your PS3 to use PC applications, think of it as reverse-remote play.

    To quote:

    In more detail, there is a PS3 program and a PC program. The PC program requests the controller data from the PS3 and uses that with config from the user to interact with a program (probably an emulator). Then the PC will send the current screen to the PS3 and the PS3 will display that image on the TV. At this point, the image is sent as an uncompressed png file (probably one of the problems) to the PS3.

    The video shows the PC program working exclusively with VBA and a hard-coded input config. It also doesn’t have support for joysticks (yet, it won’t be hard).

    I don’t think I can take this program any farther than it is, but maybe there is someone that can. It is completely private, but if people still want it (even for just the controller capability) I can release it. If someone wants to actually work on the source I can also release the source code for everyone.

    As for NetCheat (since someone will ask in this thread), I’m still taking a break from it. Given I’m pretty much the only developer, it can be very stress inducing and I don’t like that. I have a few bugs to fix and then I can push the update (CCAPI 2.5, results list locking up, and probably more).


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 24/05/2014 , @ 08:38am


    I posted some information yesterday about Watch_Dogs being released early and leaked to Torrent website, that has given game modders plenty of time to create cheat packages or game trainers, here is a list of the ones that have been posted on PS3HaX:

     photo watchdogs-us-rp-ps3jpg-e9544a_zpsfe22241e.jpg

    Watch Dogs PS3 Trainer (RTM/RTE) By K.G

    PS3HaX member K.G has posted his Watch_Dogs game trainer on the forum, here is some info about it:

    It uses Control Console API (credit to FMT member Enstone)
    Credit to CMP Member Hiei-YYH for the cheats.

    Taking from the API author, supported CFWs are: 4.21, 4.30, 4.40, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55 CEX or DEX.
    This does NOT work with dongle or Cobra.
    You are using my trainer with 100% guaranty than it works on CFW Rogero 4.55 V1.00.

    As of right now, the trainer actaully works only with EUR (BLES01854).
    You need to update your game to the 1.01 update available.

    More Info/Download



    [ Watch Dogs ] modded EBOOTs collections ( for all updates ) By Ammar-A1

    Ammar-A1 has posted a modded eboot which contains the following:

    1- Infinite Health
    2- Infinite Ammo
    3- Infinite Items
    4- Infinite Cellphone Battery
    5- XP points hack ( x100 )
    6- Infinite Focus
    7- Max money after buying
    8- Max skill points after getting any point

    More Info/Download



    [ Watch Dogs ] modded save ( Level 50 “max rank” + money$ and skill points 99999999 ) By Ammar-A1

    Ammar-A1 has also posted this modded game save containing:

    1- Max rank and xp ( Level 50 ) for story mode + online !
    2- Money 99999999$
    3- Skill points 99999999
    4- all clothes
    5- all guns with max ammo

    More Info/Download




    Clue112 has posted info about the cheat PKG released by scene release group Duplex, here is what it can do:

    1. Infinite Health
    2. Infinite Ammo
    3. Infinite Skill Points on Buy
    4. Max Money on Buy

    More Info/Download

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 23/05/2014 , @ 01:59pm


    4K didn’t go as expected (among many other factors) causing a huge losses for this current fiscal year. Kazuo Hirai said: “that they didn’t responde quickly enough to changing marketing conditions”.
    Hirai’s vision of Sony’s turnaround centers on key technologies such as image sensors, cloud-based services and wearable devices more than those 4K (better image quality).
    Maybe Hirai’s vision on such technologies are giving him more room to experiment on that uncharted territory for some.
    Something he is clearly not afraid, is about changes as he stated: “We must not be afraid to change what needs to be changed”.

    To quote:

    TOKYO: Sony Corp chief executive Kazuo Hirai said that the company accumulated huge losses because it didn’t respond quickly enough to changing market conditions, but promised a return to profit next year.

    Last week, Sony reported a 128.4 billion yen ($1.3 billion) loss for the fiscal year ended March. It is forecasting a 50 billion yen ($490 million) loss for the current fiscal year. Sony has repeatedly disappointed investors by not achieving its profit forecasts.

    “We must acknowledge that out steps to take action had come much too slowly,” he told reporters at the Japanese entertainment and electronics giant’s Tokyo headquarters. “We are going to fully complete our structural reforms.”

    Hirai’s vision of Sony’s turnaround centers on key technologies such as image sensors, cloud-based services and wearable devices.

