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  • Posted by Kingsman , on 30/03/2015 , @ 03:12am


    Developer ‘Zar’ has updated ManaGunZ to v1.21. ManaGunZ is a backup manager. It allows you to mount a backup stored in your USB device/internal HDD as a virtual Blue Ray. For this version, a file manager has been added, along with support for fw 4.70 DEX, MAMBA 2.XX by NvZ, and the issue with multi-partitioned device has been fixed. More information and download can be found below.

    Change Log


    • Add : File Manager
    • Fix : issue with mutli-partitionned device
    • Add : Latest MAMBA 2.XX by NvZ
    • Add : support fw 4.70 DEX


    • Change : UI “Flow” mouvement is inversed by default
    • Fix : folder “game_settings” was missing
    • Fix : after extracting an ISO, there is no more 2 game added in the list
    • Fix : issue in the display of properties
    • Fix : issue with NTFS devices
    • Fix : issue in Plug & Play thread
    • Add : New mamba 1.20 by _NZH_ (i just removed the map_path(“/app_home”, “dev_usb000″, 0))
    • Add : mount JB games with mamba (syscall 35)
    • Add : mount app_home with ISO
    • Change : In Game Settings with UI “XMB”, the ‘back’ button isn’t triangle anymore, it’s circle like in other UI
    • Add : Hold Cirlce 3s to go back to XMB
    • Add : Custumize colors used by ManaGunZ
    • Fix : Minor stuff (I forgot)
    • Add : Support multiMAN’s themes (*.thm) and original static themes (*p3t). (see note)
    • Add : Support fw 4.70


    To use a new theme (*.p3t or *.thm) you just have to put it in the root of USB device inside the folder “Themes”.
    For example : “/dev_usbXXX/Themes/MyTheme.p3t” or “/dev_usbXXX/Themes/MyTheme.thm”
    You can also put a new “native” ManaGunZ themes in this folder.
    For example : “/dev_usbXXX/Themes/List/MyTheme” or “/dev_usbXXX/Themes/XMB/MyTheme”
    Then go in ManaGunZ settings to load it.


    • Added: confirmation to delete a game
    • Adding: “Fix permission”
    • Correction: Patch black screen
    • Added: “Set Primary USB”
    • Correction: rewrite mode AutoMount
    • Added: New interface of the “Settings” menu
    Download: ManaGunZ_v1.21
    Source Files: ManaGunZ_v1.21.rar
    Source: PSX-Place
  • Posted by Kingsman , on 27/03/2015 , @ 05:12pm


    Developer ‘darkjiros’ has further updated DARKNET to version 7.05. A few changes in the update include additional PSX ISO type support, NvZ ps3mapi updated to v1.2.0, and Cobra ODE support. Additional information and download link can be found below:

    1. DARKNET CEX 4.70 V1.00 Base with the same patch
    2. COBRA 7.05 Added
    - Re-added spoof code into Stage2 And add other code
    [This won't enable PSN but prevents FW updates in the future when spoof is enabled by COBRA]
    - Dean’s permission fix to improve game compatibility with COBRA payload
    - PS2 Rebug Holder R2 Support (Habib’s workaround)
    - PS3 MAPI Support (Nzv’s)
    - PSNPatch stealth mode (KW’s)
    Stage0 base payload added
    - reactPSN 3.20+ Support (Freezing issue fixed)

    COBRA 7.05 Added
    - Additional PSX ISO Types supported
    - PS2 ISO controller sync issues on non-BC improved
    - Updated NzV ps3mapi to v1.2.0
    - Issue with new ODE Patches while COBRA is disabled has been fixed (games with updates refuse to run)
    - Cobra ODE Support (No swap Disc)
    - mmCM 04.66.10 Perfect support (800xxxxx Error does not appear any more.)
    - reactPSN 3.20+ Support (Freezing issue fixed)
    - PS1NETEMU is now used as default for all ps3 models.

    PSX compatiblity compatiblity with non bc consoles

    PS1EMU vs PS1NETEMU, in need of opinions for future COBRA release


    MD5 : 03696D79C20BA655A7956D8DDFEC0E94

    stage2.bin : 78.7KB (80,664 byte)

    Download DARKNET: Click Here

    7.05 SRC 

    Download 7.05 Source: Click Here

    Source: PSX-Place

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 24/03/2015 , @ 06:53pm


    You may remember playing hours with this game, now it’s time for some “SNK” revival. This awesome piece of art is now available on PSN.
    For *current-gen* and *next-gen*.

  • Posted by Kingsman , on 24/03/2015 , @ 04:41pm


    Developer ‘Joonie’ has released his homebrew collections supporting 4.70 DEX. Additional information and download links found below:

    Here is several homebrew that I ported for upcoming REX / D-REX 4.70

    Firstly, here is IRISMAN 3.46 [approved by aldostools]

    • It has several changes since 3.45 version.
    • Updated Payload for 4.70 CEX
    • 4.70 DEX support including MAMBA
    •  Fixed fan controller payload, 
    • [however, it still has old audio glitching bug when using payload mode since the official IRIS, I personally recommend webMAN instead] 
    • Korean language support
    • Fixed auto button swap, all previous IRISMAN used to execute read_settings() before read_from_registry();, which explains why it was not working properly without changing ini file, now it properly detects region setting from registry, and apply that “buttonAssign” setting to IRIS without changing setting.ini, this should make all Asian users happier :) Thanks again aldostools for tips

    Download: Click Here

    Source Download: Click Here

    Prx loader 1.10 Unofficial standalone.

    *Change note: 4.70 DEX Supported

    Prx PKG download: Click Here

    Source Download:  Click Here

    Eid root key dumper 1.00 for 4.70 dex

    *Change note: -4.70 DEX supported, this was intended for upcoming REBUG REX 4.70, Future TOOLBOX version 2.02.04 will support dumping eid root key on both side of kernels, [4.70 CEX / 4.70 DEX]

    Pkg Download: Click Here

    Source Download: Click Here

    Article Source: playstationhax.it


  • Posted by Kingsman , on 23/03/2015 , @ 10:27am


    PSN Patch developer KW has released a new update. Basically, he has included a document/FAQ which must be read by the user in order to use the patch. Any questions asked by users covered within the document/faq will not be answered by him. This update was released in sheer frustration due to individuals not reading before performing a task/asking questions. Additional information can be found below:

    Do you have any questions about PSNPATCH?

    Read this document and the FAQs before asking! Most questions are already answered there.

    No support will be given for questions already covered in the documentation!

    What is PSNpatch ?

    CORE (compatible with ALL 4.XX firmwares):
    - Spoofs IDPS (console ID) and PSID;
    - Disables cfw syscalls (emulates official firmware);
    - Auto-Deletes game and homebrew launch history;
    - BLOCKS PSN access until cfw syscalls are disabled;
    - Installs RAPs and EDATs.
    - Unlocks PSN (c00) game demos.
    - Unlocks ps2classics launcher.
    - It Patches new games to run in lower firmware (4.46) systems - both ISO and folder formats;
    - PSNPatch plug-in for easy usage with COBRA and NON-COBRA cfw including PSN access control;
    - Includes webMAN plug-in installation and XMB configuration.

