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  • Posted by pustal , on 18/10/2014 , @ 11:56pm


    zecoxao ported flat_z’s EID Root Key Dumper to CFW 4.21, 4.46 and 4.53, allowing root EID key extraction without need for downgrade.

    Update: zecoxao added a port to 4.65 (also in the links).


    Source 1 (original source)

    Source 2

    [Download] and source 3

  • Posted by pustal , on 18/10/2014 , @ 11:37pm


    Sandoron finally released his ready version of Swing Copters.

    The game has the following new features:

    This game is based on absolutely new PS3 LuaPlayer v5.2.3 (thanks 3141card (aka picard)), therefore:
    - Now the game has sound!
    - Also, you can safely exit the game using the PS button!



  • Posted by pustal , on 18/10/2014 , @ 11:26pm


    brunolee released a new version of his webMAN/webMAN mod enabling tool. This version features the aditions:

    Package Manager XMB (3)

    * ★ Install Package Files (TRADITIONAL MODE)
    * ★ Package Manager (REBUG MODE)
    * Manager Plus (XMBM+ MODE)
    * When choosing betwen different modes besides changing the folder to install PKGs on the XMB also:
    * Remove ★ /app_home/PS3_GAME/ from XMB
    * Adds “My Games” to XMB
    * Sort Alphabetically (A-Z and Z-A) Games, Homebrews on XMB
    * XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) v0.0.22.013 as “PKG Bubble” for XMBM+ Mode


    Enable XMB InGame ScreenShot Feature (2)
    * webMAN (1), (2)
    * webMAN 1.30
    * webMAN 1.30.29 MOD
    * New ícons

    Priority Selectors XMB (3)

    + ON, OFF for multiMAN/mmCM and IRISMAN as “PKG Bubble”

    Coldboots (3)

    + COBRA
    + PS3 (default)
    + REBUG

    Gameboots (3)

    + Classic
    + COBRA
    + NONE (default)
    + REBUG

    Waves (3)

    + Electric Blue Purple
    + Electric Green Yellow
    + Gold
    + Kamo
    + NO WAVEs
    + PS3 (default)
    + PSP
    + Rainbow
    + Smoke
    + Vertic
    + Zebra

    Supported CFWs:

    (1) REBUG REX COBRA 7.0.1
    (2) ROGERO, HABIB COBRA 7.0.0
    (3) ALL CFWs 4.21, 4.30, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55, 4.60, 4.65

    [Download] and source


  • Posted by pustal , on 18/10/2014 , @ 11:17pm


    3141card has released a new version of his psl1ght-v2 port of Jon Limle (jonlimle)’s  LuaPlayer. This version features the following changes:

    LuaPlayer is updated from Lua 5.1 to the last Lua version 5.2.3.

    The used library for sound is Estwald’s (aka Hermes) nice spu sound library.

    The other great library from Hermes, tiny3d for 2D and 3D grafics is also added.


    - Compiled with psl1ght 2 and signed for 4.xx
    - The app search for “/dev_usb000/app.lua”,
    - Change nothing on lib code, fix only the usual path/name probs for psl1ght vs psl1ght-v2




  • Posted by pustal , on 13/10/2014 , @ 10:10am


    A new resigned version of Condorstrike’s screensaver, Solar, has been released by franzes80, although Condorstike patched it in the past to work on any CFW. Seemed to have improved compatibility with DARKNET Cobra 4.65 CFW.


    Source 1, source 2

  • Posted by pustal , on 07/10/2014 , @ 08:42pm


    Sony released Vib Ribbon (in NA, Europe to be launched this month as well), an old original Playstation classic for PS3 and Vita. The original game was never released in North America, being this a debut on the continent.

    For those of you unfamiliar with such game, Vib Ribbon is a rythm-action game, from the developers of PaRappa the Rapper that featured a vibrant retro-like style and turned any music CD into a set of unique levels. It was the first of its kind but the concept was re-used later on in other known games such as Audiosurf.

    Though it is released as a PSOne Classic, the game mantains the capabity of reading external music or audio.

    It is also planned to be released to Playstation 4 as well.


  • Posted by Mackdanny , on 06/10/2014 , @ 10:48pm


    Now, the reason this is labeled as RUMOR is because it seems Amazon will directly stop selling the Kinect bundle still valued at $500, however, you can still buy it from 3rd party retailers within Amazon. Or you could buy it elsewhere as thia is only an Amazon thing for now, though some believe the little interest will result in an overall stop on the sale of the Kinect bundles worldwide, but this is just speculation for now. However I do want to reiterate this as rumor as Amazon could simply just be out on stock, though how that’s possible so close to the holidays remains a mystery if that was the case.

