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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 01/04/2013 , @ 02:46pm


    Around the world, April the first is known as April Fools day, where you make your familly and friends fall for some sort of trick or Joke.
    But in the PS3 Scene, it was known as the day Sony released the disgusting 3.21 FW, which eradicated the “Install OtherOS” feature, thus removing the ability to install Linux, or completely taking the Linux partition away from users and in extreme cases making PS3 owners lose access to PSN is they decided to stay on Linux.
    Sony’s victory was short lived, they made the mistake of lieing and saying they would always support OtherOS, then turning around and taking it away, their mistake was our victory as hackers and Devs worked until they got OtherOS restored on the PS3, now we can have Linux on 4.xx CFW/MFW.

    So Thank You
    and all the others that helped return the Linux function to the PS3.

     photo other_os_ps3_zps6892e2a6.png

  • Posted by manster , on 07/03/2013 , @ 12:19pm


    jeff_rigby from neogaf has posted some interesting links and information about a possible OtherOS comeback with the Release of the PS4. Here is the full post:

    DTCP-IP was supposed to come with firmware update 3.0 and the PS3 Slim was released without Linux. With Firmware 3.21 Other OS Linux support was removed from the PS3 and DTCP-IP was implemented. The playstation blog stated this was to have a more secure system. androvsky found a post pre-Firmware 3.0 that predicted most of the firmware 3.0 features and also claimed DTCP-IP was coming with firmware 3.0…..it didn’t until firmware 3.21 a few months later. 

    The reason for Other OS Linux removal was likely as stated (Security) but for streaming IPTV security (On-line and in the home) which was the thrust of firmware 3.0 - 3.50. Firmware 3.50 - 4.31 and higher is for the HTML5 webkit2 browser as webkit is a work in progress. Still missing is DASH HTML5 IPTV streaming with Google/Microsoft/Netflix sponsored DRM using Microsoft’s Playready DRM which Sony has already announced they will be using. This likely signals a change in the DRM and Player currently being used for adaptive streaming. Somewhere near or with PS3 firmware 3.5,AVM+ (Adobe Flash Free for non-commercial use) was implemented and the PS3 started using Flash adaptive streaming with the same standards seen in Flash server 3.5.

    Note: There was a discussion on BY3D about the adaptive IPTV player being used by Sony and one of my finds was AVM+ (free from Adobe for non commercial use and supported by Mozilla) and the Flash server 3.5 standards matched Sony statements about soon to come features in EU IPTV apps (Confirmed in the PS3 about menu under settings). Lots of criticism on BY3D about this and I then found the Sony SNAP site that was using Gstreamer and assumed that was the adaptive player being used; this may still happen but was 3 years premature (Gstreamer is the standard player in Firefox, Opera, GTKwebkit, Sony SNAP and in multiple Sony TVs).

    DTCP-IP is used to encrypt IPTV streams from a DLNA server in the home to the PS3 and other platforms. RVU is a standard which requires a slightly modified version of DLNA + DTCP-IP + HTML5 for the UI that is now accepted as part of DLNA. RVU (remote View) allows control of Cable box DVR boxes and streaming the content in the box or using the tuners for live play. Plans are to use DLNA for Tru2way, RVU with DVR box or cable box 2 way communication with a head end box that may just contains tuners and no recording ability and/or to support “clear” unencrypted cable and OTA RVU. Silicon dust has a tuner that can accept a cable card and serve DLNA-RVU for both OTA and Cable. Speculation is it should work with the PS3 now or soon with a PS3 DLNA upgrade.

    The PS4 is going to have a ARM CPU to support “Trustzone” and it appears the codec accelerators in the PS4 are designed to work with the background ARM CPU which I assume is part of TRUSTZONE. DTCP-IP should be more secure and Linux not an issue with Security for the PS4.

    Accelerated Webkit (GPU) composting is now supported on the Vita but the PS3 webkit has not been updated to support GPU acceleration. (Both the Vita and PS3 use the same GTKwebkit2 APIs and got webkit updates at nearly the same time until the latest Vita browser update.) 

    Vista windows and I think Microsoft Windows OS after Vista use the GPU as a choke point for DRM security as all Video has to go through the GPU. This is the reason for a number of issues; 1) Microsoft stating WebGL which gives access to the GPU as a security issue, 2) Open Source Linux GPU Drivers releases are slow or non-existent and as a result Linux is considered not secure for DRM if there is a Open source GPU driver, 3) Sony did not give access to the GPU for PS3 Other OS Linux for security reasons and to this point the PS3 has no GPU acceleration support for the Webkit2 browser.

    So Linux support from the above could come to the PS4 but Sony needs to find a way to secure IPTV streaming in all it’s forms on the PS3 that doesn’t require the GPU as a choke point and/or insure WebGL and webkit GPU acceleration is secure. This is all speculation on my part and the cite I found seems to indicate that Sony has found a way to secure IPTV streaming on the PS3. This has likely been a major project for Sony since the PS3 was hacked. At the present time all secure IPTV streaming requires a reboot to insure a clean PS3 and full RUN support by the application rather than relying 100% on the PS3 software stack.

    Insiders from Sony say they have introduced a customized kernel version rather than using the basic kernel to support this feature. This customized kernel may support specific versions of Linux only as a part of beta testing. Subsequently Sony will enable all version support after successful completion of beta testing.
    But this time Sony is confident that they won’t block this feature, and that they have an alternative to block the security threats. 
    An inside source also says Sony’s firmware upgrade during the release of PlayStation 4 will re-enable the other OS support in PlayStation 3 as well. So it’s good news for PlayStation 3 owners too after suffering for couple of years. Moreover it’s believed to be a gamble to boost PlayStation 4 sales.

    If RVU support is coming for the PS3 and Webkit is to get accelerated (GPU) composting then Sony likely has an answer that would allow Other OS Linux for the PS3.

    Job posting and posts indicating the PS3 and other platforms will be using WebMAF and Playready DRM.

    PS3 (likely not a production firmware) supporting RVU in 2010

    Job postings “Heavy single page HTML5 media apps”

    More job postings for HTML5 apps using OpenGL or similar

    If you look at the Playstation Store using HTML5 and the PS4 screenshots of the social features they appear similar. My speculation late 2010 was that the PS3 would eventually have a browser (HTML5) desktop and of course future Game consoles like the PS4 also. To this point the PS3 only partially supports a browser desktop and the last part, OpenGL ES support for the XMB to support Cairo, (currently uses XML using OpenVG which is a subset of Cairo that does not require OpenGLES) is still to come likely with webkit GPU acceleration. RVU uses HTML5 for the Menu UI and XTV will likely use HTML5 and Java or Java and XHTML 4.01 (without javascript using XML supported by OpenVG)

    HDMI CEC may be used to control the Tru2way cable box connected to the Xbox 720 or PS4 HDMI IN port. Via RVU over the home network the control is via a new DLNA standard.

