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If you had this problems with this *boss*, well patch incoming. Read below:


If you've been running and re-running Destiny's Vault of Glass raid in hopes of obtaining exotic gear, you may have already learned about various tricks and exploits people are using to speed up their adventures. One of the most popular involves knocking the raid's final boss, Atheon, off a ledge, letting gravity do the dirty work of killing him.

It's quick, efficient and relatively easy, but not exactly what Bungie had in mind for an epic final showdown. To that end, they're patching the Atheon battle so that he can't be knocked off, while simultaneously changing how he targets players. Currently, Atheon will send the three players furthest from him through space and time to an alternate battlefield, where they'll stay until their teammates open a portal for them so they can return. Once the fix goes live, he'll target three players at random.
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PS3 Dump Checker v1.0 (build 468) Tue, 14 Oct 2014 20:58:01 GMT
A new update of PS3 Dump Checker is available :


Build 468 2014-10-14:
- Changed: The embedded Darkiris's 4.65 patch replaced by a patch made from "Ferrox 4.65 DB" firmware CoreOS (as the Darkiris's patch has some issues).
- Added: VTRM 0xFF filled area checks (variable size/starting offset depending of VTRM entries count)
- Added: Bootldr & asecure_loader 0x00 / 0xFF filled area checks (variable size/starting offset depending on version)
- Added: A "Force Patch" option allowing to apply patches even if the dump failed verification. Can be enabled/disabled in the settings menu, disabled by default. Must be used with care and knowledge
- Added: The Three Musketeer's patch MD5 to the hashlist
- Changed: Font of the displayed data in text boxes is now monospaced
- Added: Some check adjustments. Added some cell_ext_os_area checks (NAND)
- Fixed: Some output wouldn't show properly, now it does (ascii null issues along with non-ascii beeing converted to [])
- Fixed: ROS Version checks are now performed properly, if the hash don't match any known version, it'll still pass now... (as that's what it was intended for... besides, if this value is bad... the hash won't match ;))
- Fixed: The log now contains all data from the Datamatch check aswell (it only shows the data if there's a missmatch somewhere, otherwise it'll just show you the result of the check for each part)
- Fixed: Alignment issues with some hex output (all output is now aligned to be per-byte (space in between every 2 hex chars) and 0x10 bytes per line)
- Added: SequenceRepetition to the Datamatch check (enables vtrm checking which has > 500 sequences which should match...)
- Added: DisableDisplay to the Datamatch check (enables checking large data to be a match without displaying the actual data...)
Source :

NOTE: Nobody takes ANY responsibility for any false negative/false positive given by this app, the responsibilty that your dump is valid is YOURS and yours alone... this tool should be treated as an easy way to make a quick check to see if it's at all worth looking closer at.


Download latest version from Github :
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