    COBRA (for 4.46 and above firmwares running cobra 7.XX):
    - Cobra extensions (with stealth extensions for even better cfw disabling in COBRA systems);
    - Special processing for CFW disabling in REBUG;
    - Spoofs firmware version to ANY version (*) - temporary disabled.


    4.70.06 22/MAR/2015
    Small “user friendly” update:

    • “Unlock PSN access when disabling CFW” is extended from “plugin-only” to both application and plugin (NOTE a)
    • Several performance improvements;
    • README and FAQ files updated: READ !


    • This will help users having difficulties accessing PSNPatch documentation - where it was explained that the plugin must (should) be used for this.
    • You must read this document BEFORE USING PSNPATCH - no support will be given for questions already covered in this document or in the FAQ list.

    4.70.05 15/MAR/2015

    • psnpatch plugin updated to faster start-up (when locking psn access);
    • non-cobra plugin-manager updated: faster, safer, smaller and firmware independent (4.XX CEX past and future);
    • psnpatch deletes app_home from xmb in cobra but NOT in non-cobra (needed for discless start);
    • source code updated.
    • psnpatch pkg file was optimized once again: un-install psnpatch and reinstall new version to benefict from the small size.

    NOTE I:

    • It has always been a major objective of psnpatch to be made firmware version independent.
    • This will garantee that once a new firmware is released, we wouldn’t need to wait for KW to release a new psnpatch version as the one already available would be compatible.
    • Almost everything was made this way: From the CFW disabling, to the IDPS spoofing, passing trough plugin compatibility or rap installs.
    • The plugin manager for non-cobra WAS not YET like this: A payload for every firmware version was needed.
    • With the new changes NOW included in 4.70.05,
    • PSNPatch will “patch” the payload to the currently running firmware version, hopefully making it “firmware independent” as all the other functions.

    NOTE II:

    • Some users asked for a ISO loading in non-cobra.
    • This is not impossible, in fact, loading MAMBA for the job at start-up is easy and works.
    • But, it does not make sense in psnpatch scope:
    • Plugin loading in non-cobra firmwares opens the door for non-cobra firmwares to load plugins at boot,
    • like psnpatch plugin (for things like auto block psn and disable cfw from XMB)
    • or even a lightweight version of webman to load folder format games.
    • From here, plugins developers can do whatever they fit appropriate.
    • In my opinion, what is offered for non-cobra is already very nice.
    • When we want ISO, NET loading, PS3MAPI, and whatever more we can get from cobra … we go for cobra

    4.70.02 3/MAR/2015
    BIG news for non-cobra cfw !

    • Added auto-boot PLUGINS FOR NON-COBRA CFW !!!
    • New psnpatch plugin updated to fully run in BOTH COBRA and NON-COBRA;
    • Included webman-mod plugin for both cobra and non-cobra modes;
    • “Block PSN Access” now works for BOTH COBRA and NON-COBRA at boot time;
      (providing the psnpatch plugin is installed - wait for psnpatch welcome message).
    • IDPS auto-spoofing now works for BOTH COBRA and NON-COBRA at boot time;
      (providing the psnpatch plugin is installed - wait for psnpatch welcome message).
    • Confirmed compatibility with 4.70 CFW
      (this is just a confirmation as no code changes were needed);

    NOTES for non-cobra plugins:

    • Non-cobra plugins should be configured in /dev_hdd0/prx_plugins.txt;
    • (psnpatch does this automatically when installing psnpatch or webman plugins);
    • Non-cobra plugins can mount games only in jailbreak format;
    • ISO support for non-cobra is comming
    • When in non-cobra CFW: go to new “TOOLBOX” menu in PSNPatch app to configure plugins;
    • Non-cobra plugins were tested just in 4.70, but it should be compatible with several previous CFW versions;
    • Many failsafe procedures were taken in consideration to install the non-cobra plugin handler.
    • In the event of something going wrong (a broken plugin or an error installing the plugin handler),
    • there are 2 EASY failsafe procedures:
    • 1) Create a “failsafe” file and place it in a folder named “core_flags” in a usb stick in the right usb port of the ps3.This procedure can also be done to disable plugin loading from non-cobra cfw.
    • 2) Re-install the CFW from the Recovery menu.

    Download: PSN Patch 4.70.06

    Source: PSX-Place

  • Posted by hekel , on 21/03/2015 , @ 08:30pm


    Aldo Vargas has updated webMAN MOD following the recent webMAN 1.41 release from deank.

    If you don’t know yet, webMAN MOD is a fork of deank’s webMAN, by M@tsumot0 & aldostools. It follows webMAN’s releases but adds several additional features. Among said features are 23 additional translations by default, that use modular LANG_XX.TXT language files so you may modify them or add more yourself. Including but not limited to XMB/In-Game Pad Shortcuts that disable CFW syscalls; gameDATA; toggle Offline Mode; toggle PS2 emu, Cobra, & Rebug/Toolbox Features; and to Unmount games.

    WebMAN MOD has also gotten a few new features recently, such as; The ability to Auto-Fix games; _NzV_’s PS3 Manager API; Support for Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) images; and webchat. Subfolder scanning was improved with 1.41.08, which can no doubt ease organization on your hdd (such as PSX bin/cue/jpg within subdirectories of any name). A new “slider” interface was added (Since 1.41.20) with mobile devices in mind. Along with the ability to (Since 1.41.32) now scan SD/MS/CF cards on old fat PS3s if the cards are inserted upon boot, webMAN-MOD now (1.41.36) redirects the PS3_UPDATE directory (if it exists) when mounting backups to prevent accidental updates to OFW.

    Like it’s mother, webMAN MOD also has multiple plugin builds with varying features that you can choose to use. Should you not need support for extra languages you can slightly reduce webMAN MOD’s memory footprint by specifying the path to “webftp_server_english.sprx” in your /dev_hdd0/boot_plugins.txt file. If you don’t intend to use features like PS3netsrv you may further reduce it’s size by using “webftp_server_lite.sprx” like with deank’s Official webMAN. Alternatively if you want to use PS3MAPI, webchat, noncobra, or REBUG you may use their respective .sprx plugins instead. If you used the installer/updater.pkg, these plugins are located at /dev_hdd0/game/UPDWEBMOD/USRDIR/, however if you choose to install webMAN MOD manually, everything you should need will be found within “webMAN_MOD_1.41.xx.rar” at webMAN_MOD_1.41.xx/updater/pkgfiles/USRDIR/. Also contained within “webMAN_MOD_1.41.xx.rar” are the latest prepNTFS for webMAN-MOD and prxloader 1.09U mod by _NzV_.

    webMAN MOD 1.41.41 (Commits on Apr 05, 2015)
    - Updated chinese language (Thank to 小悠)
    - read_remote_dir now allocates memory based on free memory. This increases the limit of 866 entries to 1230-1599.
    - Added macros BEEP1, BEEP2, BEEP3
    - Added BEEP1 to /restart.ps3
    - _Make_all.bat now skips recompilation of libc, printf libraries
    - Make_PKG.bat now auto-updates PARAM.SFO to make the updater compatible with RemotePlay.

