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  • Posted by Simonbuck , on 15/10/2013 , @ 05:18am


    The developer Habib has released patches required to update the application   PS3 Nor and Nand Auto Patcher, to make it compatible with CFW 4.50


    This instrument made ​​by  Swizzy,  coder very famous for scoring many tools for the Xbox 360, merges with “PS3 Flash Auto Patcher” of  Rogero recently updated with patches released byHabib  making it one tool.

    The application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 is very simple in its use, just drag the dump over the program that will check all the sections at the end of the control will be all valid if you proceed with the patch.

    You will have 2 modes of operation, a  Auto  and a  Normal  (can be enabled with registry files included).

    • The  Auto mode  will control the dump and if it is valid it will automatically patch the files (all in less than 2 seconds).
    • The  Normal mode  will control the dump and if found valid will ask if you want to apply the patch.

    Download: PS3 Flash Tool 1.0 (4-50 Version Patch)


  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 04/08/2013 , @ 07:42am



    1.MADE OUT OF 4.46 OFW


    Source and download links: Tortuga-cove

    Thanks to @simonbuck for the news :)

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 31/07/2013 , @ 11:33am


    Click for full size


    You may hate ODDE’s but 3K3Y found a way where others “failed”.
    It’s a battle, it’s war, it’s not clean.

    You also may hate this messanger but you already know me.  A review from @harryoke will be up soon, 3k3y sent him a superslim device kit.

    Cobra and E3 probably can rest in peace and fight between each other which one will forfeit first.
    If Sony launches an update Cobra will be useless in less than a week.
    Meanwhile 3K3Y will still stand like a silent king, not saying much, not explaining much. Just delivering in near future to those end-users interested enough in this device what they wanted all along.

    3K3Y: The Artificer words

    .AES encryption in HW to allow playback of unencrypted ISOs.
    .Superslim adapters are in mass production.
    .Boot decrypted ISOs.
    .698 IRD files for 672 game. (around 10 games a day)
    .App for android/ipod/ipad working = https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xk3y.dongle.android (you will need to use 01.99B6A firmware). You can choose to use the Web app or just your Ip and magic happens. See Web interface.

    Today report:
    .Superslim production devices = Done.
    .Passthru & emulation are working. Final test was update = Done and working.

    So what now?:

    3K3Y mean business. They managed to release a product that actually works and will continue to work in CFW even if you get banned plus homebrew enabled and many of those promises that others failed to comply.
    I won’t enter into some random “moral” contest on what is wrong or what is right.
    What matters here that you have something that actually is not some stupid HTML static webpage telling you to preorder something that it’s not “there” or just a ghost like E3.

    Final words:

    This information which is not 100% organized, will probably lead to many questions. It’s up to the demand of the product and a possitive feedback with people that actually work with this device.
    Also it’s up to end-user to pick what to believe or not.
    You can chase rainbows with Cobra statements or just waiting an E3 resurrection.

    Last but not less important is the Web interface that you can use with any of your devices. Android/Ipod/Ipad/etc You can control all from there.

    Web Interface: Some pics.

    Click for full size.

    Click for full size

    Thanks to @bubba for the information (main source) and Scrano for the pics. More to come.

  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 17/07/2013 , @ 05:29pm



    Rogero has updated his Flash Auto Patcher tool to V4.46 to bring it bang up to date for those wanting to use a flasher to downgrade your downgradable consoles from 4.46 OFW to CFW :)

    v 4.46

    • Added new Rogero CFW4.46 v1.00 patches (proper lv0 loaders and 4.46 spu files) to support OFW4.46 downgrading.
    • Added Windows XP Compatibility.

    [UPDATE] Rogero has today updated his Flash Auto Patcher to 4.46a to fix a few issues:

    v 4.46a
    - Added a better Drag n Drop compatibility
    (Now the Dump to be patched does not have to be moved into the program’s folder)
    - Fixed a path problem related to Windows XP.

    Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/10grcy

    Source: Tortuga-Cove

    Props to @xxmcvapourxx for the speedy news


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 09/07/2013 , @ 10:08pm



    Today @xxmcvapourxx posted here on HAX about some news on 3k3y then @bubba checked that info and added more.
    I wonder WTF Cobra is doing?. 4 Months even more to secure their device while 3K3Y is going for more.
    What made me “giggle” that according to Bubba; Cobra is using the same HACK.

    So what’s to expect?:

    To be honest, i think it’s more of the same but i like 3k3y posture on this. Feels like they are determined to SINK Cobra.
    Maybe Cobra takes some 4 other months to secure their website..another pathetic excuse of probably doing nothing or having something and not releasing it for fear of copycats.
    Sadly (everyone know that) we are entering into a ODDE “Era” and as happened before with DRM dongles. We can expect many other devices like this in a near future.
    Remember that E3 is still too damn silent..maybe they already gave up.

