• PSVita Hacks , 03.06.2014

    Sony Japan are releasing two PS Vita Super Value Pack’s, one is Red/Black and one is Blue/Black, they will be released on the 10th of July, they are Wi-Fi models and will contain an 8GB memory card, pre-installed with software, here are some images of the consoles:

     photo 1_zpsf9abbee1.png

     photo 2_zpsf4483a84.png

     photo 3_zps15ee56f3.png

     photo 4_zps610abb41.png

     photo 5_zpsd180914f.png

     photo 6_zpsd574b53d.png

     photo 7_zpsed6a3480.png

     photo 8_zpse916df91.png

     photo 9_zpsbbde4db7.png







    Not sure how i missed this yesterday, but a Crystal Black 3G/Wi-Fi model will also be released in July, this one being on the 24th of the month.

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    1. euss
      01:11 PM

      PCHJ-10017 & PCHJ-10018
      Contains the PCH-2000 with LCD screen :/

      thanks for the headsup, added to http://www.vitadevwiki.com/index.php...H-10000_series

      little Japanese birdie whistled :
      <Ada> http://www.jp.playstation.com/psvita...pchj10019.html -->with series 1000

    2. fromzero
      10:27 PM

      Wat's a ps vita? Almost looks like a psp but after searching far and wide apparently they use it to play ps1 and psp games. Apparently they even made 2 or 3 games only for this system. Settings menu being ome of the better games.