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  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 17/10/2014 , @ 05:15am


    ReActPSN has been updated to version 3.16!

    reActPSN V3.16 Quick Start Guide

    Basic function: Create aa user and run reActPSN to generate PSN license from USB/exdata.
    Button controls: [X] = pressing and holding X button for 6 seconds when launching reActPSN.
    [L1] Reinstall RAPs&EDATs from USB0/exdata or USB1/exdata folder.
    [L2] Backup RAPs&EDATs to USB/reActPSN/pubPSN/rapxxxedatxxx.zip.
    [R1] Backup reg&rif&edat to USB/reActPSN/BKxxxx.zip.
    [R2] Backup full fixed NPD files to /USB/reActPSN/FixedPSN.
    [O] Fix PSone/PSPminis/THEME & generate C00 activation edat license.
    [X] Batch installs PS2 ISO from USBorHDD/PS2ISO. Flawlessly same as PSN pkg install.
    [∆] Fix PSN retail to free.stage1:fix all eboot and start hook,play,stage2:fix sprx edat etc.
    [□] Batch make BD games loader PKG from GAMES&GAMEZ, output PKG to HDD0/packages or USB/.
    [∆+R2] Fix PSN and make all NPD FIX pkg to USB/. same as PSN crack patch.
    [R2+L2] Make only ‘Fixedby reActPSN’ NPD FIX pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages.
    [R2+L1] Make all files FIX pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages. make sure have enough freespace.
    [R1+L2] Make retail NPDRM files pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages.
    [R1+L1] Make retail all files pkg to USB/ or HDD0/packages. make sure have enough freespace.
    [RIGHT] 8 seconds CEX2DEX&DEX2CEX.
    [DOWN] Patch VSH to run reActPSN2.0 and enable screen shoot.
    [LEFT] Disable/Enable all users rif license(remove/restore act.dat).

    BDloader functions: Install and run any BDloader,after one KEY 18 secondes, play BD games.
    [∆] BD games unloader.
    [□] Batch make BD games loader PKG from GAMES&GAMEZ,output PKG to HDD0/packages or USB/.
    [L1] Forced downgrad this backup game and patch from 4.20+ to 4.20. Dont forget install bubble pkg.
    [LEFT] Delete current user’s all games Trophy.

    BDselector functions: Run reActPSN or BDloader, use last BD icon to change Mount Games from XMB.
    [L1]or[X]or[O] downgrad this backup game and patch from 4.20+ to 4.20, install bubble pkg.
    [R1] Forced copy external(USB) game to internal(HDD0).
    [R2] Remove this game’s internal(HDD0) copy.

    * BDdirectboot(GMmount),BDselector,BDloader all need insert a boot disk!

    How to use:
    <1> PLAY BD backup games with BDdirectboot(GMmount), supported CFW4.30 to CFW4.65.
    Run reActPSN, 9 BD icon(7 last play games, 1 HDD new game, 1 USB new game) will be added.
    <2> PLAY BD backup games with BDselector, supported CFW4.21 to CFW4.65.
    Run reActPSN or BDloader,use last BD icon to change mount Games from XMB,
    Run PS3 Games from orignal BD icon.
    <3> PLAY BD backup games with BDloader.
    Run reActPSN or any BDloader with holding SQUARE to make all BDloader PKGs.
    Install you favorite rBL_xxxx.pkg from HDD/packages or USB/.
    run it, waiting 18 secondes then play BD game, or directboot this game.
    <4> Flawlessly to play all PSN contents.
    (1) Download psnstuff v1.82,download psn contents and store RAP&edat files.
    (2) Put exdata folder with rap’s on usb, create ‘aa’ user and run reActPSN.
    (3) Install PSN and playing…
    (4) Put exdata folder with new raps on usb, holding L1 button for 8s and run reActPSN.
    Install new PSN and play new PSN games.
    <5> Play C00 type PSN games without rap&edat. [O] to activate it to full game.
    <6> Share your RAPs to others same as psnstuff, [L1] will help you.
    <7> Share your PSN crack patch to others.
    (1) Downloads PSN(1942 flower rain DLC) from PSN store(or install&play it with psnstuff).
    (2) Insert USB disk to usb0 or usb1.
    (3) Run reActPSN and holding ∆ triangle button for 6 seconds.
    (4) Play 1942,flower,rain,BD or PSN dlc.
    (5) Run reActPSN and holding triangle+R2 button for 6 seconds, then check your USB disk.
    (*) Do not insert any usb disk,[R2+R1] can gen >4G pkg on hdd0/packages.
    <8> Flawlessly to install PS2 ISO. (Require CFW>4.20 and has been installed any RAP)
    (1) Copy few or many PS2 ISO files to USB/PS2ISO and run reActPSN with hold X.
    (2) Install bubble pkg on XMB.
    (*) About >4G PS2 ISO. Must copy it to dev_hdd0/PS2ISO, do not insert USB, then [X]…
    PS2 ICON will be display if your have installed a full version MM.
    (1) SET QA, 3.55CFW, [RIGHT] [RIGHT].
    (2) 8s CEX2DEX DEX2CEX, REX4.21 or REX4.46 on slim, [RIGHT], its safe.
    (3) FIX VSH, works on every CFW. screen shot patch is added.