    What we know so far about 3K3Y:

    • Super Slim adapters are now being manufactured, ETA 2 weeks.
    • Homebrew loading now working.
    • Feature added: Region lock removal.
    • A new 3k3y FAT update is now in beta testing. With this firmware there is no longer any need for CFW to dump the drive key.
    • 3KF works without keys. Superslim in < 2 weeks, 200x etc etc soon after.
    • XK2, 3KS and UK3Y will likely all be the same main PCB.
    • Just add adapter.
    • 250x, 300x & superslim all need soldering
    • 8 signal points on QSB
    • Plus GND, 5V Plus 1 wire for superslim.

    This is “long term” solution for 3K/4K users?:

    Sadly for the ones who want to purchase 3K3Y or Cobra (if on 2019 they finally release their product) nope.
    Sony can release a Patch and the user will have the same problem or worst like when we were using hardware flashers.
    Because if that UPDATE mess up with that “HACK” it’s game over for 3K/4K users.
    It’s almost the same pattern and history repeats itself.

    Zecoxao words about this:

    i take few people gave a real hard look at naehrwert’s meme pic? that’s how the thing works. auth_drive_user is probably a function to authenticate the bdrive. since he said it doesn’t use eid4, you can assume two things:

    1- it doesn’t use perconsole keys and derivatives
    2- it probably uses keys associated with the bddrive modules (sv_iso_spu_module keys, not perconsole)

    you tell this to any other people who understand how to make an ode and you got ****loads of ODEs appearing (the clones). you also have a nice clean patch by sony and it’s game over for the odes on unhackables, atleast until the most current version.

    Final words about this:

    Indeed, we entered in some new “era” ODDE’S dark times. Where you will see in near future more clones than real answers.
    But like i said. 3K3Y seems legit (very) about what they are doing. Im against DRM but at least they (not like COBRA) are moving their asses to do something to deliver something to end user.
    It’s up to you if you want to purchase it or not.

    Meanwhile. “Let them sing”.



    Thanks to @zecoxao too :)

    Watermark done by me.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 09/01/2013 , @ 10:47pm


    Same old story.

    When you start some phrase with that cliché adjective = Proud. You know that the guys behind this piece of garbage Ops! I mean this *epic* product, means serious business.
    Shame that all this is crunch exclusive, that gives you a hint about what kind of product will get the one who has some extra bucks to invest on this device. (Remember DRM kings?, I do).
    Don’t get me wrong on this one, on one side im happy about 3K/4K users (if this is the real deal) to get CFW running, etc but i can’t find reliable this drive emulator because the ones behind this *probably* are the same people who were DRM kings back in the day.
    Some word of advice to video makers: Next time please don’t use gloves, makes you look like you are touching some outerspace device or leads to anyone with common sense that those gloves serves to hide tattoed arms, hands?. ;)

    Thanks @stussy1 for this one.

    To quote:

    Cobra ODE is THE optical drive emulator for PS3!:

    In the past Cobra brought ground breaking features and unparalleled support to the PS3 scene with its Cobra USB dongle.

    Now we’re back with the Cobra Optical Drive Emulator for PS3. Run game and movie ISO’s from any PS3* without the need to restrict your console to running on a CFW. This brings freedom of choice for the SEN, original games and functionality of the Cobra ODE without hassle or complication. A switch allows user to toggle between use of the original BD drive or the emulator.

    * Stocks of Cobra ODE will start shipping next month (February) *


    Compatible with all PS3 models including phat/slim and super slim (SATA/PATA), on exploitable consoles.
    PLEASE NOTE: Work is in progress for key extraction on non exploitable consoles.
    Emulation support for PS3 ISO’s (PSX and PS2 supported on BC consoles)
    Works with any current Sony OFW and third party CFW’s
    Active emulation mode or pass through mode
    High speed ARM MCU onboard
    Two high speed FPGA’s on board powering emulation engine
    256 Mbytes SDRAM onboard
    Supports USB hard drives
    Supports external UI commander (included)
    All FPGA logic and MCU’s onboard are fully upgradable ensuring maximum flexibility in the future, via built-in update mechanism
    Direct dumping of games from disc to ISO format on HDD (will be supported in future firmware update)

    What’s included in the box?

