• PS3 Hacks , 21.05.2014

    Orion has released the latest update to his BM, GameSonic to version 2.91. The latest update removes a bunch of useless/buggy features and adds FTP NTFS support, GUI clean ups, bug fixes and optimizations.

    Global menu and Tools menu re-ordered.

    Added dev_flash utility Menu from which you can assemble or disassemble dev_flash

    Coverflow Gui fixed.

    Now the manager can read a file like settings.ini was IRISMAN (Thanks Aldo Vargas)

    Temporarily deleted retroarh (we are looking for a way that does not weigh the user this feature)

    Now the Ps2classic can be started from the game list but even this feature is bug (I would like to thank the dev Mussonero for support and the dev code CapitaCPSX.)

    Now the internet browser will be launched directly from the games list.

    Removed option to download webman.

    In fact completely removed the utility menu (too many useless app).

    Source Code cleaned up and updated.

    Makefile updated with the auto-RELOAD.SELF.

    Option to the gui change updated and cleaned up.

    Fixed all bugs that you had with the CFW 4.55 Habib/Cobra v 1.03

    FTP server can now browse, delete, send filer to NTFS drive (Thanks Aldo Vargas for the useful function).

    Showtime updated to latest version

    Fixed a stupid bug cher prevented the display of the console id

    Network tools updated for greater stability on CFW 4.46 cobra

    Now the manager is fully compatible with the CFW 4.50 DEX/Cobra Ps3ita v 2.3

    Fixed bug with the CFW 4.50 DEX/Cobra Ps3ita v 2.3 now the dev_ps3ita will not be removed


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