    . reActPSN v3.16
    Added support CFW4.65.
    Only this tool has fixed random black screen bug when play external directory games.

    You can grab it: HERE

    Source: HERE

    MD5: C8490C170F9C7F8998F2496E26DEB07D (added to PPCiDB ;) )

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 24/05/2014 , @ 08:38am


    I posted some information yesterday about Watch_Dogs being released early and leaked to Torrent website, that has given game modders plenty of time to create cheat packages or game trainers, here is a list of the ones that have been posted on PS3HaX:

     photo watchdogs-us-rp-ps3jpg-e9544a_zpsfe22241e.jpg

    Watch Dogs PS3 Trainer (RTM/RTE) By K.G

    PS3HaX member K.G has posted his Watch_Dogs game trainer on the forum, here is some info about it:

    It uses Control Console API (credit to FMT member Enstone)
    Credit to CMP Member Hiei-YYH for the cheats.

    Taking from the API author, supported CFWs are: 4.21, 4.30, 4.40, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55 CEX or DEX.
    This does NOT work with dongle or Cobra.
    You are using my trainer with 100% guaranty than it works on CFW Rogero 4.55 V1.00.

    As of right now, the trainer actaully works only with EUR (BLES01854).
    You need to update your game to the 1.01 update available.

    More Info/Download



    [ Watch Dogs ] modded EBOOTs collections ( for all updates ) By Ammar-A1

    Ammar-A1 has posted a modded eboot which contains the following:

    1- Infinite Health
    2- Infinite Ammo
    3- Infinite Items
    4- Infinite Cellphone Battery
    5- XP points hack ( x100 )
    6- Infinite Focus
    7- Max money after buying
    8- Max skill points after getting any point

    More Info/Download



    [ Watch Dogs ] modded save ( Level 50 “max rank” + money$ and skill points 99999999 ) By Ammar-A1

    Ammar-A1 has also posted this modded game save containing:

    1- Max rank and xp ( Level 50 ) for story mode + online !
    2- Money 99999999$
    3- Skill points 99999999
    4- all clothes
    5- all guns with max ammo

    More Info/Download




    Clue112 has posted info about the cheat PKG released by scene release group Duplex, here is what it can do:

    1. Infinite Health
    2. Infinite Ammo
    3. Infinite Skill Points on Buy
    4. Max Money on Buy

    More Info/Download

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 22/05/2014 , @ 08:39am


    It has come to the attention of staff members of the forum that people have been impersonating staff members, in order to steal Console ID’s, here is a PM i received from a worried PS3HaX member:

     photo Capture_zps4cfa8e49.png

    This particular impersonator was pretending to be player420 and seems to has taken dumps from at least two members, that we know off, this impostor was using the email [email protected], if any other members have been affected by this member, please report the PM and here are some tips to understand, so that you do not get scammed in future:

    • PS3HaX staff have an image/icon under their name, which says Moderator or Super-Moderator, this icon shows up in PM’s, if it isn’t there, then its an impostor.
    • PS3HaX staff WILL NOT PM you asking for your dumps, if they do, use the report button.
    • If you want help with a dump and a staff member offers in public to look at your dump, make sure they have that icon first, then and only then proceed via PM.
    • PS3HaX staff will NEVER ask you for your dumps on another website, if they do, create a thread on the forum and state which website the staff member is asking for a dump.
    • Finally NEVER give your dumps to any normal member of the forum, if any member of the forum asks you for your dump, report them.



    Well it seems the clown decided to use my username, he went as far as using my profile pic and using a screen shot of my avatar and status as his forum pic:
     photo lamer_zpsd2ad88e1.png

    The member used an email similar to his first one [email protected]






  • Posted by Simonbuck , on 29/08/2013 , @ 07:13pm


    Deep Silver has announced a release date for Metro: Last Light‘s Tower Pack DLC.

