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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 22/05/2014 , @ 08:39am


    It has come to the attention of staff members of the forum that people have been impersonating staff members, in order to steal Console ID’s, here is a PM i received from a worried PS3HaX member:

     photo Capture_zps4cfa8e49.png

    This particular impersonator was pretending to be player420 and seems to has taken dumps from at least two members, that we know off, this impostor was using the email [email protected], if any other members have been affected by this member, please report the PM and here are some tips to understand, so that you do not get scammed in future:

    • PS3HaX staff have an image/icon under their name, which says Moderator or Super-Moderator, this icon shows up in PM’s, if it isn’t there, then its an impostor.
    • PS3HaX staff WILL NOT PM you asking for your dumps, if they do, use the report button.
    • If you want help with a dump and a staff member offers in public to look at your dump, make sure they have that icon first, then and only then proceed via PM.
    • PS3HaX staff will NEVER ask you for your dumps on another website, if they do, create a thread on the forum and state which website the staff member is asking for a dump.
    • Finally NEVER give your dumps to any normal member of the forum, if any member of the forum asks you for your dump, report them.



    Well it seems the clown decided to use my username, he went as far as using my profile pic and using a screen shot of my avatar and status as his forum pic:
     photo lamer_zpsd2ad88e1.png

    The member used an email similar to his first one [email protected]






  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 18/08/2013 , @ 05:46pm


    Rautz has released a tutorial to help those of you using PSNope, here it is:

     photo psnope_zpscf0e5543.gif

    Here’s a little usage guide I wrote for someone else this morning that I may as well post up for anyone else that is still having problems. Its a rough guide but it should get you on track.


    A PS3 file manager of your choice
    PS3Nope pkg.

    How to use

    After installing PSNope you want to open a file manager and check which of your PS3 accounts has act.dat.

    You can do so by going to /dev_hdd0/home/000000xx and opening the exdata folder. After finding an account with act.dat make note of which number it uses eg /dev_hdd0/home/00000008

    If none of your accounts have act.dat you’ll need to go to the store and grab an EA game online pass, since they are now free. If you are getting errors stopping you from downloading then try creating a new user on the PS3 and sign in on that user. There are probably other safer ways to create act.dat I just dont know them.

    On your computer open up the config.txt file and edit it according to how you wish to use PSNope:

    Click here to see full text

    If you have a look at the config.txt you can see that I’ve chosen to have raps associated with 00000015 highlighted in blue, this was the only account at this PS3 that had been activated(act.dat in the exdata folder).

    Spoof the idps

    If you like playing online and using tools that spoof your console id and PSID then you you’ll want to be enabling the option I have highlighted inmagenta.

    Enable = 1
    Disable = 0

    At the moment this option doesnt act as some sort of PSN ban workaround like some people think it does, it is an option so that if you choose to use a tool that spoofs, idps, PSID, and mac address like SEN Enabler then your games wont break compatibility(since PSNope relies on idps to decrypt rap files). Enabling this option before activating this content will allow you to use SEN Enabler whilst still enjoying the PSN games. Note that you will need to use the same spoofed idps for both tools. A future version seems to be on the cards to allow PSID spoofing so this will be a proper all in one tool in that respect.

    Activating the content

    If you’ve used ReactPSN before your find this part unnecessary since it is the same procedure(apart from your folders used on the usb.

    On your usb your rap files go into this path I highlight in green in the config example.
    dev_usb000= the right most usb port.

    Install the game packages onto your PS3

    Once your raps are in the right folder and flash drive is in the correct port, run the app. It will black screen for a sec or two(I only activated 5 raps, I’m not sure how long a pirates folder would take to activate) and return to XMB without rebooting.

    Your games should be ready to play now.

    Tested working with:

    Metal Slug
    Crazy Taxi
    Alpha Mission 2
    Capcom vs SNK 2(PS2 Classic)
    Some UC3 DLC

    Thanks @u$er for releasing this nifty tool.


  • Posted by manster , on 19/04/2013 , @ 01:16pm


    Here’s a tutorial by PS3HaX user stone_boys to block the XMB scrolling, advertisting, or the news ticker.

    Tutorial to permanently disable the PS3 Ticker
    Sometimes called XMB scrolling ticker, XMB advertisting ticker, or XMB news ticker.


