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  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 20/06/2014 , @ 07:27pm


    The Wii U scene has been up in arms over a web browser exploit that was recently leaked (then later on, officially released).
    Though the files were only recently leaked, Nintendo had already partially patched the exploit in firmware 5.0.

    Wii-u Browser exploit tested on a PS Vita causing an infinite loop on (Ps vita) browser. heleius made a youtube video, showing that loop with this exploit. Thist raised some questions about a possible CFW. Eitherway this is good thing for further exploring Ps Vita’s vulnerabilities. As you may see, wololo team and specially heleius are in the *zone*, razor-sharp as always.

    To quote:

    The files are readily available to the public, but won’t do anyone without access to a web server any good (though it’s reasonably easy for anyone to set on up on their local network. If required, some tools will definitely show up).  I personally don’t own a Wii U but we all know that leaks hurt any scene more than they help. That being said, since the files are readily available I decided to test them out. On the PC the exploit simply shows up as an empty iframe, but when tested on on the Vita, this exploit appears to put the Vita into an infinite loop on the browser. I made a YouTube video of the exploit in action on my Vita you can watch below.

    For those of you reading this on your Vita you can check out the Wii U browser exploit in action by following this link. http://hackinformer.com/p/wiiu/index.html

    So what does this mean for the Vita, could a possible native Vita hack come from this? In the hands of the right devs could this lead to the first Vita CFW? Or is it little more than an auto reloading browser?

    Don’t get your hopes too high: Fail0verflow had explained a while ago that the reason such exploits can run on the Wii U is because the NX bit is not set within the browser on the Wii U. This, as far as we know, is not the case on the PS Vita (and has been confirmed at least by Yifan Lu here).

    Nonetheless, it is interesting to see this Wii U hack running on our beloved handheld, and people might find additional vulnerabilities on the Vita that could make this useful eventually.

    [Source] = Wololo

    Follow Helius on twitter.

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 17/12/2013 , @ 02:42am


    Total_Noob has released TN-V4 and update to his popular eCFW for the PS Vita, here is the changelog:

    [Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-V4 by Total_Noob]
    * Added high memory support for FW 2.1X ONLY.
    * Added option in recovery menu to apply all PS Vita registries (Registry hacks ->).
    (These registries will be applied: PSN, language, button assign, password lock, date, adhoc, wifi)
    * Added automatic recovery boot at first use.
    * Added ‘Fix exploit savedata’ option.
    (With this enabled, you can play the exploit game. The first 2 letters of the savedata folder will be replaced with ‘TN’)
    * Added possibility to hide the exploit game in XMB.
    * Added ISO category support for GCLite.
    * Added possibility to change HOME and NOTE combo buttons (Advanced -> Advanced configuration ->).
    (If no buttons are choosen, you can HOLD the Livearea button (the blue PlayStation button) to simulate the HOME button)
    * Added patch to enable 6.60 kernel modules decryption.
    * Fixed CPU underclock.
    * Fixed infinite bluescreen error.
    * Fixed lots of Sony’s msfs driver bugs.
    * Fixed all bugs made in TN-V3.
    * Fixed original pscode region determination.
    * Fixed bug that did not allow you to go to the Live area screen.
    * Fixed bug where HOME button was simulated, when you opened the Vita OSK.
    * Dummies Temperature and Volt power functions to avoid long negative strings.
    * Improved ISO cache core.
    * Improved ‘Install Addon’ feature. This option is now removed from recovery menu and is always enabled.
    * Removed semaphore wait in flash0 emulation. This enhances the reading speed of flash0 files (most noticeable in Theme Settings).
    * Made some cosmetic changes in VSH Menu and recovery menu and added possibility to change the color of these menus.

    To download the files and read a tutorial click here:
    TN-V4 Downloads

    Here is a n00b friendly video guide on how to set the whole process up:

    Hackinformer On Twitter(Follow Him)

    Some more PSP/PS Vita related dudes to follow on Twitter:

    You can also check Wololo’s forum here:

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 07/12/2013 , @ 02:23pm


    Wololo made a quick easy to follow guide to use SKFU’s proxy tool. This will allow you to sniff incoming/outcoming traffic and learn how your PS4 communicates with Sony’s servers. Huge thanks for this one to Wololo and many kudos to SKFU.

