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PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, tickets for sale this Friday:

Playstation Experience, a huge gathering for PS fans. When?: 6th and 7th December. Where?: Las Vegas.… [more]

PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, tickets for sale this Friday: PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas, tickets for sale this Friday:

HABIB COBRA 4.65 V1.02 Released

Today smhabib released his second update to his 4.65 Cobra CFW. Update 2: Changelog: 1. fixed… [more]

HABIB COBRA 4.65 V1.02 Released HABIB COBRA 4.65 V1.02 Released

[RELEASE] DARKNET Cobra 4.65 V1.00 by Joonie86

DARKNET today updated their CFW to include Cobra support with work done by Joonie86 to implement Cobra… [more]

[RELEASE] DARKNET Cobra 4.65 V1.00 by Joonie86 [RELEASE] DARKNET Cobra 4.65 V1.00 by Joonie86

[UPDATE] HABIB Cobra 4.65 V1.01 with HABIB toolbox!

Thanks to @smhabib for this update to his spectacular cobra enriched custom firmware! Changelog: 1.cobra… [more]

[UPDATE] HABIB Cobra 4.65 V1.01 with HABIB toolbox! [UPDATE] HABIB Cobra 4.65 V1.01 with HABIB toolbox!
  • Posted by pustal , on 29/09/2014 , @ 08:54am


    New version of M@tsumoto and aldostools’s mod of DeanK’s webMAN 1.30 released.

    This version features the following aditions:

    - Reduced memory foot-print usage when some content is not scanned (eg. PS2, PSP, PSX or Movies)
    - Updated italian translation (thanks to dino05)
    - Added PS2 Classics for the non-Cobra builds
    - Removed some dead code for the nonCobra build
    - Some fixes for the display of the icons
    - Added support for BIG 5 (Chinese encoded text)

    Please still note that NonCobra CCAPI build has many bugs reports due CCAPI platform, so the CCAPI build is provided “AS-IS” and we don’t expect any support for it.



  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 27/09/2014 , @ 05:53pm


    Quote from joeblack2k

    For your eyes only…

    I have all the files



    Controller update:

    System Update File (devkit - GEN3)-1.750.061
    Controller FW Update Tool for JDX-1000X User’s Guide (PDF) [En]-



  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 27/09/2014 , @ 04:22am


    Iris Manager is a port of Hermes Manager based on PSLIGHT, Tiny3D, PS3Soundlib and OpenPS3FTP and can be used on CFW 3.41 CFW 3.55, CFW 3.55 DEX, CFW 4.21 CFW 4.21 DEX, CFW 4.30 CFW 4.30 DEX, CFW 4.31 CFW 4.40 CFW 4.41 CFW 4.46 CFW 4.46 DEX, CFW 4.50, DEX 4.50 CFW, CFW 4.53, 4.55 CFW

    Changelog v2.93

    - Updated the ISO tools (PC_ps3iso_utilities_with_src_v1.8.zip) to raise the cap version 4.50 to CFW 4.60 patchps3iso

    - At the request of Lustar (GameTDB) has introduced a new system to update the covers (covers) and now Iris Manager changes the User Agent to “IrisManager - v2.93″ on that server.

    - In the game updates the User Agent is changed also to simulate a PC

    - Added support (for Cobra / Mamba) for movies Bluray, DVD Video and MKV (using “BluRay Drive” on Showtime) in the category “Homebrew” (the Homebrew / PSN listed first) and in the new category “Films” ( only movies are listed)

    NOTE 1: As a reminder, pressing R3 / L3 access the various categories.



  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/09/2014 , @ 01:53am


    Orion has released the latest update to his backup manager, GameSonic. This latest update adds the HABIB CFW patch, P2MEMU/Cobra swapping, bug fixes and more:

    GameSonic v3.27

    Removing automatic device usb except dev_usb000 (door closest to the reader)
    Added Patch for CFW Habib, if it detects CFW habib the manager will not apply the patch Anti-Ode, fix bug that eliminated myGames (Webman Games) on cobra CFW

    GameSonic v3.25

    Added Swap of PS2EMU by Cobra to original and vice versa(Thank you for all Joonie)
    When the Cobra PS2EMU is active the Manager will show the option to activate the original and vice versa.
    Code to disable the patch improved cobra:
    When the Patch Cobra show the Manager the option to disable them and vice versa.
    The manager now detects which PS2EMU is active.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 27/09/2014 , @ 01:48am


    Latest version of PS3 Tools is out. This update fixes a major bug that caused the entire ISO to be deleted when attempting to Modify ISO.