    1. Multiman/mmOS
    2. Ability to blacklist a DNS domain for the PS3 using OpenDNS, local router, or other method.


    1. FileZilla (or other FTP client)

    Steps to follow:

    1. Start Multiman and use FileZilla (FTP client) to connect (or use mmOS directly)
    2. Delete /dev/hdd0/tmp/explore/nsx/db.xml
    3. Delete all applicable folders containing a file named getmanifest under /dev/hdd0/tmp/explore/nsx/
    4. Blacklist ndmdhs.com or us.np.adproxy.ndmdhs.com through OpenDNS, local router, or any other method to blacklist the DNS domain
    5. Restart PS3

    After restart, the db.xml gets recreated, but since the DNS domain is blacklisted the folder and the getmanifest file isn’t be created.

    Be careful which folders you delete as some people may use /dev/hdd0/tmp/explore/nsx/ folder to install homebrew or show additional software on XMB.

    That’s it. Enjoy. Maybe somebody can build on this and find another way.



    Possible option for Multiman

    Maybe Deank can put an option in Multiman to delete this info and/or make the nsx folder immutable (unsure if PS3 has this ability).

    My motivation for providing this:

    I was banned from the Playstation Network. The ticker really annoyed me and since I can’t to use PSN anymore, why should Sony get to put advertisements on my console? I’ve also seen other ask if this can be done.

    Things that didn’t work regarding /dev/hdd0/tmp/explore/nsx/

    1. Renamed nsx folder to nsx_old. After restarting the PS3, a new nsx folder was created.
    2. Changing permissions of nsx folder to 000. After restarting the PS3, nsx folder was renamed to nsx_yyyymmddhhmmss_00 and a new nsx folder was created.
    3. I was hoping to find a way to change the username/group ownership of the nsx folder, but haven’t found a way. I assume it won’t work either based on other attempts.

    Source: PS3HaX

  • Posted by manster , on 10/04/2013 , @ 04:47am


    GlowBall1 (or 1GlowBall) has uploaded a new video tutorial for creating Dynamic GlideShow/SlideShow Themes for the PS3.

    via YouTube

    Follow 1GlowBall on Twitter - https://twitter.com/1GlowBall

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 13/02/2013 , @ 08:13am


    Still stuck on 3.55 MFW and want to update to the latest MFW, check this video tutorial:

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 11/02/2013 , @ 07:08am


    @HolmesInFive has created another awesome video tutorial, this one shows you how to QA Flag your PS3.

    HolmesInFive YouTube
    HolmesInFive Twitter
    HolmesInFive Facebook

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 31/01/2013 , @ 09:38am


    Whilst i was helping a PS3HaX member yesterday morning, i searched for a tutorial for him, only to realise that when i looked at the tutorial, it no longer was viable for use, so i decided to look for an alternative way, to view the full story and understand where this is coming from, then click the link below:
    Websites that allow DL on PS web Browser

    I’m sure there have been times when a spouse or friend is using your computer and you just want to grab a brand new copy of Ubuntu, but all you have is your PS3 and you want to grab the latest Ubuntu torrent and download, here is how to do it on your PS3 :)

    First thing, make sure you have some sort of External FAT32 Storage connected, like a FAT32 formatted thumb drive.
    On your PS3′s Browser

    1. Press Triangle, go to the menu called File, select it, then select Address Entry
    2. Enter http://zbigz.com/ into the URL space.
    3. Press L3, the press triangle and choose open new window
    4. Once there choose a site that has a torrent, like http://www.Ubuntu.com entering that address into the URL bar.
    5. Go to download, then click on Ubuntu Desktop, then go scroll down until you see alternate options, click the link.
    6. Find the Ubuntu version you would like to download, once you have found it, hover the mouse icon over the link.
    7. Press Triangle, go to the menu that says File, select it, then go down to where it says Copy Address Of This Link and press X
    8. Press L3 to go back to the page which has http://zbigz.com/ on it and paste the link into the section provided.
    9. Press go and wait for the download link.
    10. When the dialogue pops up select your external storage device and press start, that will start it downloading.

    If my tutorial wasn’t quite plain enough
    Here is a video showing you what to do:



    Thanks to Google for being my friend :)

    Also thanks to maxwellmojo for putting the idea into my head.

  • Posted by manster , on 03/01/2013 , @ 09:47am


    D3CH and aerosoul94 have discovered how to edit the memory of the PS3 in real-time. Check out the video and the tutorial below for more information.