    To quote:

    The following guide covers the very basics of how to install and run a proxy server on your local computer to use with your PS4. This allows you to study how the PS4 communicates with Sony’s servers, for various reasons. A proxy lets you block some of the traffic (which has been useful in the past to let users access Netflix on their PS3 even when they didn’t have PSN access), or replace some of the traffic with connections to your own server (useful for being able to connect to the PSN on a lower firmware), or simply because you’d like to know what type of information your console sends to Sony’s servers.

    Charles proxy is probably the most popular proxy around here, but it is commercial software. Thankfully, scene dev SKFU has been creating and updating his own proxy server for windows, and this is the tool I will be showing today. There’s nothing really complex with installing and running SKFU’s pr0xy server, but many people assume it’s difficult and don’t even give it a try. Hopefully this tutorial will prove them wrong.

    Link to this tutorial: Click here

    SKFU’s proxy app = Download




    SKFU’S Blog

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 21/11/2013 , @ 06:06am


    Wololo strikes again, now running Emulators on the Vita TV. Mathieulh (beta-tester) of TotalNoob’s upcoming TN-v4, and to own one of the Japan-only Vita TVs. He was successfully able to run TN-V on his vita TV.
    This is getting interesting, they always find a way to make this products even better.

    If you dig, running emus for the major old school consoles, GBA, SNES, Neogeo, megadrive, NES and Nintendo. Well spect more news from their side.

    If you have read my Vita TV review (and if you haven’t, do it now!), you know I have been hugely disappointed by the device so far, mostly because of the poor level of its game compatibility and services offer.

    Mathieulh, of ps3 and psp hacking fame (remember pandora batteries?), happens to both be a beta tester of TotalNoob’s upcoming TN-v4, and to own one of the Japan-only Vita TVs. He was successfully able to run TN-V on his vita TV, now making the device much more interesting to my eyes.

    TN-V is a homebrew enabler running in the PSP emulator of the Vita (and now Vita TV). It lets users, among other things, run emulators for the major “old school” consoles, such as the GBA, SNES, Neogeo, megadrive, NES, Nintendo 64 etc…

    TN-V also has support for psp plugins, homebrews, and also the infamous “psp backups”. Let’s just say the possibility to run emulators alone makes the VitaTV that much interesting to me.

    Below are a few screenshots of the VitaTV running TNv4, as shared on Mathieulh’s twitter:


    Follow Math on twitter.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 24/08/2013 , @ 05:20am


     Wololo decided to make an awesome post about how to install the exploits and many more. Really well explained and easy to follow. ;) If you are not sure about something be sure to check Wololo site for all this and even more.

     To quote:


    Choose the file that matches your game and your region:
    VHBL For Arcade Darts – US – initial release, 2013/08/23 – (or mirror here)
    VHBL For Arcade Darts – EU – initial release, 2013/08/23
    VHBL For World Of Pool (initial release, 2013/08/23)
    VHBL For Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling – US (initial release, 2013/08/23)
    VHBL For Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling – EU (initial release, 2013/08/23)
    VHBL For Arcade Pool – US (initial release, 2013/08/23)
    VHBL For Arcade Pool & Snooker – EU (initial release, 2013/08/23)


    Sources Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling – US (initial release, 2013/08/23)
    Sources Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling – EU (initial release, 2013/08/23)
    Sources Arcade Pool – US (initial release, 2013/08/23)
    Sources Arcade Pool & Snooker – EU (initial release, 2013/08/23)

    Download Link (for all)

    Not all homebrews will work with VHBL, head over to the gigantic VHBL Homebrew thread for details on what games work or not.