    He stressed that although Sony’s electronics business was ailing, it was doing well in other areas such as finance, which includes a bank and insurance services, and entertainment, which boasts a successful “Spider-Man” film franchise and the PlayStation 4 video game machine.

    He denied the company will sell or pull the plug on its money-losing TV business. Once a leader in TVs, Sony has lost out to competitors such as South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. which led in the shift to flat panels.

    Sony’s TV operations have been struggling for a decade, fueling speculation Sony might exit the business entirely.

    Hirai, however, said he was banking on 4K TVs, which deliver better image quality than current high-definition digital TVs.

    Still, scaling back on areas where a company is suffering is often part of its turnaround plan.

    Earlier this year, Sony said it was selling its Vaio personal computer business. Restructuring charges, dealing with inventory and other costs related to that sale is weighing on Sony’s results this fiscal year.

    Hirai said no more major job cuts or other sales were in the pipeline this fiscal year. What remains to be done is seeing through with the plans calling for a leaner Sony, instead of backpedaling as it had done in the past, he said.

    When asked whether he will resign to take responsibility for the red ink, Hirai said he sees his main job as getting the reforms done, so that Sony doesn’t have another year of losses.

    “My challenge is to see this through, and that’s the best way to respond to everyone’s expectations,” he said.

    One change for Sony will be that it will stop reaching for market share and will instead focus on solid profitability, said Hirai.

    Hirai became the head of Sony two years ago, when it was in even deeper trouble, racking up the worst losses in the company’s history.

    Hirai and other Sony executives reminded the crowd that Sony’s past success rested on its strong engineering to deliver innovative products that helped define a consumer lifestyle.

    “That Sony spirit remains part of our unchanging DNA,” Hirai said. “But we must not be afraid to change what needs to be changed.”


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 22/05/2014 , @ 06:51pm


    Naughty Dog has rescheduled its plans to participate in the Operation Supply Drop charity drive after a previous attempt was cut short by a DDoS attack, announcing that the event will now take place this weekend.

    Operation Supply Drop’s 8-bit Salute is a charitable streaming marathon that aims to supply U.S. military troops stationed overseas with video game care packages. Naughty Dog will award prizes to top donators after its event wraps up; donators from last week’s aborted stream are encouraged to send PayPal receipts to Naughty Dog in order to remain eligible.

    Naughty Dog’s Operation Supply Drop stream will showcase gameplay from its PlayStation 3 catalog on May 24 and 25. A schedule of events is available at Naughty Dog’s website.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 22/05/2014 , @ 10:45am


    aldostools brings another update to RetroXMB creator. The latest update now displays current core information and added a new DDS manual conversion tool.

    New in 1.5.6:
    Replaced the default DDS conversion tool with NConvert by Pierre E. Gougelet.

    New in 1.5.5:
    Added display of information about the selected Core.


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 22/05/2014 , @ 08:39am


    It has come to the attention of staff members of the forum that people have been impersonating staff members, in order to steal Console ID’s, here is a PM i received from a worried PS3HaX member:

     photo Capture_zps4cfa8e49.png

    This particular impersonator was pretending to be player420 and seems to has taken dumps from at least two members, that we know off, this impostor was using the email [email protected], if any other members have been affected by this member, please report the PM and here are some tips to understand, so that you do not get scammed in future:

    • PS3HaX staff have an image/icon under their name, which says Moderator or Super-Moderator, this icon shows up in PM’s, if it isn’t there, then its an impostor.
    • PS3HaX staff WILL NOT PM you asking for your dumps, if they do, use the report button.
    • If you want help with a dump and a staff member offers in public to look at your dump, make sure they have that icon first, then and only then proceed via PM.
    • PS3HaX staff will NEVER ask you for your dumps on another website, if they do, create a thread on the forum and state which website the staff member is asking for a dump.
    • Finally NEVER give your dumps to any normal member of the forum, if any member of the forum asks you for your dump, report them.



    Well it seems the clown decided to use my username, he went as far as using my profile pic and using a screen shot of my avatar and status as his forum pic:
     photo lamer_zpsd2ad88e1.png

    The member used an email similar to his first one [email protected]






  • Posted by Pirate , on 21/05/2014 , @ 10:44am


    Orion has released the latest update to his BM, GameSonic to version 2.91. The latest update removes a bunch of useless/buggy features and adds FTP NTFS support, GUI clean ups, bug fixes and optimizations.

    Global menu and Tools menu re-ordered.

    Added dev_flash utility Menu from which you can assemble or disassemble dev_flash

    Coverflow Gui fixed.