    Cobra ODE main board
    (Supports all PS3′s/regions/current models all PHAT, 20xx, 21xx, 25xx, 3xxx and 4xxx series)
    Connection cables
    UI Commander
    Adapter PCB assemblies for 2k5-3k models and 4k models

    [Source] = Crunch

    [Offical Website] = http://www.cobra-ode.com/

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 28/11/2012 , @ 10:56am


    Universal media server got a huge update with new features. This new update includes : Booting bug, improved design and  language update also fixed some issues with windows users. (See note below).

    Changelog UMS 2.1.0:


    • Enabled HiDPI for retina displays
    • Fixed a bug that prevented showing Galaxy Nexus pictures
    • Allow plugins more freedom on install
    • Logging improvements
    • Stop Windows Media Player from being detected because it has never been supported
    • Language clarifications
    • Updated Dutch Traditional translation (thanks, leroy!)
    • Added support for all 3D SBS videos
    • Fixed blocky video with some files
    • Fixed bug where the program would not start without an internet connection
    • Checks for VSFilter (AviSynth subtitles plugin) in K-Lite Codec Pack
    • Fixed crash when scanning some MP3 files with large cover images on Linux (#22)
    • Added support for external subtitles with the AviSynth/MEncoder engine
    • Stopped virtual folder names being cut off after periods
    • Fixed several rare crashes
    • Renamed the Traces tab to Logs
    • Made text and buttons on the Logs page more readable

    Plugin Management:

    • Fixed and improved credentials management
    • Improved Plugin Management tab design
    • Buggy plugins no longer logspam


    • Added support for Sony Bravia EX620 TVs (thanks, morisato!)

    External components:

    • Updated H2 Database Engine to 1.3.169, which:
    • Makes library scanning faster

    Updated InterFrame to 2.2.0, which:

    • Has less artifacts in the interpolated frames

    Rolled back MediaInfo on OS X to 0.7.58, which:

    • Fixes a bug that caused all videos to be transcoded instead of streamed

    Updated MPlayer/MEncoder to SB43, which:

    • Runs faster
    • Crashes less
    • Leaks memory less
    • Detects framerates more accurately
    • Improves audio sync

    Changelog UMS 2.1.1:


    • Fixed a bug preventing UMS from starting
    • Improved Plugin Management page design
    • Minor language update

    DownloadUniversal Media Player v2.1.1 - Windows
    DownloadUniversal Media Player v2.1.1 - Linux
    DownloadUniversal Media Player v2.1.1 - OS X



    This release fixes the startup bug some Windows users were experiencing.

    Changes since 2.1.0:

    Fixed a bug preventing UMS from starting
    Improved Plugin Management page design
    Minor language update

    Upgrade Notes:

    For versions prior to 1.5.0:
    It is recommended to delete your UMS.conf file prior to installing this version. For Windows users it is in ProgramData/UMS/.

    For all versions:
    It is recommended (but usually not necessary) to uninstall the older version before installing the new one.

    [Source] = Universal Media Server via PSX

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 21/11/2012 , @ 12:29am


    Good news another Rogero’s release, thanks to @BobbyBlunt for this one ;)

    To quote:
    Rogero has released another version of his 4.30 MFW as well as his 4.21 MFW

    4.30 v2.00
    - Rebuilt from scratch using OFW4.30 files only (no DEX/SEX files) with official XMB and full features working as in OFW4.30
    - All known problems like XMB icons sorting and Demo Mode issues from v 1.04 are now all gone with the use of the official XMB.
    - Removed the classical “Install Package Files” Icon from XMB to have a 100% original XMB (no DEX/SEX files used).
    - Installing Package Files can be done from multiMAN 04.12.00 (XMMB Home column or MMOS File Manager).
    - Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection.
    - Patched LV1 to add peek/poke support to replace hvc 182/183 (multiMAN Direct Disc Access is now working fine with CFW4.21/4.30 v2.00)
    - Patched LV1 to disable SYSTEM MANAGER INTEGRITY CHECK (to prevent Bricking on non-dehashed downgraded consoles)
    - Patched LV1 Core OS Hash Check (to prevent Bricking on non-dehashed downgraded consoles)
    - Patched LV2 to add peek/poke support. (for both LV1 and LV2)
    - Patched VSH to enable ReActPSN compatibility (Allow Unsigned act.dat and *.rif files, Disable Unlinking/Deleting of act.dat)
    - Spoofed the system version to latest OFW version 4.31.
    - PSN/SEN access is available as long as the current “passphrase” still the same.
    - Loading games from App_home Icon is now fixed.
    - It can run games signed with Keys up to version 4.30 without any Eboot/Sprx patching needed
    - Games can be loaded from Disc Icon (with Original game in BD) and from app_home (Disc-less, but not all games).
    - Current 3.55 homebrew applications can’t be loaded on this CFW, applications must be re-signed properly for FW4.21/4.30

    4.21 v2.00
    - Same Features as CEX_4.30 v2.00 plus the following add-ons:
    1- It does have the default “Install Package Files” node on XMB. (no need to have multiMAN installed before using it)
    2- It does have LV1 Checks Disabled and can be used directly instead of Rogero3.55 v3.7 while downgrading with Hardware Flashers.
    3- It does have the Proper Cinavia Disabled Files for the users who needs it.