    There is a bug with the default menu (wMenu) which might tell you with a red screen, something along the lines of:”Error! Couldn’t find any homebrews in ms0:/PSP/VHBL/ Please check your config file and/or restart VHBL”

    This is a known issue, and happens only as long as you don’t have any homebrew installed. To get rid of this error message, press the LEFT TRIGGER on your console, this will force wMenu to go to the SAVEDATA subfolder.

    The issue is a simple one but I was too lazy to fix that. People with the right coding skills might want to have a look at the source of wMenu here and send me a patch.

    alternatively, you can give a try to an other menu such as 138Menu here


    It is *strongly* recommended that you turn of all wireless connections on your PS Vita, and that you use OpenCMA on your PC instead of the regular CMA. This is recommended because otherwise your console has a way to force you to upgrade the firmware even before you get a chance to use the exploit.
    Extract the HBL archive matching your version of the game in your CMA PSP Savedata folder. It is a folder on your PC named PSSAVEDATA/[lots of random characters here]. If you don’t know where it is, check your settings in CMA
    Connect your PS Vita to the PC through the CMA, it should give you the possibility to copy the savedata from your PC to the Vita. If not, you probably extracted it in the wrong folder. (Note: You will also want to install some homebrews with a similar technique, read the section below)
    To run HBL, start the game, then load your savegame, and go to profile-> alter name (except for Arcade Darts where that step is not necessary). At this point, VHBL should start

    Installing homebrews on the PSP was an easy task. On the Vita, until better solutions are provided, it’s quite a pain in the ass.
    The CMA will only let you copy savedata, and will not recursively browse folders.

    To address this, HBL comes with a tool that can extract archives with a specific structure.

    Packaging the homebrew for installation on the Vita:
    1) download PSP homebrews from your favorite website
    2) extract the homebrew somewhere on your hard drive, and with your favorite utility, zip it again with the store setting (no compression), in a file that you will name “INSTALL.ZIP” (uppercase is important). If your compression tool does not have compression options, I recommend 7zip.
    3) take any PSP savedata (but not the one used for HBL!), and add the “INSTALL.ZIP” to that folder, in your PC CMA folder. so your PSP Savedata will look something like this:
    in folder PSSAVEDATA/1a2b3c4def5678/UCUS12345000/ (or something like this) you will have the following files:
    - ICON0.PNG
    - PIC1.PNG
    - DATA.BIN

    On this page you will find several pre-packaged homebrews that have already been prepared to run with VHBL.

    1) run OpenCMA on your PC, and CMA on your Vita
    2) copy the previously packaged SAVEDATA (see above) with your homebrew in “INSTALL.ZIP” on your Vita
    3) run HBL (how to run HBL is explained in the previous section)
    4) navigate with the HBL menu to the SAVEDATA folder, then go to the folder you just downloaded (in my example, UCUS12345000), and click cross or circle on it
    5) At this point, the HBL menu should ask you if you want to install the homebrew. select yes, and wait until HBL is done extracting your homebrew
    6) The homebrew is now installed, and you can run it by going to the VHBL folder, if everything went well, a new subfolder with your homebrew has been created here, and you can run the homebrew

    Need more help? Check our forums for more downloads and tutos


    OpenCMA is strongly recommended to install if you want to use VHBL. Open CMA is a tool by Virtuous Flame that allows you to copy files from and to your vita without being connected to the internet. This is useful, especially if you don’t want Sony to forcefully update your firmware.

    [Source] Wololo.net

    Thanks @Simonbuck yet again ;)

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 12/08/2013 , @ 10:48pm


    Patience is a virtue.

    Acid_Snake stated over wololo many things about this exploit. Where is available (region) as well exploit’s compatibility. A very self-centered guy explaining what will happen.
    He said also that the exploit will be released once TN confirms that new kernel exploit with VBHL. So don’t ask (as he said) if you can run Is0s on your PS Vita.
    Respect devs efforts.