    Originally Posted by D3cH

    Hello everyone!

    First off I want to say special thanks to aerosoul94, we discovered this few months ago, we did alot of mods, and now this is the time for release!

    Ok, so now I’ll explain how to edit memory of PS3 games in real time.

    Tools needed :

    • A PS3 with a DEX firmware
    • ProDG Target Manager and ProDG Debugger (they got leaked just google it)
    • make_fself.exe
    • The ELF file of the game you want to mod

    /! - Your PS3 must be wired, it will not work if you’re using WiFi - /!

    Ok first, start ProDG Target Manager and go on “Search For Targets” then press the refresh button to start scanning, if all is ok your PS3 should be detected, just right click on it and move it to “Debugging Station” group then double click on it, it will add your PS3 into your targets list.

    Now in your targets list, right click on your PS3 then choose “Connect”, once your PS3 is connected you can start ProDG Debugger (if it’s asking you to select a target then just select your PS3).
    You will see a window called “Memory”, that’s in this window that you will edit the memory of the game you want.

    Ok now you need to make a fself (with make_fself.exe) of the ELF you want to edit memory, just go into cmd then put make_fself x.elf EBOOT.BIN where x is your ELF (it will create the EBOOT), once you have your file just put it in your PS3 in the right game folder.

    In ProDG Debugger you should see a process appear in the “Processes” window, right click on it then choose “Attach Process” then “Continue without symbols” now your process is attached and you can view memory, but when you attach it, ProDG pauses the process, you have to continue it, just go in ProDG Target Manager, expand the list of your PS3, go to “Kernel Explorer”, highlight the process then press the “Continue” icon (you can also continue it with ProDG Debugger).

    Now you’re done and you can edit memory of your game, by the way there are other options in ProDG Debugger, you can add breakpoints, show disassembly, etc. Also don’t forget to refresh memory or just enable “Auto Update” option.

    Here is a screen of how it looks like :

    Example of real time modding :

    Video link: http://youtu.be/JfISUnGpV-k

    Enjoy your memory editing !!

    Source: NGU

    Thanks to 0×00 for the news tip!

  • Posted by manster , on 28/12/2012 , @ 04:11am



    Lately, there has been a lot of questions regarding Game Save resigning in the PS3HaX forums. So if you need help with that or want to know how it works, PS3HaX member gingerbread has put together a few tutorials with different methods to help you out. Click on the image or on the link below to get to the thread.


    [Tutorial] How to use someone else’s PS3 Game Save. [Various Methods] @ PS3HaX Forum

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 23/11/2012 , @ 03:54pm


    Glowball1 who is responsible for numerous tutorials on creating dynamic themes for the PS3, has released a video tutorial on how to create a Christmas theme:

    For more tutorials and to thank Glowball1, be nice an subscribe to him on YouTube:
    Glowball1′s YouTube

    Source Opium2k on Twitter, for those of you who dont know Opium2k, shame on you, he is responsible for creating tons of themes/skins for multiMAN and RetroArch, so click below to follow him on Twitter:
    Opium2k’s Twitter

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 07/10/2012 , @ 05:52am


    [Guide] How to bypass the 4 slots limit of Ps3gen, and how to edit the size of slot and HDD’ s partition by gledian

    You will need:

    • HDD formatted with the “BD Emulator Format HDD” from the console (NOT ps3gen);
    • A HEX editor that supports disk editing (for this guide a use WinHEX)

    How to edit the size of HDD

    If you do not want to dedicate an entire HDD to PS3 backup, with this guide you can edit the size of the ps3gen partition and have one that you will use with Ps3Gen and one that you can format in FAT32/NTFS or in another format of your choice to be used normally.



  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 07/09/2012 , @ 05:30am


    PS3HaX Member baileyscream has released the ultimate guide for those of you needing a hand with all your PS3 downgrading needs





    For the full guide, visit this thread:

    Ultimate Fool Proof Guide: Ps3 Hardware Downgrading

    Follow BaileysCream on Twitter:


  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/07/2012 , @ 10:57pm


    We all know about the conversion method CEX>DEX and the apps/tutorials/guides published on the board but searching something specific about can result in another new thread asking for something that was already posted or just difficult to find what we are searching for. So i came up with a *idea* to do some *Unique* thread in order to you get the info about the method, and all that i found published so far on HAX about the conversion.

