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  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 09/10/2012 , @ 01:31am


    Wololo’s SITREP about eCFW.

    To quote:

    As announced early this morning, a modified H.bin has been created to effectively utilize Total_Noob’s TN-A on the older vHBL releases. This is great news for everyone who hasn’t updated, and doesn’t plan on updating to 1.81.

    Thanks to VIP user & owner of zload.net, The Z, you can now download prepackaged TN-A releases for older vHBL releases.

    Simply head on over to zload.net‘s Vita section and download the archive of your choice, named according to the exploited game you have.

    You will need OpenCMA installed before attempting. You can read on how to achieve this here.

    Then, once you have downloaded the archive from zload.net and have installed OpenCMA on your computer extract the archive to your C:UsersxxxxDocumentsPSAVEDATAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx folder (in Windows,path may be slightly different for MAC/Linux) and transfer the content to your Vita using the Content Manager app.

    Load up your game and load the exploit just as you did with vHBL, and you will be presented with TNLoader.

    Most importantly, remember to have fun, and thank the numerous people involved in these releases.

    Note by Wololo: It has been confirmed that this will not work on any firmware below 1.80, so technically this is useful only for Monster Hunter owners. The problem comes from offset differences in older firmwares, that prevent TN’s exploit from running in its current state. Bringing compatibility to older firmwares is just a matter of changing the offsets to the right values, but that requires somebody to do the dev work.


    [Source] : Wololo

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 04/10/2012 , @ 11:42am



    Wololo statement about this CFE:

    In a very short statement on PSPKing.de, famous PSP/Vita Hacker Total_Noob announced he will be releasing an update to his recently published eCFW  – emulator Custom FirmWare, a new term to design a PSP Custom firmware running within the PSP emulator on the PS Vita – later this week.

    Total_Noob said the new release, named CEF 6.60 TN-B, will have bug fixes, improvements, as well as potential new features. The developer is asking the community to provide a comprehensive list of bugs if possible (rather than individual reports) so that he can start working on fixing as much as he can. We do have a thread where you guys can discuss bugs, but if one member of our community could compile this thread into a “clean” list, that would probably be super helpful for him.

    Stay tuned, as more stuff keeps coming almost every hour for this exploit.



    * Possibility to load unsigned homebrews and modules.
    * Possibility to load plugins (NPEZ00176/GAME.TXT, NPEZ00176/POPS.TXT).
    * Possibility to play ISO/CSO with March33 and Sony NP9660 driver.
    * Possibility to get back to TNMenu by holding the START BUTTON for some seconds.
    * “CEF” renames “EBOOT.PBP” to “FBOOT.PBP”.
    * Protects you from removing license files. If these files get removed, you have to download the game from PSN Store again.
    So you may lose “CEF” for Urbanix, if the game already has been removed.

    - Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-A
    - for PSVita 1.81 with Urbanix Exploit
    - by Total_Noob

    - Instructions
    * At first you go straight to the PSN Store and DOWNLOAD URBANIX AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
    You’re lucky if you already own this mini/if the mini hasn’t been removed yet.
    YOU CAN GET IT FOR FREE WITH AN EU ACCOUNT: https://www.facebook.com/SonyPlaysta…23711397642076
    else just buy it.

    * Extract the “NPEZ00176″ folder to “PSSAVEDATA” and copy the new savedata to your PSVita with CMA.
    * Launch Urbanix game and after the savedata loading the screen should be flashed WHITE, before it automatically starts “TNMenu 0.1″.

    - About “Custom Emulator Firmware “CEF” 6.60 TN-A”
    Actually it isn’t correct to call it “CEF 6.60 TN-A”, because the kernel is always 6.60, but changes are within the PSVita Firmware. But anyways, it doesn’t matter how the CFW is called.
    -This “CEF” does NOT have anything to configure yet. All configurations of the previous Custom Firmwares are not available, as they are not useful for “CEF”.
    -It DOES NOT support PSX. By emulating 6.60 pops modules I get PSX working, but there is no sound, so better let it be.

    - About “TNMenu 0.1″
    This menu is developed with OSLib. IT IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, so it may have some bugs.

    * / to delete a file.
    * X to install a homebrew, or to load a homebrew/game. (by pressing R TRIGGER you load backup in march33 mode, else in sony np9660 mode)
    * Arrows to move.

    Prepare homebrews:
    * Create an ZIP archive of the homebrew, saved as: “FILENAME.ZIP/PSP/GAME/THISISAHOMEBREW/EBOOT.PBP”.
    * “FILENAME.ZIP” can be saved somehow, it just MUST BE UPPER CASE LETTER and the filename can ONLY BE 8 CHARACTERS LONG.
    * Save the archives all in the “NPEZ00176″ folder.

    Install ISO/CSO:
    You cannot copy ISO/CSO with TNMenu yet. In the next version I’ll add this feature.
    * Prepare and install PSPFiler 6.6.
    * Copy ISO/CSO to the “NPEZ00176″ folder, UPPER CASE LETTER, 8 CHARACTERS LONG.
    * Copy/Move the backup file to “ms0:/ISO/” with PSPFiler.
    * Play it from TNMenu.