    To quote:

    Like I said, there are a few reasons why I want to release a new exploit right after Gamocracy was released not so long ago, here they are:
    - Total_Noob might release a new kernel exploit
    - Firmware 2.60 is a big update
    - This exploit, afaik, is available at least in EU and US, and should also be available in Japan and other territories, allowing for more people to have access to at least VHBL.
    - The exploit’s compatibility is a lot better than Gamocracy, Apache, and most other previously released VHBL exploits.

    Now, let me make this clear: THE EXPLOIT WILL BE RELEASED WITH VHBL UNTIL TN CONFIRMS A NEW KERNEL EXPLOIT, so I don’t want anyone asking “d0es it pl4y 1S0s?” cause I’ll directly ignore you. If TN decides to release a kernel exploit, YOU WILL SEE THE NEWS HERE, until then: VHBL IS ALL YOU GOT. I know I sound harsh, but it’s a pain how the forums becomes bloated with people asking the same questions over and over again when the answer can easily be found with little to no effort.

    On the other hand, I will continue to feed you with news on the development on this: FAQs, Compatibility List, Tech Support through the forums, any possible kernel exploit release, etc, so don’t hesitate to ask questions that are hard to find the answer for.

    Last but not least, if you find someone leaking the name of the game on some other forum, news site, or whatever, tell me or wololo by PM, at the end of the release I will give a 20$ PSN code to the person who reports most leaks.

    Have fun with the exploit, eCFW or not.


    Thanks to @Simonbuck again ;)

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 11/08/2013 , @ 10:29pm


    Some interesting info about RAM issues with OFW 2.60 and release date for TN-V4/kexploit from Jd8531.

    To quote:

    After some analysis it seems the latest Psvita official 2.60 firmware update did a little more than we thought.

    With exploits, the amount of RAM available to use was limited to us to use. However, back in firmware 2.10 Sony cleared up that availability, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it allowed us to use more than normal. After that update it was possible to use around 64MB. Its unfortunate however, that with the latest firmware that space that allowed us to use the extra RAM is no longer available. So the summation is that TN-V4 will not be able to support the increased memory for 2.60 and above. However, this feature will be available to those under 2.60 when Total_Noob releases the new version of his CEF TN-V later.

    So this is something that you’ll need to consider if you are thinking of updating from a previously released kernel exploit. Now, depending how porting goes for the new kernel exploit release it is completely possible to use the new exploit on current user mode releases to be able to use said memory increase features.

    As for an estimated release date on TN-V4 (and possibly a kernel exploit); Total_Noob says that it will most likely be after the launch of the PS4. There are two reasons for this. One, is that TN is very busy and needs time to work on the release and straighten everything out. Another, is that we will most likely see another official Vita firmware update before the launch of the PS4, and that will probably be a very big update. That update (which should be 3.00) will most likely incorporate features for the PS4 such as Remote Play. Waiting until after, is the best option. As for the release of the PS4, there hasn’t been any word on that yet but my best bet is to say around late October/November.

    Either way until then there will be some other goodies, and announcements. So, as always check back!


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 30/06/2013 , @ 12:03pm


    Wololo has put together a list of what is working so far with the new VHBL for the latest firmware released for the PS Vita, some of the apps include,
    Deadalus r13, FinalBUrn Aplpha FBA4PSP CPS123, snes9xTYL, Lamecraft r56, Quake, Doom, the exploit has not been released yet, so to see the full compatibility list and to be kept up to date with the latest exploit progress, check the source.
     photo slide2_zps1fd17e5c.png


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 02/01/2013 , @ 08:23am


    Here is a video Tutorial from Bassflower



    Check Bassflower’s YouTube Channel here:
    The Game Blamer

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 02/01/2013 , @ 05:52am


    Here is an tutorial/installation video from HolmesInFive

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 13/12/2012 , @ 06:20pm


    The PS Vita has been out for about around a year, from the very beginning, Sony had promised the ability to play PS1 games on it, but the failed to deliver until a few months later, even then the result was poor, luckily that is where the PS Vita scene comes in, here is a quote from the source:

    You can now play your classic PlayStation games with any eCFW exploit.