    Originally Posted by http://forum.beyond3d.com/showpost.php?p=1716237&postcount=968:
    This is the HDMI CEC standard: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI#CEC
    The most interesting IMO parts are the tuner control, I guess that means that the Xbox ought to be able to tell the cable device to switch to X channel. There is also one touch play, one touch record, volume, time record etc. I would say that an Xbox with inline HDMI (HDMI pass-thru) ought to be able to tell the cable box to record X program, or switch to Y channel at a set time and record X program and directly play any stored information on the device. I don’t think there are too many cable companies/satellite companies so as a standard it ought to be workable with the most common dozen or so devices.


    Same applies to the PS4.

    Version 2.0
    The HDMI Forum is working on the HDMI 2.0 specification.[151][152] In a 2012 CES press release HDMI Licensing, LLC stated that the expected release date for the next version of HDMI was the second half of 2012 and that important improvements needed for HDMI include increased bandwidth to allow for higher resolutions and broader video timing support.[153] Longer term goals for HDMI include better support for mobile devices and improved control functions.[153]
    On January 8, 2013, HDMI Licensing, LLC announced that the next HDMI version is being worked on by the 83 members of the HDMI Forum and that it is expected to be released in the first half of 2013.[12][13][14]
    Based on HDMI Forum meetings it is expected that HDMI 2.0 will increase the maximum TMDS per channel throughput from 3.4 Gbit/s to 6 Gbit/s which would allow a maximum total TMDS throughput of 18 Gbit/s.[154][155] This will allow HDMI 2.0 to support 4K resolution at 60 frames per second (fps).[154] Other features that are expected for HDMI 2.0 include support for 4:2:0 chroma subsampling, support for 25 fps 3D formats, improved 3D capability, support for more than 8 channels of audio, support for the HE-AAC and DRA audio standards, dynamic auto lip-sync, and additional CEC functions.[154] The Sony PlayStation 4 will utilize this standard.


    Provided an implementation for Tru2Way APIs for HDMI CEC messages This in 2009 and plans were at that time to support CEC on Tru2way boxes. Panasonic and Comcast are working to integrate HDMI-CEC technology with tru2way enabled set-top boxes.

    Samsung Tru2way set top boxes for Cable and Satellite without CEC.

    Cisco Tru2way set top box with CEC support. So some are supporting CEC over HDMI.

    Turn your TV into a smart TV with a $100 USB stick that plugs into the HDMI and USB port on a TV.

    Product INFO sheets started listing Tru2way boxes Oct-Nov 2012. 

    OpenCable™ OCAP 1.2.2 Reference Implementation Release Candidate-F Release Notes 9/2012 mention testing with the PS3

    Linux build environment for OCAP Includes Cairo-Pango, XML2, jpeg, Java and more. I.E. it’s a XHTML + Java implementation that is already in the PS3 (except for pango).

    Source: NeoGAF

  • Posted by manster , on 23/02/2013 , @ 03:14pm


    r04drunner has released another Red Ribbon Linux online update for the PS3. He is also working on a new LiveCD which will contain these changes.

    This update has been designed for the releases candidates 6 and 7. It includes the following changes:

    • Iceweasel (Firefox) updated to the 19 release.
    • Added a new version of the Red Ribbon theme.
    • Added the new “System settings” tool.
    • Added the new “Places” menu on the top panel.

    You need to connect the PS3 to the internet, open a lxterminal and download the file:

    wget http://downloads.redribbon.t15.org/online-update-2013-02-22.sh

    Then, you must execute it:

    sudo sh online-update-2013-02-22.sh

    And wait until finished. Then, you must logout and login again.

    This update will be included on the next release of the LiveCD.

    Red Ribbon GNU/Linux @ Sourceforge

    Red Ribbon GNU/Linux Blog

    Source: PS3HaX

  • Posted by manster , on 30/01/2013 , @ 04:47am


    PS3HaX member and creator of Red Ribbon Linux r04drunner has released a new online update for the release candidates 6 and 7. You can update by following the instructions below.



    I have published a new online update.

    This update has been designed for the releases candidates 6 and 7. It includes the following changes:

    • Added a new logout window that includes the “Boot GameOS” option.
    • Added a new version of the Red Ribbon theme.
    • Fixed the hang problems when shutting down and rebooting.

    You need to connect the PS3 to the internet, open a lxterminal and download the file:

    wget http://downloads.redribbon.t15.org/online-update-2013-01-30.sh

    Then, you must execute it:

    sudo sh online-update-2013-01-30.sh

    And wait until finished. Then, you must logout and login again.

    This update will be included on the next release of the LiveCD.

    Note: When you turn off the PS3 if the red light is blinking, do not worry. Now a syscall is used to simulate a problem and to turn off the PS3, but actually everything is ok .


    Red Ribbon GNU/Linux @ Sourceforge

    Red Ribbon GNU/Linux Blog

    Source: PS3HaX

  • Posted by manster , on 12/01/2013 , @ 05:50am


    PS3HaX member r04drunner has released Red Ribbon release candidate 7, which is a Debian based Linux distro for PS3 with OtherOS Support. You can download the ISO from SourceForge. If you have RC6 already installed you can make an online update to keep your Linux up-to-date with the latest patches and releases.


    Red Ribbon release candidate 7 is now available. It is based on Debian Wheezy and It includes the following changes:

    * Kernel 3.7.1 with the Graf_chokolo’s, Marcan’s and Gitbrew’s patches.
    * New version of the installer with some features added and some bugs fixed.
    * New version of the Red Ribbon theme.
    * Iceweasel (Firefox) updated to the 17 release.
    * Asbestos and OtherOS now will use the same kernel.
    * Kboot now will set the latest kernel as the default boot option.
    * Added a new tool to configure the timeout on Petitboot.
    * Added support for Playstation Eyetoy.
    * Added GUVCview as the tool for capturing video from the webcam.
    * Gnome-Player is now the media player.
    * Added a new tool to configure the PS3′s video mode.
    * Added support for NTFS.
    * PulseAudio is now the sound server.
    * Added a new volume control tool.