    Now the manager can read a file like settings.ini was IRISMAN (Thanks Aldo Vargas)

    Temporarily deleted retroarh (we are looking for a way that does not weigh the user this feature)

    Now the Ps2classic can be started from the game list but even this feature is bug (I would like to thank the dev Mussonero for support and the dev code CapitaCPSX.)

    Now the internet browser will be launched directly from the games list.

    Removed option to download webman.

    In fact completely removed the utility menu (too many useless app).

    Source Code cleaned up and updated.

    Makefile updated with the auto-RELOAD.SELF.

    Option to the gui change updated and cleaned up.

    Fixed all bugs that you had with the CFW 4.55 Habib/Cobra v 1.03

    FTP server can now browse, delete, send filer to NTFS drive (Thanks Aldo Vargas for the useful function).

    Showtime updated to latest version

    Fixed a stupid bug cher prevented the display of the console id

    Network tools updated for greater stability on CFW 4.46 cobra

    Now the manager is fully compatible with the CFW 4.50 DEX/Cobra Ps3ita v 2.3

    Fixed bug with the CFW 4.50 DEX/Cobra Ps3ita v 2.3 now the dev_ps3ita will not be removed


  • Posted by Pirate , on 19/05/2014 , @ 11:19am


    The latest version for UMS is out and brings various updates to FFmpeg, h2database, MPlayer/MEncoder. Apart from that there were various GUI clean ups and your usual round of bug fixes:

    Changes since 3.6.0:

    Made resuming more intuitive
    Fixed the aspect ratio of thumbnails by default (thanks, tdcosta100!)
    Fixed the buffer going nuts after automatic subtitle conversion (thanks, tdcosta100!)
    Fixed support for URLs in playlists
    Fixed error with thumbnails of resume files (thanks, tdcosta100!)
    Fixed the user interface when hiding advanced options

    Languages: Made more strings translatable

    Made more strings translatable
    Updated Czech translation
    Updated Russian translation (thanks, Tianuchka!)

    External :
    Updated FFmpeg to builds from 2014-05-05, which:
    Improves support for many containers and codecs
    Fixes bugs

    Updated h2database to 1.3.176, which:
    Improves stability

    Updated MPlayer/MEncoder for Windows to SB57, which:
    Adds AAC encoding support
    Improves H.265 support
    Improves support for many containers and codecs
    Improves speed
    Fixes bugs

    [Source and Download]

  • Posted by Pirate , on 15/05/2014 , @ 05:08pm


    Folks over at Reddit have reported that their PS3 games are appearing on PS4 store, which very well could be the preparation of Sony’s cloud service, PlayStation Now.

    The hawk-eyed folk over at Reddit have been at it once again, this time unravelling what looks to be a leak in relation to Sony’s preparation for its newest cloud service, ‘PlayStation Now’. The listings (discovered by user KingKiio), found by navigating through ‘’Day-One Digital’’, then by selecting ‘’All Games’’ with the PlayStation Store, feature the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, Dead Space 3, and Diablo III. The games in question cannot be purchased or pre-ordered but trailers and ratings can be viewed. Interestingly the list also contains Naughty Dog’s marquee release, The Last of Us, which is due to receive a new lick of paint with a PS4 release this coming summer. The leak seemingly coincides with the closed beta currently being carried out for the service – a beta which is set to extend within North America during this summer. PlayStation Now is Sony’s new premier streaming service which allows gamers to stream and play games rather than download or purchase them physically. The cloud-based tech will be rolled out across PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and even certain Sony Bravia televisions.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 14/05/2014 , @ 05:07pm


    Latest version of RetroXMB is out bringing the ability to create DosBox and PS1 pkg’s for XMB.

    Retro XMB Creator 1.5

    This tool allows to create shortcuts of your ROMS or PS1 isos on the XMB, with custom images and manuals in DDS format.

    Requires to have installed RetroArch on the PS3 (except for PS1 isos)

    Optionally you can use this addon RetroArch (Retro XMB Edition) to retain the compatibility in your Retro XMB packages, if RetroArch gets a future update. Requires to have RetroArch installed.

    Thanks to Themaister/TwinAphex for RetroArch, STLcardsWS for the template examples. Floris van den Berg for FreeImage.dll, NVIDIA Corporation for the free Legacy Texture Tools.

    New in version 1.5:
    Added support for creation of DOSBOX packages.

    New in version(s) 1.4.x:
    Added support for PS1 isos
    Added support for paste image from clipboard;
    Added auto load ICON0/PIC1/PIC2/etc from the rom’s folder.