    Priced at $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99, it’s due for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 3 (September 4 on PS3 outside of America). An official description of the challenge based game mode follows the screenshots:


    Players have to fight their way up through a heavily guarded tower, a virtual combat simulator. Each level is increasingly difficult - packed with hordes of enemies, mutants and other deadly threats. The best players in this combat simulator will need to master Metro’s unique, hand-made weaponry and deep combat mechanics in order to reach the top of the global leaderboards.

    Tower Pack is the second of four planned Metro Last Light DLC packs, which can be pre-purchased at a discounted rate as part of the Metro: Last Light season pass. Details on the final two DLC packs follow:

    • The ‘Developer Pack’ boasts a fully stocked Shooting Gallery, the AI Arena and Metro Museum… And a bonus solo mission - The Spiders’ Nest - offers some new tools for dealing with an infestation of the skittering Spider mutants
    • Lastly the ‘Chronicles Pack’ will feature three original single player missions that cast the player as four of the game’s standout characters - Pavel, Khan & Ulman, and Anna - and explore their side-stories away from Artyom’s adventure

    In our Metro: Last Light review we said 4A’s sequel is “gruelling, but worth the effort” and “a refreshing change from more traditional first-person shooters”.

    If you’re still on the fence about whether to pick up the game, you might want to check out this


  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 22/07/2013 , @ 01:58pm



    Hello Friends and Members,

    Back in April, I launch PS3Cheating.net to facilitate BSD’s Cheat’s Database and DRM based Game Genie responded by hiding their codes. Despite their counter-measure, BSD’s Cheats DB is still growing and members are still finding and sharing their user created code. There was also a RISE in Game Genie save threads all over net where users share their modded saves.

    I observed these types of thread and found some problems and I would like to share how & why I came up with this Idea and Solution to those problems. Save Sharing is nothing new. Gamers have been sharing their saves all over the Internet since Day 1. And there were various PS3 Game Save Site launched since the inception of PlayStation 3. Sadly, most of those sites shared the same fate. Those site went down due the lack of a strong passionate community or management or maintenance.

    Fortunately there are still some sites that still has strong collection of PS3 Games Save. But at the same time, there are some serious drawbacks.

    1. GameFAQs - Amazing site! Has a dedicated section for PS3 Game Saves. But the site will only allow legitimate unmodded saves.

    2. NextGenUpdate (NGU) - Passionate Gaming Community! It also has a dedicated section for PS3 Game Saves. Although PS3 Game Saves are organised per thread level, I find them being somewhat messy. But that is not the problem. The problem is users/members use 3rd party upload service (Example - Mediafire and Sendspace ) to shared their saves. And we all know what the problem is. The links will expire sooner or later.

    3. PS3HAX - We also have a dedicated section for PS3 Game Saves and we also have some Game Genie resign service threads! But the problem is the same as NGU’s. The links will Expire Sooner or later. :P

    4. PS3 Brewology - Has a really interesting list of game saves. IMO, there list is not comprehensive enough. Currently does not have saves that has cheats applied. Requires registration.

    Now let’s look at how commercial products handle PS3 Game Saves.

    5. Xploder - Ask for $$$$ to download their saves! LOL!

    6. Game Genie - Game Genie does not allow users to share their Modded saves or save that has cheats applied on their forums. For obvious reason. They are afraid that it would cannibalise their product. Haha!

    Solution to all of the above.

    So after much thinking on what would be the best solution for all these problems. I decided that a “PS3 Save Portal” section within PS3Cheating.net would be the best solution. Some users have requested to have upload feature on the site so that they can share their save. But I just do not want to implement a upload plugin. It has to be different and unique. Also, like any sites, there needs to be some form of management and control to prevent abuse. And I also want to offer the best solution to all the visitors/member of the site. The only solution was custom development.

    At this point, I would like to thank @ElecTriX for helping me develop the module for the site and for helping the community!! You are simply awesome!! Hats off!!


    - All Saves will be available Free publically for everyone to download. No Registration Required! No Download Limits!
    - PS3 Games Saves will be listed automatically by game titles.
    - Features A-Z Index to find your Game Save quickly.
    - Display Latest Uploaded Saves
    - Uploaders can select from existing list of game titles or enter one that is not in DB.
    - All Save are only in .zip format. (For consistency & Compatibility reason)
    - Technically don’t have to own Xploder or Game Genie (US/EU) or Cyber Save Editor (JP) to enjoy the Cheats.
    - All Save are stored in PS3Cheating’s server. Links will never expire! Our very own cloud service system!
    - Just use your favourite PS3 save resign tool to resign the saves to your PS3 User account. (PS3 Bruteforce Save Data is prefered)
    - Incoming Bruteforce Save Data 4.0 with PS3 Save Portal Module where user could download saves from PS3Cheating.net’s cloud and resign with click of a button (Maybe few clicks).