    Thanks again to the one who dedicated hours, even days doing guides and tutorials about this. Keep in mind that neither I, or PS3HAX or even the members who made all of this to share with you are held responsable if anything happens to your PS3 system.




    P.s: I will keep updating the thread and mirroring some files in order to get all about the conversion in ONE place. Organized and Clean ;) feel free to add any other guide/tool/app.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 17/07/2012 , @ 12:59pm


    PS3HaX developer aldostools has posted a tutorial on how to create a PKG that installs edats, here is a quote from his thread:

    In response to an unanswered old question:

    Originally Posted by Ron36 View Post

    Is anyone familiar on how to make a pkg that will install an edat to dev_hdd0/home/00000xx/edata?


    Here are the steps to create a PKG to install edats (I couldn’t find a tutorial for it, so I made this):

    0. Get the make_package_npdrm.exe available in the SDK (eg. SDK 3.41) and copy it to a folder. eg. C:NPDRM

    1. Create a new folder in that folder and name it with the title id of your game (eg. NPXX00999)

    2. Copy to that folder the edat and the PS3LOGO.DAT file. eg:


    3. Create a new text file, paste the following text, and save it as make_edat_pkg.bat in the same folder where you copied the make_package_npdrm.exe

    echo ContentID = XX0999-NPXX00999_00-PURCHASEDLICENSE>package.conf
    echo Klicensee = 0x00000000000000000000000000000000>>package.conf
    echo DRMType = Local>>package.conf
    echo ContentType = License>>package.conf
    echo PackageVersion = 01.00>>package.conf
    make_package_npdrm.exe package.conf NPXX00999

    4. Before you save the file, make sure that the ContentID matches the with the file name of the .edat file and the folder name near the make_package_npdrm.exe is correct.

    5. Run the batch file: make_edat_pkg.bat

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 17/07/2012 , @ 09:54am


    An anonymous source sent me a method to running 3.6+ backups on a Dex machine

    You will need these files.

    • ps3gen.zip
    • psn_package_npdrm.rar
    • PS3 Game Updater 1.41.rar
    • PkgView_1.3.rar


    Preparing the usb hdd:
    0. Connect an external usb disc
    1. Go to debug settings on your dex
    2. BD Access select "BD Emulator (USB)"
    3. transfer rate option select "HDD Native"
    4. "Format BD Emulator HDD"
    Preparing the update:
    1. First use PS3 Game Updater to get the newest Update pkg for the game
    2. Then fire up Pkg View and extract the BCUS98295 dir into any dir -lets just call it targetdir.
    3. Extract psn_package_npdrm.exe into this dir
    4. Create a .txt into this dir and fill it with:
    Content-ID = EP0001-BCUS98295_00-0000111122223333
    K_licensee = 0x00000000000000000000000000000000
    DRM_Type = Free
    Content_Type = GameData
    PackageType = DiscGamePatch
    PackageVersion = 01.21
    Rename the .txt file "package.conf".
    Where BCUS98295 is the Title ID of your game and Packageversion has to be the Number of the Patch you downloaded
    5. run it via cmd with psn_package_npdrm.exe package.conf BCUS98295
    -> this will create a new update pkg for your game -> put on usb stick an install on DEX 3.55 ( don't know if you can also install it later )
    Preparing the BD Emu Disc:
    0. connect external usb with your pc
    1. Fire up psgen.exe
    2. fill in the title id: bcus.. put disc version to 00.00, copyright holder = sce, producer name = sce, tick trophy, click setup game
    3. file -> import -> load up the param.sfo, click tab content information files and drag and drop the files from ps_game without the directories -&gt
    ; remove files that get a grey background -> click ok
    4. click tab directory and file the structure with your backed up files
    5. click build
    6. click for bd emulator hdd tab and select the partition u want to use

    The anon source told me that MLS 2012 works with this method….

    Note that files with .edat update does not work with this method yet.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 10/07/2012 , @ 12:55am


    User @Nevik the one who brought us ps3tools for Mac, now he released v2! for Mac OsX 10.6 10.7. Check this:

    To quote:
    Hi all
    I have had a great deal of fun learning TCL TK and some python to try and make this tool as easy to use as possible for those who don’t want to install Macports.

    download here:

    Read README and how to use included.

    PS3TOOLS.v2 for OsX:


    no more X11 needed all GUI is written in tcl tk.


