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  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 22/10/2014 , @ 04:57pm


    Playstation Experience, a huge gathering for PS fans. When?: 6th and 7th December. Where?: Las Vegas. When you can purchase those tickets?: On friday. All this according to SCE.
    You can check here = Click


  • Posted by pustal , on 18/10/2014 , @ 11:56pm


    zecoxao ported flat_z’s EID Root Key Dumper to CFW 4.21, 4.46 and 4.53, allowing root EID key extraction without need for downgrade.

    Update: zecoxao added a port to 4.65 (also in the links).


    Source 1 (original source)

    Source 2

    [Download] and source 3

  • Posted by pustal , on 18/10/2014 , @ 11:37pm


    Sandoron finally released his ready version of Swing Copters.

    The game has the following new features:

    This game is based on absolutely new PS3 LuaPlayer v5.2.3 (thanks 3141card (aka picard)), therefore:
    - Now the game has sound!
    - Also, you can safely exit the game using the PS button!



  • Posted by pustal , on 18/10/2014 , @ 11:26pm


    brunolee released a new version of his webMAN/webMAN mod enabling tool. This version features the aditions:

    Package Manager XMB (3)

    * ★ Install Package Files (TRADITIONAL MODE)
    * ★ Package Manager (REBUG MODE)
    * Manager Plus (XMBM+ MODE)
    * When choosing betwen different modes besides changing the folder to install PKGs on the XMB also:
    * Remove ★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/ from XMB
    * Adds “My Games” to XMB
    * Sort Alphabetically (A-Z and Z-A) Games, Homebrews on XMB
    * XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.0.22.013 as “PKG Bubble” for XMBM+ Mode


    Enable XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature (2)
    * webMAN (1), (2)
    * webMAN 1.30
    * webMAN 1.30.29 MOD
    * New ícons

    Priority Selectors XMB (3)

    + ON, OFF for multiMAN/mmCM and IRISMAN as “PKG Bubble”

    Coldboots (3)

    + COBRA
    + PS3 (default)
    + REBUG

    Gameboots (3)

    + Classic
    + COBRA
    + NONE (default)
    + REBUG

    Waves (3)

    + Electric Blue Purple
    + Electric Green Yellow
    + Gold
    + Kamo
    + NO WAVEs
    + PS3 (default)
    + PSP
    + Rainbow
    + Smoke
    + Vertic
    + Zebra

    Supported CFWs:

    (1) REBUG REX COBRA 7.0.1
    (2) ROGERO, HABIB COBRA 7.0.0
    (3) ALL CFWs 4.21, 4.30, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55, 4.60, 4.65

    [Download] and source


  • Posted by pustal , on 18/10/2014 , @ 11:17pm


    3141card has released a new version of his psl1ght-v2 port of Jon Limle (jonlimle)’s  LuaPlayer. This version features the following changes:

    LuaPlayer is updated from Lua 5.1 to the last Lua version 5.2.3.

    The used library for sound is Estwald’s (aka Hermes) nice spu sound library.

    The other great library from Hermes, tiny3d for 2D and 3D grafics is also added.


    - Compiled with psl1ght 2 and signed for 4.xx
    - The app search for “/dev_usb000/app.lua”,
    - Change nothing on lib code, fix only the usual path/name probs for psl1ght vs psl1ght-v2




  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 17/10/2014 , @ 05:15am


    ReActPSN has been updated to version 3.16!

    reActPSN V3.16 Quick Start Guide

    Basic function: Create aa user and run reActPSN to generate PSN license from USB/exdata.
    Button controls: [X] = pressing and holding X button for 6 seconds when launching reActPSN.
    [L1] Reinstall RAPs&EDATs from USB0/exdata or USB1/exdata folder.
    [L2] Backup RAPs&EDATs to USB/reActPSN/pubPSN/rapxxxedatxxx.zip.
    [R1] Backup reg&rif&edat to USB/reActPSN/BKxxxx.zip.
    [R2] Backup full fixed NPD files to /USB/reActPSN/FixedPSN.
    [O] Fix PSone/PSPminis/THEME & generate C00 activation edat license.
    [X] Batch installs PS2 ISO from USBorHDD/PS2ISO. Flawlessly same as PSN pkg install.
    [∆] Fix PSN retail to free.stage1:fix all eboot and start hook,play,stage2:fix sprx edat etc.
    [□] Batch make BD games loader PKG from GAMES&GAMEZ, output PKG to HDD0/packages or USB/.
    [∆+R2] Fix PSN and make all NPD FIX pkg to USB/. same as PSN crack patch.
    [R2+L2] Make only ‘Fixedby reActPSN’ NPD FIX pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages.
    [R2+L1] Make all files FIX pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages. make sure have enough freespace.
    [R1+L2] Make retail NPDRM files pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages.
    [R1+L1] Make retail all files pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages. make sure have enough freespace.
    [RIGHT] 8 seconds CEX2DEX&DEX2CEX.
    [DOWN] Patch VSH to run reActPSN2.0 and enable screen shoot.
    [LEFT] Disable/Enable all users rif license(remove/restore act.dat).