    - Donation
    If you want to spend me some snacks and drinks, you can donate me: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/websc…ton_id=8158859
    Thank you

    - Bug reports
    * Can anybody please LEAD A CLEAN thread (best if he is moderator) somewhere on a forum, where users can write their questions, requests, bug reports and etc
    So I have got a better overview than if everybody is mailing me.

    - Some informations
    * This “CEF” IS NOT ripped off from Coldbird’s CFW. If you want to know something, I gave my “CEF” to a very important person from the PSP scene a long time before and this very “trusted”
    person sent my “CEF” to Coldbird. Coldbird naturally reversed my trick of using own modules (f0-kd-systemctrl.prx, etc). Thumbs up to this very important person.
    Anyways it doesn’t matter, I just wanted to tell you

    * The kernel exploit does only exist on Emulator Firmware. That’s why “Tony” released the flash0 dump, doesn’t he?

    * The source code will be released after a new PSVita Firmware release.

    - Credits
    * Dark_AleX, author of Custom Firmware: Thank you master for your impressive work, I always admired you
    * Thanks to the guy who found Urbanix Exploit.
    * Coldbird for “his” kxploit.

    [Download]: http://wololo.net/downloads/index.php/download/7672

    [Source]: Wololo via PSPKing and The Z


    I have confirmed that this works on a US Vita running FW 1.81

    P.s: Possibility maybe got something lost in translation (and no, not me) Maybe is possible instead of Possibility or Chance.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 16/09/2012 , @ 09:34pm


    Is our situation not dismal? Wonderland is so discombobulated that lady bugs have turned belligerent and enlisted in the queen's army! PUNISH THEIR CONVERSION!

    Is our situation not dismal? Wonderland is so discombobulated that lady bugs have turned belligerent and enlisted in the queen's army! PUNISH THEIR CONVERSION!

    User @munky875821417 today made a thread about a key that was released on Wiki Talk Page. (Ps3devwiki) by Nas_Plugi.

    To quote:


    Public key: 948DA13E8CAFD5BA0E90CE434461BB327FE7E080475EAA0AD3AD4F5B6247A7FDA86DF69790196773
    Curve type: 2 (vsh)

    They say that curiosity killed the cat…and @GregoryRasputin found this.
    User Tommydanger member of lan.st started some research about PSX Eboots:

    I thought I would share my findings about the PSX Eboots. (official ones )
    It’s by far not complete, there is still many unknown. (atleast to me :P )
    (I haven’t found a place with a proper discussion about it yet :/ )
    But I hope with the help of others we are able to reverse engineer the format much quicker

    Feel free to correct me If I got something wrong

    16 Byte file with the “keys” required to run the game?
    If you try to run the game without the keys.bin present it gives you CA000005 error on 3.02 OE-B. I don’t know if this is a custom error code from Dax?!
    Used for XOR encryption -> memory card?!

    According to Dax bunch of pngs which hold the manual

    Infact if you try to enter the manual with no document.dat present, it states that there is no user manual.
    You can however switch document.dat, it doesn’t seem to be tied to the eboot (I could open Cool Boarders 2 manual even though I was playing Hot Shots Golf )

    16 byte header which is the same on every document.dat.
    Starting with magic key 0″PGD”, 0 Byte is followed by PGD
    followed by 2 4bytes which MSB is 1 and other 0 then followed by 4 0 Bytes to finish of the header.
    00 50 47 44 01 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    Contains the compressed ISO image of the psx game.
    40Byte header, just like any other pbp.
    Contains offset to:
    -icon0 (icon you’ll see in the xmb)
    -pic0(semi transparent png which is always in front of pic1)
    -pic1(full res background)
    Psar offset points to
    “PSISOIMG0000″ followed by 4 Bytes of unknown purpose.
    (Maybe some offset?)
    16 bytes header, however only the last 4 bytes differ from eboot to eboot.
    Resident Evil Directors Cut [JP]
    50 53 49 53 4F 49 4D 47 30 30 30 30 00 B3 82 16
    Cool Boarders [US]
    50 53 49 53 4F 49 4D 47 30 30 30 30 C0 DD 7D 11
    Hot Shots Golf 2 [US]
    50 53 49 53 4F 49 4D 47 30 30 30 30 40 C2 F6 08
    Immediately after the PSISOIMG0000 header there are some 0 bytes, which size vary from eboot to eboot
    (Note, there are some 0 bytes before the PSISOIMG0000 label too)
    After the 0 bytes there’s a PGD header of unknown purpose

    At the very bottom of every PSX Eboot you can find a PNG image.
    (I still have to figure the offset to it out)
    This is simply the image you will see when you execute your PSX Eboot.
    On a non PSX Eboot you would see the gameboot.pmf.
    I think it can be changed without breaking the eboot.

    Then after the PNG image, theres another PGD header also of unkown purpose. After it -> EOF.
    (Maybe the 2 PGD files in it are responsible for the way the manual works.
    e.g When you browse through the manual and say exit it at page 15 and then you reenter the manual or reenter after you exited the game it’s still at page 15.
    I tested it on document.dat, leaving it on page 15 and then on page 20, nothing changed, file is still the same.
    So there must be some indicator that keeps track of which page you browsed the last, maybe these two PGD’s have something to do with it?!)