    That’s right, you can now play your classic PSX games with any TN eCFW exploits. The good news is that it works on all firmwares, even on the latest 2.01 official firmware’s psp emu kernel exploit from frostegater that we have yet to release. The PSX support works, however there are some bugs and glitches that come along with it, nothing that apprehends general use. The bad news is that, as of now there is still no sound support, which is sadly an outcome of Coldbird leaving the scene awhile back as he was the only one with sound coded at all. We may see it later on, however seeing it any time soon would be unlikely as it would take some incredible work to get it done.


    Full Story And Source.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 29/11/2012 , @ 12:15pm


    What is this application?:
    This application is for downloading homebrews, emulators, and apps ready to be transferred to your Vita. vHBL & CEF of course.

    To quote:

    While I generally don’t talk about homebrew apps here, this one got my attention.

    The PlayStop Network allows you to download VHBL and CEF homebrews, ready to be transferred to your Vita with not much hassle. Similar to PSN, only on your PC.

    But downloading homebrews is not the main feature, as you can also chat with people using this app, there is also a nice ban feature for the admins, so be sure to file a report if anyone bothers you.

    This is nothing new, we have seen other apps doing the same, including my own work (VHBL Manager), but the chat ability is a really nice addition none of the other apps have done.

    The app has been renamed from PSV Downloader Optimised to PlayStop Network, and has been updated to 1.01, if you want to try it out, you can download it here.
    You can also see the official thread here: http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=18273

    [Source] = Wololo.net

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 09/10/2012 , @ 01:31am


    Wololo’s SITREP about eCFW.

    To quote:

    As announced early this morning, a modified H.bin has been created to effectively utilize Total_Noob’s TN-A on the older vHBL releases. This is great news for everyone who hasn’t updated, and doesn’t plan on updating to 1.81.

    Thanks to VIP user & owner of zload.net, The Z, you can now download prepackaged TN-A releases for older vHBL releases.

    Simply head on over to zload.net‘s Vita section and download the archive of your choice, named according to the exploited game you have.

    You will need OpenCMA installed before attempting. You can read on how to achieve this here.

    Then, once you have downloaded the archive from zload.net and have installed OpenCMA on your computer extract the archive to your C:UsersxxxxDocumentsPSAVEDATAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx folder (in Windows,path may be slightly different for MAC/Linux) and transfer the content to your Vita using the Content Manager app.

    Load up your game and load the exploit just as you did with vHBL, and you will be presented with TNLoader.

    Most importantly, remember to have fun, and thank the numerous people involved in these releases.

    Note by Wololo: It has been confirmed that this will not work on any firmware below 1.80, so technically this is useful only for Monster Hunter owners. The problem comes from offset differences in older firmwares, that prevent TN’s exploit from running in its current state. Bringing compatibility to older firmwares is just a matter of changing the offsets to the right values, but that requires somebody to do the dev work.


    [Source] : Wololo

  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 04/10/2012 , @ 11:42am



    Wololo statement about this CFE:

    In a very short statement on PSPKing.de, famous PSP/Vita Hacker Total_Noob announced he will be releasing an update to his recently published eCFW  – emulator Custom FirmWare, a new term to design a PSP Custom firmware running within the PSP emulator on the PS Vita – later this week.

    Total_Noob said the new release, named CEF 6.60 TN-B, will have bug fixes, improvements, as well as potential new features. The developer is asking the community to provide a comprehensive list of bugs if possible (rather than individual reports) so that he can start working on fixing as much as he can. We do have a thread where you guys can discuss bugs, but if one member of our community could compile this thread into a “clean” list, that would probably be super helpful for him.

    Stay tuned, as more stuff keeps coming almost every hour for this exploit.



    * Possibility to load unsigned homebrews and modules.
    * Possibility to load plugins (NPEZ00176/GAME.TXT, NPEZ00176/POPS.TXT).
    * Possibility to play ISO/CSO with March33 and Sony NP9660 driver.
    * Possibility to get back to TNMenu by holding the START BUTTON for some seconds.
    * “CEF” renames “EBOOT.PBP” to “FBOOT.PBP”.
    * Protects you from removing license files. If these files get removed, you have to download the game from PSN Store again.
    So you may lose “CEF” for Urbanix, if the game already has been removed.

    - Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-A
    - for PSVita 1.81 with Urbanix Exploit
    - by Total_Noob

    - Instructions
    * At first you go straight to the PSN Store and DOWNLOAD URBANIX AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
    You’re lucky if you already own this mini/if the mini hasn’t been removed yet.
    YOU CAN GET IT FOR FREE WITH AN EU ACCOUNT: https://www.facebook.com/SonyPlaysta…23711397642076
    else just buy it.

    * Extract the “NPEZ00176″ folder to “PSSAVEDATA” and copy the new savedata to your PSVita with CMA.
    * Launch Urbanix game and after the savedata loading the screen should be flashed WHITE, before it automatically starts “TNMenu 0.1″.

    - About “Custom Emulator Firmware “CEF” 6.60 TN-A”
    Actually it isn’t correct to call it “CEF 6.60 TN-A”, because the kernel is always 6.60, but changes are within the PSVita Firmware. But anyways, it doesn’t matter how the CFW is called.
    -This “CEF” does NOT have anything to configure yet. All configurations of the previous Custom Firmwares are not available, as they are not useful for “CEF”.
    -It DOES NOT support PSX. By emulating 6.60 pops modules I get PSX working, but there is no sound, so better let it be.

    - About “TNMenu 0.1″
    This menu is developed with OSLib. IT IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, so it may have some bugs.

    * / to delete a file.
    * X to install a homebrew, or to load a homebrew/game. (by pressing R TRIGGER you load backup in march33 mode, else in sony np9660 mode)
    * Arrows to move.

    Prepare homebrews:
    * Create an ZIP archive of the homebrew, saved as: “FILENAME.ZIP/PSP/GAME/THISISAHOMEBREW/EBOOT.PBP”.
    * “FILENAME.ZIP” can be saved somehow, it just MUST BE UPPER CASE LETTER and the filename can ONLY BE 8 CHARACTERS LONG.
    * Save the archives all in the “NPEZ00176″ folder.

    Install ISO/CSO:
    You cannot copy ISO/CSO with TNMenu yet. In the next version I’ll add this feature.
    * Prepare and install PSPFiler 6.6.
    * Copy ISO/CSO to the “NPEZ00176″ folder, UPPER CASE LETTER, 8 CHARACTERS LONG.
    * Copy/Move the backup file to “ms0:/ISO/” with PSPFiler.
    * Play it from TNMenu.

    - Donation
    If you want to spend me some snacks and drinks, you can donate me: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/websc…ton_id=8158859
    Thank you

    - Bug reports
    * Can anybody please LEAD A CLEAN thread (best if he is moderator) somewhere on a forum, where users can write their questions, requests, bug reports and etc
    So I have got a better overview than if everybody is mailing me.

    - Some informations
    * This “CEF” IS NOT ripped off from Coldbird’s CFW. If you want to know something, I gave my “CEF” to a very important person from the PSP scene a long time before and this very “trusted”
    person sent my “CEF” to Coldbird. Coldbird naturally reversed my trick of using own modules (f0-kd-systemctrl.prx, etc). Thumbs up to this very important person.
    Anyways it doesn’t matter, I just wanted to tell you

    * The kernel exploit does only exist on Emulator Firmware. That’s why “Tony” released the flash0 dump, doesn’t he?

    * The source code will be released after a new PSVita Firmware release.

    - Credits
    * Dark_AleX, author of Custom Firmware: Thank you master for your impressive work, I always admired you
    * Thanks to the guy who found Urbanix Exploit.
    * Coldbird for “his” kxploit.

    [Download]: http://wololo.net/downloads/index.php/download/7672

    [Source]: Wololo via PSPKing and The Z


    I have confirmed that this works on a US Vita running FW 1.81

    P.s: Possibility maybe got something lost in translation (and no, not me) Maybe is possible instead of Possibility or Chance.

