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    The developer Aldo Vargas reported a new minor update to the application that has helped a lot in the last few days the guys in search of the symbols used by the payload mamba.

    The symbols, more commonly known as the debug symbols are pieces of information that express the programming constructs generated by a particular piece of machine code in a given executable module, a useful tool for developers only then.

    The application takes as reference the symbols of the single version 4:46 (or even other models if loaded) in order to make comparisons, however, just edit or replace the title of the file header (example: symbols_xxx.h where xxx is the version number Firmware).

    Also in a previous version of the developer Aldo had reported a new interactive mode function that allowed us to search for a given symbol in hexadecimal editor.

    In version 1.4 will include the addition of a new method reported by the developer Joonie studied to find the RTOCS without having to use the application IDA Pro.

    Changelog v1.4.3

    • Adding search to syscall_table_offset. In Interactive mode, enter ‘S’ for syscall_table_offset or ‘T’ for TOC.

    Changelog v1.4.1

    • Added option to scroll up and down the offsets in interactive mode.
    • Now the default template contains the symbols for cobra (instead of the symbols mamba).

    Changelog v1.4

    • Now the instrument is able to find the offsets RTOC thanks to a new method provided to me byJoonie. THANKS to him!

    Changelog v1.3

    • Added a new interactive mode to search for a given symbol and display the values ​​found in hexadecimal format.

    This tool has really helped the developers in porting the payloads mamba on Custom Firmware 3:55, 4:21, 4:30, 4:31, 4:40, 4:41 and 4:50 (not counting the various porting DEX on 4:46 and so on).

    This means that now you can mount the backup in ISO format on these Custom Firmware using IRISMAN and also on other forks Iris (Iris Manager Unofficial except by Habib that mounts only 4.60).

    Download: GetSymbols v1.4.3



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