• PS3 Hacks , 27.09.2014

    Orion has released the latest update to his backup manager, GameSonic. This latest update adds the HABIB CFW patch, P2MEMU/Cobra swapping, bug fixes and more:

    GameSonic v3.27

    Removing automatic device usb except dev_usb000 (door closest to the reader)
    Added Patch for CFW Habib, if it detects CFW habib the manager will not apply the patch Anti-Ode, fix bug that eliminated myGames (Webman Games) on cobra CFW

    GameSonic v3.25

    Added Swap of PS2EMU by Cobra to original and vice versa(Thank you for all Joonie)
    When the Cobra PS2EMU is active the Manager will show the option to activate the original and vice versa.
    Code to disable the patch improved cobra:
    When the Patch Cobra show the Manager the option to disable them and vice versa.
    The manager now detects which PS2EMU is active.


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