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  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 10/11/2013 , @ 05:59pm


    To celebrate the PS3′s birthday, i am holding a competition, inspired by Ada, where the winner gets a full years worth of PS Plus.

    All you have to do to win, is

    • Create a PS3 Theme.
    • It can be Static or Dynamic, or a mixture of both.
    • One with multiple images that depict the time or date.
    • For instance, you could have a theme with two images, one which shows the day time and one that shows the night time.
    • Or one that has 12 pics and shows each month of the year, much like a calendar.
    • Or one with 4 pics, which depict the seasons.

    Here is an example of the them:

    The above theme, is the Cuckoo Dynamic Theme and it states the correct time, this is the type of theme i am looking for, it doesnt have to be a awesome looking as that one, but as long as it shows either, the time, date or year you will be fine.

    Now before anyone thinks that this is hard, it isn’t, all you need to know is

    • How to create a PS3 theme.
    • And how to edit an XML.

    The competition as i said is to celebrate the PS3′s birthday, but it is also to celebrate the PS4′s release in both US and EU, this competition will continue to the end of this month.

    Provided enough people enter, the idea is to have each theme judged, the top three will have their names added to a poll and PS3HaX forum members will vote for who they think has created the best theme.

    • The Theme MUST be your own work.
    • The Theme MUST NOT be a theme that can already be downloaded of the PS Store.
    • For fairness and to make sure the theme is your own work, you must implement your PS3HaX username in all images used in the theme (Idea inspired by tjhooker73).

    For more help with creating themes, check this link with goodies from Ada:


    Some helpful files from Glowball1

    I’m trying to put together a new tutorial for dynamic themes but since theres a prize given here I decided to upload the part with help and templates to do with this topic…. Just extract the .7z to your C: drive with “extract here” http://www.mediafire.com/download/mp…THEMES-TIME.7z

    One of the templates you can just use google (no Photoshop etc required)

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 09/10/2013 , @ 03:41am


    Most of you should know who Glowball is by now, here is a video of something awesome he is working on:

  • Posted by manster , on 10/04/2013 , @ 04:47am


    GlowBall1 (or 1GlowBall) has uploaded a new video tutorial for creating Dynamic GlideShow/SlideShow Themes for the PS3.

    via YouTube

    Follow 1GlowBall on Twitter - https://twitter.com/1GlowBall

  • Posted by Pirate , on 09/04/2013 , @ 12:34pm


    mitsimatsimoto has translated a German version of IcEmAn2012′s REBUG XMB mod to: REBUG REX Gold 4.21.2 jMB XMB MOD [CEX/DEX]

    To quote:

    Community member mitsimatsimoto aka haxxxen present his own REBUG REX Gold 4.21.2 jMB XMB MOD exclusive!

    MB XMB modifications:
    Yellow dynamic Rebug Scorpion
    PSX Cold Boot Sound
    Epilepsy Warnug -> REX 4.21.2 JMB Modded [CEX TARGET] / [DEX TARGET] in Full DEX fashion
    GoldWave by Glowball
    icontex.qrc by hades demo JFW 3:56
    XMB and ingame Icons of the JFW 3:56
    Game Boat, CEX DEX scorpion logo by Rebug
    pseudo retail PKG patch

    JFW categories:
    Users with friends online folder (all the important functions Friends)
    photo -> Plugins (for all tools / homebrew how PS3Temp, toolbox, and FixPermission reactPSN)
    Music -> PSN games
    and> Multimedia with all photo, music - - Video Video Features
    TV -> Retro with emulators and Iris Manager for PSX isos
    Game -> Manager with Game Data Manager folder with content match data, PS3, PS2, minis store data, trophies and category for Multiman and Code Unique
    Network -> PS3 Loader for all directly Boat Packages, lastgame5 Mount Packages and PS2Classic Packages
    PSN -> Online Services green icon, browser, PSN Content folder with PSN login, and PSN Store
    Friends -> Visor with Install PKG modification and XMB modified Manager Plus
    2 new avatars (see Iceman )
    ngame XMB only 3 categories, Quick View (Game category with the backup managers and ingame Game features, plugins and settings (screenshot) also available)
    own XMB browse sounds of a Little Big Planet Theme

    First Install Rebug CFW 4.21.2 [REX EDITION] on XMB
    Second put Rebug / RETAIL mode on and remove all the XMB Mods
    Third Install REX Gold 4.21.2 JMB XMB MOD

    [Download via PSX]

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 20/03/2013 , @ 12:35pm


    DefaultDNB has released his personal mod pack for Rebug Rex 4.30.2 CFW, here is a quote from his post:

    Coldboot.raf - See preview.
    Coldboot_multi.ac3 - Simple 8 second DNB REBUG intro sound.
    Coldboot_stereo.ac3 - Simple 8 second DNB REBUG intro sound.


