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OtherOS Appeal Court Document

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Uploaded by GregoryRasputin - 01-18-2014
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02-23-2014 at 07:56 AM
Sony should just give the people what they paid for and put otherOS back in the firmware updates. It's false advertisement on their part and it's about time someone starts a law suit I am on my second PS3 the first semi bricked trying to downgrade to get the advertised other OS feature back using the E3 downgrader with a faulty usb stick. Now I am going to attempt to get OtherOS back again on the current firmware only without a flasher using the OFW incremently, if I can even find it I use a rooted Xperia, PSP, the original Xbox1 with xbmc or a wii for most emulators and yes of course they are all patched to run unsigned code, they don't pwn them I do!! mine, back off!! I just want to get what I pay for!! dang it. I miss folding @home on PS3 too... I was not aware they only were going to allow 1 million hours and then dump the project altogether. so lame. I don't want any refund besides the software that was stolen from us in order to keep PSN online playability! PERIOD!!! thnx for all your hard work to everyone who has contributed to the scene. I don't blame Geohot at all, it was Sony's rash decision, not his to make.