    Update to PS3 ISO TOOLS v1.982B (09/26/14)
    Fixes a small bug which froze program when trying to extract a non-existing ICON0.PNG from some rare isos (Happened 2 me only on Okami HD, that has no ICON0.PNG)

    Version 1.98B (07/26/14)
    Fixed bug which deleted whole ISO when trying to only extract PARAM.SFO and game-icon via “Modify ISO(s)”

    Note: If you have problems/crashes with the patch functionality under win8(.1) try running PS3 ISO TOOLS as admin.


    PS3 ISO TOOLS V1.972B - by Rudi Rastelli

    @Estwald for “makeps3iso”, “extractps3iso” and “patchps3iso” *


    “PS3 ISO TOOLS” is an all-in-one tool for a complete PS3-ISO handling and contains:

    ISO-Generator to convert PS3-Folder-Format-Games 2 PS3-ISO-Format-Games (splitted big-files will be joined)
    ISO-Extractor to convert PS3-ISO-Format-Games 2 PS3-Folder-Format-Games (big-files will be optionaly splitted)
    ISO-Splitter to split single PS3-ISOs for use on a FAT32 device (“*.iso.0″, “*.iso.1″, …etc)
    ISO-Joiner to join splitted PS3-ISOs into single PS3-ISOs
    ISO-Modifier to rename single or splitted PS3-ISOs according to game-info found in “PARAM.SFO”-file to hide/un-hide parts of splitted ISOs (“*.iso.1″, “*.iso.2″, …etc) to extract and save “PARAM.SFO” and “ICON0.PNG” as “[ISO-name].SFO” respectively “[ISO-name].PNG” within ISO-folder
    ISO-Patcher to patch single or splitted PS3-ISOs to a lower firmware version (down to 4.21)


    Pretty self-explanatory… read the tool-tips


    You can batch-convert all of your PS3-Folder-Format-Games, when you select your game-archive as source-folder(eg “X:GAMES” or “X:GAMESZ”)
    All other tools, with the exception of ISO-Patcher, support batch-operation as well. Just multi-select the ISOs you like to process.
    As default ISO-names will NOT contain special ASCII-characters 0-31, 126-255 and also NOT /:*?”<>| … This is to avoid problems with webMAN (You can allow usage of special ASCII-characters 126-255, like ‘™’ or ‘®’ in “ISO-conversion-Options”)
    After conversion/extraction a log-file will be shown, which compares size and number of files/folders. An eventually existing firmware-update-file ‘PS3UPDAT.PUP’ will be left out of the ISO. Because of this log-file reports that the generated ISO about 256MB less than the source game-folder. This is no problem and status in log-file will be ‘OK’ in such a case.

    While converting to ISO-format “PARAM.SFO” and “ICON0.PNG”(Game-Icon) will be placed (hidden) as “[ISO-name].SFO” and “[ISO-name].PNG” at target-folder. If you use webMAN copy these 2 files(per game) to “/dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp/”. This will save you the effort to mount each game at least once to make webMAN display it’s game-icon.
    Aborted batch-conversions could be continued. Already finished conversions will be skipped.
    To patch ISOs under Windows 8(.1) click right on “PS3_ISO_TOOLS.exe” and choose “Run as administrator”.



  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 26/09/2014 , @ 06:22am


    Developer Zecoxao was able to get running various BD-J homebrew on PS4. Most assumed that it should work but nobody was sure 100%. Yes we can now run some homebrew on PS4 but don’t expect this as a major breakthrough. This was also done on PS3 prior to its first jailbreak.

    quote via PlayStationHax
    This should not come as a shock that it actually works, but should be more of a shock that Sony didn’t find some way of blocking this method of running homebrew from being run via a burned disc.

    A few days ago zecoxao created this thread requesting that people make some BDJ homebrew, most of us assumed that it should work, but none of us knew 100% if this worked or not, until aries2k posted these two videos:

    quote by aries2k via PlayStationHax
    Unfortunately, these emulators would have to be recompiled without using the START or Select buttons since the DS4 doesnt have them. I couldn´t get most roms I tried to start on both emulators. Also no sound yet with BD-J homebrew

    There´s more BD-J homebrew than I thought.
    Still I don´t think anyone made use of the network and HDD storage capabilites like with BD-Live. I´ve transfered various files from BD-Live over to the ps4s harddrive. Lol, it seems to let you use all the free space on the HDD. I´ve used BD-LIVE on another BD-Player with a usb to see what kind of files are transfered and there are some .jar files in there.
    So in theory maybe it would be possible to tranfer BD-J homebrew to the ps3s hdd and then use a BD (boot)disc to select the different homebrew on the HDD through BD-Live?