    You can download it from SourceForge.

    All the new features are available for the RC6 by installing the latest online update. You need to connect the PS3 to the internet, open a lxterminal and download the file:

    wget http://downloads.redribbon.t15.org/online-update-2013-01-10.sh

    Then, you must execute it:

    sudo sh online-update-2013-01-10.sh

    And wait until finished.

    Best regards

    Project @ Sourceforge

    Red Ribbon GNU/Linux Blog

    Source: PS3HaX

  • Posted by manster , on 02/12/2012 , @ 05:52am


    PSX-Scene member SkyNet has released some detailed guides to install Linux on a Playstation 3 Console with Custom Firmware. Thanks to him for the work he has put into it.

    Detailed Guide to Install Debian (Squeeze) from Internet

    Detailed Guide to install Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) from Internet

    Detailed Guide to install Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) from Internet

    Detailed Guide to Install Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) from Internet

    Yellow Dog Linux
    Detailed Guide to Install Yellow Dog Linux 6.2 from DVD-Disc

  • Posted by manster , on 23/11/2012 , @ 03:25am


    r04drunner has published a new online update for Red Ribbon Linux. Visit the Release Thread @ PS3HaX for discussion.

    Reb Ribbon

    This update includes the following changes:

    - Added a 3.6.7 kernel with the Graf_chokolo’s, Marcan’s and Gitbrew’s patches.
    - Added PS3-utils.
    - Added Mplayer.

    You need to connect the PS3 to the internet, open a lxterminal and download the file:

    wget http://redribbon.t15.org/downloads/online-update-2012-11-21.sh

    Then, you can execute it:

    sudo sh online-update-2012-11-21.sh

    And wait until finished.

    The next time that you reboot the system, some new kernel options will appear on Petitboot. You must select the new 3.6.7 option for OtherOS or Asbestos.

    Once you have booted using the new kernel version, if you want to remove the old 3.5.2 kernel versions, you can do it using the Synaptic package manager or executing the next command on a lxterminal:

    apt-get remove linux-image-3.5.2-red-ribbon-powerpc64-asbestos linux-image-3.5.2-red-ribbon-powerpc64-otheros
    linux-headers-3.5.2-red-ribbon-powerpc64-asbestos linux-headers-3.5.2-red-ribbon-powerpc64-otheros

    Source: Red Ribbon GNU/Linux Blog via Release Thread @ PS3HaX

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 15/09/2012 , @ 10:50pm


    r04drunner has released a new version of Red Ribbon GNU/Linux for the PS3. See the Changelog below for the details.



    Originally Posted by r04drunner


    Red Ribbon release candidate 6 is now available. It is based on Debian Wheezy and It includes the following changes:

    * Kernel 3.5.2 with the Graf_chokolo’s, Marcan’s and Gitbrew’s patches.
    * New version of the installer with some features added and some bugs fixed.
    * The installer now supports the portuguese language.
    * Added a notification alert when the disk space is lower than 100 MB.
    * Kboot-setup now supports a config file.
    * New version of the Red Ribbon theme.
    * Added Gnome Users-admin as the user administration tool.
    * Iceweasel (Firefox) updated to the 14 release.
    * Added Gnome Time-admin as the date and time administration tool.
    * Added the kernel headers and the build tools.

    You can download it from Sourceforge.

    Best regards

    Source PS3HaX

    And here is a video tutorial for installing OtherOS++ and Red Ribbon Linux:

    [Tutorial] Install OtherOS++ CFW 3.55, Petitboot and Red Ribbon Linux - PS3 (noob friendly) - YouTube


    Thanks @Manster
  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 25/08/2012 , @ 10:21am


    Im sure some of you have seen my about.me page, through that i found out about a site called Smarterer, it is a website that has many tests, apparently you can use these tests in getting a job, but what i found really cool, was the fact you could create your own tests and with my love for the PS3 Scene and PS3, i soon found myself creating my own test, which i was soon made professor of, several people have added questions too it and you can too, the question is, can you answer the questions and pass the test, taking PS3HaX Homebrew Dev TizzyT of the top spot ?

    Take The Test

    Good luck and have fun :)

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 31/07/2012 , @ 08:29am


    PlayStation 3 homebrew developer, glevand, has released a custom firmware that will boot your PlayStation 3 directly into petitboot, which then presents you with the option of immediately booting your console into GameOS or Linux. After several hours of experimentation, glevand was finally successful and his theories regarding the GameOS loader were proven correct. The developer proudly released his firmware along with the following statement:

    YAY Smile

    Got cold boot working on PS3 SlimSmileSmileSmile
    My theory was right, i patched the initial GOS loader in process 9 of LPAR1 and it works now.
    I can cold boot my petitboot with just pressing power button once.

    Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy



  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/07/2012 , @ 10:57pm


    We all know about the conversion method CEX>DEX and the apps/tutorials/guides published on the board but searching something specific about can result in another new thread asking for something that was already posted or just difficult to find what we are searching for. So i came up with a *idea* to do some *Unique* thread in order to you get the info about the method, and all that i found published so far on HAX about the conversion.

    Thanks again to the one who dedicated hours, even days doing guides and tutorials about this. Keep in mind that neither I, or PS3HAX or even the members who made all of this to share with you are held responsable if anything happens to your PS3 system.




    P.s: I will keep updating the thread and mirroring some files in order to get all about the conversion in ONE place. Organized and Clean ;) feel free to add any other guide/tool/app.

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 22/07/2012 , @ 06:48pm


    Now you can dump rootkey without Linux, @willemse21 brought this news to the board. Nice to see more progress being made on this topic. Needless to say use it at your own RISK. Don’t ask about a n00b tutorial, as far as i know nobody is doing it, hence we are in *testing* stances. When something *foolproof* and noob friendly arises you will see it posted.

    dump_rootkey - 2012 by naehrwert

    === How-to ===
    [1] Install asbestos_ldr.g.pkg on your PS3 (a firmware with lv2 peek/poke is
    required to run it).
    [2] Compile the client (make sure PS3HOST in main.cpp points to your PS3).
    [3] Make sure you got your metldr in ‘./data’ as ‘metldr’.
    [4] A prebuilt ‘dumper’ is included in ‘./data’ (dumper.elf and build.bat is
    included too if you want to change parameters).
    [5] Start asbestos_ldr on your PS3.
    [6] Start the client on your PC.
    [7] Unicorns!