  • Posted by hellsing9 , on 05/09/2012 , @ 11:06pm



    Sure, running PSP homebrews on Vita is fun, and VHBL is a very nice piece of work, but it’s about time we move on, isn’t it?
    Developer yifanlu started a new project called Usermode Vita Loader (UVLoader), it will be a homebrew loader for the PSV, basically.
    Not PSP homebrews, but native PSV code, isn’t it awesome?

    This project is based on a PSV exploit he found (there are no details about this for now, for obvious reasons), but it’s still in its early stages.

    Just a few lines of code have been written so far (you can find the code on his github), so, back to the title, developers are needed.
    If you’re a developer and you want to help, fork the project on github or get in touch with yifanlu on /talk or on IRC (#vitadev on EFnet).

    If you’re not a developer, there’s nothing for you…yet. But it’s still an awesome news, isn’t it?
    And please, avoid asking useless questions: there’s no release date yet and it doesn’t work for now, just be patient for now and let the developers do their job.

    Yifan Lu will eventually post updates about this project on his blog or on twitter, so make sure to follow him.

    Last but not least, congratulations to yifanlu for his Vita hack 

    - Freddy

    This is surely a great start for the PSV scene!

    Source: wololo
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/yifanlu (follow him, but don’t bug him!)
    Github: https://github.com/yifanlu/UVLoader
    Documentation: http://yifanlu.github.com/UVLoader/modules.html

    Thanks to @defaultdnb

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 28/08/2012 , @ 09:16am


    Im sure many of you seen my earlier post about PS Vita Firmware 1.80 and the good news that it brought PS1 Emulation, but that is over shadowed by the terrible news that it blocks you installing VHBL(Vita Half-Byte Loader), here is a quote from Wololo’s website:

    Well, this is a surprise, and not a good one. Vita firmware 1.80 comes with a few unwelcome updates, one of them being that it blocks VHBL.

    I have good and bad news. The good news is that, as far as I could see, VHBL still runs fine on firmware 1.80. The bad news is, it is impossible to copy it to the PS Vita. The version I tested had been installed before the update to 1.80, but sadly I could confirm the 1.80 update prevents us from copying the VHBL files, ad well as homebrews, to the memory card.

    To read the full story and how exactly it blocks VHBL, visit Wololo’s website:
    PS Vita firmware 1.80 blocks VHBL

    Wololo’s Twitter(FOLLOW HIM)

  • Posted by Annelies , on 20/07/2012 , @ 05:15pm


    PlayStation Vita developer SKFU has acknowledged the fact that most download links and mirrors pertaining to his popular homebrew application, PKG xTractor, are broken, unavailable or in the case of Megaupload, seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He’s responded to this by releasing an updated version of the application.

    Few changes have been made which include:

    • Updated crypto lib
    • Content type check added
    • Extended menu

    The application is used for .PKG unpacking & .PKG decryption.

    Note: PKG xTractor is only capable of decrypting .PKG files encrypted with the same key set as the PSP. (Very few .PKG files)

    Wololo’s Blog:

    SKFU updated his tool PS Vita pkg extractor to version 1.01. He did this release mostly because all previous mirrors had disappeared since the megaupload takedown, but there is no “juicy” new feature.

    PS Vita pkg extractor extracts PS Vita .pkg files. It also has some code to decrypt them, but that feature only worked for very early packages, when the encryption key was the same as that of the PSP.


  • Posted by PS3Hax Member News , on 14/04/2012 , @ 08:05am


    Wololo has brought PS Vita owners that missed out on the last two exploits, or those on firmware 1.67 some exciting news, here is a small quote from his blog.

    Hope you didn’t wait too long since our last VHBL release a bit more than 2 weeks ago… This is a new PSP user mode exploit by thecobra (also discovered a while ago by WosRet), which I confirmed runs on a PS Vita with Firmware 1.67. Unlike Motorstorm and Everybody’s Tennis, this game is available in the US store as well as some other countries (details to come).

    Source and full story