    It saves at ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA/GAMEID
    Ordinary param.sfo
    Png which was extracted from the eboot
    Always 1024 bytes.
    Purpose yet to be revealed
    Always 131104 bytes.
    Most likely imitates the playstation memory card file system
    Encrypted (xor keys.bin?!)

    Yeah that’s it for now, tell me what you think

    So far we have:

    • Nas_plugi found this key inside EMU not VSH.
    • It’s not DEX specific (or unique for DEX).
    • Common for al TargetID that has EMU.
    • It’s on its in ps1_netemu.self.elf and ps1_newemu.self.elf.
    • Key is STATIC.
    • Curvetype is INSIDE vsh.self not the key.


    What we can do with this?:

    Just wait and see what happens but is related to:

    • PS ONE emulation
    • PSX emulation
    • We don’t know what key was used to decrypt but since the KEY is static *could* be the same.


    Note: I will keep updating this until we reach something worth to the average user to understand, please don’t jump into conclusions if it’s COBRA pwned or something like that. It’s a research and a key posted on PS3DEVWIKI.

    [Source] :

    Nas_Plugi talk Page 

    Tommydanger’s:  Research about PSX Eboots


    [Links of Interest] : 


    Emulation: Talk page

    PSISOIMG0000 key released on wiki





    P.s: Many THANKS to @euss for his time and patience.


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 16/09/2012 , @ 01:57pm


    The Drunken Whaler tune is available now for free to download, it’s an initiative from COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound and Bethesda Softworks to make a REMIX contest about this *shady* tune. If you want to do some nice REMIX or in fact you like music you can win:

    •  T-shirt, poster, and copy of Dishonored.

    Cool ;)

    To quote:

    Bethesda recently started offering a free mp3 download of “The Drunken Whaler,” the creepy tune heard during Dishonored‘s E3 trailer, seen above. A collaboration between COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound and Bethesda Softworks, the song set a cold tone for a murderous video of the game back in June.

    Bethesda also kicked off a remix contest for “The Drunken Whaler,” which will net the top ten winners a t-shirt, poster, and copy of Dishonored. Fans have until September 28 to get their dubstep remixes in for a chance to win.


    The video (since i have problems to add it here) = CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

    [Download] = Click here

     [Source] = Joystiq

    P.S: I think @defaultdnb will dig this ;)


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 15/09/2012 , @ 11:30pm


    Square Enix has said we’ll be treated to our first glimpse of the elusive PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV next month.

    We were surprised when Square promised the PS3 version for a 2012 release (hell, we’re shocked its still coming at all), and now producer Naoki Yoshida has said the first PS3 screenshots and info for the revived MMO, now subtitled ‘A Realm Reborn’, will be released next month.

    To quote:

    “We’ll be releasing the initial information [on the PS3 version] around mid-October,” Yoshida told fans in a recent online chat session. “I believe we’ll have screenshots first, but please hang in there,” he added (thanks Siliconera ).

    According to its announcement last year, Square will release the PS3 version of FFXIV between October and December of 2012. To coincide with the release there will be a play-for-free period for the game as well as a mandatory client update for PC users.

    [Source] = CVG

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 24/08/2012 , @ 11:28pm


    Well the one who don’t read anything about Arthur C. Clarke is doomed but not all is lost!!!. Here Visceral Games and EA released some new screenshots about this new game.
    The game that *reshaped* the survival horror in third person with a nice mix of old school designs (of the 60′s) and many references of *cult* movies like = Event Horizon (Were the ship goes to hell, and famous quote: Where we are going we won’t need eyes to see).
    Well all that alchemist cocktail gave you the chills in the previous ones.
    Now with an intensive co-op style (like Resident Evil 5 and probably 6) you have to fight your way trough to find another MARKER!! wow. I can’t wait for this. (really)


    To quote:

    Visceral Games and Electronic Arts have released a batch of screenshots for upcoming survival-horror (or action-horror depending on who you ask)Dead Space 3 and, surprise, they look gorgeous.

    Regardless of how you classifyDead Space 3, there’s one thing that can’t be denied: these screenshots leave an icy chill.

    The new images show off a variety of gameplay experiences like Necromorphs, flying through space, weapon crafting, Isaac’s new suit and, of course, co-op gameplay.

    Needless to say, they look amazing, but that’s never been the question surrounding Dead Space 3. We all knew it would look great, but the big concern seems to be on the apparent shift in gameplay. Although Visceral and EA have repeatedly say the game will still be scary, many are worried that the focus has shifted towards more of an action-horror game, especially with the addition of co-op gameplay.

    Trailer of the Dead Space 3:


    Well since many of you probably likes smashing pumkins i will leave the trailer of the dead space 2:

    [Source] = Gameinformer 

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 20/08/2012 , @ 09:44pm


    Here @Deviance again devilers top quality content with a cool GUI and some awesome features. ;)

    Freeloader is an app for windows that has a database full of the latest 3.60 Eboots to be easily downloadable.

    What’s new in V.02?
    Spiffy Gui
    PS ID’s added
    Regions Added
    Descriptions Added
    (Bugfix) Corrected how it grabbed the database
    -A new database layout. (Lots of new titles added)



    Thanks for waiting patiently :D
    The db will have even more titles soon. (Only a one man band)

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 17/08/2012 , @ 05:19am


    Try it at your OWN risk

    Well Anon keeps working on this, i called some users on the board to test something and all went well, a few *fixes* maybe will do better. But i think we are going into a nice and possible new direction and workaround.