    (This is the included RAF)


    https://anonfiles.com/file/6c5924303…e105ac20e48d95 ~(77MB)
    Mirror: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rw675m ~(77MB)

    Original Files: Coldboot.raf, Coldboot_multi.ac3, Coldboot_stereo.ac3.
    Custom Files: Coldboot.raf, Coldboot_multi.ac3, Coldboot_stereo.ac3.
    Conversion Tools: Static Raf Converter 1.0, Xvid4PSP.
    Original Media: Original Rebug PNG, 2 Edited Rebug PNG’s (Edited by myself), Rebug Boot Sound MP3 (Created by myself)


    HOW TO:
    Editing Boot Image: Open Easy Static Raf Converter, pick your image, edit its position, save.
    Editing Boot Sound: Open Xvid4PSP, select a music file, trim to 8 seconds, encode with AC3 640K settings, save once as “coldboot_multi.ac3″, then save again as “coldboot_stereo.ac3″ so you have 2 ac3 files.
    Flashing to PS3:

    How To Change The PS3 Boot Logo - Ps3 Homebrew - YouTube

    Reverting: Simply flash the 3 coldboot files from the “Original 4.30.2 REX” folder.

    @Cyberskunk @TizzyT @Glowball1 @gliitch @haz367 @manster and of course blastleaf 


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 23/11/2012 , @ 03:54pm


    Glowball1 who is responsible for numerous tutorials on creating dynamic themes for the PS3, has released a video tutorial on how to create a Christmas theme:

    For more tutorials and to thank Glowball1, be nice an subscribe to him on YouTube:
    Glowball1′s YouTube

    Source Opium2k on Twitter, for those of you who dont know Opium2k, shame on you, he is responsible for creating tons of themes/skins for multiMAN and RetroArch, so click below to follow him on Twitter:
    Opium2k’s Twitter

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 21/05/2012 , @ 08:53am


    PS3HaX member Glowball1 has released another awesome tutorial, this one is on how to create a “Pro SlideShow Dynamic Theme”, here is a quote from his thread:

    This video tutorial will show you how to create a Pro SlideShow dynamic PS3 theme.



    What is a dynamic theme?

    A dynamic theme is simply a theme with a moving background made up with 3D models, textures and a script.

    What’s the difference between animated and dynamic themes?

    Animated themes only have 1 effect which is a very fast slideshow, where as dynamic themes include multipe effects.

    Why is this pro/dynamic?

    Pro is the version of the slideshow style and there are 3 effects used
    1. Timed camera zoom in/out
    2. Random start image
    3. Smooth fade transition between images

    When I drag and drop the ProSlideShow.xml I don’t get ProSlideShow.raf, Why?

    The ProSlideShow folder must on the root of your C: drive. If you still get errors copy this command in cmd.exe

    raf_compiler.exe C:ProSlideShowProSlideShow.xml

    Why do you do this GlowBall and for free too lol?

    I do it cus I want people to enjoy spending time with thier PS3 console  and I believe that you can’t put a price on fun.

    Video Tutorial

    Download links

    ProSlideShow.zip (needed) - http://www.mediafire.com/?x8rt94lax39qdu4

    Notepad++ (optional) - http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.1.2.html

    SSX Pro SlideShow theme

    PS3 Pro SlideShow theme

    Air Paint Pro SlideShow

    Show some appreciation it’s FREE 

    Feedback is always welcome so if you like/dislike this tell me why? or simply say thank you

    Have fun and enjoy! 

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 06/05/2012 , @ 11:18am


    PS3HaX member Mr. Shizzy has released some stunning Custom Dynamic Themes, the first being an update to his Finding Nemo theme:

    Finding Nemo Dynamic Theme v2

    Here is my updated v2 of Finding Nemo Dynamic Theme for PS3.
    This theme is in .p3t format and works on all PS3 systems both OFW and CFW.
    I made and tested this theme on my 4.11 OFW PS3 and a 1080p HD TV.

    Version 2 Update:
    * Fixed BG animation (now seamless)
    * added custom click sounds

    * Theme and click sounds by Mr. Shizzy
    * icons from dynamic christmas theme
    * dynamic theme tutorial and tools from Glowball

    Here is a video of the theme in action.

    The second theme is:

    Freddy Krueger Dynamic Theme

    Here is another dynamic PS3 theme I have made.
    This one is Freddy Krueger and the src video is from the Mortal Kombat 9 trailer.