    To offer the best service and standards to all gamers/visitors. I decided that only trusted members who meet the requirement will get Uploader Access.

    Uploader’s Requirement (Must be more than 1 of the below)
    1. Owns Game Genie US/EU or Cyber Save Editor (JP). Haha!
    2. Has submitted Cheats to PS3Cheaing.net or other sites.
    3. Has strong/expert knowledge in Bruteforce Save Data and Cheats Code Creation.
    4. Has a huge collection of PS3 Saves that he/she would like to share.

    If you meet the requirement please drop me a PM either in PS3HAX or PS3Cheating or contact me via twitter, I will grant you Uploader Access.


    Let’s us RISE and make sure that PS3Cheating’s Save Repository Portal is the most comprehensive Save repository on the internet!


    Props to @gingerbread for this news!

  • Posted by manster , on 03/01/2013 , @ 09:47am


    D3CH and aerosoul94 have discovered how to edit the memory of the PS3 in real-time. Check out the video and the tutorial below for more information.

    Originally Posted by D3cH

    Hello everyone!

    First off I want to say special thanks to aerosoul94, we discovered this few months ago, we did alot of mods, and now this is the time for release!

    Ok, so now I’ll explain how to edit memory of PS3 games in real time.

    Tools needed :

    • A PS3 with a DEX firmware
    • ProDG Target Manager and ProDG Debugger (they got leaked just google it)
    • make_fself.exe
    • The ELF file of the game you want to mod

    /! - Your PS3 must be wired, it will not work if you’re using WiFi - /!

    Ok first, start ProDG Target Manager and go on “Search For Targets” then press the refresh button to start scanning, if all is ok your PS3 should be detected, just right click on it and move it to “Debugging Station” group then double click on it, it will add your PS3 into your targets list.

    Now in your targets list, right click on your PS3 then choose “Connect”, once your PS3 is connected you can start ProDG Debugger (if it’s asking you to select a target then just select your PS3).
    You will see a window called “Memory”, that’s in this window that you will edit the memory of the game you want.

    Ok now you need to make a fself (with make_fself.exe) of the ELF you want to edit memory, just go into cmd then put make_fself x.elf EBOOT.BIN where x is your ELF (it will create the EBOOT), once you have your file just put it in your PS3 in the right game folder.

    In ProDG Debugger you should see a process appear in the “Processes” window, right click on it then choose “Attach Process” then “Continue without symbols” now your process is attached and you can view memory, but when you attach it, ProDG pauses the process, you have to continue it, just go in ProDG Target Manager, expand the list of your PS3, go to “Kernel Explorer”, highlight the process then press the “Continue” icon (you can also continue it with ProDG Debugger).

    Now you’re done and you can edit memory of your game, by the way there are other options in ProDG Debugger, you can add breakpoints, show disassembly, etc. Also don’t forget to refresh memory or just enable “Auto Update” option.

    Here is a screen of how it looks like :

    Example of real time modding :

    Video link: http://youtu.be/JfISUnGpV-k

    Enjoy your memory editing !!

    Source: NGU

    Thanks to 0×00 for the news tip!

  • Posted by Annelies , on 16/08/2012 , @ 04:47pm


    PlayStation Scene developer ZOMBIEKILLAH has been hard at work at giving us some awesome game patches. He is notorious for his work with Call of Duty: Black Ops but games such as Batman: Arkham City and Ninja Gaiden 3 have also fallen under his radar. ZOMBIEKILLAH is a hard working member of PS3Hax.net and is very passionate about his work so please give him a round of applause! :)

    Note: If you find a bug or have any inquiries regarding a specific fix, you are encouraged to reply to this thread.

    Ninja Gaiden 3

    • BLES01524 (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLUS30916 (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLJM60447 (9.99 Spoofed)

    Batman: Arkham City (1.04)

    • BLES00926 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLUS30538  (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (1.03)

    • BLES01428 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLES01429 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLES01430 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLES01431 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLES01432 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLES01433 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLES01434 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLUS30838 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)

    Call of Duty: Black Ops (1.13)

    • BLES01105 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLES01031 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLES01032 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLES01033 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLES01035 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLUS30591 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
    • BLJM60286 (Password is ZOMBIEKILLAH) (9.99 Spoofed)
  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 23/07/2012 , @ 04:00pm


    A while ago i posted about some propJOE fixes, just recently he has added a new game to his long list of fixes, the game is:

    Ugly Americans Apocalypsegeddon

    Download Fix 1 or 2

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 23/07/2012 , @ 02:43pm


    propJOE has released more fixes for a few popular games.