    === Asbestos License ===
    Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Hector Martin “marcan” SPU mailbox threshold interrupt
    [INFO] Interrupt status (2, application) = 0000000000000011
    [INFO] -> SPU mailbox threshold interrupt
    [INFO] -> mailbox interrupt
    [INFO] Mailbox value = 1
    [INFO] -> Dumper loaded.
    [INFO] Transferring eid_root_key to buffer…finished.
    [INFO] Dumping eid_root_key…done.
    [INFO] SPU status = 0×00000081
    [INFO] Destructing spe…done.
    [INFO] Press any key to exit…

    Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dxdmat

    Pastie: http://pastie.org/4301209

    To quote:

    Something interesting that wrote @JonahUK:

    You will still need to do some manual editing for the conversion but this is still great news.

    @PsDev response:

    Nope, once root key is dumped you’re good, just run flash and root key my/gunner tool (Depending on flash) and then validation will be done, just re-flash to you’re now DEX flash and it will still boot into gameOS just now update to 4.11 DEX FW or any DEX FW



  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 20/07/2012 , @ 04:21pm


    It may be hard to believe, but it is almost two years since PS Jailbreak was released, reversed, the PS3 free’d and then locked back up again, a lot has gone on since then, Sony scaring away “hackers” and many other events.

    The PS3 should be free as the Wii and Xbox 360, but the people that are truly capable of pwning the PS3 are either too scared or just cant be bothered with the drama associated with the PS3 Scene.

    It is of course 2012 and i see threads every day, asking how to jailbreak ones PS3, so i am creating this article in a hope to help those that need it, this
    is my fourh F.A.Q, for those of you wishing to read my previous ones, visit here.

    (Q) Why Would I Hack/Jailbreak My PS3 ?
    (A) Hacking your PS3, gives you so many new option’s, you will be able to use emulators, homebrew apps and game backups as well as being able to use Linux, after Sony removed the function in firmware 3.21.

    (Q) Is there a firmware my PS3 should be on ?
    (A) It seems the preferable firmwares are 3.15(For the real OtherOS), 3.41(The original “Jailbreak” firmware) and 3.55(the first CFW PS3), 3.55 is the favourite and most used.

    (Q) What Firmwares cannot be hacked yet ?
    (A) 3.56 to 4.21 are unhackable at the moment, perhaps it will remain that way, or perhaps we will see a break through in the future, only time will tell.

    (Q) But when i bought my PS3, the firmware was above 3.55/My family member updated my console when i was out :( , how can i have Homebrew ?
    (A) All hope isn’t lost, you can downgrade your consoles firmware with hardware, here is a list:

    • Infectus
    • Progskeet
    • Teensy 2.0++/NORway
    • PNM
    • Noraliser
    • PIC32MX
    • E3

    Visit here for more information:

    • PS3 Dev Wiki - Hardware Flashing.


    (Q) Which PS3 Consoles cannot be downgraded ?

    (A) Unfortunately there are some consoles that cannot at this stage be downgraded, these are certain models of CECH-25xx, 3K models and 4K models, for more info, check here:

    • Checking console capability of running 3.55

    (Q) Downgrading was a pain, i don’t want to go through that again, is there a way i can protect my PS3 from accidental upgrading ?
    (A) You can use Team Rebugs firmware spoofer, it spoofs the firmware, so that when someone attempts to update the PS3, via internet, the PS3 tells them they are already on the highest firmware, as an extra precaution, you should remove your consoles access to the internet, when you are not around, you can grab your spoofer, from the offical Rebug site here.

    (Q) What Firmwares are available for me to install
    (A) There are many different versions of MFW, but the most popular are:

    • Rogero
    • Rebug
    • Kmeaw


    (Q) How do i install CFW ?
    (A) If you aren’t already on 3.55, you will need to update to the official Sony firmware, then install a CFW via recovery, Pirate wrote a great guide, which you can read here:
    [Tutorial] How to play and install Backups with Kmeaw CFW+PSN without risk of brick or itskamel’s NOOB JAILBREAK GUIDE

    (Q) Ok so i have CFW installed, how do i run homebrew ?
    (A) You will see in the game section, you will see “Install Package Files”, you will be able to install all your homebrew and backup managers from there, just a note though, the PKG files that you are installing, need to be on the root of your FAT32 formatted thumbdrive/external HDD.

    (Q) Now that i have updated to 3.55 CFW, is there a list of working homebrew app’s/games ?
    (A) Here are a few links:

    (Q) How do i run backups ?
    (A) You will need a backup manager, it seems that only two are being used at the moment:

    • Rogero’s Rogero Manager
    • deank’s Cobra endorsed mmCM

    (Q) I have games that require 3.56 firmware and above, how do i play them ?
    (A) The only easy option available is a reDRM device called True Blue(TB), you can buy the piece of shit or one of its clones, we aren’t a sell-out site like TBCrunch, so we will not link to such devices, though if you have a TB Device, there are members like Adamsville on the forum who will help you, my stance as many others on this forum is:

    But as i said, Adamsville will help, if needed.

    (Q) There surely has to be a free method for playing backups ?
    (A) Up until recently, the diseased reDRM device was the only way, but recently a CEX>Dex conversion was leaked and that paved the way to running backups which require a higher firmware.

    (Q) How do i convert my PS3 from Cex>Dex ?
    (A) There are a few ways, though this is an extremely dangerous method for your PS3, if you do not know what you are doing, you will brick, check here for some help:

    (Q) How do i run backups on a Cex>Dex converted PS3 ?
    (A) There are different methods popping up, here is one:

    (Q) What are my storage options for backing up games ?

    (A.1) You can backups certain games to CD/DVD/BD disc’s, read here for more information.
    (A.2) You can install games on the PS3′s internal HDD or use an External USB HDD, which needs to be formatted to FAT32, you can also use a FAT32 USB Thumb Drive, note that with FAT32 you are limited to games with single files under 4GB, if you prefer all your games to be on the internal HDD, you can get up to 1TB 2.5? HDD, or you can use the Xecuter PS3 HDXT method and have your internal HDD on the outside of the machine, the benefit of this, is that you can use 3.5? Sata and IDE HDD’s as internal storage.

