• PS3 Hacks , 15.05.2014

    Folks over at Reddit have reported that their PS3 games are appearing on PS4 store, which very well could be the preparation of Sony’s cloud service, PlayStation Now.

    The hawk-eyed folk over at Reddit have been at it once again, this time unravelling what looks to be a leak in relation to Sony’s preparation for its newest cloud service, ‘PlayStation Now’. The listings (discovered by user KingKiio), found by navigating through ‘’Day-One Digital’’, then by selecting ‘’All Games’’ with the PlayStation Store, feature the likes of Grand Theft Auto V, Dead Space 3, and Diablo III. The games in question cannot be purchased or pre-ordered but trailers and ratings can be viewed. Interestingly the list also contains Naughty Dog’s marquee release, The Last of Us, which is due to receive a new lick of paint with a PS4 release this coming summer. The leak seemingly coincides with the closed beta currently being carried out for the service – a beta which is set to extend within North America during this summer. PlayStation Now is Sony’s new premier streaming service which allows gamers to stream and play games rather than download or purchase them physically. The cloud-based tech will be rolled out across PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and even certain Sony Bravia televisions.


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    1. hellsing9
      05:16 PM

      [MENTION=1]Pirate[/MENTION] who is [MENTION=128796]guest[/MENTION]_ ?

    2. cloudx
      09:58 PM

      if it doesnt lag a lot (which it might will) then i would defenitly be trying this out this summer.

    3. stussy1
      04:36 PM

      So first they made you pay for the ps1 and ps2
      Games you already bought now there making you
      Pay again for the ps3 games you bought im sure
      They can make all games playable on the ps4 but
      Money comes first I say

    4. Tall_King_Crap
      05:28 PM

      Isn't that just great news - for Sony

      I mean the PS4 "could" be compatible - Ghosts & BF4 were available to upgrade from PS3 to PS4 for �10
      and anytime you wanna play BF4 you then insert the PS3 disc in
      plus it did some of BF4 install from PS3 disc then about 7gb from online download
      so it is kind of compatible coz it read and part installed (I think & balance online)
      and it checks for PS3 disc each time game is started

      But now they want us to buy it again ffs ???
      I mean �40 for a psn plus account isn't enough - ok well how about less than �5 game if you have original disc

      Now if they going to offer the Last of Us - on PS3 that is 30gb so on PS4 that might be 40gb with any extras or his res DLC !!!!
      Just great for people who have a slow capped isp provider if they have the original PS3 game sitting there....

      C'mon Sony - drop the PSN + to half price �20, charge say a few quid for partial update from PS3 to PS4 games
      you would still make money - get your cloud service running properly and buying games online

      but stop trying to make us pay for games all over again ya cheeky bastids

    5. sahibunlimited
      02:51 AM

      It cost them money to set this all up, not only the hardware but they have to pay for the games too.

    6. patastinky
      02:42 PM

      bull to the ****!

    7. donglehater
      02:57 PM

      I pirated all those games so I dont feel as though Im being screwed to get this service legitimately.