    More information can be found at the source Tortuga-cove

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 21/11/2012 , @ 12:19am


    Today SGK has released what they call PS3 CFW 4.31.1 which is under development with details on the new PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware below.

    To quote, roughly translated: Hi all, What better than to come back with this kind of news!

    Our friend and SGK developer releases today the result of hard work. Indeed, in the shadow he worked to bring us a CFW with features interesting and not yet seen the new CFW 4.xx

    The basis of this CFW is based on the REX Rebug CFW 4.21 which is the most stable and most successful of the moment. He added the Debug menu and Rebug Package Manager for our greatest pleasure.

    Some files from firmware 4.30 which ensures compatibility for the latest keysets. So you can play your backups favorites without a patch or fix. 4.31 is a spoof includes access to PSN and avoid unintended updates.

    •PSN access

    •Debug menu displayed in setting

    •Rebug package added

    •Implementation of parameters Rex 4.21.1 Rebug cfw

    •Lv1 Lv2 and recompiled

    •Patched Peek & Poke

    •Coldboot replaced

    •Coldboot game replaced

    •Theme changed from dynamic watch dogs

    •More corrections …


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 03/11/2012 , @ 08:03am


    Yeah, sure we will stop doing illegal things, when the DMCA stops being complete morons, how often must we explain to these idiots that what we do with the products we paid a lot of money for, are our products and not theirs, we should be entitled to jailbreak and hack, we paid the money, here is the Video Games section of the 2012 DMCA ruling, it is quite a long read:


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 03/11/2012 , @ 02:53am



    Kill3r seems to suffer from some kind of insomnia, gotta love this guy ;)  Now he released a PS3 key finder just bare in mind that is POC = Proof of concept. Many thanks to @winch03200 for the info.

    I launched a call for solidarity to all francophone forum to unite around this project without distinction of belonging to a particular forum. Unfortunately, the vast majority - if not all - of the French forums boycotted the news (Hack-Gamez had taken before vanishing during a migration) and the news is unnoticed on the forums rest of the world (apart from on consolecrunch , thank you Mujarrad)

    Many of you have questioned the ability of the tools to detect the correct pairs key / iv is why, following the leak of key appldr of these days, I release today bat files related keyset 0×13, 0×16, 0×19 and 0x1c for the 182 people who downloaded my PoC before the leak can realize this by themselves the proper functioning of this tool!

    Do you think the scene PS3 can only survive until the leaks? Do not you think it’s better to be an actor as a spectator? or are you just here to enjoy the advanced stage without anything given in return? I’d caught the audience following: # PS3NEWS / PSX-SCENE # / # PS3HAX / PS3CRUNCH # / # EOL …

    In the meantime, here are famous. Bat files that will test the newly keysets releaser with my tools.

    I await your return!

    Finally, I would like to thank the two unique donors who have supported me in my project PS3 KEYS FINDER and show them all my gratitude: Thank you all 2!

    kill3r: Mini-tutorial:

    1. launch the application to know the keyset (unless a big stroke of luck, you’ll get a FAIL);
    2. run the script equivalent to keyset;

    Kill3r EDIT: This is a small PoC (Proof of Concept - proof that it is possible) that allows, among other things find the pair key / iv for EBOOTs games sold commercially (and thus the output patch 3.55). I release this PoC end of July and a few days later the keyset 3.60 was leaked showing that my PoC was indeed functional! After 3 months of silence, I take the release of key appldr to unite many people as possible about this project to no longer depend on a leak!


    Interview with Killer and some update of this post: 

    Winch03200 : Can you tell me more about this PoC, what is its function ?

    Kill3r : This PoC serves to demonstrate that my PS3 Keys Finder project is viable. Indeed, it determines whether the couples of <key> and <iv> passed as parameters, will be allowed or not to decrypt a given EBOOT.BIN. This is the first part - the client side - of my PS3 Keys Finder project. This PoC allows a brute force attack on the last 5 characters of the key so it will test exactly 1048576 key in a few seconds.

    Winch03200 : You said that this PoC is only the first part (the client part), what is the second part and can you tell me more ?

