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  1. [Next-Gen] Image Of Orbis / PS4 Development Kit and Controller Prototype (+Details)
  2. PS4 won't support CD and SACD
  3. PS4 High-res UI screens from SONY
  4. WARNING: facebook contest to test PS4 is SCAM !!
  5. PS2 ISO to XMB Conversion Command-Line GUI v1.0 Beta
  6. First look/peek at the PS4 console
  7. PS4 price and images
  8. PlayStation Plus No Longer Optional on PS4 for online multiplayer...
  9. PS4 overtakes Xbox One in Amazon pre-order charts
  10. inFamous Second Son E3 2013 Demo
  11. Playstation 4 on Tv
  12. PS4 40% More Powerfull Then Xbox One
  13. Official - PS4 Launch Date - November 15!
  14. Battlefield 4 PS4 Controller Layout Plus PS Vita Support
  15. Chinese students allegedly forced to build PS4s at Foxconn for school credit
  16. Sony reveals PS4 will cost $2.000 dollars in Brazil
  17. You think $ony is better than MicroSoft? Well check this out..
  18. PS4 to launch with 11 entertainment apps in North America
  19. PS4 in North America bundled with $10 credit for PlayStation Store
  20. PS4 consoles pictured at Amazon warehouse ahead of US launch
  21. Sony highlights perks of being a PlayStation Plus member on PS4 - video
  22. 'Killzone: Shadow Fall' Trophies leaked ahead of launch
  23. PS4's System Update 1.50 released
  24. Test 3
  25. Sony predicts shorter UK lifecycle for PS4 than PS3:
  26. Reballing PS4 (CXD90026G) by Spox_2 from Poland ;)
  27. AC1D SPIway QSB's - DIY Teensy 2.0 ++ PS4 SPI Quick Solder Boards
  28. PS4 Vulnerability Detected By SKFU, Exploit Found?
  29. sony banning PS4 allready.
  30. PS4 News!
  31. Sony’s Adam Boyes “Lost His Mind” for an “Amazing” Upcoming PS4 Game
  32. Sony Denies Creating Artificial Shortage Of PS4 Stock
  33. [Rumor]PS4 Games To Feature Sony's VR Headset
  34. Sony provides solution to PS4 save corruption error CE-34878-0
  35. Tetris releasing on Xbox One, PS4, published by Ubisoft
  36. More BC news
  37. PS4 NOR Dump Public leak:
  38. Sony To Add PS1/PS2 Backwards Compatibility to PS4
  39. [Guide]Watch videos on youtube from ps4
  40. Sony to sell PC business, reform TV sector, and lay off additional 5,000 workers
  41. Sony's game division up 64% in sales, offset by losses
  42. Michael Pachter says PlayStation Now is 'A Joke'
  43. Release - Gundam Extreme Versus and Full Boost - Extreme Next Dual Mod-Play as Bosses
  44. PS4 sales pass 5 million target ahead of Japan release
  45. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is 1080p on PS4, 720p on Xbox One
  46. The Order 1886 Leaked PS4 Gameplay
  47. Sony released 1.61 update
  48. Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer was never 1080p
  49. PS4 sells 6 million units worldwide following Japanese launch
  50. New Watchdogs Trailer unveils Release Date!
  51. NPD: PS4 #1 in Sales/Xbox One #1 in Dollars/Wii U Up 25%
  52. Upcoming PS4 Update will feature Share Enhancements and HDCP Off
  53. Xbox One Outsells PS4/TitanFall Outsells InFamous 2:1 in UK
  54. AMD provides Mantle API support for PS4/Xbone
  55. The Crew - Video Preview
  56. Not PS4 related. Xbox One though Rumor KEYS FOUND Rumor
  57. Has anyone else heard this rumor?
  58. Evolve (52min Gameplay)
  59. [Rumor] The PS4 Could Get A Music Player
  60. Confirmation Or Rumors
  61. New PS4/PS3 models revealed via certification request
  62. My thoughts on the PS4 Destiny Beta
  63. PS4 Firmware Update 1.74 Available
  64. The battle for virtual reality: Google, Samsung, Sony and Oculus VR:
  65. The Last Of Us Remastered 30 FPS VS 60 FPS
  66. PS4 'Gaystation' Edition
  67. Canada Gets Exlusive 'Last of Us' PS4 Bundle
  68. Sony Announces 10 MIllion PS4's Sold
  69. PS4 Update 2.00
  70. PS4 FW 2.00 will fix Webkit Bug
  71. Project CARS Runs at 60 FPS on PS4, Not There Yet on Xbox One.
  72. Ps4 Jailbreak By hishamage ?
  73. Fake PS4 jailbreak by Younger Giggly
  74. GTA V To Feature First Person Mode For PS4
  75. Video: Install PKG Files on PS4 by F41243 M3n PlayStation 4 Demo
  76. Videos: PS4 BD-J (Blu-ray Java) Homebrew Running on PlayStation 4
  77. "Majority" of Driveclub players can now play online, says Evolution Studios