    BDloader functions: Install and run any BDloader,after one KEY 18 secondes, play BD games.
    [∆] BD games unloader.
    [□] Batch make BD games loader PKG from GAMES&GAMEZ,output PKG to HDD0/packages or USB/.
    [L1] Forced downgrad this backup game and patch from 4.20+ to 4.20. Dont forget install bubble pkg.
    [LEFT] Delete current user’s all games Trophy.

    BDselector functions: Run reActPSN or BDloader, use last BD icon to change Mount Games from XMB.
    [L1]or[X]or[O] downgrad this backup game and patch from 4.20+ to 4.20, install bubble pkg.
    [R1] Forced copy external(USB) game to internal(HDD0).
    [R2] Remove this game’s internal(HDD0) copy.

    * BDdirectboot(GMmount),BDselector,BDloader all need insert a boot disk!

    How to use:
    <1> PLAY BD backup games with BDdirectboot(GMmount), supported CFW4.30 to CFW4.65.
    Run reActPSN, 9 BD icon(7 last play games, 1 HDD new game, 1 USB new game) will be added.
    <2> PLAY BD backup games with BDselector, supported CFW4.21 to CFW4.65.
    Run reActPSN or BDloader,use last BD icon to change mount Games from XMB,
    Run PS3 Games from orignal BD icon.
    <3> PLAY BD backup games with BDloader.
    Run reActPSN or any BDloader with holding SQUARE to make all BDloader PKGs.
    Install you favorite rBL_xxxx.pkg from HDD/packages or USB/.
    run it, waiting 18 secondes then play BD game, or directboot this game.
    <4> Flawlessly to play all PSN contents.
    (1) Download psnstuff v1.82,download psn contents and store RAP&edat files.
    (2) Put exdata folder with rap’s on usb, create ‘aa’ user and run reActPSN.
    (3) Install PSN and playing…
    (4) Put exdata folder with new raps on usb, holding L1 button for 8s and run reActPSN.
    Install new PSN and play new PSN games.
    <5> Play C00 type PSN games without rap&edat. [O] to activate it to full game.
    <6> Share your RAPs to others same as psnstuff, [L1] will help you.
    <7> Share your PSN crack patch to others.
    (1) Downloads PSN(1942 flower rain DLC) from PSN store(or install&play it with psnstuff).
    (2) Insert USB disk to usb0 or usb1.
    (3) Run reActPSN and holding ∆ triangle button for 6 seconds.
    (4) Play 1942,flower,rain,BD or PSN dlc.
    (5) Run reActPSN and holding triangle+R2 button for 6 seconds, then check your USB disk.
    (*) Do not insert any usb disk,[R2+R1] can gen >4G pkg on hdd0/packages.
    <8> Flawlessly to install PS2 ISO. (Require CFW>4.20 and has been installed any RAP)
    (1) Copy few or many PS2 ISO files to USB/PS2ISO and run reActPSN with hold X.
    (2) Install bubble pkg on XMB.
    (*) About >4G PS2 ISO. Must copy it to dev_hdd0/PS2ISO, do not insert USB, then [X]…
    PS2 ICON will be display if your have installed a full version MM.
    (1) SET QA, 3.55CFW, [RIGHT] [RIGHT].
    (2) 8s CEX2DEX DEX2CEX, REX4.21 or REX4.46 on slim, [RIGHT], its safe.
    (3) FIX VSH, works on every CFW. screen shot patch is added.

    . reActPSN v3.16
    Added support CFW4.65.
    Only this tool has fixed random black screen bug when play external directory games.

    You can grab it: HERE

    Source: HERE

    MD5: C8490C170F9C7F8998F2496E26DEB07D (added to PPCiDB ;) )

  • Posted by hekel , on 13/10/2014 , @ 11:17am


    Well, the title pretty much says it all. Previously you needed to either be on 3.55, or Linux via OtherOS to toggle QA on/off, but Thanks to Smhabib you can now easily do it on 4.21+.
    Habib Toolbox with QA Toggle is available below, along with the QA Toggle standalone source code for those wishing to learn from it or port/build it for other purposes/versions.

