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Downloads: Homebrew Stealthing Utility v1.3.5

Homebrew Stealthing Utility v1.3.5

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Uploaded by Pirate - 04-03-2011
Author Author TeamSOS
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Creator Blazie151 has released Homebrew Stealthing Utility v1.3.5 that allows you to stealth a homebrew application or game as any PSN demo or full game and choose what you stealth the homebrew as. No PSN but will make PSN safer once its restored.

Current Feature List:
-Stealthed pkg file works on all firmware versions (3.15, 3.41, 3.55) including GH 3.55

-Supports all pkg files

-Supports run time arguments so you can open this program with a file or even automate it

-Grabs the GameIDs and homebrew names automatically

-Creates the -conf files automatically

-Creates the stealth pkg automatically

-Adds an additional user specified file if selected

-Can sign the file automatically if selected (3.55GH mainly)

-Pause checkbox allows manual modification of files before pkg'ing

-Works on Virtual Machines, runs with .net 3.5

Known Issues:
-Some virus protection programs don't like it.

This is because it creates all dependency files during run time, and some virus protection programs don't like exe files appearing from thin air. If this happens to you, please add the dir this utility is stored in to your excluded list in your virus scanner.

Coming Soon:-Automatic modification of ini files (like the ones in MultiMan)
-Automatically change MultiMan's log cleaning setting
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