    First he started with the test:

    Max payne 3 BLES/BLUS test eboot and param.sfo:


    To quote:

    max payne 3 BLES/BLUS test eboot and param.sfo
    the rar has an embedded readme with the pkg links
    its probably best if they have the common.sdat from the duplex release, though I am not positive.

    To quote:

    They need to backup files
    preferable that person has spoofing

    Game update sfo’s
    don’t replace the Game sfo!!!!

    Then @CaptainCPS-X started to give me a feedback him testing what’s it’s posted above and he give us this solution:


    Max Payne 3 - Update v1.05 [FW 4.0] - Patched for CFW 3.40+:

    Here you have the PKG files for easy install of this awesome “Anonymous” collaboration! (thanks to @hellsing9 to for providing with the files) This is really cool since maybe more 4.0 FW games will be patched in the future by this Anonymous person! Thanks!

    US Patch [ BLUS-30557 ]

    FIX_340_UP1004-BLUS30557_00-MP3PATCH00000003-A0104-V0100-PE.pkg [51 MB]

    Europe Patch [ BLES-00942 ]

    FIX_340_EP1004-BLES00942_00-MP3PATCH00000004-A0105-V0100-PE.pkg [51 MB]

    Installation instructions:

    1- Download your specific PKG (US / EU)
    2- Install normally from XMB.
    3- Replace the original “common.sdat” from your untouched backup with DUPLEX’s one ( duplex-mp3ebootpatch.part1.rar | duplex-mp3ebootpatch.part2.rar ).
    4- Load with multiMAN normally.




     You can use THIS thread i made, to report and get a better feedback about what’s happening. Maybe if *time* is our side we can add something more.


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 11/08/2012 , @ 02:52pm


    According to source, Chinese dev eid0dex1 achieved in this release CEX and DEX switch within eight seconds (faster than Bolt). This was roughly translated SO BE ADVISED, if you mess up it’s not either my fault or source fault. I strongly recommend to test it once the translation is *better*. Word of advise.


    Close enough? ;)


    To quote:

    About ReActPSN v2.22: (Rough translate)

    • Add new type NP KEY to Triangle fix mode: 0×4,0×6,0xA,***,***(3.60)
    • ReActPSN v2.22 CEX2DEX DEX2CEX (untested 256M NAND FLASH)
    • You need to be on 3.55 with peek and poke patches to switch between CEX and DEX.
    • Run reActPSNv2.22 and keep pressed BUTTON_RIGHT about 8s, auto reboot.
    • Then you must Do system update to DEX3.55 or CEX3.55!
    • Dump and Backup PS3 FLASH first.
    • Test it on 3.55K and Itskamel’s 3.55 DEX more than 50 times, all is ok.
    • The triangle button to crack the mode new 0×4, 0×7, 0xA,***,*** the NP KEY support previous versions only support 0×1 type of the NP KEY.
    • Retail machine reActPSN v2.22 and development of machines, a key conversion
    • Before using this feature, please backup your FLASH!
    • All work on the 3.55CFW and peek & poke DEX3.55 firmware.
    • Run reActPSN and continued to press the right arrow key about 8 seconds, the machine automatically restart after a successful conversion.
    • Retail machine can be converted to a development machine, development machine can also be converted into a retail machine.
    • Please upgrade to DEX3.55 or 3.55CFW.
    • 256M NAND FLASH models untested 16M models to test the more than 50 times occasionally crash, but no brick.
    • Please have the FLASHER tools first try, there are a lot of success without brick report the average user to use this feature.

    Answer the questions below concerning reActPSN used in DEX v2.22:
    patch 2.0 features have VSH 2.1 features theoretically available in the crack OFW. of DEX some folder write permissions too low, no effect on not tested. 2.2 features should be able to peek and poke) 3.55

    [Download]ReActPSN v2.22

    [Source]: bbs.duowan via Psx-Scene 



  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 01/08/2012 , @ 01:50am


    User fuckyoudh posted the *keys* of 3.60, on El otro lado ;) . So the first source is EOL.

    After this *Leak* if we can say was a leak or not it’s up to you (that’s why i say *leak* and not LEAK).
    Euss confirmed that indeed the info is true and you can find all this and more on Ps3devwiki.
    Also you can check in this pastie what Euss said about the info on the thread created before and stating that in fact they keys are real : http://pastie.org/4368553

    Tools needed: (Keys, scetool and fairflow’s = ps3tools)

    Ps3devwiki’s Keys page = Click

    scetool/data/keys: for Scetool: http://www.ps3devwiki.com/files/devtools/scetool/data/ and for fail0verflow/ps3tools : http://mir.cr/WULDKSIG


    How to use scetool and download (updated) = click

    Ps3keys (updated) = click


    How to (easy way): thanks @defaultdnb ;)

    Download the keys folder for 3.60.

    Download deank’s ebootfix.

    Add keys to eboot fix .PS3 folder.