    -Edit Read and Create PARAM.SFO files.

    -Fail0verFlow make self tool

    As of now you can:

    unself :: F0F unself

    unself2 :: F0F unself2 See README.txt for mallory instructions.

    readself :: F0F readself and readself2<<new to V2

    make_self :: This is geohot’s make_self.

    make_self_F0F :: F0F make self tool<<new to V2

    make_self_npdrm :: This is geohot’s make_self_npdrm tool.

    package_finalize :: This is geohot’s tool to make any .pkg installable on WutangrzaCFW.

    norunpack :: F0F to unpack NOR.BIN.

    pupunpack :: This will unpack any PS3UPDAT.PUP

    pupexplode :: This will unarchive all the files from the PS3UPDAT.PUP

    ungpkg :: This is for unpkg npdrm pkg (works on some .pkg not on others)

    unpkg :: This is for unpkg of regular pkg (works on some .pkg not on others)

    unpack_devflash :: it’s a simple dev_flash extractor for 3.56+ PUPs -thanks Wargio

    make_pkg :: This is HACKERSCHANNEL-PS3Py’s python script that will make a npdrm .pkg that will install on your PS3.

    Extract CoreOs :: it’s a simple CoreOs extractor for 3.56+ PUPs -thanks Wargio

    Edit PARAM.SFO :: Edit or read a Game PARAM.SFO file. <<NEW in V2

    New PARAM.SFO :: create a New PARAM.SFO file for your homebrew. <<NEW in V2

    If there are any good souls out there still willing to donate to the cause here is the link I would suggest giving to.
    I have sent a couple ps3′s his way already and I know he is one of the good ones!

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 29/05/2012 , @ 10:43pm


    It has come to my attention that Team Rebug has released a little something for those of us on 3.55. That something just so happens to be the ability to get back on PSN! Use at your own risk, although Sony has not banned anyone for having CFW on their console as far as I know.

    Originally Posted by Rebug.me


    **** FOR REBUG 3.55.2 ONLY ** FOR REBUG 3.55.2 ONLY ****

    It has been a while between drinks but that doesnt mean weve been doing nothing so without any fanfare here is Rebug Update Package 0.7 (3.55.2). This will update REBUGs version spoof files to 4.11 and enable reActPSN 2.0 compatibility. As usual all previous fixes and updates are included.

    Oh.. Did we mention we got you PSN ACCESS back. Dont hold your breath hoping it lasts though!!!

    Got to the rebug,me link below to download and start gaming online!

    In case you don’t know how to install rebug use itskamel’s cfw guide step 3 = click here


    4.11 Version Spoofer 2.2 (3.55 ONLY)



    Video Tutorial Added, thanks to HolmesInFive

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 21/05/2012 , @ 08:53am


    PS3HaX member Glowball1 has released another awesome tutorial, this one is on how to create a “Pro SlideShow Dynamic Theme”, here is a quote from his thread:

    This video tutorial will show you how to create a Pro SlideShow dynamic PS3 theme.



    What is a dynamic theme?

    A dynamic theme is simply a theme with a moving background made up with 3D models, textures and a script.

    What’s the difference between animated and dynamic themes?

    Animated themes only have 1 effect which is a very fast slideshow, where as dynamic themes include multipe effects.

    Why is this pro/dynamic?

    Pro is the version of the slideshow style and there are 3 effects used
    1. Timed camera zoom in/out
    2. Random start image
    3. Smooth fade transition between images

    When I drag and drop the ProSlideShow.xml I don’t get ProSlideShow.raf, Why?

    The ProSlideShow folder must on the root of your C: drive. If you still get errors copy this command in cmd.exe

    raf_compiler.exe C:ProSlideShowProSlideShow.xml

    Why do you do this GlowBall and for free too lol?

    I do it cus I want people to enjoy spending time with thier PS3 console  and I believe that you can’t put a price on fun.

    Video Tutorial

    Download links

    ProSlideShow.zip (needed) - http://www.mediafire.com/?x8rt94lax39qdu4

    Notepad++ (optional) - http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.1.2.html

    SSX Pro SlideShow theme

    PS3 Pro SlideShow theme

    Air Paint Pro SlideShow

    Show some appreciation it’s FREE 

    Feedback is always welcome so if you like/dislike this tell me why? or simply say thank you

    Have fun and enjoy!