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  71. PlayStation 4 is currently around 50 per cent faster than its rival Xbox One
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  74. Watch Dogs pushed to Spring 2014
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  79. Anyone think you'll be able to dump PS4 games with a PS3 on CFW?
  80. PlayStation 4 System Firmware Update 1.50
  81. PlayStation 4 - Update File Analysis
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  84. Will the ps4 be?
  85. Call of Duty: Ghosts hits 1080p on PS4, only 720p on Xbox One due to weaker hardware.
  86. So will it be impossible to keep FW ver. 1.00 if you want Blu-Ray playback?
  87. Anyone interested ?
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  98. Lol @ the people on my local craigslist
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  102. Is enabling Blu-ray a quick network connect or is that done by upgrading to 1.50?
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  111. How Hot Does The PS4 Get ?
  112. Dimensions
  113. PS4 Knack Bundle For £385 On Release Day (UK ONLY)
  114. PS4 Dev Wiki - Be Part Of The Contribution
  115. Sony says PS4 failures have varying causes, affect less than 1 percent of units
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  117. playing videos from USB
  118. Playstation plus PS4
  119. Are European PS4's Made In Japan ?
  120. [Tutorial] How To Use Remote Play With Another Profile Other Than Your PSvita's Linke
  121. Save from Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 Jap
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  123. Idiot Exposes Wifes Breasts On PS4 Twitch Stream
  124. Twitch cracks down on 'non-gaming' broadcasts by PlayStation 4 owners
  125. Game UK Screws Up - Cancels Hundreds Of PS4 Preorders
  126. PS4 Player Edition
  127. Can u play ps3 games on the ps4??
  128. [Rumour] PS4 "Jailbreak" Files Posted Online ? [Rumour]
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  131. i have ps4 made in china
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  134. Change font and themes ect ps4?
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  136. PS4 need PS3 disc for BF4 (digital version). If you have the redeem code.
  137. Game UK - The PS4 Preorder Failings Continue
  138. standby mode
  139. Waiting on my box
  140. skufu tweet ps4 exploit
  141. COD: Ghosts Season Pass
  142. Buddy got a coffin for his PS4 from Sony
  143. PS4 CFW
  144. Play media files on your PS4!
  145. [Scene Ps4] Released BiteYourPlayer v1.0 beta
  146. is ps4 better than xbox 1?
  147. Reboot
  148. Can you move a PS4 hard drive from one PS4 to another without reformatting?
  149. PS4 x86 processor
  150. ps4 l3 r3 buttons
  151. PS4UPDATE-testkit-GEN2-1_501_041
  152. COD GHOSTS , Multiplayer, How is it ?
  153. Windows on PS4 (or why users should not use drugs)
  154. Is my PS4 console / account : banned, suspended, closed or what?
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  156. So what games are you hoping to see on playstation now?
  157. Do you guys update your ps4??
  158. PS4 Fan Noise?
  159. Ps4 press/media kit.
  160. Summary From A Week On PS4HaX - Week Ending 16th February
  161. Does anyone know why PS4 game discs cannot be read by BD drives in PC's?
  162. psi update 1.61 pushed to ps4
  163. Need Tips for Online Gaming
  164. Call Of Duty Ghosts Problem
  165. Compatible 2 tb external slim external hard drive
  166. Sony vr headset revealed
  167. PS4 Supports MP4/AVI/MKV or any video format?
  168. ps4 price rise in canada $449
  169. Check for Cinavia protection
  170. Anyone been playing with the new SHAREfactory?
  171. PS4 factory service mode.
  172. Let's make this clear: PS4 JB/Softmod/ODE/Hacking/NASA/Apollo missions.
  173. Purchasing BLOD PS4's
  174. How does Cinavia works on PS4?
  175. Video Unlimited on PS4
  176. Some devs are choose the ps4, over the Xone, because it's not hackable?
  177. PS4 and low wi-fi signal
  178. Popcorn Time on PS3
  179. Updating Jitters
  180. Blu ray activation disc
  181. Watch Dogs Glitch Found
  182. DESTINY Free beta key (:
  183. How do you feel about tlou remaster on ps4?
  184. Destiny alpha beta:
  185. PS4 games now being ripped and online.
  186. ps4 browser version
  187. BSOD: Can confirm that replacing the ic wifi chip works!
  188. Watchdogs or Call Of Duty Ghosts?
  189. Should i buy a new TV now?
  190. playstation .pup encryption symantic connection?
  191. Game sharing
  192. Is PS4 BD circuit board married like PS3?
  193. PS4 HDD Replacement
  194. Aus PS4 - great price
  195. Gold wireless headset sound quality
  196. PS Store using proxy to buy from another country?
  197. is there any way to get the bo dlcs for free?
  198. Ps4 off and the standby power consumption
  199. Batman: Arkham Knight Scheduled for June 2 2015 Release
  200. copying original disc
  201. PS4 CFW
  202. Need to know some basic questions about PS4 before buying it
  203. Nice sdk leakede
  206. Do we need "PlayStation Plus" in order to play ONLINE & Multiplier gaming?
  207. Is it safe to download paid games from PSN?
  208. Changing PS4 region?
  209. swap HDD in ps4
  210. PS4 App development. Does it possible without dev-console ?
  211. Noob Question - about PS4 backup game disc