    webMAN MOD 1.41.40 (Commits on Apr 02-03, 2015)
    - Fixed display of ICON0 when “Disable multiMAN covers” is selected. (For ISOs without cached icons the multiMAN cover will be used if the image is available.)
    - Added support for scanning single letter subfolders on ps3netsvr.
    - Added auto-complete for plugins paths on ps3mapi editions
    *Merge pull request #14 from NzV/master
    *webUI v1.2.1:
    *-VSH plugin slot 0 is now protected we cant load or unload module from it.
    *Server v1.2.0:
    *-Minimal version of PS3ManagerAPI.dll to allow connection is now v1.2.0
    *-Support now all features of PS3M_API v1.2.x (Set and get IDPS/PSID anytime, VSH plugins manager)
    *-Bugfix: Memory can be now get and set on address upper 0x7FFFFFFF
    - Fixed inverted logic for “Reserved” plugin in ps3mapi.
    - Added display of current file being copied/fixed to START+SELECT combo
    - Added display of current file being copied/fixed to cpursx.ps3
    - Added number of files already copied in current copy session.
    *Merge pull request #15 from NzV/master
    *-Add remote load of vsh plugin
    *Merge pull request #16 from NzV/master
    *-Fix load and unload vsh plugins
    - ps3mapi plugins: Search plugins in more places.

    webMAN MOD 1.41.39 (Commits on Apr 01, 2015)
    - Added support to toggle Cobra on 4.70 Habib
    - Added selection of PS1 emulator (ps1_netemu or ps1_emu)
    Hold R2 or L2 while mounting a PSX ISO to choose ps1_netemu or ps1_emu respectively.

    webMAN MOD 1.41.38 (Commits on Mar 31, 2015)
    - Fixed error mounting games in previous commit

    webMAN MOD 1.41.37 (Commits on Mar 31, 2015)
    - Change: ISOs stored in subfolders do not include the folder name as part of the ISO
    - Fixed the redirection of PS3UPDAT.PUP (the parameters were inverted)
    - Changed redirection of PUP stored on root of /dev_bdvd to /dev_bdvd/PS3/UPDATE

    webMAN MOD 1.41.36 (Commits on Mar 29-30, 2015)
    - Merged latest changes from NzV about unload plugin
    - Redirect /dev_bdvd/PS3_UPDATE to prevent accidental update
    - Fix an issue reading the cached SFO for PS3ISO stored in subfolders
    - Added display of Cobra/Mamba version to START+SELECT

    webMAN MOD 1.41.35 (Commits on Mar 24-27, 2015)
    - Fixed the new firmware detection using syscalls (it was introduced in 1.41.32 but I had to revert it in 1.41.33)
    - Removed code for custom CD sector size on netiso (I couldn’t get it working)
    - Fixed some typos (Thanks to m@tsumot0)
    - Fixed issue scanning games on English edition
    - Cleaned code a bit
    - Reverted again the method used to unload the plugin on PS3MAPI editions
    - Fan control is restored to SYSCON mode when the plugin is unloaded, only if fan control is disabled or PS2 speed is <33%
    - Fixed error compiling with EXTRA_FEAT flag.
    Merged pull request #9 from Danzel87/patch-3 (Fixed RU translation)
    - build_blank_iso
    - Added /fixgames.ps3
    - Added a wait of 500ms before unload the plugin (to let any pending delay being processed complete)
    - Removed remaining ps3mapi unload code from wwwd_stop()
    - Added wait 500ms before finalize_module()
    - Reverted again the firmware detection to the old method (firmware detection using syscalls didn't work well with spoofed IDPS.)
    - Added display of CFW version to /cpursx.ps3
    - Added display of CFW version to popup START+SELECT
    - Changed position of displayed Firmware
    - Ugly fix for error displaying firmware version due floating point precision.
    - Removed a temporary variable used to fix the display of the firmware version. Now c_firmware is used.
    - Added display of Cobra/Mamba version.
    - Added missing line break to START+SELECT popup message
    - Added buttons to clear IDPS/PSID on /setup.ps3
    - PSID now can be set to all zeros.
    - Slider: Fixed broken game list when game titles contain multiple lines

    webMAN MOD 1.41.34 (Commits on Mar 23, 2015)
    Merge pull request #8 from NzV/master
    Finalize_module() is no more perfomed when webMAN was unload trough PS3M_API (fix 3 beep error on shutdown), COBRA/MAMBA do this step itself when we use prx_unload_vsh_plugin(slot) (That what does PS3M_API to unload webMAN, it only find the slot id according to the plugin name)

    webMAN MOD 1.41.33 (Commits on Mar 22, 2015)
    - Reverted firmware detection to the method used in 1.41.31 (and before): The new FW detection method using syscalls was not detecting DEX properly.
    - Removed ps3mapi syscall when the plugin is unloaded
    - libfs.sprx is now external for nonCobra/CCAPI
    Update webMAN_RU.xml

    webMAN MOD 1.41.32 (Commits on Mar 16-21, 2015)
    - Added support for /dev_sd, /dev_ms, /dev_cf (the scanning options are disabled by default, and they will not be visible on /setup.ps3 unless you have a card inserted)
    - Added support to recognize game cover from file names in “Open PS2 Loader” style (gameid.name.iso) Thank to @xntrzcc for the suggestion
    - Changed the way fan control mode is restored when the plugin is unloaded or when a PS2 game is mounted.
    - Fixed flags_lite.h
    - Added display of title ID (when it’s available on the file name) if the option is selected.
    - Pass cd sector size currently used to ps3netsvr
    - Set fixed fan speed for PS2 Classic
    - Disable dynamic fan control while PS2 settings are in effect
    - Code optimization (memory footprint reduction: 1.5KB):
    - Moved all idps/psid offsets to detect_firmware()
    - Reduced CSS style sheet
    - Added forced unmount before shutdown
    - Firmware detection requires less offsets (thanks to EvilNat)
    - Fix game version use alternative offset if value is not value.
    - classic_ps2 is also available on non-Rebug editions >4.65
    - Added alternative offset for MAC address
    - Restored updater code
    - Display MAC Address now use a syscall (Thanks to EvilNat)
    - Updated German language & added webMAN_DE.xml (Thanks to Bashl0r)
    Add update mamba_plugins.txt and prx_plugins.txt to the updater.
    - Fixed small compilation issues in code pulled from NzV
    - Fixed errors in webMAN_DE.xml (thanks to Bashlor)
    Fixed info text in webMAN.xml for other languages.