    I have reached out to the developer of the original PS3 Minimal BDJ SDK to see if he could update it, so that it accommodates the PS4 control pad, also Blu Ray Java and Java in general should be more advanced now than it was back on the PS3 and with more power on the PS4, perhaps we could now implement sound and perhaps have better homebrew.

    Here are some facts:
    This is NOT a hack.
    This is NOT anything major and will not lead to anything major.
    This will NOT let you run PS4 “backups”.
    This will NOT give you any access to the PS4’s OS system files.
    This is NOT illegal.
    This does NOT void your warranty.
    This will NOT let you run PC games on your PS4.
    This will ONLY let you run Java software.
    We all know that this isn’t any type of break through, it is using a system that is already in place, to run something that we have created ourselves, it runs from disc and does not touch any part of the PS4’s operating system, so do not expect anything huge from this.

    If anything comes from this and the SDK is updated, do expect some fun homebrew and app’s that we can use on our PS4’s.

    This method will also work on the PS3 and should work on the Xbox One, not sure about the Wii U, but we won’t know until it is tested.

    Source: http://playstationhax.it/homebrew-running-on-ps4

  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 24/09/2014 , @ 06:03pm


    Isleofdoom has released an unofficial version of deank’s multiMAN has been released today. It is based off of multiMAN 4.60. It is intended only for use with HABIB/Cobra v1.02 CFW in Cobra mode.

    Download #1

    Download #2

  • Posted by pustal , on 24/09/2014 , @ 05:09pm


    Sony Playstation TV, also known as Playstation Vita TV in Asia, will finally be released in North America and Europe, with announced dates of October 14th and November 14th , respectively. The dates were firstly announced back on August 12h, with now reconfirmation from Sony.

    The console will enter the market with a launch price of $99 (about €77.4 or £60.6) in the US and £84.99 (about €108.5 or $138.7) in the UK. A special bundle, including a wireless controller, an 8GB memory card and a copy of The Lego Movie videogame will also be released, at least in the United States, for $139.99. Officially supported titles can be found here.

    TV streaming services are not known when to be released, but it is known that Sony already signed an agreement with Viacom to stream 22 channels, including MTV and Commedy Central.


    Source 1, source 2 


  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 21/09/2014 , @ 10:59am


    Mertonixx has updated his SKUMODELS app to V2.0, which means you have another method to determine if your console is jailbreakable before asking that age old question: “Halp m3 jalbrek my P-P-Play 3″! Included are some useful tools and infos that you should definitely check out!

    by me

    updated to 2.0

    *See All E3 error codes & their fixes + E3 update.bin File included

    *MinVerChk included

    *Fixed some bugs, buttons — more options coming soon!

    VIRUSTOTAL : https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6…is/1411310502/


  • Posted by pustal , on 19/09/2014 , @ 11:43pm


    New version of M@tsumoto and aldostools’s mod of DeanK’s webMAN 1.30 released.

    This version features the following aditions:

    - Fixed regression from 1.30.28 scanning split isos (.iso.0)

    along with the aditions of 1.30.26 - 28, released from September 16th to 18th:

    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.28 Multi 19 (2014-9-18):
    Added support to mount PS2 Classics
    (.BIN.ENC files must be copied to /PS2ISO. It could work from /ISO on FAT32
    but it has to copy the file to hdd0 each time a game is mounted.
    Copy the cover with the same of the .BIN.ENC + .png in the same folder)
    - Added optional display of PS2 Classic Launcher (Placeholder) on PS2 Group like PSP Launcher
    - Added support for symbolic link copy from hdd0 to hdd0
    (This also improves the speed of FTP’s copy/paste commands)
    - Added new messages for PS2 Classics for 19 language files
    - Optimized a bit the speed of scanned content
    - Bug fix scanning games on /video folder
    - Fixed messages enabling/disabling Cobra


    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.27 Multi 19 (2014-9-18):
    - Fixed regression loading games from /video folder (thanks to m@tsumot0)
    - Added habib’s patches for booting speedup on 4.60 & 4.65 (thanks to m@tsumot0)
    - Added support to swap ps2emu (ps2_emu.self.swap, ps2_gxemu.self.swap & ps2_netemu.self.swap) on 4.65 Habib Cobra
    - Added option to enable In-Game Screenshot using R2+O (code by Mysis. it was already added by deank to webMAN, but the code was commented)
    - Improved how IDPS/PSID are shown using R2+O


    Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.30.26 Multi 19 (2014-9-16):
    - Updated toggle ps2_emu (SELECT+L2+R2) to support 4.65 Habib Cobra

    Please still note that NonCobra CCAPI build has many bugs reports due CCAPI platform, so the CCAPI build is provided “AS-IS” and we don’t expect any support for it.