    Download Fix


    Download Fix


    Download Fix(Fix will be added later)


    Download Fix

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 17/07/2012 , @ 12:33pm


    propJOE has released another awesome fix for 3.41/3.55 CFW users, this time for Tom Clancy’s Splinter: Chaos Theory HD (NPEB00557), which is the third part of the Splinter Cell Trilogy and has not been previously released by anyone else, now before anyone starts moaning, be thankful that propJOE is using his spare time to do this for you…


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 14/07/2012 , @ 01:34pm


    PS3HaX Homebrew Developer ZOMBIEKILLAH has released a patch, so that anyone with 3.55 CFW can play Black ops “Zombies” DLC, here is a quote from his thread :)



    Finally i can say we can play all Black ops “Zombies” DLC on CFW 355 > ( ALL DLC ! ) Patch 113 !

    Credit- “CHEKO” from Demon HD for the pre fix.
    Credits- “ZOMBIEKILLAH” Conversion/custom/Mixed/packages
    For allot of work 13+ packages to make these all + encrypt/decrypt ,etc
    Remember this is a patch mixed as 109/113 so Zombies is fully functional for this patch !
    No Multiplayer though ,use 109 for that .
    I decrypted & converted what looked to be from a DEX/Debug/Type EBOOT, but hey how do we know ? It was not compressed & looked almost like a Debug EBOOT , which i though was odd. It was encrypted almost 10MB+ in size vs the 113 normal is like ->(7MB)or less, makes me a little suspicious.? Anyways i have edited the eboot to execute my MOD for those who like to play with / without MODS. This i been waiting for “A LONG TIME” for this day.
    Even though i have 4 PS3s & own them on OFW,but OFW don’t excite me.

    These packages are not straight 113 update patch..
    They are a MIX of retail 109 / 113 patch + a edited Param.sfo, do to the 2 selfs not being able to decrypt. That is ok though we can play almost every DLC for Multiplayer on 109 Retail “DEFAULT” Patch. For “ZOMBIES” DLC => We can play on every map now using my patch.

    ReactPsn.2.0 is necessary for now .Another salution may be on the way.
    For now we have to go with reacPsn.2.0 or 2.20 should work .
    I have tutorial on NextGenUpdate or look/search for my ReactPsn conversation on PS3Hax. I had helped a member a while back ,he posted the steps he had done after i explained how to activate the DLC. Everything he did was correct. I posted & gave him -> A+ for listening 

    The rap files to activate the DLC i can provide with a NFO.
    PM me as i will not link the DLC here.
    I will link a NFO which that is not breaking any rules i assume.?

    Basic instructions after you activate all DLC with ReactPsn, or have them from PSN.?
    1-)(EDIT) Install my113 custom patch .NOT THE RETAIL 113].
    2-) Install my patch for your game region .
    3-) When you want to play all DLC Zombies you install my 113 patch ..
    4-) When you want to play multiplayer install Full Retail “109″ patch right over my “113″ patch/package.

    I have edited the param.sfo from 113 to 109 so the packages can be easily installed over each other. Normally i would spoof it to “v9.99″ but i did not, do to people might want play on Xlink Kia. So you can easily switch different patch & never delete any game data => Never delete your game data ! This will make life easy, store your retail 109 + my package in dev_hdd0/packages ->Rebug 355.2 For others you can install i believe rebugs package manager (v1.0 / 1.0 ) This way you can install easy like we do when swapping pkgs using Rebug’s CFW.

    Here are my Conversion / Edited /Mixed 109 / 113 Retail Patches for (Release) When you install this patch for your region go straight to Zombies (no multiplayer). Do not try to play multiplayer with this patch ,i mean “MP” zombies should be fine. Regular MP will give you a script error do to the 2 selfs being from 109 so that is why.

    Links to the 109+(ReactPsn) No need for the Default Retail >”113″ Patch update
    Just use my 113 + DEFAULT 109 to install over it when you want to play MP.
    Retail patches => http://store.brewology.com/updates.php?letters=abc
    Be looking for the “NFO LINK” For the DLC info. I might add my quick tut for Rebug.355.2 update 6/7+The files you need for ReactPsn+Info will be there also in the NFO.