    webMAN MOD 1.41.31 (Commits on Mar 14-15, 2015)
    - Fixed issue generating broken XML when some content types are unchecked
    - Fixed regression mounting last games
    - Force scan HTML if cached file (games.html) is under 10 bytes
    - Replaced comment in flags that caused undesired results (thanks to m@tsumot0)

    webMAN MOD 1.41.30 (Commits on Mar 09-13, 2015)
    - Merged ps3mapi updates to webMAN MOD by _NzV_ (commit b70eb37)
    - CSS: Improved display on FireFox for Android.
    - CSS: Fixed no-wrapping description on index.ps3.
    - Display current IDPS/PSID when no spoofing.
    - Updated flags so BD/DVD Region changer is optional
    - Added system language detection (from PS3ITA fork)
    - Added rename of raf when switching Cobra (from PS3ITA fork)
    - LITE Edition: Removed some flags to reduce the memory footprint (under 192KB or 3 memory pages):
    * No auto-fix game
    * No loadprx.ps3
    * No option to change BD/DVD region
    - Merge ps3mapi updates to webMAN MOD by _NzV_ (commit 509c99b)
    - Commented out the CD sector size detection for psx isos on ps3netsrv (only CD with sectors size = 2352 are working)
    - Make_PKG.bat now auto-remove temporary files
    - Merged ps3mapi updates to webMAN MOD (2015-03-10) by _NzV_ (commit d12ca0f)
    Optimized ps3mapi webGUI:
    - Removed redundant code in ps3mapi_home.ps3
    - Functions are declared only once
    - Reduced plugin size aprox. 3KB
    - Completed the optimization of ps3mapi_home.ps3:
    * Removed redundant code also for ps3mapi_getmem, ps3mapi_setmem and ps3mapi_syscall
    Updater: Removed condition that prevented the installation of the new icons
    - Added compilation flags for Spoof Console ID and Remove Syscalls
    - Lite Edition: Removed Spoof Console ID and Remove Syscalls, re-added Auto-Fix game.
    (The removed features are available on psnpatch. webftp_server_lite.elf is still under 192K with Auto-Fix re-added)

    webMAN MOD 1.41.29 (Commits on Mar 07, 2015)
    - Reverted flags for lite edition
    - /rebuild.ps3 - rebuild database
    - /recovery.ps3 - pseudo recovery mode
    - /reboot.ps3 - hard reboot
    - PSID spoofing fixed on 4.70 CEX

    Previous Changes:

    webMAN MOD 1.41.28
    - Plugged a memory leak accessing Slider webGUI
    - Improved memory usage when games are scanned.
    - Reverted the MAX usage to 1280KB.

    webMAN MOD 1.41.27
    - Reduced allocated memory in MAX memory usage setting from 1280KB to 1152KB.
    - Updater: the files are copied, if the shadow copy fails.

    webMAN MOD 1.41.26
    - Added display of Play time & startup time to SELECT+START and /cpursx.ps3
    - Use SELECT+START+R2 to display Game ID, Title, play time and more in-Game info

    webMAN MOD 1.41.25 (Commits on Feb 27-28, 2015)
    - Fixed regression browsing /net files on the file manager
    - Updated version displayed in the “Slider” webGUI menu
    - Updated prepNTFS.pkg with the correct version of the tool
    - Do not show mount error if /dev_bdvd is detected
    - Increased wait for /dev_bdvd from 2 to 6 seconds (checked in intervals of 500ms)
    * Automated ‘make_all’ for the 9 editions

    webMAN MOD 1.41.24 (Commits on Feb 27, 2015)
    - Fixed regression displaying text encoded in Big5

    webMAN MOD 1.41.23 (Commits on Feb 25, 2015)
    - Fixed wrong offset for ‘fix 8001003C error’ on 4.70
    - Commented out unused declarations in common.h

    webMAN MOD 1.41.22 (Commits on Feb 25, 2015)
    - Added offsets for fw 4.70
    - Improved html support of “slider” on FireFox / MSIE
    - Added support for custom background in slider. Replace the transparent background.gif installed on /dev_hdd0/xmlhost/game_plugin with any image
    - Updated prepNTFS with auto-detection of CD sector size for PSXISO
    - Updated rawiso with auto-detection of CD sector size for PSXISO

    webMAN MOD 1.41.21 (Commits on Feb 22-23, 2015)
    - Fixed regression mounting PSXISO via ps3netsvr
    - Added cover animation to slider GUI
    - Fixed issue mounting in correct game in slider GUI
    - Fixed issue when browser is resized in slider GUI
    -Updates to slider webGUI:
    - Updated version displayed on menu
    - Added ‘Refresh’ page to menu
    - Mapped F5 to custom screen refresh
    - Moved Prev/Next buttons to top 40%
    - Fixed opacity on Next button
    - Renamed doOnOrientationChange to refreshScreen

    webMAN MOD 1.41.20 (Commits on Feb 22, 2015)
    - Added new “slider” webGUI (mobile friendly).
    - Improved display on mobile browsers.
    - Added icons to File Manager.
    - Initial support for more CD sector sizes (2448/2336/2048)
    * Untested. This may require an updated storage_ext.c in stage2 of Cobra or Mamba.
    - Updated Danish language file.
    - Changed cover sizes in slider
    - Bug fix: Removed debug code left in mobile.html

    webMAN MOD 1.41.18 (Commits on Feb 07-09, 2015)
    - Added shortcuts to control fan speed from /cpursx.ps3
    - Fixed recent regression in display of net games and mounting .ntfs[BDFILE]
    - Moved scanning of net games to the function: add_net_games()
    - Removed duplicated unmount code in mount_with_mm()
    - Code formatting: spaces, defined CD_SECTOR_SIZE_2352
    - Fixed buffer check condition for BD/DVD group
    - Added optional Video subfolder to “Bluray™ and DVD” folder (Display RetroXMB videos, videos on USB devices and Data Disc icon)
    - /app_home now is unmapped on startup
    - Added detection of sector size on ntfs (previously constant: 512) Based on raw_iso.sprx made by Estwald.
    - Added static property to global variables and functions

    webMAN MOD 1.41.17 (Commits on Feb 04, 2015)
    - Added support for .ntfs[BDFILE] (fake ISO created by IRISMAN)
    - Added support to mount NTFS games using raw_iso.sprx (rawseciso by Estwald)

    webMAN MOD 1.41.16 (Commits on Jan 26-30, 2015)
    - Updated prepNTFS 1.09:
    * Added support to scan split iso (.iso.0) on NTFS
    * Code formatting / comments (binaries not affected)
    - Fixed display of PSID using R2+O
    - Fixed html response in /loadprx.ps3
    - Added compilation flags for /extgd.ps3 and /copy.ps3
    - Added code for enable System BGM (not included in binaries)
    - Added /videorec.ps3 to start/stop in-game video recording
    - Added [REC] link to record video from /cpursx.ps3
    - Added /loadprx.ps3 to load/unload prx dynamically on the specified slot (default: slot 6)
    - Added link to load .sprx file through File Manager

    webMAN MOD 1.41.15 (Commits on Jan 25, 2015)
    - Merged video_rec plugin into the source code:
    * Changed video record start/stop to SELECT+R3 (instead of R3)
    * No longer needed to load the external plugin dynamically
    * Removed video_rec sub-project
    - Typo for 3 seconds delay in video_rec.sprx
    - Fixed regression in auto-fix game (causing freeze when a ps3 iso was mounted)
    - Integrated Mysis video_rec plugin ported to C by 3141card
    * Use SELECT+R3 to load/unload video_rec.sprx
    * Use R3 in-game to record video to /dev_hdd0/VIDEO

    webMAN MOD 1.41.14 (Commits on Jan 24, 2015)
    - Improved display of files containing latin characters (utf-8)
    - More optimizations (cobra english edition is still under 192KB)
    - Minor update to prepNTFS

    webMAN MOD 1.41.12 (Commits on Jan 21-22, 2015)
    - Minor fixes.
    - Fix issue reading settings
    - Fixed misc. regressions from build 1.41.09

    webMAN MOD 1.41.11 (Commits on Jan 20, 2015)
    - Proper check for .bin/.iso on remote subfolder.
    - Now “Fan Control: Disabled” instead of (MAX: 0′C) in cpursx.ps3
    - Check for .bin/.iso on remote subfolders
    - Added commit from NvZ on PS3MAPI module: NzV/webMAN-MOD@b24f998
    - 432 changes to the source code (I’m not kidding).