    This theme works on ALL ps3 systems - both official firmware and hacked consoles

    * Theme by: Mr. Shizzy
    * Icons from Faxtron’s Sin City Theme
    * Dynamic Theme Tools/Tutorial by Glowball

    DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?zkvb3phfws31bet

    Hope everyone enjoys! Comments are welcome.


    Here is a video of it in action.

    A Note:
    These work on ALL Firmwares, 3.55 CFW and 4.11 OFW.

    Download Finding Nemo Version 2

    Download Freddy Krueger

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 10/04/2012 , @ 06:50am


    A few days ago, we posted here a tutorial created by Glowball1, on how to create custom GameBoots, since then my Youtube tutorial slave HolmesInFive created a video Tutorial, making the whole process easier, here it is :)

    HolmesInFive’s Twitter

  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 27/03/2012 , @ 04:41am


    It is a few days after the fifth anniversary of the PS3′s release in EU regions, i had it on preorder before the US release and i remember a couple of week after pre ordering the machine, Game sending me a letter, stating that the EU release of the machine would not have the Emotion Engine(EE), this was the first of a list of components/software that Sony would continually remove from the machine.

    Now after reading that, you are probably wondering “what the hell is GregoryRasputin talking about and what does this have to do with a tutorial”, well its simple, around the time the PS3 Slim was released, Sony released a firmware, which wiped this GameBoot Logo from all machines, the logo in question is a sparkly “Playstation 3″ logo, which occurred between the user pressing X on the game pad to select a game and the actual game booting, it looked like this:

    Now some of you might not care about it, some of you might not even notice that its gone, but for those of you that miss it, PS3HaX member Glowball1 has created an application and tutorial on how to restore the logo or create your own, here are some videos of what Custom GameBoot Logo’s look like:

    Videos courtesy of Glowball1 and Faxtron

    You will need the following tools to use in conjunction with the tutorial:

    • Glowball1′s PS3_Gameboot.zip
    • XMB Customize
    • Any image editor that saves in png format - Photoshop is recommended


  • Posted by GregoryRasputin , on 10/02/2012 , @ 08:59am


    PS3HaX member TizzyT has released quite a useful tool, a Color Logo Creator for the PS3, here is a quote from his thread:

    This is a remake of my “Playstation Color Logo Creator” due to the fact that some were having trouble with it and so I decided to remake it. It makes custom boot logos for modded “CFW/MFW” PS3s.

    This versions is completely portable and will create anything that is missing on its own.
    Once the program is ran click on “Edit”. Browse to your Photoshop application if you have the “Lite Version”.
    Edit the logo how you would like it and save as DXT5 ARGB 8bpp | interpolated alpha.
    Click on “Preview” to see a sample of what the logo will look like. (Optional)
    Then click on Create to start making your custom logo.
    The Logo will be displayed after it has been created, so just wait for it.

    To get the Coldboot Installer.pkg included when the logo is created use the /coldbootinstaller argument.
    For Windows XP users run the program with the argument /noaeroborder to remove the Aero border.
    For people who get the full version who don’t have Photoshop use /internalps to extract and use the included Photoshop.
    PS: More information on my blog

    UPDATE 1:
    I fixed a couple unwanted behaviors and bugs, added a couple things to make it handle situations where the program would throw an exception.

    Logo that fills screen < maybe sometime soon
    Effects in logo < might or might not happen

    Source here at PS3HaX

    Download Lite Version(For those who already have Photoshop)
    Download Full Version(For those who DONT have Photoshop)


    The version now is 2.1
    I have implemented Full-screen logos, thanks to Glowball1′s Help.

    Playstation Color Logo Creator v2.1 (Lite)
    Download Full Version(For those who DONT have Photoshop).

  • Posted by Pirate , on 29/01/2012 , @ 12:34pm


    The theme guru and PS3Hax member, Glowball1, is back with another awesome tutorial for all you PS3-theme lovers. His latest tutorial is how to create the video icon on the PS3 xmb (aka ICON1.pam).

    Here is a video demonstrating the final result:

    You can read the full tutorial at the read more link, or over here.

    You can see all the other PS3-theme tutorials by Glowball1 HERE.

  • Posted by Pirate , on 06/08/2011 , @ 12:05pm


    PS3Hax member Glowball1, who brought you the tutorial for custom XMB wave animation, has now brought another PS3 tutorial related to editing/modding of dynamic themes.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 01/08/2011 , @ 02:36pm


    PS3Hax member Glowball1, has posted a tutorial and video on how to modify your PS3′s XMB wave animation. Requires the use of a HEX editor. You can see the preview of the animations below, and you can read the full tutorial via read more link.

    Tutorial (by Glowball1):