  • Posted by pustal , on 19/09/2014 , @ 12:29am


    Playstation Now is now available for the PS3 in the mainland of United States and Canada (with some exceptions), after little over a month on PS4.

    The service now counts with more than 150 titles and expects the arrival of God of War: Ascension, inFAMOUS and Ultra Street Fighter IV. It requires a good internet connection, with reccomended minimum 5Mbps download speed.

    Reception is still diverged, with Now being criticized for high rental prices, being a paid beta and not distinguish costumers who already own the offering titles.



  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 18/09/2014 , @ 11:27pm


    Developer Sandroron has released the latest version of Flappy Bird Family and Swing Copter for the PS3

    Flappy Birds Family

    Roughly Translated
    Just a few weeks ago DotGears , creators Flappy Birds Family Bird released for Amazon Kindle platform ; and has already left a clone of this game.
    The developer Sandroron has created a homebrew version of Flappy Birds Family for PlayStation 3 (PS3 ) console.
    Changelog v0.5
    v0.5 adds new backgrounds and a new scoring system that will save your score

    About Swing Copter
    The creator of Flappy Bird is back with a game offering the sublime agony that comes with mastering a craft—and still failing.The game was released on ios and android on 21st August 2014

    Developer Sandroron developed it for PS3 and it is not a 100% copy of the original game
    L1 / R1 = Tap to move Copter left to right
    R3 + L3 = Exit Game back to XMB

    Changelog v0.2
    High Score is saved with a new Scoring System.

    Download Flappy Birds Family v0.5
    Download Swing Copter v0.2

  • Posted by hekel , on 17/09/2014 , @ 02:02pm


    Today smhabib released his second update to his 4.65 Cobra CFW.

    Update 2:

    1. fixed ntfs iso bugs
    2. semi-bc and bc support added for ps2iso
    3. fixed semi-bc and bc models controller synch prob partially by using old emus
    4. updated toolbox for bc and semi-bc users to swap their emus
    5. removed dirty patch which was to improve games compatibility(causes some backup managers problem for ntfs iso

    Special Features:
    1. Added new patches for ode drm
    2. Added a patch to speed up game disc/backup launch

    1. MADE OUT OF 4.65 OFW
    19. COBRA 7.00 PORTED

    Cobra Toggle:
    1. go to install package files and install the toggler
    2. run the app to swap back and forth(also swaps ps2emu)

    NOTE: (fixed in 1.02)
    currently ps2 iso support is only for non-bc ps3s atm

    New in 1.01:
    1. cobra toggler is also now known as habib toolbox:
    * dumps LV2
    * user friendly GUI
    * shows IDPS from EID5
    * shows current status of cobra and ps2emu
    * can swap ps2emu
    * can swap between cobra and non-cobra
    2. fixed psp iso issues
    3. booting of game discs and backups speed increased.

    New in 1.02:
    1. fixed ntfs iso bugs
    2. semi-bc and bc support added for ps2iso
    3. fixed semi-bc and bc models controller synch prob partially by using old emus
    4. updated toolbox for bc and semi-bc users to swap their emus
    5. removed dirty patch which was to improve games compatibility(causes some backup managers problem for ntfs iso)

    from starting, cobra uses psjailbreak type things which brokes compatibility with some games like ccapi for instance and syscall8.you could toggle between cobra and non-cobra if you have a specific app giving you problem.

    MD5sum: 61725A502BBA9F719C1AB2F5E5FBFB74

  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 16/09/2014 , @ 01:53pm


    DARKNET today updated their CFW to include Cobra support with work done by Joonie86 to implement Cobra features and more!

    • Cobra 7.00 implemented!
    • Cobra Toggle which supports: Gamesonic Manager, IrisMAN & WebMAN.
    • Anti ODDE fix
    • Trophy patch 1.02 FINAL FIX .

    MD5 : 53bbf92d0fe5315526702319e6afdc42
    196.0 MB (205,479,952 bytes)



  • Posted by DEFAULTDNB , on 16/09/2014 , @ 01:44pm


    Thanks to @smhabib for this update to his spectacular cobra enriched custom firmware!