    Rolled Back to 1.41.05 (Commits on Jan 19, 2015)

    webMAN MOD 1.41.09 (Commits on Jan 19, 2015)
    - Change: Display multiMAN cover (if available) instead of disc icon when mM covers are disabled and game has no ICON0.
    - Smaller memory footprint (~1.8KB less than 1.41.07)
    - Improved /net games in html listing (encode title, title with link)
    - wmconfig.bin now read the size of the file (if the size of the struct is larger).

    webMAN MOD 1.41.08 (Commits on Jan 15-18, 2015)
    - Added RANGE macro function.
    - Temp/fan speed ranges are validated in a better way.
    - Improved fix_iso with changes suggested by kokotonix
    * Changed starting search offset from 0×10000 to 0xA000
    * fix_eboot flag is turned off only if EBOOT.BIN is found
    * Changed ps3_sys_version & chunk to unsigned char
    - Misc code optimizations: reduce memory footprint in ~1.5KB
    * Removed redundant strings (e.g. font, “/” in <hr/>)
    * Frequent strings were changed to parameters in sprintf (The compiler use one address for all identical strings)
    * Changed seg_mygames_* to seg_wm_*
    - Code cleanup:
    * Common strings sequences were defined as macros (e.g. HTML_INPUT, XML_PAIR, QUERY_XMB).
    * Defined FB_XML, WM_ICONS_PATH
    - Changed few code in ps3mapi: buzzer.ps3mapi, led.ps3mapi
    - Fixed an “orphan if”
    - Added display of MAC address from LV1 @ 0x71C1B0
    - Added /dump.ps3 command (allows to dump the lv1, lv2, full memory or 8MB from specified address)
    - Integrated dump memory to webGUI of ps3mapi
    - Integrated peek memory to webGUI of ps3mapi
    - Moved proc=, so addr and len can be filled if there is not a process selected in the webGUI of ps3mapi
    - Added << Back Next >> to memory viewer (/peek.lv)
    - Increased allowed lv1 memory address
    - Fixed issue that was breaking the plugin when SELECT+R1 or SELECT+L1 was pressed.
    - Added support to scan 1 level of subfolders on PS3ISO/PS2ISO/PSXISO/BDISO/DVDISO
    * previously only 1 letter subfolders was allowed or iso with the same name of the folder
    * Use less code.
    - Added support to filter games by name/path on html game list
    * This feature allows to search games grouped by genre or by any other category.
    - Removed redundant code adding entries in file list (html)
    - Added support to scan 1 level of subfolders to prepNTFS 1.08

    webMAN MOD 1.41.07 (Commits on Jan 13-15, 2015)
    - Updated danish translation (Thanks to Assassins)
    - Updated installer to enable/update webMAN on rebug when the plugin is disabled.
    - Updated the binaries of ps3mapi edition
    - Added code for experimental mount of ps2 game folder as /dev_ps2disc (used on SingStar). (Concept based on WuEpE’s mod)
    - Merged ps3mapi webUI 1.0.0. (pull request #12 from NzV/master)
    - Reverted search for .JPG in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp (removed in commit 6c252d6)
    - Fixed condition that skip html entry when the file name is too long.

    webMAN MOD 1.41.06 (Commits on Jan 11-13, 2015)
    - Disabled fw version spoofer for 4.65 (vsh patch is required)
    - Reduced the scope of more variables in handleclient
    - Increased tempID from 10 to 12 (to be able to read titleid with dash from iso)
    - Group value in skey now use descriptive constants
    - Removed non-working delay on handleclient
    - Removed expiration of games.html every 12 hours (not necessary due other conditions)
    - Removed string buffer of 512 bytes in ftp client (rnfr ); the variable source is used instead.
    - Fixed ftp command SITE MAPTO and added SITE FIX - Added support for relative path to CHMOD and COPY/PASTE
    - Skip entry if path is too long in scanning content in html. (Try truncating display name up to 32 bytes before skip entry)
    - Moved 3 large string buffers, so they are auto allocated only when needed, instead of have them allocated all the time in the thread handleclient (WWW).
    - Reduced FTP_RECV_SIZE from 2048 to 1024. (PS3MAPI_RECV_SIZE is untouched, but could be reduced too)
    - Increased size of ftp path buffers to 512 (MAX_PATH_LEN)
    - Reduced popup message buffer from 2KB to 200.
    - Updated Polish translation.
    - Minor fix displaying the icon when a game is mounted.
    - Commented unused functions in cobra.c
    - Reduced buffer memory allocation to 16KB in copy_file of cobra.c (icon0.png)
    - Changed all file system permissions to 0777
    - Removed search of .JPG in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp (to search in that path use the customizable COVERS_PATH in the language file)
    - All title id buffers are now 10 bytes.
    - New attempt to optimize detection of /net games path in mount_with_mm
    - Fixed issue mounting PS3 games after mounting a PSX game
    - Fixed regression mounting /net games (from 1.41.05)
    - Added extra delay 2 secs before report error mounting a game

    webMAN MOD 1.41.05 (Commits on Jan 09-10, 2015)
    - Changed _lastgame static structure to local (frees 2.5KB)
    - Fan speed now decrease faster if fan speed is too high and the temperature is below the max temp.
    - Change strstr to strncmp on detecting /net in mount_with_mm
    - Fix game mount always showing “successfully loaded”
    - Moved ISO extensions constants to a #define
    - prepNTFS: fix skip scanning mdf/img/bin on BDVD
    - Display plugin edition on rebug editions
    - Avoid launch loop if autoboot is PS2
    - Improved display the icon displayed on html when a game is mounted
    - Swap PS2 now backups the current emus on Rebug Toolbox
    - Various shortcut combos related to dev_flash are disabled by default (fool proof)
    - prepNTFS 1.07 now detects .iso/.bin/img/mdf on BDISO, DVDISO and PSXISO
    - Added support to mount .MSF .IMG .BIN files for PSX/PS2 (they will be mounted properly if a .CUE is not needed)
    - Reverted file listing buffer to 512 bytes (to support longer file names)
    - Html code in file listing is now auto-simplified when the buffer size is exceeded. If the file name is too long, the file entry will be ignored to avoid html errors.
    - Detection of iso in game use less strstr calls (thus a bit faster)
    - Made some conditions more descriptive in the source code

    webMAN MOD 1.41.04 (Commits on Jan 08, 2015)
    - Remove initial title id for better sorting when file name is used as name.
    - Remove title id from name when option to show it is disabled.
    - Added support to show multiMAN’s covers for PS1/PS2 using the title ID on the file name of the iso
    - Improved title id detection when it is the format: XXXX-YYYYY
    - Updated translations: russian, chinese
    - Fixed regression in the installer when the plugin is installed in /dev_hdd0/plugins