    Drag PS3_GAME folder from 3.60 game info the ebootfix.exe



    Then you have a list of games that can be decrypted:

    Reference: http://www.pshomebrew.net/wiki/PS3_Backup_Compatibility_List
    Pastie List= http://pastie.org/4369367

    3.60 titles:

    Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
    Agarest: Generations of War Zero
    Air Conflicts: Secret Wars
    Alice: Madness Returns
    Ape Escape On The Move
    Arcana Heart 3
    Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland (Japanese release)
    Bleach Soul Ignition
    Call of Duty: Black Ops
    Captain America: Super Soldier
    Cars 2
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Dirt 3
    Dragon Age II (update 1.03)
    Duke Nukem Forever
    Dungeon Siege III
    Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3
    Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
    El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
    Fallout: New Vegas (update 1.6)
    F.E.A.R 3
    Gran Turismo 5 (update 1.10)
    Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
    Hunted: The Demons Forge
    inFAMOUS 2
    inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood
    Jak Trilogy
    Killzone 3 (update 1.9)
    Kung Fu Panda 2
    LA Noire
    LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game
    Let’s Dance with Mel B
    Little Big Planet 2 (update 1.05)
    MLB 2011: The Show
    Modnation Racers (latest update)
    MotorStorm: Apocalypse (update 1.04)
    MX vs. ATV Alive
    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
    Nascar The Game 2011
    National Geographic Challenge
    NCAA Football 12
    Need for Speed: Shift 2 - Unleashed
    No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise
    Operation Flashpoint: Red River
    Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension
    Portal 2
    Prince of Persia Trilogy 3d
    Rayman Origins
    Record of Agarest War Zero
    Red Faction: Armageddon
    Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
    Shadows of the Damned
    Sniper: Ghost Warrior
    Supremacy MMA
    The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns
    Thor: God of Thunder
    Top Spin 4 (update 1.02)
    Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    Virtua Tennis 4
    Warriors: Legends of Troy
    White Knight Chronicles II


    Kakaroto’s update about 3.60 keys:
    Source: Ps3devwiki Kakaroto Update


    Also check the next statement:

    The reverse is true: you can add the 3.56 and 3.60 keys to 3.55 and play those titles by just patching SFO : New keys to older firmwares.

    So far so good, I will keep updating this one. Since the other one it’s getting very hard to moderate hence the massive questions appears at the same minute im posting this (again).


    Original source: Eol (El otro lado)
    Source here in HAX: Check it
    Check often PS3DEVWIKI for more information: Click

    Many thanks to @euss as well as the user who posted here with the news about the keys and many others who helped me to organize this better ;)




    Update: Eboots to test (Working)  by @willemse21 (thanks to him) = Click here


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 26/07/2012 , @ 11:59pm


    Many of you witness the whole *heavy traffic* that gave us more questions, guides, and new alternatives but something is missing…

    Dex the king of the hill:

    You now have the chance to convert your Retail conversion into a debug unit (of course if you didn’t notice you are just emulating a debug unit) But still you can have all the benefits if you choose to convert.
    Since this *filtered* info appeared into the scene we have all you need and want to explore your PS3 until certain limit. You have good guides, good articles, and many thread talking about the same.
    Dex seems to be on the TOP = VIP style right now.
    Sadly again the tools were posted and not too much information about the METHOD, hence we can say..we know a 34% about it. The rest is for the curious enough to try and also try to understand what this is about.

    E3 team:

    With their prior statements with a broken English worst than mine, they gave us candies. As many times i said they know they will butchered in some point, and honestly? i don’t blame the guys they just stepped on the wrong side of the track plus a very bad timing to *make the world to know* and re-afirm they are onto something. (Dongle related)
    Now (on these days) they appeared again with more *news*, they don’t wait too long to add the capabilities to their own hardware flasher to dualboot cex>dex among other interesting and confusing *promises*.
    And they don’t hesitate to release more EBOOTS, now with SH downpour and Grand Slam tennis.

    Sure, they can take the risk and release some *software solution*. As i stated before anyone can buy that *magical solution* and start to publish it in every scene sites but we know that when something like that is released and with good results, the file or files will spread as bad flu all over the place.

    So what’s the final objective of E3 team?:

    Simple answer? = To Wait, until someone drops the ball or steps out. They will keep feeding the users with candies and man!! *candies* are addictive, problem is if they fail to deliver what they promised some months ago. Generating more speculation than real facts.

    TB team:

    When someone is some much time in silence, it’s for a reason or we can say two reasons:

    1) As News get scarce, the EBOOTS as well as the SOURCE that provides the EBOOTS both of them are dry or maybe they just don’t reached a nice *number* to close the transaction.
    2) They are waiting as E3 Team to someone make a move and then strike back with more EBOOTS. (1 or 2 more don’t get excited)

    But you will notice something funny on all this, NEW EBOOTS releases are very scarce. I wonder why…and then i wonder why the two *TEAMS* are waiting for something. You can make up your own assupmtions on this area.


    Sony known about DEX already, (it’s nothing new) with this method released, legal actions towards some *TEAM* trying to encapsulate the method and sell it in some dongle manufactured in Shenzhen, they have enough proof to take down TWO birds with ONE single shoot.
    But with the price drop along with the annoucment of the new 4K series among other things. Many users will say they DON’T CARE! they don’g give a flying DAMN about DEX.
    Well…You are wrong.
    With DEX tools and DEX method and DEX guides being out, it’s quite the contrary they don’t care less. Something used by them was filtered, we are talking to convert your retail console to an *emulated* debug console. (At this rate you know the REAL price of a PS3 debug UNIT).
    And we know HOW angry they get when someone messes with their own software. Plus all the garbage about 4K series…please.