    1.cobra toggler is also now known as habib toolbox:
    *dumps LV2
    *user friendly GUI
    *shows IDPS from EID5
    *shows current status of cobra and ps2emu
    *can swap ps2emu
    *can swap between cobra and non-cobra
    2.fixed psp iso issues
    3.booting of game discs and backups speed increased.

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?nkv1da36njhaosn
    MD5: 81BA609DDCEEC351BD21B8108B21074C

  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 16/09/2014 , @ 01:08pm


    Showtime Media Player receives another major update

    Changelog 4.7.187
    * hls: Try harder to find a stream that’s playable (contains both video and audio)
    * htsp: Don’t clear channel Number if absend from message
    * htsp: Also sort tag listing based on channelNumber
    * htsp: Delete trailing whitespaces
    * htsp: Sort channels in datamodel based on channelNumber
    * ps3: Filter out Access-Unit-Delimiters in h264 stream when playing HTSP. Tvheadend places those incorrectly and this causes the ps3 h264 cell decoder to barf
    * ps3: Fix interlaced h264 playback
    * Fix broken annexb parser in h264_parser
    * hls: If all streams gets tagged as audio_only, wipe out that flag
    * hls: Fix crash introduced by last commit
    * hls: Handle streams where sequence counter is unsynchronized between variants
    * Submodule ext/libav 69f5191..dac5d34: AAC: Handle sample rate changes mid-stream
    * httpcontrol: Check that remain != NULL in hc_open_parameterize()
    * httpcontrol: Check that remain != NULL in hc_open_parameterize()
    * Add plugin/open url that form json from request arguments and pass it into plugin
    * drop accidentally committed enable of debug
    * tracker: Better error handling in HTTP tracker code
    * htsbuf: Don’t take address of variable that does out-of-scope
    * bittorrent: Drop debug from HTTP tracker requests
    * bittorrent: More stats on stats page
    * bittorrent: Clean up torrent refcounting a bit
    * linux: Add a stackdump() helper
    * bittorrent: Add support for HTTP trackers
    * asyncio: Add HTTP client
    * httpclient: Add HTTP_TAG_ARGINT64() and HTTP_TAG_ARGBIN()
    * bittorrent: Don’t crash on 0 size bencoded data
    * task: Fix missing dequeue of task
    * httpclient: Add async mode
    * task: Fix callback signature (now returns void)
    * bittorrent: Split out UDP specific parts of tracker to a file of its own
    * http: Break apart http_req() monster in preparation for async http client
    * bittorrent: Fix problem with tracker announcements when multiple torrents where active
    * bittorrent: Fix some reference leaks that caused torrents not to be flushed out when browsing them
    * ps3: Display available harddrive size in sysinfo overlay
    * fs: Fix broken call to fap_fsinfo()
    * blobcache: Use fa_fsinfo() to get avail space on system
    This deprecates arch_cache_avail_bytes() which was broken on ps3
    * A slight workaround to fix problems with throbber when searching:
    The root cause is the ‘origin’ link in pages that gets incorrectly
    relinked when a page is closed. Not 100% how to fix this but this
    workaround seems to do it for now
    * prop: Fix bug when unlinking (we cant just throw away all link tracks
    * prop: Add various debug helpers and some unit tests
    * Fix uninitialized var when compiling with -Og
    * prop: Fix problem in search_for_linkagel
    This sometimes made prop_unlink() fail to detect when it needed
    to restore subscriptions


  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 15/09/2014 , @ 01:15pm


    Here is another update to Irisman in just under 3 days but with a lot of improvements.

    Here is whats changed

    Changelog 3.29
    - Game Options now loads faster and looks better
    (The PIC1.PNG is not longer displayed by default as the background
    picture. It caused delays and memory issues. It can be re-enabled via
    - Added support to use any JPG/PNG image as background picture
    (Browse the image in File Manager, press X to view it in full screen and
    press SQUARE to set it as background picture)
    - Added option to display covers with/without box (SELECT+SQUARE)
    - Added support for lastGAME SS [NPEA00374]


  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 15/09/2014 , @ 01:07pm


    This tool can be used to load webMAN with PS3 ISO support on non-Cobra CFW.

    The tool is based on IRISMAN. It simply loads the CFW payloads & patches, installs the mamba payload in memory and starts the VSH PRX loader with webMAN-MOD.

    Release Notes
    Edit the included plugins.txt found in /dev_hdd0/game/IRISMAN01/USRDIR to load additional plugins.

    Thanks to: Estwald, u$er, Joonie, Habib, deank, Cobra Team

    - Currently load: webMAN 1.30.25
    - Fixed the issue with idps/fan controller on 4.65