    Kill3r : The second part - the server side - will host the intelligence of my program. Rather than resorting to a brute force attack that will testing stupidly all possible keys, I prefer generate certain probable keys that will answer more than two dozen different criteria ! Currently I work in parallel on a standalone version - and that will include client & server - and that will be more intended for very large configurations and other super-calculator ! I do not rule out the likely use of cloud computing even though financially I could not take this expense at my charge ( I already paid about 300 € to make sure that i can access a supercomputer for the month of August). If patrons or donors wish to donate to me (although it is only 2 €) thank you to contact me by MP - again I do not force anyone !

    Winch03200 : We know that in the past you have been criticised a lot… So why you release your POC now ? Any particular reason ?

    Kill3r : For more than a year, my idea for that project was a lot present in my mind without doing nothing. By this time, I never had the support expected ! I keep it for me and then what? But I prefer to show the direction and try to breathe new life to the scene… (PS3). Some people criticized me for my project even before I’ve had time to explain how it works, others have told me that I was not a true dev: this PoC is also a response to their criticism.

    Winch03200 : Can you find all the 3.60 + keys with the second part ? If so can we expect a release of a cfw 3.60 + (maybe 4.11 CFW or 4.2X for being up to date) or a possible release of the keys ?

    Kill3r : I think with the method I want to use, it will be possible to find all the keys in a SELF (key, iv, priv, pub …) but not only this, it is also possible to obtain those of the LV1 / LV2 / SELF NPDRM … You just have to be patient and hope that I will have enough time - and motivation - to continue to evolve this project and it will depend exclusively on the support that the readers bring !

    Winch03200 : When does that last part of this project will be available and functional ?

    Kill3r : To quote George Broussard: “when it’s done”. For the Standalone version (only for a handful of privileged): early August.


    [Source] = Ps-Addict.fr

    Follow Kill3r on twitter and Winch for more updates.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 02/11/2012 , @ 02:55am


    Well i never believe on Kotaku sources but this one about PS3 draw my attention.

    You know how China works and their *twisted* ways (sorry if this result offensive) to BAN products like sony ones and nintendo too.
    Funny fact tough..all that’s illegal is manufactured IN CHINA labeled and sold like something *cool* to buy, plus violating any possible law that exists on other Countries. I can start to spout or remark certain *articles* but will be useless, also the biggest PS3 manufacturer is CHINA. (Some BIG paradox we have here).

    But now things seems to start to change (a bit) all starts on year 2K (or 2000) with a ban spanning, the reasons of this bans (not console ban like online ban) but the product itself  has NO official support on there.

    To quote:

    Video game consoles are available throughout China. Officially, they are banned. But that might be changing. According to this China Compulsory Certificate document (via Sina Weibo and TechinAsia), Sony was issued a compulsory safety mark necessary to sell products in China.

    The document originally surfaced on Chinese social networking sites, but can be searched in the official China Quality Certification site (Chinese language).

    Don’t take this as confirmation that the PS3 is definitely launching in China. It is an important step, however.

    China has long had a ban on the sale of video game consoles, a ban spanning back to the year 2000. The full reasons for such a ban is heavily debated amongst pundits, but the official reasons were along the lines to protect Chinese youth from wasting away playing video games. Kotaku has a published articles about China’s gaming ban.

    Many domestic companies have tried to skirt around the console ban by marketing their products as something more than just video games but due to the prevalent gray market sales of mainstream video game consoles these products often flounder. The Lenovo backed CT-510 was one example.

    While China does have a ban on consoles, this didn’t exactly stop all international players from releasing consoles legally in China. Nintendo released plug and play controllers with Nintendo games as well as the core of it’s mobile systems in China through a joint venture with a Chinese partner called iQue. Sony had released the original PS2 in China under the guise of it as a computer.

    What’s most interesting about the Chinese PS3 right now is that the models carry model numbers that do no adhere to the traditional markets, as well as power specifications for China. The model number at question is “CECH-3012B :220-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.9A”. Further analysis of the application forms for the CCC shows that this PlayStation was manufactured and produced by Hongfujing Precision Electronics located in Yantai. Hongfujing is a subsidiary of Foxconn.

    All of this seems to coincide with Sony’s establishment of a Sony Computer Entertainment company in Guangzhou, Sony SCE GD in June of this year. The application and issuance of the CCC for the PlayStation 3 was approved in July. If everything goes according to plan, the PS3 might actually go on sale in China by early 2013.

    The *disturbing* part is that this *rare* model is being manufactured and produced by a Foxconn subsidiary. Also the Official Console BAN as well the official reason = To protect Chinese youth from wasting away playing video games. I can agree on some part with that if you 24/7 playing…but on the other hand you have on some regions of China, guess what? =  Military service.