    Okay, Smhabib has been pretty busy lately, lets go over some of the details.
    Habib Toolbox 1.02.02 was recently released, and I was a little preoccupied with some things yesterday so I’m sorry if I’m late on anything. Something I hadn’t specifically mentioned but I had briefly listed with the download links at the bottom of the page, is that currently Habib Toolbox is only built for 4.65. There was a little confusion about that in the forums, but it’s only meant for 4.65 Cobra CFWs.

    With his Toolbox release, Smhabib also released the source code he used to toggle the QA Token in Habib Toolbox. He specified that the method would work with 4.21+, but that the code might need to be adjusted. I guess this is where some of the confusion was, I should have been more specific with my original draft of this article. To be fair though, all of this was outlined in the release notes below and discussed within the forums.

    Now, apparently there was a bug with Habib Toolbox 1.02.01 preventing the console from being QA Flagged if it hadn’t previously been flagged before. With the release of Habib Toolbox 1.02.02, this was rectified.

    Also with this update Smhabib has provided us with a QA Toggle pkg for 4.21+ (links below).
    Before updating this article, I decided to give it a go on my Rogero 4.46 Cobra and it worked superbly.
    My system had already been QA flagged; I ran Habib’s 4.21+ QA Toggler, the screen went black for maybe 20seconds and then returned to XMB. I tested the QA button combo, and the QA Token was indeed removed/disabled.
    I ran QA Toggle again, there was another brief black screen and I was returned to XMB. This time when I did the QA button combo, the Debug Menu returned.

    Smhabib’s Announcement:

    since 4.xx(prolly 3.56+) sony protected the qa thing with ecdsa and we cant access it through UM in the gameos(preventing token from being written)

    so i just started once to look around qa.i was able to do it on 3.55 but not on 4.xx.
    now what i did to make that working was that i accessed HV scm through dm using VUART(packet id=0x900C) and wrote the token.this can be done from linux easily but we want from gameos right?
    sooooo I SUCCEEDED!!!
    this has been ported to habib toolbox and is bumped to v1.02.01 with many new features:
    1.lv1 dump
    2.lv2 swap from dev_flash or usb000
    3.toggle qa

    now i also made a standalone version with UGLY UNCLEANED SOURCE with all the **** i have tried past this week almost
    standalone version can be easily updated by updating around 7 offsets(6 lv1 and 1 lv2 for hvsc redirect)


    happy studying and using!!!!

    1.main.c offsets
    2.lv1_hvcall.c offset(lv2)

    this has been tested on 2 consoles and so far no problem is there BUT we dont make any guarantees
    this works on 4.65 but can be ported easily

    UPDATE #1:


    FW INDEPENDANT!!!!!!(unless sony makes GREAT changes)
    on a “non supported fw” it takes 20 seconds to qa
    tested on 4.65 cobra/non-cobra and 4.60 cfw
    if for some reason it doesnt work on some fw then it requires porting offsets.
    and its for 4.21+ cfw only
    how lucky i am to have syscall 11

    UPDATE #2:(2014-10-13)
    ITS FOR 4.65 ONLY!!!!!


    toolbox 1.02.02
    src for standalone is in there
    changelog for toolbox:
    1,fixed token writing of qa
    2.fsm toggle is in there for you(normal 3.55 diag can be used to exit)

    changelog for standalone:
    1.fixed token writing for qa

    p.s i might make this fw independant in future

    do note that toolbox is for habib 4.65 cobra toggle version and any 4.65 cobra edition



    its now fw independant for 4.21+
    for any reason if this doesnt work with the upcoming releases, porting is required
    tested on 4.65 and 4.60

    Habib Toolbox v1.02.02 for 4.65 & QA Toggle Source Code:
    MD5sum: 254fa16d26cf21ff965977f6e6caab72

    QA Toggle 4.21+ & Source Code:
    MD5sum: 5325fe9b9a7b231765dba368bb28f687

    For those with no use for the raw QA Toggle Source Code,
    Here are some Direct Links to the Install PKGs found in the archives above.
    Habib Toolbox 1.02.02 pkg for 4.65:
    MD5sum: ccb5f0e0af8fcb771f560bd9561b1e7f

    QA Toggle 4.21+ standalone pkg:
    MD5sum: 9620e68506d9bf50286af438587752d5

    Source Thread

  • Posted by pustal , on 13/10/2014 , @ 10:10am


    A new resigned version of Condorstrike’s screensaver, Solar, has been released by franzes80, although Condorstike patched it in the past to work on any CFW. Seemed to have improved compatibility with DARKNET Cobra 4.65 CFW.