    So keep your eyes peeled, wait for more updates from E3/TB or some other stuff. And Enjoy your conversion.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 25/07/2012 , @ 01:30am


    PlayStation Network is scheduled for a bit of summer cleaning in Europe this week, and will be offline from Thursday, July 26 at 4 p.m. to Friday, July 27 at 8 p.m. BST. The downtime affects Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the United Arab Emirates.

    Players in thee regions will be unable to access the PlayStation Store via the PS3, PSP or Vita, and the account management and registration pages will be down. To play online during the maintenance, sign into PSN before maintenance begins, though the aforementioned services will still be unavailable. Any trophies earned during the downtime will be added to profiles once PSN is back up and shiny.


    Source: Joystiq

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 23/07/2012 , @ 11:30pm


    Itskamel, always up to date and with an army of information and his awesome rep with tutorials, now presents us: Peek and poke pkg’s. Kudos to him!

    Ok so you converted from CEX to DEX and you have not been able to install retail pkg’s? well now you can with this firmware.

    3.55 DEX ofw patched with mfw builder for peek and poke and EussNL’s patch.


    Use at your own risk!

    i have installed and ran comgenie awesome file manager. please post if you are running other homebrew successfully.


    Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/k2q7nb

    Notice: You must change the filename from “NewDEXKamel.PUP” to “PS3UPDAT.PUP”


    To quote Itskamel:

    Psn game mortal kombat arcade collection installed and ran fine with the duplex fix. (He owns that only one, so he tested only MK)
    So all psn games should install and work.

    Follow him on twitter = @Itskamel ;)

    More from kamel:

    UPDATE: just tested REBUG coldboot installer, and it works flawless. enjoy your coldboots. :)
    UPDATE 2:REBUG pkg installer working also!
    UPDATE 3: here is another link to the pup since people were having trouble with the first one.


    remember to rename it to “PS3UPDAT.PUP”

    UPDATE 4: installed showtime 3.61 and it ran fine.


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 23/07/2012 , @ 10:18pm


    In june we saw the first leaked images of this new 4k series of PS3′S now according to some sources Sony will not announce it on gamescon = Agusts 14.
    Speculation around this whole new series keeps feeding the news site. Hence this is a *prior* step to the announcement of the PS4 (so they said) Something cheap to entertain a few while most of us still waiting for an official release date of *ORBIS*.
    They say that 16GB SKU is indeed REAL not a rumour but the problem or how to say it..the rumour involves that the console is based on FLASH memory.
    Article keeps feeding us with some more details and some info that was posted on June as well = the 16Gb PS3-4000 will have a flip-lid disc input and low-capacity storage.

    I can only think in a mediocre product being delivered, but it’s what i think about this. I don’t see anything innovative about this, maybe in terms of security can be the final showdown against the dongles. And above all for a *cheap* price ;)

    PS3-4000 skips gamescom, 16Gb Flash SKU goes cheap

    A VG247 source has claimed that Sony will not announce PS3-4000 at its gamescom press conference on August 14.

    PS3-4000, the latest, slimmest version of Sony’s current console, will not be announced at the main Sony gamescom press conference on August 14, VG247 has been told.

    A gamescom reveal had been planned, but stock levels of the current build are said to be too high for Sony to move onto what is probably the last take on PS3 before PlayStation 4 is announced next year.

    In addition, a source today said that the rumoured 16Gb version of PS3-4000 is in fact real, and is based on Flash memory. There was some confusion surrounding the figure, which originated from Anatel, the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications, with many assuming it was intended to read 160Gb.

    The new model will stack up against Microsoft’s 4Gb Flash-based Xbox 360. As the 16Gb PS3-4000 will have a flip-lid disc input and low-capacity storage, we’ve been told today that the announcement “may” be accompanied by a huge price cut, with the entry version potentially dropping as low as £99.

    We’ve since been told, however, that there are no plans for a £99 PS3.

    In addition to the 16Gb version, 250GB and 500GB options have been rumoured.

    Source = Vga247

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 22/07/2012 , @ 05:19am


    I was HYPE,  and *HIGH* too, when i saw the first images, (cover magazines) that bad-ass king that don’t gives a damn about anything. Among other things about FF XIII Versus. I Loved so much that baroque/noir atmosphere that was showed many times. And i loved the song *Somnus*. (Listening right now) In a mood of certain nostalgia and tears falls from my eyes.
    But seems that this FF will not see the light and the CANCELED rumour is getting bigger. (like a knife to my kokoro)

    Naze? naze??! (Japanese) = Why?

    Well kotaku as many other sources have some partial answers to this sour *news* about square-enix messing AGAIN (i blame bad choices being made) with a such big expected title.
    We will see it someday?…

    Whether it’s been cancelled entirely or had resources absorbed into a newer, larger project, the game we once knew as Final Fantasy Versus XIII would seem to be no more. Even if Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been cancelled, I’m inclined to believe that whatever Versus was, or whatever had been created for the game, will turn up in some form in Final Fantasy XV. Surely, Square Enix would not cancel a game and completely dump all the work it’s done? Right?