    The original author notes:

    Microsoft dropped the mandatory $500 price tag for the Xbox One along with the required Kinect back in June, and then started selling the console separately for $399 instead of $499. There were no plans to cancel the Kinect bundle, so this news from Amazon comes as a sort of surprise.

    I think Amazon made the decision to drop that particular Xbox One SKU, but that thought is simply a guess at this point.



  • Posted by pustal , on 05/10/2014 , @ 07:19pm


    Orion has released a new update to his backup manager, GameSonic. This version adds the following updates:

    - Added support for CFW DEX to automatically rename the file explore_plugin.sprx.
    - Fan Control improved (audio bug fixed) and made more efficient.
    - Fixed a bug that caused problems with USB devices connected to the ps3 via usb hub.
    - Added toggle Webman (disable or enable Webman and its category_game).
    - Function of removal syscall updated (the manager makes a backup of category_game that you are using).
    - Function for the restoration of the category game updated (restore files from backup).
    - Translated several portions of the text of the manager.
    - Fixed bug in PS1 games.
    - Fixed a bug in settings PS1.


    Source 1, source 2

  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 04/10/2014 , @ 05:40pm


    New update is available for Hybrid manager on BREWOLOGY:

    *** The cover in JPG format from multiMAN must be copied to “/dev_hdd0/game/HYBRIDMAN/covers”

    Changelog version 1.02:
    + Updated language files: English and Spanish

    Changelog version 1.01:
    + Added option to switch from the Japanese Standard buttons (button behavior “CIRCLE”) mode

    + Added option to disable the screen “Welcome or Splash Screen”
    (these 2 new options are in the menu to change the GUI)

    + Correction minute details in the user interface BIG_COVERS_FX

    + The “FTP Server” is not pre-configured to start after installation.
    (in previous versions the installer HYBRID autoiniciaba the FTP server, this could lead to nuisance warnings if RED was not (good) set)

    Changelog Version 1.0:
    - Changed name to HYBRID Manager and title id to HYBRIDMAN
    - Added MAMBA support for CFW 4.65

    Grab it here: BREWOLOGY

    1.02 MD5: BFD0DF6C661813A34836CA0BD257B888

    1.01 MD5: 9E2B4993976EAE3FDB3E4AFD6622ED1D

  • Posted by pustal , on 29/09/2014 , @ 10:40am



    After the announcement of closure in Asia, the virtual 3D social gaming platform developed by Sony Computer for Playstation 3, released in 2008, is also announced to close down in the rest of the world.

    Content will cease to be released in November 12th of this year and the service will stop at March 21st, 2015. Until then, Sony promises to give free content to users.

    Source 1, source 2 

  • Posted by pustal , on 29/09/2014 , @ 09:51am



    The Iris Manager mod by Aldostools has a new version released.

    This version includes the following changes:

    • Increased size* of selected icon on Coverflow *Size is configurable via settings.ini. Example: CoverflowSize = 5
    • Added Habib’s boot speedup patch on 4.60/4.65 (performance increase is barely noticeable)

    Added to the changes of 3.30:

    • Fixed a bug accessing the some ISO menus when display of PIC1 as background is disabled
    • Added option to load the old anti-ODE patch by habib (like it was before 3.25+)

      • For this, change habib_patch = 2 to 3 on settings.ini :

        • 0=disabled
        • 1=new patch
        • 2=new patch except 4.65 Habib Cobra,
        • 3=old patch


    Source 1, source 2 

  • Posted by pustal , on 29/09/2014 , @ 09:34am


    Orion has released a new update to his backup manager, GameSonic. This version adds the following updates:

    - Added support for CFW Rebug Cobra for disabling patch cobra
    - Added protection that prevents the exchange of PS2emu on CFW Cobra
    - Added restoration of category_game also for CFW rebug
    - Control fan restored to classic version
    - Now the user can choose whether to restore the category_game by an option in tools for network
    - Updated source code to recognize the Rebug CFW


    Source 1, source 2

  • Posted by pustal , on 29/09/2014 , @ 09:13am



    BillGates (not to be confused with William Gates III) has realeased his Iris Manager fork that he now calls Hybrid Manager as demanded by Estwald.

    This version features full Mamba support, altered fan control and pre-configured discless settings.


    Source 1, source 2

  • Posted by pustal , on 29/09/2014 , @ 08:54am


    New version of M@tsumoto and aldostools’s mod of DeanK’s webMAN 1.30 released.

    This version features the following aditions:

    - Reduced memory foot-print usage when some content is not scanned (eg. PS2, PSP, PSX or Movies)
    - Updated italian translation (thanks to dino05)
    - Added PS2 Classics for the non-Cobra builds
    - Removed some dead code for the nonCobra build
    - Some fixes for the display of the icons
    - Added support for BIG 5 (Chinese encoded text)

    Please still note that NonCobra CCAPI build has many bugs reports due CCAPI platform, so the CCAPI build is provided “AS-IS” and we don’t expect any support for it.