    Some more PS3 HDD Information submitted by eussNL(Thanks again)
    - maximum height is 9,5mm (many 2.5? drives above 640GB are too high too fit inside)
    - maximum PS3 filesystem is 1TB (512KB block size)
    - maximum FAT32 theoretical size is 8TB, practical limit on the PS3 is 2TB
    - 7200rpm can be used, as well as Flashdrives (although the 1/5th lower loadingtime of GTA5 can be considered too low to justify the higher pricetag of SATA Flashdrives.
    - SATAII-300 can be used, although it will work on SATA1-150 speed interface.
    - If using external 3.5? drives hooked up to the internal SATA, you’ll need an external powersupply (some drivebays include them).
    - If on low budget or you like DIY: use a normal extension (male to female) SATA cable (and make sure it doesn’t get loose) and recycle the case + powersupply of an external USB harddisk (without using the USB connection/conversion).
    - Don’t use RAID or SAN drives with (e)SATA interface, just a plain single drive with a bare SATA connector (many controllers don’t work without drivers/software).
    - Games can be hardcoded for BluRay speeds (9MB/s) so sticking a 85~220MB/s harddrive inside will not speedup everything/allways (but most do).
    - If you plan on exchanging the drive, download the full PUP of your FW you are using and put it on an USB Mass Storage Device formatted with FAT32 in PS3UPDATEPS3UPDAT.PUP and disconnect the LAN before re powering the PS3 (or you’ll bound to end up with the latest (3.55 now) unjailbreakable/undowngradable version).
    - Use a good fitting X screwdriver, the screws fitted to the HD<>tray are made of very soft aluminum.

    Here is a tutorial, by forum member Invi, on how to an External IDE HDD Case and use it as Internal Storage:

    An image of the Xecuter PS3 HDXT.

    Videos of different HDD expansion options.

    (Q) Now that i am on 3.55, can i install Linux ?
    (A) Follow this thread.

    (Q) Ok im fed up with using my thumb drive, is there a way to download apps directly to the PS3.
    (A) Yes,you will need to instal “Package Installer”, then you will be able to FTP the apps to the “packages” folder on your PS3, you can find more about that here.

    (Q) Ok so i have backed up a game, i want to save that game to my computer as an extra backup, or i want to mod the game, how do i transfer it from my PS3.
    (A) There are two methods, FTP, there are three of those at the moment:

    Alternatively you can use

    • Comgenies Awesome Filemanager


    if you cant use FTP, or have an External HDD, Comgenies Filemanager is the best choice.

    (Q) I want to be able to create my own Homebrew, is it possible.

    (A.1) Yes, using the Open Source PS3 SDK, named PSL1GHT, you can create Homebrew, PSL1GHT was created by AerialX, read about it here.

    (A.2) You can use the Official Sony SDK, it is reported that this is better for creating homebrew, than the open source version.

    (Q) I backed up a few of my movies to .AVI and .MKV formats, but when i try and play them through Showtime, or stream them via PS3Media Server, i get a Cinavia warning, is there any way past this ?
    (A) You can install this app:

    • Disable Cinavia Installer (3.41 & 3.55)(By Team Rebug)

    (Q) Can play PS2/PS1 backups on my Jailbroken PS3 ?
    (A.1) You can use this method, it lets you use Swap Magic to load PS2 backups on your PS3, the only consoles allowed, are those that are Backwards Compatible, this option also works on a non Jailbroken PS3, even with firmware 3.70
    (A.2) You can use the Cobra USB dongle, to play PS1 or PS2 backups on your Jailbroken PS3, it is compatible with firmwares 3.41 and 3.55.
    (A.3) You can use this method to play PS1 backups on firmware 3.41 and 3.55.

    (Q) Can i use internet and play online with CFW/JB, what about PSN/SEN etc ?
    (A) Yes, browser with apps for 3.55 and lower works online except PSN/SEN, online gaming is possible only via X/BS/link/ai on PC, if game has LAN option:
    Playing online via XBSlink
    Thanks spok

    (Q) The PS3 boot up logo annoys me, can i change it ?
    (A) Indeed you can, you can change both the visual and audio, these logos are called ColdBoots, you can either:


    (Q) The PS3 seems to have went on an epic journey, where can i read more about it ?
    (A) You can check out www.ps3history.net

    (Q) If i need help that is not mentioned in this F.A.Q, what should i do ?
    (A) You could either ask the question in this article, or ask your question in the forums help section here.
    You can also check the PS3 Dev Wiki


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 17/06/2012 , @ 04:28pm


    First Gen dongles and second gen: A never ending ping/pong game.

    You may remember when the *first gen* of dongles used microcontrollers = PIC or ATMEL.
    In that time appeared P3GO with a CPU of 500MHZ (pretty powerful) = Open source Released on 2010.

    The thing here is that 6 months later PS3USERCHEAT releases a dongle with the same hardware inside as P3GO.

    Then when a prudential time passed away, P3GO releases a firmware that was a clon of ps3usercheat. As well a cloned *code unique*.
    Here the situation starts to gets *confusing* and amusing at the same time:

    P3GO was and is the ONLY dongle capable of:

    1) Letting you install a dev’s firmware
    2) Allowing you to make your own MFW
    3) And even had a SDK to do payloads.

    Today we have Cobra/TB/and many clones and a possible release of E3 team. (second gen ones).
    Now we can ask ourselves..The obvious facts:

    Someone tested in this ones, especially in P3GO a dev with good programming skills knowledge on SDK in that time (Even in this time) Can do (insert what you think here) the hell he/she wants.

    They used some good powefull hardware that PS3GO haves to trial and error tests and possibly this is the *Father* of all you see today in the market.
    As far as i know they never took into the equation the fact of 4.11 OFW, they used a big and phat bad ass dongle as P3GO to do the *work*. And to clon a clon (paradox) in order to get more profits.