    LINKS to for my 113/109 / Mixed “ZOMBIE” Full packages -
    BLES01105 - http://www.mediafire.com/?r2wt5y2d686uax0
    BLES01031 - http://www.mediafire.com/?56ea3863wb35w8w
    BLES01032 - http://www.mediafire.com/?5b7xcsjwxeb1w2r
    BLES01033 - http://www.mediafire.com/?gg7lq1gg43dalaq
    BLES01035 - http://www.mediafire.com/?69bujubah4l9b9z
    BLUS30591- http://www.mediafire.com/?yivox45et9esu2p
    This patch can execute a CFG MOD but i am not releasing yet = PSN.
    I dont want people to abuse/get banned /ruin it for us & end up getting a 114 patch update.
    I will release the method eventually, so use the “save game method to MOD for now !
    My MOD might allow to bypass 3ARC if PSN access comes back.
    This is why i wont release the MOD or how to execute today sorry for now

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 14/07/2012 , @ 01:21pm


    pr0p0sitionJOE has released a 3.41/3.55 fix for the Japanese game Hatsune Miku Project Dive: Dreamy Theater 2nd.

    Download FIX 3.41/3.55

    NOTE: PSP FileLauncher necessary to sync with ps3. Has to be used only once.

    PropJoe also mentioned that he has many releases on the horizon, so thank you for sharing and keep up the awesome work :)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/06/2012 , @ 05:01pm


    For those of you who managed to grab the Record of Agarest War 2 eBoot fix for CFW, you will be happy to know that the game also has an English patch, which was created by RedRigoX, here is a quote from the modder:

    1) Buy the English version of the game, or get it from somewhere
    2) Download and Install the BLUS30881 Patch (replace the files)(Download Below)
    3) Play!

    There is no need for any dongle! 99% of the game is in English, Story, Items, Skills, everything, the only thing that is in Japanese are some things in the menu, which are totally not important.

    If you want to play on 3.41 you need to:

    • Install the official Japanese 1.02 Patch [BLJM60273_[UPDATE_01_PS3FW_03.4100]_VER_01.02.pkg], in Multiman.
    • Or with ftp go to /dev_hdd0/game/BLJM60273/USRDIR/SEC, and replace the files there from the original English release. (AG01, AG05, AG10, AG17, AG20 and AG22…)

    On 3.55 it should work without the 1.02 Patch, but I haven’t tested that, so if you have trouble Install the Patch, replace the files, and Enjoy!

    Download BLUS30881 Patch(From Embed Upload, similar to multiupload)
    Download BLUS30881 Patch(From Mediafire)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 24/06/2012 , @ 05:17pm


    I missed his last fix, for that im sorry, but here is a new Fix from one of PS3HaX’s favourite members ZOMBIEKILLAH, here is a quote from his thread :)


    Here is my custom NINJA GAIDEN 3 {Beta} Patch  Please test if you have this, so i know 100% it works through the entire game tnx. 

    Patch package param.sfo spoofed to v9.99 to avoid update prompts.
    Encrypted as 341 EBOOT.BIN/boot from dev_hdd0/game like a normal patch.
    If this works all the way through game which i think it will be ok .
    I will then remove the [BETA] & be official working as i tested so far so good.
    I will make all IDs if requested to test & be official fix patch.
    I want to make sure it works for all IDs so don’t be shy ..
    If you have a different id please let me know so i can make a test patch
    OG release credit (E3)
    Credit me Custom patch .



    Whoever finishes the entire game using this patch please post you did & its 100%, thanks..

    Whoever finishes the entire game using this patch please post you did & its 100%, thanks..

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 29/04/2012 , @ 08:37am


    One of the most awesome aspects of Bethesda games on the PC, is the ability to add your own personal modifications, on games consoles, it isn’t as easy nor is it practical as you need to have a modded console to add the files needed, but that hasn’t stopped DEREKTROTTER releasing his own awesome mods for the PS3 version of Skyrim.

    PS3 Skyrim Modded INTERFACE

    Silent657 for Tools
    SkyrimNexus for Mods

    Transfer the file “SKYRIM - INTERFACE.BSA” to the following location:
    hdd0 > game > ( BLES01329 or BLUS30778 ) > USRDIR
    Overwriting the current one.

