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  1. So here is a PM i got from one of your mods VB_Encryption_VB when i reported the PRX MAMBA loader. (after the irisman one had direct link images/download)
    "Quit trolling the source shows its brewology. If the owner has an issue he can come say something. Didn't you just get a 24 hour ban. Now you're back trolling again?" Seriously. I am one of the admins of brewology. I can not tell another site ( privately ) to not direct link images and downloads that they are abusing.
    Seriously wtf lol.
  2. Can only PM admins and regular mods, not supermods.
    So could not reply to say thanks and also brewology links can be used just with permalinks instead of direct links.

    Here is the message i get when trying to reply::

    To be able to send PMs your post count must be 15 or greater.

    You currently have 3 posts and you can send PMs to following users only:
    Pirate, TestMV1, Sidewinder_2011, vb_encryption_vb, stuck?, Persian McLovin, concretecork, TitaniumL, playerkp420, SublimESmoker420, passete
  3. I hear you wanted to talk, cant send you PMs on this account
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