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Raw Games Installer

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Uploaded by GregoryRasputin - 01-16-2011
Author Author Doboszsite
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Raw Games Installer is a simple application which was made to help you with patching and building PS3 backup packages.
I don't claim metods or keys usesed in this application.
This is a simple wrapper between you and hackers software.
Application use code developed by GeoHot, Team Fail0verFlow, and DeLiGhT.
Orginal programs can be found in "dependence" folder.

Known issues:

- Cygwin warning. You can ignore it.
- Some logs output will crash on "ps3_package_npdrm". You can ignore it.
- Some games will simple don't work.

How to use:

- Browse "Game Folder" to your game folder (ex. BCES00609).
- Browse where you want to output builder PKG.
- Its recomended to check "Get config from PARAM.SFO".
- You dont have to change K_licensee.
- Most games requaied to check Patch "dev_bdvd" with "dev_hdd0".
- Change your game folder (Importand !)
- Most games requaied to check Patch PARAM.SFO.
- If you want to run PKG on 3.55 GeoHot JB, check Patch PKG with GeoHot's package_finalize. OFW 3.41 JB dont need that one.

Tested on:

- Assasines Creed: Brotherhood CFW 3.55 JB (OK)
- Infamous CFW 3.55 JB (OK)
- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II 3.55 JB (Crash: it don't boot)

Change Log:
- Fix cygwin (unself) wrong folder crash. Should do the trick for most unself bugs.
- Add check if Game Folder contains space, which can't be handle by make_self_npdrm.
- added delete temp_dir folder
- minor bug fixed
- added dev_usb patch. Some games won't work with it. Still need improvment, if path reference conteins NULL it wont work. Tested on Infamous.
- GUI improved.
- Some error handeling.




01-16-2011 at 05:13 PM
im really confused here, is this to play games that I have backed up on my pc on my ps3? i made the .Pkg file for BLES00610 and i'm confused. it made the file and told me to install it (successfully done) then it says copy USRDIR to (enter specificed folder here). I did that and went to my ps3. it says the game data is corrupted, I have to delete the game data in order to play this game. I have 3.55 jb on my ps3. I have made a video in which i can show you what i do. its avaliable upon request.
01-16-2011 at 08:53 PM
01-17-2011 at 02:01 AM
Need Help Pls

How Work The Shot game

ID BCES00463