• Backup Managers, PS3 Hacks , 18.08.2014

    Orion has released the latest version of GameSonic Manager adding Mamba payload support for CFW 4.31 CEX DEX and 4.21 to 4.53

    • Added payload mamba for CFW 4.31 CEX DEX and 4:21 to 4:53.
    • Added fix Error developer of the Tsar in the payload 4.60.
    • Fixed a bug that caused several delays in the Manager.
    • Added new function for CFW DEX camufferà that the console ID as CEX so as to be better during the game on CFW NPSN by DEX.

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    1. pauline45
      07:51 PM

      thanks pirate I got it

    2. mcjickle
      10:25 PM

      Where can I find a guide on how to use this ? Im a noob