    Hotkey 1: Left D-Pad.
    Hotkey 2: Down D-Pad.
    Hotkey 3: Right D-Pad.
    Quick Magic: Square + Left D-Pad.
    Quick Map: Square + Down D-Pad.
    Quick Inventory: Square + Right D-Pad.
    Quick Stats: Square + Up D-Pad.
    Favorites: Up D-Pad.
    Quicksave: Square + Select.
    Quickload: Square + Start.
    Zoom in: Square + R1.
    Zoom out: Square + L1.
    Automove: Square + L3.

    All quest targets green
    All discovered towns blue
    All undiscovered towns red.

    Custom Loading Screen

    Lockpick PRO

    Magic Card 2 Font (from Morrowmind)



    Conjuration Madness +

    I put everything in 1 chest, makes things easier 8)

    Whats in the Chest?
    GameBreaker - 1 hit kill weapon / sets target on fire
    Amulet of Trotter - Fortifies Health/Magicka/Stamina/Carry Weight by 1,000,000

    Spell Tomes
    -Frostbite Spider
    -Frost Spirit
    -Fire Spirit

    -Restless Draugr
    -Dwarven Spider
    -Ice Wolf
    -Falmer Skulker
    -Corrupted Shade
    -Magic Anomaly
    -Skeleton Mage
    -Skeleton Archer
    -Draugr Archer

    -Troll (regular)
    -Dwarven Sphere
    -Saber Cat
    -Cave Bear
    -Draugr Scourge Lord
    -Ice Wraith
    -Large Frostbite Spider
    -Spriggan Matron
    -Falmer Gloomlurker
    -Thalmor Soldier
    -Stormcloak Soldier
    -Imperial Soldier
    -Orc Hunter

    -Dragon Priest
    -Snow Bear
    -Snowy Saber Cat
    -Chaurus Reaper
    -Draugr Death Overlord
    -Frost Troll
    -Giant Frostbite Spider
    -Giant Ice Wolf
    -Undead Dragon
    -Falmer Shadowmaster
    -Master Vampire

    -Dwarven Centurion Master
    -The “giant” GIANT
    -Colossal Mudcrab
    -Giant Goat
    -Giant Chicken
    -Giant Snow Bear
    -Giant Saber Cat
    -Giant Dwarven Spider
    -Undead Army (Requires Conjuration madness perk)
    -Mudcrab Army (Requires Conjuration madness perk)
    -Spider Swarm (Requires Conjuration madness perk)

    Conjuration Madness Perk - increases max number of summons to 20


    Well due to a member being a complete ignorant asshole, it has come to my attention, that these mods were NOT created by DEREKTROTTER, but rather he worked out how to get them working on the PS3 and added his own small modifications to them:

    The original PC Version of Conjuration Madness:

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 06/02/2012 , @ 05:50pm


    PS3Hax recently reported about a GTA IV mod, a fun and free way to enjoy your modified PS3 consoles.

    JDMAlex and NativeSith, two PSX-SCENE developers have released their latest mod GTA IV WARZ - A NewISH Hope, full of epic new Jedi-like powers for you to use!

    GTA IV WARZ - A NewISH Hope:

    … a long time ago, an a galaxy far, far away; a scene developer by the name of Native Jedi reached out to Obi-T000 Kenobi, and other moderators throughout the scene worlds for help, because the Evil Empire was chasing him throughout the universe. The Empire was after him, for he was in possession of custom game modifications; ones that could be used to cripple the Empires plans on total universal domination.

    The Empire seized control of his custom game modifications, and then all hope had seemed lost… but he joined with Obi-T000, and set up a secret Rebel base at PSX-Scene with Pave SoloEvilblunta and J2-D2; where they could once again design custom modifications for the games they own, without the fear of the Empire awaiting in ambush, trying to diminish and destroy their efforts.

    With a team of other GTAIV game modders, two members of the Rebel Alliance, J2-D2 and Native Jedi, have unleashed their new plans that will bring a new era in GTAIV modifications. But with the ever watchful empire ready to destroy anyone who opposes them, the Rebels must remain secret in transferring the files. Please, you must resit the dark side. Join the Rebel Alliance today! And remember… The first rule of GTA IV WARZ, is there is no GTA IV WARZ!

    CONTROLS (Jedi Powers):

    • God Mode + Weapons = Button Stick Left + Button Stick Right // Good for when you get arrested allows you to get god mode back
    • Super Speed ON = Button Stick Left + R1
    • Super Speed OFF = Button Stick Left + R2
    • Clear Wanted = Button Stick Right + L1
    • Player Gravity ON = R1+L2
    • Player Gravity OFF = L1+R2
    • Ragdoll = L1 (use with gravity to move)

    INSTALLATION (The Force):

    • Componentpeds.img goes in
    • Script.img goes in

    NOTES (Jedi Training):

    • This is not COMPLETE GTA IV WARZ. It WILL NOT WORK with the complete edition.
    • To activate the mod, simply select the SixAxisTutorial to start.