  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 27/09/2014 , @ 05:53pm


    Quote from joeblack2k

    For your eyes only…

    I have all the files



    Controller update:

    System Update File (devkit - GEN3)-1.750.061
    Controller FW Update Tool for JDX-1000X User’s Guide (PDF) [En]-



  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 27/09/2014 , @ 04:22am


    Iris Manager is a port of Hermes Manager based on PSLIGHT, Tiny3D, PS3Soundlib and OpenPS3FTP and can be used on CFW 3.41 CFW 3.55, CFW 3.55 DEX, CFW 4.21 CFW 4.21 DEX, CFW 4.30 CFW 4.30 DEX, CFW 4.31 CFW 4.40 CFW 4.41 CFW 4.46 CFW 4.46 DEX, CFW 4.50, DEX 4.50 CFW, CFW 4.53, 4.55 CFW

    Changelog v2.93

    - Updated the ISO tools (PC_ps3iso_utilities_with_src_v1.8.zip) to raise the cap version 4.50 to CFW 4.60 patchps3iso

    - At the request of Lustar (GameTDB) has introduced a new system to update the covers (covers) and now Iris Manager changes the User Agent to “IrisManager - v2.93″ on that server.

    - In the game updates the User Agent is changed also to simulate a PC

    - Added support (for Cobra / Mamba) for movies Bluray, DVD Video and MKV (using “BluRay Drive” on Showtime) in the category “Homebrew” (the Homebrew / PSN listed first) and in the new category “Films” ( only movies are listed)

    NOTE 1: As a reminder, pressing R3 / L3 access the various categories.



  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 26/09/2014 , @ 06:22am


    Developer Zecoxao was able to get running various BD-J homebrew on PS4. Most assumed that it should work but nobody was sure 100%. Yes we can now run some homebrew on PS4 but don’t expect this as a major breakthrough. This was also done on PS3 prior to its first jailbreak.

    quote via PlayStationHax
    This should not come as a shock that it actually works, but should be more of a shock that Sony didn’t find some way of blocking this method of running homebrew from being run via a burned disc.

    A few days ago zecoxao created this thread requesting that people make some BDJ homebrew, most of us assumed that it should work, but none of us knew 100% if this worked or not, until aries2k posted these two videos:

    quote by aries2k via PlayStationHax
    Unfortunately, these emulators would have to be recompiled without using the START or Select buttons since the DS4 doesnt have them. I couldn´t get most roms I tried to start on both emulators. Also no sound yet with BD-J homebrew

    There´s more BD-J homebrew than I thought.
    Still I don´t think anyone made use of the network and HDD storage capabilites like with BD-Live. I´ve transfered various files from BD-Live over to the ps4s harddrive. Lol, it seems to let you use all the free space on the HDD. I´ve used BD-LIVE on another BD-Player with a usb to see what kind of files are transfered and there are some .jar files in there.
    So in theory maybe it would be possible to tranfer BD-J homebrew to the ps3s hdd and then use a BD (boot)disc to select the different homebrew on the HDD through BD-Live?

    I have reached out to the developer of the original PS3 Minimal BDJ SDK to see if he could update it, so that it accommodates the PS4 control pad, also Blu Ray Java and Java in general should be more advanced now than it was back on the PS3 and with more power on the PS4, perhaps we could now implement sound and perhaps have better homebrew.

    Here are some facts:
    This is NOT a hack.
    This is NOT anything major and will not lead to anything major.
    This will NOT let you run PS4 “backups”.
    This will NOT give you any access to the PS4’s OS system files.
    This is NOT illegal.
    This does NOT void your warranty.
    This will NOT let you run PC games on your PS4.
    This will ONLY let you run Java software.
    We all know that this isn’t any type of break through, it is using a system that is already in place, to run something that we have created ourselves, it runs from disc and does not touch any part of the PS4’s operating system, so do not expect anything huge from this.

    If anything comes from this and the SDK is updated, do expect some fun homebrew and app’s that we can use on our PS4’s.

    This method will also work on the PS3 and should work on the Xbox One, not sure about the Wii U, but we won’t know until it is tested.

    Source: http://playstationhax.it/homebrew-running-on-ps4

  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 24/09/2014 , @ 06:03pm


    Isleofdoom has released an unofficial version of deank’s multiMAN has been released today. It is based off of multiMAN 4.60. It is intended only for use with HABIB/Cobra v1.02 CFW in Cobra mode.

    Download #1

    Download #2