    To quote:

    Every Chinese citizen, both male and female, who attend further education are required to attend a military training period of around 20 days as a part of a military education.

    So probably many of those kids, ergo *Youth* maybe have the chance of their lifetime to experience a real FPS with real guns. Don’t know if it’s funny or not but jokes aside..the console has a BAN on it commercialy speaking but China it’s the top manufacturer of the world, which *sadly* has no official support on their own country.


    What is China’s compulsory safety mark = Click here

    What all of this means? =  That they CAN manufacture PS3 systems but in *legal* terms (that’s one of the reasons of the BAN)  they are NOT allowed to SELL them on their own Country. So like happened to PS2 that was *diguised* as personal computer in order to sell it they *avoid* the law labeling the product like it’s something else, obviosly at HIGHER prices than usual being only available on the greymarket.

    To quote:

    Currently, the PS3 are only available through the grey market, which often being priced higher than the official. The removal of the ban might mean Chinese consumers can buy the consoles through official retail channels for a cheaper price. Other than that, it will start to have PS3 games from China, since most of the popular PS3 games on the market are either Japanese version or Korean version. Sony will have a massive load of works of localizing its consoles for the Chinese market, such as how PlayStation Network account works with the local banks in China, if it can successfully grant all the approvals in China.


    An example of how this works:

    Earlier this year, Beijing eedoo (a video gaming unit which invested by Lenovo)  tried to skirt around the console ban by labelling  products as a “home entertainment device” instead of merely a “gaming console”. Lenovo’s case might have opened a path for game console markers accessed to the Chinese market.


    However is still unclear if the BAN was lifted by the Chinese authorities since i checked many sources and some say YES, another NO, others partially and others that this whole *issue* is on progress.

    [Source] =Micgadget via Kotaku


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/10/2012 , @ 06:03pm


    Yay we now have new CFW’s to install on our PS3′s, that is awesome, but unfortunately, that has brought with it a new wave of n00bs, now don’t get me wrong, i’m not bashing n00bs, we are all n00bish at something, but it appears that n00bs in the PS3 Scene don’t like to read information, so this is why i will sticky this on the front page for a little while, so i will get on with things:

    Q.) I’m too afraid to risk going to 4.xx CFW, how can i still have Homebrew ?
    A.) Well this is obviously the wrong thread for you, i advise you read this article regarding Jailbreaking on the stable 3.55 CFW, so go here:
    PS3 Jailbreaking F.A.Q - An Amateur Users Guide - Revised For 2012

     For those of you wanting 4.xx CFW, then continue reading below.

    Q.) I have a 3K or 4K model, can i install 4.xx CFW.
    A.) No any model in which you cannot downgrade to 3.55 or any model that has the new bootldr cannot have CFW installed, there is no timeline of when these models will be hacked or if they will ever be hacked, so go away and try and find a downgradeable model, for the rest of you lucky people with good PS3′s, continue below :)

    Q.) Can 4.xx CFW be installed on 4.xx OFW ?
    A.) NO, NO and NO, you need to DOWNGRADE to a 3.55 Firmware.

    Q.) Can i Software Downgrade from 4.xx OFW ?
    A.) NO, at the moment you MUST, use a Hardware Flasher, like Progskeet or E3, if you are comfortable with soldering, then Progskeet is the recommended device.

    Q.) Can i brick my PS3 installing a 4.xx CFW ?
    A.) Yes, as with all OFW’s or CFW’s you have a chance of bricking, with CFW’s your chances of bricking become a lot higher, when you dont read.

    Q.) Can i brick my PS3 by downgrading ?
    A.) Of course you can, but most bricks occur due to user error.

    Q.) Who is to blame for any bricks ?
    A.) You as the user are, most bricks are down to user error, take your time to read, take your time to understand, take all the time possible and have some patience, it will pay off and be rewarding in the end.

    Q.) Will there ever be a method to upgrade from straight from 4.xx OFW to 4.xx CFW ?
    A.) We are but mere mortals, we are not psychic, the only advice that one can give you is, be patient and wait until the PlayStation 4 is released.

    Q.) Will there ever be a method to Software Downgrade from 4.xx ?
    A.) We are but mere mortals, we are not psychic, the only advice that one can give you is, be patient and wait until the PlayStation 4 is released.

    Q.) So how do i do all this and do it safely ?
    A.) READ BELOW!!!!!!!!


