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    Now, the reason this is labeled as RUMOR is because it seems Amazon will directly stop selling the Kinect bundle still valued at $500, however, you can still buy it from 3rd party retailers within Amazon. Or you could buy it elsewhere as thia is only an Amazon thing for now, though some believe the little interest will result in an overall stop on the sale of the Kinect bundles worldwide, but this is just speculation for now. However I do want to reiterate this as rumor as Amazon could simply just be out on stock, though how that’s possible so close to the holidays remains a mystery if that was the case.

    The original author notes:

    Microsoft dropped the mandatory $500 price tag for the Xbox One along with the required Kinect back in June, and then started selling the console separately for $399 instead of $499. There were no plans to cancel the Kinect bundle, so this news from Amazon comes as a sort of surprise.

    I think Amazon made the decision to drop that particular Xbox One SKU, but that thought is simply a guess at this point.



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