    Here a List organized by date and detail of PS3GO releases by Sandungas:

    P3GO official releases:
    2010 september ??? - P3GO GT-break released
    Gamebox.hk announces “P3GO GT-break” a “next generation” dongle with impressive technical characteristics: 32bits@500MHz CPU, 16MB SDRAM, 128MB NAND, microSD card slot, linux support, a promised open SDK, and some onboard features like drag&drop updates, dual boot, etc…
    The dongle comes with a clone of “gaia backup manager” preinstalled in path /dev_usb000/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN (root of P3GO NAND), the program is mounted automatically at app_home/PS3_GAME/ icon in XMB game column
    packages included in the P3GO NAND: backup manager_V2.pkg, ftpserver_12.pkg, GMAN74113.pkg, OpenManager1.17.2.pkg, UP0001-GAIA01985_00-7679866932773369-GAMEZ.pkg
    20101022 - P3GO firmware v2
    Dual boot (from NAND or from microSD card)
    20101026 - P3GO firmware v3
    Fixed a bug in HDD permissions
    20101111 - P3GO firmware v04
    Updater from nand (not needed a microSD card to update)
    PSN fixes
    20101112 - P3GO firmware v05
    Stability fixes
    20101116 - P3GO firmware v06 (bugged)
    PSN fixes
    Spoof 3.50
    PL3 fixes
    20101118 - P3GO firmware v07
    Previous bug fixed
    Dongle firmware version is displayed in PC & PS3
    20101118 - P3GO firmware v08 (development)
    Special development version
    Released open SDK
    20101126 - P3GO firmware v09
    Support the Hex files of all versions AVR/PIC (firmwares from other dongles of the first generation)
    20101129 - Recover tool
    Released the frst version of the recover tool, a low level program that can restore the normal operation of the dongle by overwriting his bootloader
    The file fw.bin (that seems to be the bootloader) and the drivers for windows (when the dongle is connected to the pc in “recover mode” is recognized by windows as a new hardware device) are the same than the next release of the recover tool and the ps3usercheat “fix_it” tool
    20101208 - P3GO firmware v10
    Announced as “downgrade support” is a “PS3 service mode” payload integrated in the dongle firmware
    2011 march ??? - PS3usercheat released
    The hardware is the same than P3GO, theorically are resellers or both shares a common manufacturer
    The dongle comes with a cheat software “codeunique v1″ that is an improved clone of “gaia backup manager” installed in the onboard NAND of the dongle, is mounted automatically at APP_HOME icon in XMB
    20110326 - P3GO firmware v11 (for ofw 3.41)
    Support the cheat function and can load the game from the hard disk
    This release includes “Code Manager v1″ (his ICON0.PNG says “code freak by cybergadget”, and the program contains several logos of ps3usercheat)
    Code Manager needs to be installed in path /dev_usb000/CHT/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN (root of P3GO NAND), the program is mounted automatically at app_home/PS3_GAME/ icon in XMB game column
    Spoof 3.66
    20110522 - P3GO firmware v12 (for cfw 3.55 kmeaw)
    Support for 3.55 cfw
    New version of “recover tool” (seems there are some differences with the previous version of recover, e.g: the NAND OOBSIZE value in USBBoot.cfg)
    There was a re-release of this package (im not sure if comes from the official page) that includes 2 cloned copies of “code unique”: CODEUNIQUE_355_auto_detect.pkg, and CHET11111_ONLY CHEAT_355.pkg (“code unique v2.0″ clones reselfed and repackaged?)
    There is also an announce that some users reported failures when installing v12 firmware in first generation boards (the green ones) they announce to recover the dongle with the “recover tool” (honestly? this was a mess, it depends of the firmware installed in the dongle and they never said the recover versions was different, is not clear wich one to use for each type of brick/board)
    Next moths…
    All references from the v12 release are erased from the official web (gamebox.hk) and all download links broken during months, no more support

    In the last release documented of P3GO contained a program to flash it on *recover mode*….(go figure).
    This generated some serious *dongle bricks* since you can do the the *recover mode* joining two pads with a wire.

    Many people said that P3GO SDK is *limited* but we don’t know how limited it’s is, you can do payloads and today is pretty useless. (Since we have more *hardcore* dongles with better encryption and better security).
    Maybe the SDK released by them was half-complete or infact incomplete.
    But with *recover tool* you have the chance to install your own BOOTLOADER.
    This opens a wide spectrum of possibilities as well when the P3GO was released for first time they showed a nice AD = With LINUX support.

    It’s very limited the data i can post today, i will update later.
    But keep this in mind and please feel free to contribute not with MONEY. But information and PS3usercheat dongle.

    Sandungas as well as the users doing some serious research on this. Needs:

    1) If someone wants to complete the releases list of PS3USERCHEAT, doing so we have a better view and all the *code unique* versions.
    2) Someone WILLING to DONATE a PS3USERCHEAT dongle. Is MORE than welcome.

    Will we keep this up, and updated.

    Source = http://www.ps3devwiki.com/wiki/Talk:PS3UserCheat

    Source = ps3devwiki

    I will REMARK this. This is a discussion *news* and i have to give a big thanks to the ones who are keeping the good work. @Sandungas @Oct0xor @Flatz and many others. Especially ps3devwiki for the almost endless resources.




  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 20/04/2012 , @ 05:18am


    For a few days, the PS3 Dev Wiki was down due to hosting problems and a lot of information seemed to be lost, but thanks to the hard work of the Wiki’s admin defyboy and a backup from a member called TMAnd, only a couple of days work was lost, you can read about it on this thread.

    So thank you defyboy and TMAnd for rescuing all those precious edits :)

    I would like to point out, that the PS3 Dev Wiki is a community effort, without the work and dedication of a lot of developers and PS3 enthusiasts, the wiki would be quite empty, so if you are doing work on the PS3, keep it documented on the Wiki :)

    You can visit the Wiki here:
    PS3 Dev Wiki

    I would like to give thanks to euss, deroad, defyboy, Lady Anne Blunt, sandungas and the many other editors who keep the Wiki alive.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 09/12/2011 , @ 09:00pm


    I had just posted here a few days ago about the OtherOS case, well unfortunately, Sony’s request for dismissal has been granted, here is a quote of some of the court case.