    Now here is one of the best downgrading guides available on the internet, it is created by PS3HaX member baileyscream.
    Ultimate Fool Proof Guide: Ps3 Hardware Downgrading


    This installation guide is dedicated to Rogeros CFW, so my advice is that you go to Tortuga Cove, you visit his thread regarding his latest CFW and YOU READ EVERYTHING IN THE THREADS FIRST POST, click the link below:
    Rogero CEX-4.30 v1.00

    Itskamel’s 4.30 CFW n00b Tutorial(Rogero)

    If the above “INSTALLING A NEW CUSTOM FIRMWARE” was too hard for you, then you should try itskamel n00b Tutorial

    Itskamel’s 4.30 CFW n00b tutorial for Rogero


    This installation guide is dedicated to Rebugs CFW, so my advice is that you go to Rebug.me, you visit his thread regarding their latest CFW and YOU READ EVERYTHING IN THE THREADS FIRST POST, click the link below:

    REBUG 3.55.3 and 4.21.1 REX EDITIONS and ’999′ DOWNGRADER

    Itskamel’s 4.21 CFW n00b Tutorial(Rex -Rebug)

    Here is Itskamel with his usual awesome tutorial, i know he isnt a developer and he hates being called one, but i personally think he should have the “Homebrew Developer” title or a permanent “VIP” status because of his constant dedication to helping his fellow PS3HaX members

    itskamel’s n00b REBUG REX tutorial



    PS3HaX member CaptainCPS-X has written quite a good quide for those installing Rogero’s 4.30CFW, here it is:
    CaptainCPS-X’s Quick Tips For Those Jumping From CFW’s

    PS3 Applications/Software For 4.xx CFW

     Homebrew Application List/PC Homebrew Creation Tools Updated For 2012

    Emulators For 4.xx CFW

    A nice helpful thread thanks to PS3HaX Member LoboGuara
    PS3 Emulators - Permalinks

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/10/2012 , @ 07:35pm



    If you’re a PS3 gamer that’s super heavy into scene activity, than you know that being effective at your art means being able to encrypt, decrypt and manipulate every single one of those system files to your possible greatest advantage. As you probably already know, there are hordes upon hordes on tools that you  can use to get the job done, but I personally have spent a lot of time cataloguing nathan_r32_69‘ PUAD PUP Unpacker and Repacker. Let’s see what this new program holds!

    It hasn’t been too long since the last update at 1.1, but that doesn’t mean that this little tool is any less effective. As is the usual, what makes this particular option really shine is all about the simplicity. To make this program function to your liking, all it takes is to simply drop the file into the marked section of the GUI, and watch the program do it’s work. What’s exceptionally great about how this works is that you also don’t need cgywin to get things moving either, because it works directly from Windows. I’m hesitant to call this novice-friendly simply because it deals with such complex file architecture, but it still works nicely alongside other options.


    With regards to new features, 1.2 has plenty of small additives. For repacking purposes, you can now repack the UPL.xml as well as the Core_OS files should you need to. There has even been a few safeguards put in place with the decryption of said files to reduce bricking. With lv0 decryption and swu.self encryption tossed in for good measure there’s a lot to be found alongside the software’s new boot options as well. To streamline things even more, the .puad file extension has also been created to allow for default opening of  appropriate files on your computer. In a way, nathan_r42_69 outdoes himself again with this very small but mighty GUI.



    - Unpacks PUP file
    - Decrypts/Unpacks CORE_OS
    - Decrypts/Unpacks Dev_flash
    - Decrypts SELF files of CORE_OS
    - Decrypts SELF files of Dev_flash
    - Unpacks RCO file contents
    - Decrypts index.dat




    [Download]Installer v1.2 - PUAD GUI v1.2 Installer x86 // PUAD GUI v1.2 Installer x64
    Simple v1.2 - PUAD GUI v1.2 x86 // PUAD GUI v1.2 x64

    [Source] = PSXscene  via PS3news






  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 27/10/2012 , @ 07:51pm


    Thanks to @MARA87 posted this leak. Is from EOL (el otro lado) hence i understand spanish seems legit no risk of bricking if you are in DEX already. hellsing9

    Seems like ofw 4.25 dex has leaked:

    Mirrors: http://www.multiupload.nl/Y06234P0F7






    Euss confirmed there’s NO risk of BRICK on DEX converted ps3′s.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 27/10/2012 , @ 07:21pm


    Love this..;) Funny tough that even forbes published about this but they don’t have a CLUE about what’s really happening. If someone the *media* is doing a bad job = Raise your hand.


    The appearance of a Sony PlayStation 3 firmware hack will only affect hardware modders, according to a gaming security expert.

    Chinese hacker group BlueDisk-CFW has published a tool that circumvents the console’s firmware. This was followed by the release of “LV0 decryption key.” The decryption keys allow PS3 firmware packages to be unscrambled on a PC, then re-encrypted with existing firmware 3.55 keys so that they can be run on hacked consoles, as previously reported.