    “We have no information on the status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.”

    When Kotaku contacted Square Enix about whether or not Final Fantasy Versus XIII was still in development, the game maker released the following statement: “We have no information on the status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but will be sure to update you as it becomes available.” Keep in mind, I wasn’t asking for an update per se, I simply asked if Square Enix was still making a game it had already announced six years ago. Square Enix did not reply to Kotaku’s requests for clarification regarding whether Versus was still in development or not.

    Square Enix has a Final Fantasy event coming up in Tokyo in late August and September. One of the stage events is centered on the Final Fantasy XIII Project and the Lightning saga (so a Final Fantasy XIII-3 reveal?). None of the announced stage events center around Final Fantasy Versus XIII, something that Japanese gamers were quick to point out on game sites and blogs.

    So, is Final Fantasy Versus XIII finally and officially dead? Without confirmation from Square Enix, we can’t say for sure. While these reports certainly indicate the long-awaited game has been cancelled, Square’s reluctance to acknowledge them means those desperately wanting to see more of the project still have a glimmer of hope to hold onto.

    But if the game fails to make an appearance at either the upcoming Final Fantasy celebrations or the 2012 Tokyo Game Show? Then yeah, given what we’ve heard (particularly of Square’s reported desire to kill the game quietly), you’d be a lot safer assuming Versus XIII is kaput and start looking forward to the next big FF game.



    I hope the *king* can take some time to re-think about this release. Let him sleep for a while…who knows.

    Omnia dividit
    tragoedia coram
    amandum quae

    Source : Kotaku


    Kotaku…Oh kotaku, you spread the rumour!!! Thing is that FF XIII Versus is still being developed. I will debunk you when i have some free time.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 22/07/2012 , @ 02:23am


    As many of you know (again) the fuzz that the Cex>Dex method, created. Now it’s turn of demonhades crew to bring an EID0 Dumper for JBM 3.55, MA 3.56 and (you can read the whole article) for more references. The first MAIN step or objective from the *demonios* it’s to not have to depend on Linux to do the conversion. (Aka = DEX). Then you have another app called ConfEditor PS3 for TheGrid, that let’s you mess around more with flags among other powerful as risky ones to use. The only NEGATIVE that i find in all of this, it’s that you have to use the JBM (From DH) to achieve this kind of things. Well it’s time to play!, if you want to know more i will do a better *to english* translation, since i fetched this from another source.

    This weekend Spanish PlayStation 3 developers at DemonHades have made available a PS3 eEID0 Dumper for JBM 3.55, MA 3.56 and PlayStation 3 CFW 3.55 alongside a ConfEditor for TheGrid. To quote, : (I had to translate the all damn thing again because google translate) eEID0 Dumper by BlackDeath to JBM 3.55, MA 3.56 and CFW 3.55

    Hello pals, after the filtered method of CEX2DEX the team decided to investigate in this new field for certain users and not so much for other. That’s why we are working to make an *easier* method in order to switch to DEX without needing linux.
    Today i present you the EID0 dumper created by BlackDeath, this app will let us dump all the EID0 or the first section of CEX, ONLY using or running a PKG and having connected a pendrive in dev_usb000. The instructions are on screen and easy to follow:

    START: Used to dump all the EID0.
    SQUARE: Just to dump the first section of the EID0 (eid0_1st_Section_CEX.bin).
    X (EX): To dump the ciphered METLDR to the USB and ready to go (plug and play) for the exploit and get the dump from deciphered METLDR (mentioned in early staged of this guide)

    If you are in CFW 3.55 (normal) you have to launch the pkg from video.

    Needless to say i leave you the download link that works in ANY CFW 3.55 (PEEK | POKE LV2) As well in MA.

    Blackdeath says:
    This last version now allow us to dump the METLDR (ciphered) from our consoles if you use the X (EX) button and you will obtain the already ciphered METLDR, ready to make a deciphered dump along with they *keys* using the exploit (later).

    We will keep on working on this *area*. Ergo the next step is dump the METLDR without doing so many things in linux, quite the contrary our objective is to achieve a quick, easy to use method to dump it.

    eEID0 is needed for make the process of dumping the metldr (as you all know, and only the first section of the eEID0). The result was this tool, which is needed to do the proper conversion from DEX to TEST.

    • http://www.mediafire.com/?eblfgmmwrmjl8sw (Old Version)
    • http://www.mediafire.com/?32dca82c31470qa (New Version)

    Thanks BlackDeath, Checko, Tito01 and DemonHades From checko: WIP: A method to dump metldr and eEID root keys without linux, more easy with some little steps .. maybe naehrwert can help you. To quote from his Twitter (via twitter.com/naehrwert/status/226682478373531648 and twitter.com/naehrwert/status/226686257005203456): Isn’t installing linux to get your eid root key a bit of an overkill when you could just use netrpc?! Or you could compile this pastie.org/4295312, sign it with metldr keys and grab the key/iv from shared LS…