    The flaw in plaintiffs’ analogy is that they are claiming rights not only with respect to the
    features of the PS3 product, but also to have ongoing access to an internet service offered by Sony,
    the PSN. A somewhat fanciful, but more apt, analogy would be if Toyota sold hybrid vehicles with
    an advertisement campaign touting that Toyota owners would have access to a recreational driving
    facility, a no-speed limit amusement park for cars. Then, at some time thereafter, Toyota instituted
    a rule that its hybrids would not be permitted in the park unless the owners allowed the battery
    feature to be disabled. In those circumstances, Toyota hybrid owners who declined to authorize
    disabling of the battery feature would still have fully-functional hybrid vehicles, capable of running
    on an electric motor or a gasoline engine, as appropriate under the conditions. Similarly, PS3
    owners who declined to install Firmware Update 3.21 still have fully-functioning devices, capable
    of either being used as game consoles to play games on optical disks, or as computers, with the
    Other OS feature.
    While plaintiffs would characterize the ability to access the PSN as a “fundamental feature”
    of the PS3 itself, it cannot be disputed that the “feature” is dependent on something outside the
    actual device—i.e., the continued existence of the PSN. Additionally, plaintiffs acknowledge that
    installation of Firmware Update 3.21 was entirely at the discretion of the user; indeed they have
    proposed separate subclasses for those who did chose to download it and those who did not. The
    choice may have been a difficult one for those who valued both the Other OS feature and access to
    the PSN, but it was still a choice.
    Under these circumstances, it cannot be said that Sony “unilaterally took away a
    fundamental feature of a product after that product [was] sold to a consumer.” Rather, Sony
    unilaterally imposed a requirement that PS3 owners who wanted continued access to the PSN
    service would have to allow the Other OS feature in their machines to be disabled. As a
    consequence, for Sony’s conduct to have been in any manner wrongful, it is not enough for
    plaintiffs to show that they have a right to expect continued availability of the Other OS feature
    beyond the warranty period, but also a right to continued access to the PSN.
    Nothing in plaintiffs’ factual allegations or their arguments is sufficient to support a
    conclusion that Sony has any obligation to maintain the PSN in operation indefinitely. Had Sony
    elected to shut down the PSN entirely, and for some unknown reason then offered PS3 owners the
    option to disable the Other OS feature on their machines, users who elected to do so would plainly
    have no claim for loss of the OS Feature.1 Nor would it be sufficient for plaintiffs merely to say
    that, having elected not to shut down the PSN entirely, Sony had no right to limit access to the
    service to those who agreed to disable the Other OS feature. This is not a discrimination case, and
    nothing in plaintiffs’ factual allegations supports the existence of a legally enforceable duty on
    Sony’s part to refrain from altering the conditions under which users are permitted access to the

    It ends by saying:

    The dismay and frustration at least some PS3 owners likely experienced when Sony made
    the decision to limit access to the PSN service to those who were willing to disable the Other OS
    feature on their machines was no doubt genuine and understandable. As a matter of providing
    customer satisfaction and building loyalty, it may have been questionable. As a legal matter,
    however, plaintiffs have failed to allege facts or to articulate a theory on which Sony may be held
    liable. The motion to dismiss is granted, without leave to amend. The motion to strike is denied as
    moot. A separate judgment will issue.
    Dated: 12/8/11


    You can read the full PDF, which contains the back story and reasons for dismissal:

    To end this story, is it really a surprise that Sony won ? :(

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 05/12/2011 , @ 09:29am


    It has been quite a while since we spoke of the OtherOS lawsuit, i wrote here of how Sony were planing to dismiss the case, then in July 2011 the court case continued, with that hearing just recently being brought to light by the awesome Groklaw,here is a part of that hearing:

    - the big difference between the last complaint and this one, in terms of an item that is being
    presented as a basis for these claims, particularly the express warranty claim, is the statements by Mr. — I think his name is
    “Harai” — about the life cycle, if you will, of the PS3. And I suppose my question is: Aren’t you expecting
    that statement to carry an awful lot of water here, in terms of providing any kind of warranty that the Other OS function is
    going to be maintained in seeming perpetuity, and in no way will be affected going forward; at least, with respect to this ten-year period that you’re identifying? It’s a very general statement about the market cycle of a product. And to transform that into the flagship of your warranty claim seems
    to be expecting a lot out of that statement.

    Well, your Honor, let me at least clarify one point. Our allegation is not that it is a market-cycle statement; that, in fact, it refers to the life of
    the product, itself. When it was first made, that specific statement in its entirety, which I believe — the defense counsel sort of cut part of the quote — goes on to say that they’re not envisioning putting out a new product, because they purposely make their products to last this period of time.

    You can read the full article at the source here.

    Or you can download the PDF here at PS3HaX.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/10/2011 , @ 02:02pm


    Its been a few months since we interviewed Gitbrew, unquestionably the best and most important group in the PS3 Scene, they have been responsible for so many advances in the PS3 scene one of them being the restoration of OtherOS, much has went on since we last interviewed the guys at Gitbrew, so Pockets69 and myself(GregoryRasputin) decided to throw a few questions together, here are the responses to those questions:

    So it has been a few months since the last interview, what have you been doing since then.

    A lot. Our console development efforts are even more intense than they were when you last interviewed us, and we are proud to announce that we have been
    joined by refugee developers from git-hacks. Not only do we get to benefit from having these talented developers working with us, but this merge also adds
    about 11 gigs of source code to our git repositories. Sorry for the downtime, but when it’s back up it’ll all be worth it.

    I’ve also branched off from console development for a bit in order to focus on developing solutions for secure, survivable, and covert communications and
    infrastructure for hostile environments, as well as intelligence collection and forensic tools that will support and assure the security of these networks
    and their users. We are partnering with other Global-level groups to provide these tools as quickly as we can to the various Occupy movements sprouting up
    all over the world. With the help of Iadnah and others in the community we are proud to announce our first release: occupyOS. This secure, no-frills-added
    OS can be booted from either cdrom or usb and provides a safe environment activists can use to communicate, publish documents, and perform other necessary tasks
    using whatever hardware happens to be available at the time. More information is available at: http://wiki.gitbrew.org/wikibrew/OccupyOS

    Quite a bit as durandal said, I’ve been trying to clear up what happened over the last incident. We again apologize for that and have been working as best as we can in making a proper rsx driver, instead of just documentation. I’ve been trying to help developers out there that are in need of proper documentation as well as the supplys (vnc’s and/or servers to properly test their stuff) As well as hardware to test their applications on. We’ve been quite busy organizing things together and helping as many people as we can along the way. I’m glad to be helping in anyway possible to a developer in need. I had to sell my ps3 so currently most development on my side is on hold until then. Until then, I will just be helping out developers :) .

    Your work was posponed due to durandal needing an operation, how is he doing

    I feel better than I have in years. Sorry about the downtime…I’ll do everything I can to make up for it.

    I’ve known durandal for a few years, and i can say that he’s doing a lot better then ever.

    The scene as you no it, is full of drama, we have a team of wanabe devs known as Team PS360, do you think they will eventually crack the ps3.

    Positively… We can all sit back and relax now knowing that ps360 will save the ps3 scene, release 3.70+ keys, and hack the gibson. Oh wait…
    you were serious? We used to have a saying in the blackhat community: code or stfu. I think that sums it up. To be honest, if most of these groups and individuals spent half as much time researching and coding as they spend bickering over pirate/anti-pirate and who’s this month’s ps3 scene godfather, they could actually “save the ps3 scene” like they claim to want to do.