    BlueDisk-CFW originally intended to charge for their tool but the release of the decryption key by a separate group called the The Three Musketeers spoiled that plan.

    Anyone with a bit of technical skill can get around the restrictions themselves.

    Chris Boyd (AKA PaperGhost), senior threat researcher at GFI Software, and an expert in gaming security, said both incidents make little different to regular gamers.

    “The only real benefit to this is for those already running custom firmware on hacked machines, who are now able to update their PS3 and go online. While they may be able to play games online until Sony change the PSN passphrase, it’s unlikely to cause a wave of in-game cheating and modding.”

    Boyd added that the firmware hack has no bearing on the security of the Playstation Network itself.

    “The Playstation Network itself is still secure and users shouldn’t panic. I’ve already seen one person say they cancelled their credit card as a result of thinking the PSN had been compromised (it hasn’t). With the PS4 on the horizon, this may prompt SONY to speed up work on the upcoming console.”

    The arrival of the firmware hack coincides with a ruling by a US judge that the notorious Sony PlayStation Network hack of May 2011, which left millions unoable to play online games for weeks, provides insufficient grounds for a class action lawsuit. ®

    [Source] = Theregister

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 26/10/2012 , @ 01:00am




    Crucial security information about the Sony PlayStation 3 has been leaked online, making it easier for users to play pirated games on the machine.

    Unlocking games consoles is a common way for users to open up the system, but in the past, such efforts have been quickly thwarted.

    This hack is equivalent to stealing a master key, say experts.

    It comes as Sony heard that one of the mass lawsuits brought against it in the US had been dismissed by the judge.

    Access to the inner workings of a games console means people can utilise its huge computing power in novel ways.

    For example, the United States Air Force has networked 1,700 PS3s to create a powerful supercomputer.

    But often the unlocking - called jailbreaking - is seen as a means to allow users to play pirated games.

    The hackers behind the publication of the so-called LV0 decryption keys call themselves The Three Musketeers.

    They say that they decided to release the information after it was leaked and fell into the hands of hackers who had planned to charge a fee for the code.

    In a statement published on The Hacker News, the group said: “You can be sure that if it wouldn’t have been for this leak, this key would never have seen the light of day, only the fear of our work being used to make money out of it has forced said us to release this now.”

    Writing about the hack, Eurogamer said: “Options Sony has in battling this leak are limited - every PS3 out there needs to be able to decrypt any firmware download package in order for the console to be updated.

    “The reveal of the LV0 key basically means that any system update released by Sony going forward can be decrypted with little or no effort whatsoever.”

    ‘Perfect security’
    In the past efforts to jailbreak the PS3 have been countered with the release of firmware able to resecure the console.

    Source close to the firm say they are not convinced that the latest hack is any more serious that past ones. An official statement from the console maker is due shortly.

    In better news for Sony, a US judge has thrown out a mass lawsuit brought by users of the PlayStation Network, following a huge security breach in May 2011 which saw the user information of 69 million customers exposed.

    The suit accused Sony of failing to adequately protect information and exposing users to identity theft.

    Judge Battaglia from the US District Court of Southern California pointed to a clause in the user agreement which noted that “there was no such thing as perfect security” and said that the disclaimers meant there were no grounds for the lawsuits.

    The plaintiffs have until 9 November to appeal against the decision.

    [Source] = BBC

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 26/10/2012 , @ 12:49am


    Thanks to @Nicolas19 for this.



    After CFW 4.21 Rogero released by tick here a new CFW ARCH CEX 4.21 Beta. To install this CFW you need to be on firmware 3.55.

    Beta version features:

    - Bluedisk Core_OS patched CFW to 4.25 OFW aim_spu_module.self
    - Consistent backup games 4. + Or original games
    - SEN original connection
    - Spoof 04:25
    - Compatible ****PSN
    - Ca.cer version 4.25 (except CA27.cer)

    How install:

    Do not install if the console has received a downgrade earlier
    Do not install console-DEX
    Install OFW from 3:55

    Download and install the official firmware 3:55-
    Prepare a USB stick formatted in FAT32 and create a folder called PS3, then in that same folder, create another one called “UPDATE” in which to copy the file (PUPs should be renamed PS3UPDAT.PUP).
    Connect the USB to the console and turn it on.
    Install 3.55 OFW through the XMB
    Once the firmware is istallatoo, download and unzip CFW 4.21 ARCH-> LINK
    Replace the PS3 folder on your USB stick into one file provided by the CFW ARCH4.21
    Connect the USB stick to the USB port furthest to the right of your console and start the console in recovery mode
    Select option 6 (System Update), and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
    Once finished, enjoy the CFW 4.21.