    	. = 0x25800;
    	.text :
    	.data :
    	.bss :
    		bss = .;
    #ifndef _TYPES_H_
    #define _TYPES_H_
    typedef char s8;
    typedef unsigned char u8;
    typedef short s16;
    typedef unsigned short u16;
    typedef int s32;
    typedef unsigned int u32;
    typedef long long int s64;
    typedef unsigned long long int u64;
    /* Loader entry. */
    .global _start
    	/* Setup stack pointer. */
    	ila sp, 0x3DFA0
    	/* Well... */
    	brsl lr, main
    		br _hang
    #include "types.h"
    void *_memcpy(void *dst, void *src, u32 len);
    void main()
    	//Copy eid root key/iv to shared LS.
    	_memcpy((u8 *)0x3E000, (u8 *)0x00000, 0x30);
    	//Hang (the PPU should copy the key/iv from shared LS now).
    void *_memcpy(void *dst, void *src, u32 len)
    	u8 *d = (u8 *)dst;
    	u8 *s = (u8 *)src;
    	u32 i;
    	for(i = 0; i < len; i++)
    		d[i] = s[i];
    	return dst;

    ConfEditor PS3 for TheGrid by RacingLocura07 Our partner and developer RacingLocura07 (UsaveME) leaves us on this occasion the conf editor ps3, this application allows you to enable or disable patches, plugins or create flags without using a PC, all from the PS3 itself in a simple and fast Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/99llgd Options:

    • Displays a list of flags
    • Displays list of patch-dynamic
    • Displays a list of plugins
    • Allows you to export to the root of the usb, the. Cfg file to test it before storing.

    List of flags:

    • Matheros (direct or normal)
    • dumper-ram
    • debug
    • dev_flash (dumper / restore)
    • sc35/36 +8 (more compatible)
    • 100% Fan speed (fan at 100%)

    Source: Ps3news

    Update: I had to TRANSLATE again, because it’s easy to use google translate, and a pain in the EYE to do a proper translation. Please NEXT TIME guys from ps3 news, use someone who knows spanish. Still we cannot trust in Machines. (Sic).

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 18/07/2012 , @ 03:32am


    Well DEX news, as well the method reached most of the scene sites and news sites (that not are *scene*) according to the info posted on this article (i did not do it) *The Hong Kong Hacker* (Aka Shenzen-Ninja) messed up pretty well with the code of the PS3. The *smart* ones from Kotaku contacted sony about this *conversion method* and they are expecting some kind of response from their side. (/tactical facepalm)

    I will recommend to the DEX users (or the ones who converted already) that keep your eyes open for a possible new update, since PS3 system once again was hacked, and you know that sony allows piracy until certain limit, but when someone mess with their system. Well we know what happens…keep your fingers crossed.


    A Hong Kong-based modder known as AnoRelease  is claiming to have made a pretty significant change to some PlayStation 3 code, using a highly technical routine to trick a retail console into thinking it was a “debug” unit.

    Debug PlayStation 3 consoles are those used by developers and some press, and differ wildly from the retail units you buy in a store. A debug PS3 can, for example, install games from files downloaded over the internet (it’s how in-progress or preview builds of games are often distributed).

    This is why such a workaround would be of benefit to both pirates and homebrew enthusiasts. If the PS3 could be tricked into playing any unsigned/compatible code you threw at it, it’d be a cinch (a relative term considering how difficult this exploit looks) to play pirated games on the console.

    AnoRelease’s “conversion method” uses a lot of expert-level meddling at the very heart of a PS3 to make the switch. I’ll be honest, the kind of stuff being outlined goes way over my head, and carries repeated warnings that one misstep could brick a console. But other users have begun posting clips of the workaround in action, like the one above, in which a copy of Modern Warfare 3 is run using the exploit.

    Given the fact we can’t verify this ourselves, and that the only “proof” thus far are some blurry YouTube videos, don’t treat this as confirmation that, a year after the console’s last copy protection saga, the PS3 has for certain been once again cracked open.

    We’ve contacted Sony for comment, and will update if we hear back.


    Source = Kotaku

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 18/07/2012 , @ 03:15am


    We thought that the cartridges was so yesterday, now they come with a new design a genie in a bottle.. like gameshark times among others saw better days. Now it’s the turn of PS3 with this release (confirmed) You can transfer your game saves to your PC and edit them as you see fit (GOD MODE, SHARK LURKER, NO GRAVITY) Just joking ;) But yeah..maybe this is some nice piece of device to use.  I don’t like cheating but it’s nice to see how the cheating community is growing.

    Hyperkin’s PS3 Game Genie Launches Today

    The Game Genie was the shit back in the day, right up there with the Gameshark. When it came to hacking the hell out of N64 games, there was no better option.

    But we never really thought the thing would be revived for modern-day audiences, especially given the always-online status of most games and companies’ tendencies to crack down hard on any form of cheating, even in single-player games.

    Nevertheless, Hyperkin’s new PS3 Game Genie launched today. It allows you to transfer saves from your PS3 to your PC, where you can doctor them with preset cheat codes to add things like infinite ammo, invulnerability and more, then transfer them back to your PS3. You can also back up your save files and trade them with other players.

    Hyperkin says they’ll remove any cheats that apply to multiplayer modes, so you’ll only be messing with your own experience and no one else’s.

    Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are some of the “popular games” that already have cheats available. What other games would you like to gratuitously cheat in? Do you think there’s room for the Game Genie in today’s industry? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter .

    Source = Complex