    As durandal has said, Code or stfu. I don’t doubt any of them have any coding experience, I don’t doubt that they know partially what they’re talking about. I doubt the fact we haven’t seen anything from them. I wish them luck though, and if any of them needs help then so be it.

    Recently glevand unlocked some more of the RSX`s potential, how close is he to ripping it wide open.

    It’s already ripped wide open. Through the resources and synergistic development gitbrew offers, glevand was able to write a ps3fb replacement that takes
    advantage of all three FIFO pipes to maximize the amount of data throughput from SYSTEM memory to the RSX. Unfortunately our git is down while we take on
    the refugee developers from git-hacks. When the new Gitorious-based repository is up, we’ll dump everything into it. Until then, feel free to download both
    the kernel module and userland app at: http://gitbrew.org/~glevand/ps3/linux/ps3rsx_kernel.tar.gz and http://gitbrew.org/~glevand/ps3/linux/ps3rsx_user.tar.gz
    Both files are needed to run the new ps3rsx graphics driver, and I want to assure everyone that no lv1 calls were hurt during the development of this much-needed

    He was having a bit of trouble, but actually looked at the documentation that was released and actually fixed the problems he was having. How’s that for irony?

    what do you think about the new method of getting the per_console_key?

    Glevand and many others have been working feverishly to develop methods of obtaining this key. It’s nice to see it’s paid off. I’m looking forward to a day when
    the PS3 is as open a development as the PSP.

    One step closer, sooner or later ibm is going to finally send a cease and desist. We’ll put that right up next to dasmoovers sign.

    Do you have anyone working on an easy to use tool for the key? we are already used to gitbrew pkgs XD

    If we weren’t, we’d have to quit gitbrew and join PS360….

    I’m pretty sure anything related to the rootkey, we might leave out just so that people actually learn how to get their own keys. As a sort of accomplishment type thing, but eventually there will be simple pkg files released to do it.

    What next projects are we going to see from gitbrew regarding the ps3 scene? can we see some sort of “one day one announcement”, like you did a couple of weeks ago?

    Well RSX is taken care of, NPDRM is getting very close to being irrelevant, and I’ve heard there’s almost usable versions of psl1ght floating around. I guess the next really big thing you’ll see is the release of the gitSkeet flasher. We teamed up with progskeet and rebug to create a special edition of the progskeet2 that will have solderless clips and the kind of support and documentation only gitbrew is capable of providing. It also gives us an opportunity to branch out into the actual hardware exploitation as well. As far as having announcement a day weeks, expect to see more of them in the not so distant future.

    Ah the one day one announcement might end up as something a bit different (As a lemon twist as richlando has once told me). We might release something soon, but it will be more planned out next time.

    what else is everyone from gitbrew working on, that you are allowed to mention of course?

    We’ve got active Android and iOS dev groups working on various projects, and iadnah and I are spearheading the Global Occupy development effort. We’re also accepting hardware donations for use by the various Occupy movements. While all this is going on, Snowy and euss are diligently working to document and publicize everything being done. Without the two of them, gitbrew wouldn’t be possible. Due to the nature of gitbrew, I’m sure there’s other dev teams working on other awesome projects, so expect some big announcements over the next several months.

    Quite a bit still, i’m only helping 3-4 groups atm, but might turn into more or might turn into less. We might take a look at the frankenstein sdk again. Lets just hope i can figure out how durandal originally made it work.

    What is your thought on the recent discoveries on the ps3 scene?

    Imagine, if you can, being basically bedridden for the last four months and waking up to all this. I think 2011 will go down as the year the PS3 finally got the attention it deserves. I’m amazed at just how much development is going on, both inside gitbrew and in the community at large.

    Theres a few things i want to be seen done, but i’m not picky.

    - A.)
    psx backups working

    This one wasn’t really a surprise, but it’s still really awesome to be able to play some of those classics without digging out a 10 year old CD and hoping it’ll play on your dusty PSX. Thanks for giving me the chance to finally have that Twisted Metal rematch, and with much improved resolution.

    Once iso backups from a drive is done, I’ll be happy about this. Most of my psone games are far too scratched to even boot now.

    - B.)

    duplex releases of cracked psn games

    If they could keep their network up and not illegally store customer data, people might actually pay for the games. Maybe Sony shouldn’t hire Kevin Mitnick to secure their network.

    I’d actually like to congradulate them on it, someone was smart enough to hit sony again. Next time sony, hire ibm to actually do the rest of the security for your console.

    - C.)
    mallory and juanadie releases on the npdrm keys.

    We’re proud to call mall0ry a gitbrew developer. I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

    As durandal said, awesome dude. Glad to have him aboard. Juanadie, you’re also more then welcome to join or idle in the irc. It would help a lot as well as spark more interesting ideas, never know.

    - D.)
    The new jb2 dongle AKA true blue.

    I’m always very wary of dongles. Usually they’re just a ploy to make a buck, and these days it doesn’t take long for someone to reverse what the software they’re trying to hide does. Expect to see the same happen here. If we want to deter others from trying to peddle their software in a dongle form, we should make a point of reversing a dongle’s functionality
    and implementing it in a package. I’m sure that group paid a lot of money to get all those dongles made, and they’d hate to see that money go to waste.

    Yet again as durandal said, dongles are dongles, regardless someone is going to take a crack at them and release a free version of it. Cobra hasn’t even been touched by most of the developers, and those who have touched it don’t really care for piracy. I would like to thank dean for taking the first step in making psx backups working though, a small step but none the less towards the proper direction for the scene.

    To be continued……….

    Pockets69 & GregoryRasputin
    Thanks for taking the time to answer the few questions, you guys are awesome <3

    durandal & Snowy
    Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Without communities like ps3hax, none of this would’ve been possible.

    With the interview over, i would like to personally request something from each of you and that is to send the guys at Gitbrew a little donation, it can be as little as $1, if one hundred people donate only $1 each, that’s $100, which helps a huge way to covering server expenses and it shows that you appreciate the work they do, this donation request does not come from Gitbrew, nor have they asked me to post this, it is a request from me(GregoryRasputin), as i think they deserve all the support they can get.

    To donate, please follow this link.
    To donate to graf_chokolo [email protected]

    For help from or to work with OtherOS visit them on IRC here:
    Join #otheros

    Follow Gitbrew On Twitter


    And lastly Thank You durandal and Snowy for taking the time to answer these questions and thank you to Gitbrew for doing what you do in the scene.