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    Sony finally anounced its long expected its web-based TV for the Playstation Familly (making Playstation TV a concurrent of of other Apple TV-like devices).

    It promises a “personalized, searchable approach to watching live and on-demand television” and will begin with 75 channels, being a subscription-based service which pricing is yet to be disclosed.

    Sony plans to extend the service in terms of partners and devices, eventually going beyond Playstation and maybe Sony familly of hardware.

    Beta starts this month in New York for selected users and will be extended in the USA in the first quarter of 2015.


    Edit (thanks to helsing9):

    Subscrition prices are revealed to be $30 in the USA. Content will be available to users up to 3 days after firstly aired without requiring record set up. There is no limit “recording space”, though every program “recording” will be available online (I take this is no recording but rather access to their programs in their servers) and will be available for only 28 days.

    It features CBS, Fox, NBC, Food Network, Comedy Central, MTV over Apple TV but lacks ABC, ESPN, HBO and AMC. iPad app plans already exist, but content may be more limited.

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    1. Mr.Goodfrag
      04:05 PM

      "this is a large step forward to getting the PlayStation from a dedicated powerful games device to being much more of a core entertainment hub."

      You know what would be a large step? DLNA!

      I'm tired of seeing all these "rental/subscription services" popping up on PS4. It's like they're only adding "features" that make them more money.

    2. pustal
      05:07 PM

      Originally Posted by Mr.Goodfrag
      It's like they're only adding "features" that make them more money.
      I'd start your phrase in the "they're" part. xD
      Rental services are an atempt to change the market to their advantage in several ways, including that people pay them directly for games and content without intermidiaries and reducing second hand purchases and even copy. I won't be surprised there will eventually be rental/streaming exclusives. But for long market analysts have been predicting this kind of shift or atempted shift. I don't like it but many are for it. Even some game developers (like Hideo Kojima) have spoken in favor of streamed games and videogame websites and magazines have been promoting such ideas, making many end-consumers to support it as well.
      This has some big obstacles though, mainly, most of the world doesn't have the quality of internet required for it, so at this point, they are only planting seeds and applying fertilizer
      On the other hand, on this particular case, it's TV, nothing different from the way "premium" channels are already sold, and I welcome it, as more concurrency usually means better services and lower prices.

    3. hellsing9
      12:36 PM

      Alittle more of info [MENTION=178176]pustal[/MENTION] http://www.forbes.com/sites/markrogo...t-change-much/ Nice article btw.

    4. pustal
      01:43 PM

      Originally Posted by hellsing9
      Alittle more of info [MENTION=178176]pustal[/MENTION] http://www.forbes.com/sites/markrogo...t-change-much/ Nice article btw.
      Thank you, article updated!