    webMAN MOD 1.41.03 (Commits on Jan 07-08, 2015)
    - Update LANG_RU.TXT (commit afec228 from Danzel87)
    - Updated Chinese translation (thanks to sheaushyong)
    - Fixed “Disable Reset USB Bus” shown un-translated.
    - Fixed issue navigating files through webMAN’s File Browser on MSIE.
    - Fixed access to files with “.html” extension on Chrome
    - Fixed detection of games named like: “Name (4.xx).iso” on NTFS

    webMAN MOD 1.41.02 (Commits on Jan 05-07, 2015)
    - Fixed issue with Reset USB bus (new fix by deank)
    - Reset USB bus is now optional
    - Return to XMB from PS2 game does not scan mygames.xml
    - Merged code for updater from _NzV_ (now there are 2 ps3mapi editions)
    - Increased receive html buffer to 2KB
    * Added shadow copy of ICON0.PNG and PARAM.SFO to multiMAN’s cache folder
    * Added extraction of PIC1.PNG if multiMAN is installed
    (* Credits to Billy B for the ideas.)
    - Merged code from PS3MAPI 1.11 (Jan 5, 2015) https://github.com/NzV/webMAN-MOD/commits/master
    - Fixed folder naming during backup of PS3 game mounted on /dev_bdvd
    - Added missing game fix feature to nonCobra editions
    - Added Quick and Forced game fix options
    - Function get_title_and_id_from_sfo() now receives a buffer of 4KB as parameter, instead of allocate it internally.
    - Fixed label “Refresh XML”
    - Add disable syscall 11

    webMAN MOD 1.41.01 (Commits on Jan 04-05, 2015)
    - Merged code from PS3MAPI 1.10 (jan 4, 2015) https://github.com/NzV/webMAN-MOD/commits/master
    - Fixed folder games not being fixed if files are read only
    - Added fix when Install Package flag is not set for PS3_EXTRA
    - Replaced several cellFsStat with isDir
    - Fixed a bug detecting the fw version when the games are fixed

    webMAN MOD 1.41.00 (Commits on Jan 04, 2015)
    - Added auto-fix of PS3 games in ISO/game folder formats (4.20-4.66)
    (needs more testing)
    - Added more translations webMAN.xml (DK, PL)
    - Merged changes made by deank in webMAN 1.41 (official):
    * Reset USB bus (usb games now are mounted from /dev_usb)
    * New blackscreen patches (ignore LIC.DAT and fix errors
    * Support for .svg files
    * Trimmed spaces in CSS style
    * Removed cobra_lib_init()

    Release Source & Source Code: Github
    Release & Download Source: aldostools.org
    UpdaterPKG Source: Brewology.com
    (due to current unavailability of latest build on aldostools.org)

    webMAN_MOD_1.41.41.rar: DOWNLOAD - MIRROR
    MD5sum: 556ea6e3cf48127bc89495b25e33cb66
    webMAN_MOD_1.41.41_Updater.pkg: DOWNLOAD - MIRROR
    MD5sum: 84c9ae60f05e50968879b0dc36896687


  • Posted by hekel , on 21/03/2015 , @ 09:36am


    As you’re all probably aware by now, Our Former Administrator has recently stepped down after nearly a decade. A lot can happen in a decade. For instance the construction of a tiny forum devoted to bringing together a few people interested in doing more with their PS3s. Or the growth of that little watering hole into a massive ocean of hundreds and thousands of people from all around the world, spreading outward and even connecting with other like-minded groups. Becoming a part of a massive community of sites and people that are all symbiotically involved with one another.

    It’s pretty impressive when you give it some thought. Yet sadly, In a decade you can also make a few enemies. However a man without enemies is without character. You see, If anyone, especially your enemy, finds you important enough to devote their time to you, you’ve obviously done something substantial enough to merit their attention. I think that’s quite impressive as well.

    Now if you somehow weren’t aware of Pirate handing the torch over to Kingsman, you certainly couldn’t have missed the hours of spam and attacks on our forums following the announcement. Hax Network Staff earnestly apologize for any related inconvenience this has had on our users or the community. This isn’t the first time and sadly it probably won’t be the last time it’s attempted. Though with our recent server upgrades and forum changes as we’ve been transitioning and evolving into the future, this time we were unable to immediately quell the bombardment as we have in the past.

    I assure you that the matter is being handled, and traditional forum operation will be restored as soon as possible. It is regrettable that due to the actions of others we have to ask this, but please be patient with us while the disruption is resolved.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 20/03/2015 , @ 12:00pm


    Its been a long 8-years, and the age of the PS3 has come and gone and a new era of consoles has begun. It has been a great journey over the years, but unfortunately it is time for me to move on…and this is my official resignation.

    PS3Hax has been a wonderful community, and knowledge hub for many people throughout the years for their consoles. However, with the growing demands of the site, I no longer have the time to properly manage and give the attention to PS3Hax to allow it to grow and prosper.

    PS3Hax needs a fresh new start, and it has been way past due to hand over the torch. Starting now, Kingsman - someone I know personally, will be taking over my responsibilities  at Hax (leading, managing, etc…).  SimonW will be taking over the technical lead at Hax, and will be responsible for most of the site improvements, repairs etc.

    Thanks to everyone that is with - or not with us, any more, throughout the years. It was a wonderful time, and will be forever missed and remember. I wish good luck to the new management, and current Hax staff team, and hopes Hax will continue to prosper for many more years to come.

    Good bye.


  • Posted by Kingsman , on 19/03/2015 , @ 03:48pm



    Developer ‘Enstone’ of ControlConsoleAPI (CCAPI) has released a small update which gives support for 4.70 CEX cobra/non-cobra. For those unaware of CCAPI, it’s a software that establishes a connection between your PS3 and a PC- ultimately, allowing you to control the PS3 from your PC. Some functions include:

    • Debug non-fself & fself in real time
    • Real time memory edit on CEX/DEX
    • Wire(less) connection
    • Module loading
    • Modify idps and psid
    • Edit Console Leds
    • Ring Console Buzzer
    • PS3 Temperature

    Additional information:

    Compatible firmwares:

    CFW 4.21,4.30,4.40,4.41,4.46,4.50,4.53,4.55,4.60,4.65 CEX or DEX + 4.66 CEX + 4.70 CEX

    VSH module loading:

    Create a directory in your /dev_usb000/ called plugins and put all your sprx plugins into, it should be

    All of the sprx that are present in this folder, will be loaded at PS3 boot.
    Important: If some games refuse to work, just don’t use plugins (delete plugins folder from /dev_usb000)

    How to install CCAPI?

    Just download and run the CCAPI pkg on your PS3.
    It will tell you to reboot, and it’s done. You only need to do this once.

    How to uninstall CCAPI?

    Just run the pkg again.