    If that was enjoyable for you, the devs updated their work:

    GTA IV WARZ - Da Empire S#!&’s Wack:

    It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although GTA IV WARZ - A NewISH Hope Edition had been successfully released into the universe,Native Vader has put together the a new troop of enforcers to help in the pursuit of the Rebels.

    Evading the watchful eye of the Empire, a team of Rebels have installed GTA IV Wars onto their Jailbroken or Custom Firmware PS3s, and have set up rules about not posting pictures or videos.

    The genius lord Native Vader, on his quest to find pictures and videos of J2-D2‘s and Native Jedi‘s mod, has dispatched a remote torrent into the farthest reaches of the internet…

    After the Empire’s disappointing 1st appearance, they have come back and reinvented themselves.

    • Now with more troops as the Empire recruited throughout the galaxy.
    • The Swat Jedi comes with a empire HUD also his vehicles will no longer have scratches or mud!
    • The Empire would like your help by presenting them with Pics and Videos of any outlaw Jedi activity!
    • This is for all who have Episode I and would like a more appropriate characters!
    • Use the script.img of Episode I!


    Source PSX Scene

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 17/01/2012 , @ 02:19pm


    With so much crap going on in the scene, with people selling out and these DRM dongles, it is a breath of fresh air to see someone releasing something related to the PS3 scene, for fun and for free.

    nativesith a PSX-Scene developer has released an update of his PS3 GTA IV mod, here is a quote from the source:

    My latest Ish(lol), is just the beginning! Brace your selves for the work of Evil Blunt!
    Also Silent_Pavel will be back! =) GTA IV has never been this cool n sexy!

    Love my new handle, In May I will be in a Game Development course! It is fate.
    P.s. Working on a new Playerped.rpf that has Niko with New colored Clothes!
    Later =).

    EDIT: Found the source of many problems with Ps3 GTA IV mods. Problems like freezing on the Dardan mission, and even the ******* X and Dwanye selection(even more problems..). IDE or Item Definitions Entries. The vehicle.ide, ped.ide and any ide of the common.rpf can not be changed.


    • New Loading Sexy Screens
    • Pause Menu with Old English Font
    • New HUD
    • Exotic Cars and Bikes Take No Damage
    • Screen goes Red and Black when Niko Dies.
    • Many PC textures imported to Ps3!
    • Reality IV Visual PC Mod
    • Niko has new Clothes & Beard!!
    • Highlighted Weapon Icons
    • In Car as one of Camera modes
    • No Cops@ Airport(EvilB’s)
    • No Non-Colored Radio Icons
    • My Handling Settings
    • FBI & SultranRS have Drift Handling.
    • Latest Importing W/ No Helis or Boats!
    • BloodyFX!!
    • Colored Blips!
    • This mod will not freeze @ Dardan Mission , Please let me know if it freezes on you.
    • Meant to be used with Evil B’s qeens_e.img(The Evil Blunt Airport!)

    How To Install:

    • common and Ps3.rpf go in BLUS30127/Ps3_Game/USRDIR/
    • vehicle and weapon.img go in BLUS30127/PS3_Game/USRDIR/ps3/models/cdimages.

    Source PSX Scene


    Download EvilB’s Airport is you need it.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 16/11/2011 , @ 12:09pm


    Dead Island WORKING READ NFO TB PS3 - PARADOXIt seems that the quiet PARADOX has entered the PS3 scene once again releasing the first True Blue dongle supported games: Portal 2 and Dirt 3.  We all know Portal 2 was previously not playable, and Dirt 3 is a new release that is now playable.

    What is interesting in this release is it seems that True Blue may be not using debug eboots after all (which would be a semi good thing, as it may not be as useless as we thought).

    Release name of the 2 games:


    There also is a True Blue v2.2 update posted which allows games to be played via internal HDD without having to burn them on to a blueray disc. You can grab the downloads for the latest update below, courtesy of PS3Crunch for providing them!

    [Download TrueBlue v2.2 Update and Guide]

    UPDATE 1:

    More games released, and working with True Blue, Rage & Dead Island :


    PS3Hax member bubba, who brought us the first exclusive TB review HERE has posted another review with latest updates and video showing TB in action:

    [Read bubba's full review here]