    Source 1, source 2

  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 13/10/2014 , @ 01:25am


    The latest PSNpatch v4.65.10 has been released which includes a new process to detect the “real” IDPS for higher compatibility between different PS3 models and much more.Read the full changelog below.

    To update psnpatch plugin, stealth extensions or version spoofing, install & run psnpatch homebrew once and follow on-screen instructions;

    [4.65.10] 13/10/2014
    * New process to detect the “real” IDPS was added for higher compatibility between different PS3 models (*)
    * “Real” and “Current” IDPS are always displayed after CFW has been disabled in any firmware version.
    * Reviewed the installation and removal handling for “XMB add-ons for webman”.
    * Some small user interface adjustments.
    * Both psnpatch homebrew app and plugin were updated.
    Thanks to @kokotonix for all the Updates

    Source and Full Thread @PS3Hax

    You can also Donate and Help KW to buy his PS4 through this PayPAl link

  • Posted by pustal , on 07/10/2014 , @ 08:42pm


    Sony released Vib Ribbon (in NA, Europe to be launched this month as well), an old original Playstation classic for PS3 and Vita. The original game was never released in North America, being this a debut on the continent.

    For those of you unfamiliar with such game, Vib Ribbon is a rythm-action game, from the developers of PaRappa the Rapper that featured a vibrant retro-like style and turned any music CD into a set of unique levels. It was the first of its kind but the concept was re-used later on in other known games such as Audiosurf.

    Though it is released as a PSOne Classic, the game mantains the capabity of reading external music or audio.

    It is also planned to be released to Playstation 4 as well.


  • Posted by Mackdanny , on 06/10/2014 , @ 10:48pm


    Now, the reason this is labeled as RUMOR is because it seems Amazon will directly stop selling the Kinect bundle still valued at $500, however, you can still buy it from 3rd party retailers within Amazon. Or you could buy it elsewhere as thia is only an Amazon thing for now, though some believe the little interest will result in an overall stop on the sale of the Kinect bundles worldwide, but this is just speculation for now. However I do want to reiterate this as rumor as Amazon could simply just be out on stock, though how that’s possible so close to the holidays remains a mystery if that was the case.

    The original author notes:

    Microsoft dropped the mandatory $500 price tag for the Xbox One along with the required Kinect back in June, and then started selling the console separately for $399 instead of $499. There were no plans to cancel the Kinect bundle, so this news from Amazon comes as a sort of surprise.

    I think Amazon made the decision to drop that particular Xbox One SKU, but that thought is simply a guess at this point.



  • Posted by pustal , on 05/10/2014 , @ 07:19pm


    Orion has released a new update to his backup manager, GameSonic. This version adds the following updates:

    - Added support for CFW DEX to automatically rename the file explore_plugin.sprx.
    - Fan Control improved (audio bug fixed) and made more efficient.
    - Fixed a bug that caused problems with USB devices connected to the ps3 via usb hub.
    - Added toggle Webman (disable or enable Webman and its category_game).
    - Function of removal syscall updated (the manager makes a backup of category_game that you are using).
    - Function for the restoration of the category game updated (restore files from backup).
    - Translated several portions of the text of the manager.
    - Fixed bug in PS1 games.
    - Fixed a bug in settings PS1.


    Source 1, source 2

  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 04/10/2014 , @ 05:40pm


    New update is available for Hybrid manager on BREWOLOGY:

    *** The cover in JPG format from multiMAN must be copied to “/dev_hdd0/game/HYBRIDMAN/covers”

    Changelog version 1.02:
    + Updated language files: English and Spanish

    Changelog version 1.01:
    + Added option to switch from the Japanese Standard buttons (button behavior “CIRCLE”) mode

    + Added option to disable the screen “Welcome or Splash Screen”
    (these 2 new options are in the menu to change the GUI)

    + Correction minute details in the user interface BIG_COVERS_FX

    + The “FTP Server” is not pre-configured to start after installation.
    (in previous versions the installer HYBRID autoiniciaba the FTP server, this could lead to nuisance warnings if RED was not (good) set)

    Changelog Version 1.0:
    - Changed name to HYBRID Manager and title id to HYBRIDMAN
    - Added MAMBA support for CFW 4.65

    Grab it here: BREWOLOGY

    1.02 MD5: BFD0DF6C661813A34836CA0BD257B888

    1.01 MD5: 9E2B4993976EAE3FDB3E4AFD6622ED1D