    • 2.60
      (rev3) Added 4.70 CEX support
      (rev2) Added 4.66 CEX support
      Added 4.60/4.65 support
      Added Cobra support
      Added SetBootPsid/SetBootIdps/SetPsid
    • 2.50
      Added 4.53/4.55 support
      Added a console list
    • 2.00
      Reduced memory use
      DLL (C++ / C#) released to build programs for ccapi
    • 1.00
      Original version

    How to convert a 1.00/2.00/2.50 tool -> 2.60 tool

    1) Put the PS3Lib.dll v4.4 in the same folder than the software (Location- CcApi_package_2.60/PC/PS3Lib/)
    2) Use the installer to install CCAPI 2.60 on your PC
    3) Install the CCAPI 2.60 pkg on your PS3

    Download: CcApi_2.60_package

    Source: NGU

  • Posted by hekel , on 19/03/2015 , @ 03:00pm


    (2015-03-19) [UPDATE]
    Habib showed up with another update today. This time he’s fixed some issues with the built-in PS3MAPI and he has dropped the COBRA 7.10 source code on us.

    When Smhabib released his 4.70 CFW V1.00 two weeks ago, the biggest question on everyone’s mind was “Where’s COBRA?”. Well here it is, COBRA 7.10 even. Habib stopped in a few hours ago and released HABIB 4.70 CFW v1.00 with COBRA 7.10 while he was at Starbucks. Clearly the poor guy was distraught and looking for those beautiful girls the rest of you falsely promised him. Anyway, apparently he’s decided to codename this release “STARBUCKS” as a result. A lot of work has recently gone into making COBRA 7.10 from several developers including Joonie, Aldostools, and Smhabib himself.

    Feature List & Changelog:

    1. MADE OUT OF 4.70 OFW
    19. COBRA 7.10 ADDED!

    CHANGELOG for 1.01:

    Changes to COBRA 7.10 since 7.03:
    1. More psx iso types supported
    2. PS2 iso on non-bc improved by great margin
    3. Updated NzV ps3mapi to v1.2.0
    4. Polished a bit overall
    5. Issue with new ode patches while cobra disabled has been fixed (games with updates refuse to run)
    (cobra mode will have 100% ode compatibility)

    Donate to Habib via PayPal

    As before, The Download is in the description of Habib’s release video:

    MD5SUM: 30BD5DDAD254FF8CD2336A7E4DEF43CC

    COBRA 7.10 (470) Source Code: DOWNLOADMIRROR-0MIRROR-1MIRROR-2


  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 16/03/2015 , @ 12:00pm


    Developer KW has released a new version of PSNPatch and again the update brings very new and unique features and some improvements too. Read the full changelog below.


    4.70.05 15/MAR/2015
    *psnpatch plugin updated to faster start-up (when locking psn access);
    *non-cobra plugin-manager updated: faster, safer, smaller and firmware independent (4.XX CEX past and future);
    *psnpatch deletes app_home from xmb in cobra but NOT in non-cobra (needed for discless start);
    *source code updated.
    *psnpatch pkg file was optimized once again: un-install psnpatch and reinstall new version to benefict from the small size.

    Source & more info about this app

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 12/03/2015 , @ 03:17pm


    Click to view full size.

    A reddit user called *kadjar* posted that his account got hacked. He contacted Sony Support just to gave him two options.

    1) $450 fraudulent charges and deactivate his account for 6 months.
    2) Dispute the charges with his bank and have his account banned forever.

    My account got hacked, running up over $600 in charges. Here’s the conclusion after running through the Sony support gauntlet.

    • They can only refund up to $150.
    • I can dispute the charges with my bank, but that will result in my account being banned.
    • I cannot unban my account, and will thus lose my purchases (“but you only have the Last of Us and some of our free games, so it’s not a big deal”)
    • Whomever hacked my account deactivated my PS4, and activated their own. Customer support will only permit one activation every 6 months. I’m locked out of logging into my own account on my PS4 for six months.

    *Kadjar* started to recieve emails about purchases he didn’t do up to $600. Also in his reddit page there are several updates about him contacting Sony Support over and over again with no possitive response from them.
    Problem is they will refund only $150, he can’t unban his account so he will lost most (or everything) he purchased so far plus being locked to use his own account.

    Here is the full transcript of his post:

    “This morning, I started receiving emails indicating a number of purchases on my PSN account. As the transactions came in, one-by-one, it became immediately clear that my account had been hacked. I immediately logged into PSN and removed my card from the account, changed my email and password, and simultaneously launched support chats with both Sony and my bank.

    “The Sony representative told me that they are only permitted to refund transactions of up to $150. He also informed me that I could dispute the charges with my bank, but by doing so, my account would be banned from PSN. As a result, I would permanently lose all of my purchases, including the Last of Us Remastered.

    “He also informed me that my existing PS4 had been deactivated from the network this morning, and that a new one had been activated. When I asked him to deactivate that new, mystery PS4, he said he could not. I then turned on my PS4, logged in with my new credentials, and attempted to activate my PS4 with my account, but it informed me that I could not activate it as long as there was another PS4 bound to my account.

    “I called customer support, hoping for some clarification. The agent informed me that there is indeed a refund investigation underway, but that it will be limited to $150, and that it would be credited to my PSN wallet, not my bank account.

    “Furthermore, my account will not be able to activate a new system for 6 months, per Sony policy. I’m completely locked out of my own account until that date. I then asked about what would happen if I got my bank to reverse the charges, and he informed me that it would result in a banned account. I asked if there would be any way to restore my purchases, and he told me that there would not be, but I ‘only have the Last of Us and a couple of the monthly free deal games,’ so it’s not a big deal.”

    Several Reddit users have offered Kadjar copies of their games, which he has thanked them for, but declined.

    Maybe is time for Sony to review their policies.



  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 12/03/2015 , @ 02:03pm


    If you like RPG games, then Lost Dimension maybe is the game you are looking for.
    Atlus confirmed they will release in digital and physical format, only in EU and the US.

    Lost Dimension (ロストディメンション?) is a 2014 video game developed by Lancarse for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. It is a role-playing video game with visual novel-like elements, where the choices of the player determine the fate of the game’s story, as well as its characters. The game’s protagonist is 18 year-old Sho Kasugai, a member of S.E.A.L.E.D., an organisation tasked with stopping a mysterious man named “The End”, who wants to destroy the world.


  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 12/03/2015 , @ 12:54pm


    Titanfall 2 is in development and it is not gonna stay away from PlayStation this time. Respawn founder and CEO Vince Zampella has confirmed to ign .

    “I guess EA announced a sequel, so I could play coy and pretend I don’t know anything about it, or… yeah. So we’re working on a sequel. No official name yet, but we’re working on that. That’s the main focus but we’re starting up a second team and doing some smaller stuff too. Small, exploratory, taking it slow! It’ll be multiplatform.”

    And When asked about including Single Player in the upcoming sequel, this is what he said.

    “I wouldn’t have done it differently,” Zampella said when reflecting upon the original’s multiplayer-only approach. “We set out to do it and it was one of our goals. I mean it obviously prohibits a certain group of people playing the game, and as content creators you want to get into as many peoples’s hands as possible. We put some single-player elements in there though, and tried to mix it up. Maybe we could have mixed things up a bit better because some people blew right by it and didn’t even see it because there was so much action happening around it. It’s tough, because if you hit people over the head with it it becomes intrusive, and there are people who don’t want or care about it. Where does the needle fall? I think it takes a while to figure that out and we haven’t figured it out yet.”

    They are also gonna change the DLC model in the upcoming sequel and are talking about releasing some maps for free.

    “I think that’s a fantastic way to do it,” he said. “I think having the maps like that in packs, it does split the community and it makes it harder for matchmaking, it’s messy. Yeah. I don’t know we won’t do it again, I can’t say that for sure, but the idea would be to do something different.”

    Looks like all the rumors about Titanfall 2 going multi platform were in fact true.


  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 07/03/2015 , @ 12:03am


    UPDATE The update is named as “Yukimura”
    PS4 FW 2.50 details have been leaked. The update brings long awaited features such as Suspend Resume and Customize Button Assignments(Just Like PS3′s Button Layout Changer) etc.

    Main Features
    *The system can now enter rest mode without closing any applications. You can adjust this setting in [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Rest Mode].
    *[Accessibility] has been added to [Settings]. You can adjust accessibility settings such as zooming and button assignments.

    *You an now delete trophies with 0% achievement progress.
    *[Earned Date], [Not Earned], and [Grade] have been added as sorting options for trophies. You can also sort by [Earned Date] and [Not Earned] options when comparing trophies with other players.
    *You can now search the Internet for details about trophies from the options menu in [Trophies].
    *Screenshots of scenes when you earn trophies are now saved automatically. You can view saved screenshots in [Capture Gallery].
    *You can now share trophy details and screenshots. Select the trophy you want to share details about in [Trophy], and then press the Share button.

    Share Play
    *You can now test the host’s connection speed when starting Share Play.
    *You can now enjoy Share Play at 60 fps. A host in a party can adjust the setting in [Party Settings] > [Video Quality for Share Play] > [Frame Rate].
    *A user who is running version 2.50 or earlier on their system cannot use Share Play with someone who is running version 2.50 beta on their system. Users who are both running system software version 2.50 beta can enjoy Share Play.

    *Users who are your Facebook friends can now be displayed in [Players You May Know].
    *You can now send real name requests in addition to Friend requests to users who are currently not on your Friends list.
    *You can now apply a shadow style for text in [Themes].
    *You can now enter up to 140 characters for your self-introduction.
    *If you enter 22 characters or more for your self-introduction, only 21 characters will be displayed on a PS4 system running system software version earlier than 2.50.
    *You can now use the touch pad to operate playback of videos on discs.
    *[Discover] has been added to introduce users to PS4 system features. You can view information about features in [Notifications] > [Discover].
    *Remote Play cannot be used with a PS Vita system running version 3.35. A system software update for the PS Vita (to be released later) is required.

    Customize Button Assignments Screenshot

    Even more things might be added by the time this gets released.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 06/03/2015 , @ 01:00pm


    Once again xXx The Darkprogramer xXx has updated PeXploit, the original tool for installing games and DLC pkgs on Official Firmware using KaKaRoTo’s PS3xport.
    Recently he launched a new website where you can find PeXploit and other current & future projects.
    Downloads are below, a mirror is provided, but please visit xxxthedartkprogramerxxx.net for the latest updates and more.

    PeXploit V0.8 marks the addition of an “Advanced” window giving you access to more features and giving you more control over the packages. Below, xDPx has created a simple tutorial on using the advanced window to help you get a feel for what you can now do with it.

    To Quote xXx The Darkprogramer xXx:

    Hello PS3 Scene Here’s Another Update For You On PeXploit

    PeXploit v0.8 and more

    The Tutorial stays the same as before with v0.5

    A Tutorial on using the advanced menu

    ====ChangeLog V0.8====
    * Added Auto Category Detection
    * Fixed C00 Conversion error From V0.7
    * Added The Advanced Window

    A lot Of Stabilizing Has Gone Into This Release Of PeXploit


    *Kakaroto For PS3xport
    *DetrikSys For His Work On PS3xport For Win
    *pink1 For His Help
    *psdev for some code
    *all the other devs I’m forgetting

    *And All The Others I’m forgetting

    Check out it all on my website


    PeXploit V0.8 - DOWNLOAD
    PeXploit V0.8 - MIRROR
  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 05/03/2015 , @ 04:09am


    Developer KW has released a new version of PSNPatch. The update brings very big and unique features for non cobra users. Read The Full changelog below.

    BIG news for non-cobra cfw !
    Added auto-boot PLUGINS FOR NON-COBRA CFW !!! :D
    New psnpatch plugin updated to fully run in BOTH COBRA and NON-COBRA;
    Included webman-mod plugin for both cobra and non-cobra modes;
    Block PSN Access” now works for BOTH COBRA and NON-COBRA at boot time;
    (providing the psnpatch plugin is installed - wait for psnpatch welcome message).
    IDPS auto-spoofing now works for BOTH COBRA and NON-COBRA at boot time;
    (providing the psnpatch plugin is installed - wait for psnpatch welcome message).
    Confirmed compatibility with 4.70 CFW
    (this is just a confirmation as no code changes were needed);

    = Notes for non-cobra plugins:
    1) Non-cobra plugins should be configured in /dev_hdd0/prx_plugins.txt;
    (psnpatch does this automatically when installing psnpatch or webman plugins);
    2) Non-cobra plugins can mount games only in jailbreak format;
    3) ISO support for non-cobra is comming
    4) When in non-cobra CFW: go to new “TOOLBOX” menu in PSNPatch app to configure plugins;
    5) Non-cobra plugins were tested just in 4.70, but it should be compatible with several previous CFW versions;
    6) Many failsafe procedures were taken in consideration to install the non-cobra plugin handler.
    In the event of something going wrong
    (a broken plugin or an error installing the plugin handler),
    there are 2 EASY failsafe procedures:
    a) Create a “failsafe” file and place it in a folder named “core_flags” in a usb stick in the right usb port of the ps3.
    This procedure can also be done to disable plugin loading from non-cobra cfw.
    b) Re-install the CFW from the Recovery menu.

    Source and For more info read this thread

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 04/03/2015 , @ 06:32pm


    Sony had their doubts about Morpheus VR (Virtual reality) maybe because Oculus Rift is already there with devkits to purchase, though not fully stablished in todays market. (yet)
    Morpheus was a revelation in last year GDC, still they had doubts if just leave it as a prototype or advance in that project.

    As you may notice all VR related, specially 90′s or even earlier VR’s where massive machines and they did that work. Inmerse the user into that world with a helmet/visor heavier than Anna Nicole Smith jugss.
    So in a sense all VR related specially in how advanced technology so far is kinda risk to make a huge investment in such uncharted area.

    Sony shared some specs that are way different from the prototype from GDC.
    Let’s check them out:

    • 1) This new version features an OLED display.
    • 2) This display runs at a resolution of 1920 by RGB by 1080.
    • This pixels have green, red and blue sub-pixels which alllows for a low-persistence display.
    • 3) 120 Hz of refresh rate = Smooth videos.
    • 4) 5.7 inch screen with “almost” 100 degree field of view and 9 tracking LEDS.

    They can render games at 120 FPS ideal for VR according to Yoshida-san.

    Lucky for those who own a PS4, that the console was designed to support those 120 FPS.
    Morpheus also has a software that allows games that run at 60 FPS to change it to 120 FPS.

    Latency the big mistery is finally revealed:
    18 milliseconds, less than half of the first Morpheus hardware (prototype).