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XSTAHSIE'S UNSIGNED Homebrew Release Thread

Welcome to my homebrew release thread. As new homebrews are released for the PS3, I will do my best to update this thread. Remember, these are not my apps. Enjoy.

Tools You May Need:

- for extracting downloads, as most are RAR files, use either one of these: WinRAR or 7-zip

- for FTP connection between your PC and PS3, I recommend this FTP program for Windows XP/Vista/7: FileZilla.


(Updated 12/04/10)

  • 12/06/10: AT90USB162 board downgrade HEX files
  • 12/03/10: Mednafen R84
  • 12/03/10: multiMAN v1.10.14
  • 12/02/10: Mednafen R83
  • 12/01/10: multiMAN v1.10.13
  • 12/01/10: VBA PS3 v0.9.9 (GB/GBC/GBA Emulator)
  • 11/30/10: FBAnext PS3 v1.0.0 (Multi-Arcade System Emulator)
  • 11/29/10: PS3SX Pre-Release (PSX/PSone Emulator)
  • 11/29/10: multiMAN v1.10.12
  • 11/27/10: multiMAN v1.10.10
  • 11/23/10: Gaia Manager v1.04
  • 11/23/10: multiMAN v1.10.02


Game Backup Managers
  • Backup Manager
  • Gaia Manager
  • multiMAN
  • Open Manager (original)
  • Open Manager (mod) with Open Copy Install
  • FBAnext (Multi-Arcade Emulator)FCEU (NES Emulator)
  • Gamebatte (Game Boy & Game Boy Color Emulator)
  • Mednafen (Multi-System Emulator)
  • Nestopia (NES Emulator)
  • PCE.emu (PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 Emulator)
  • SNESS9X (Super Nintendo Emulator)
  • VBA PS3 (Game Boy, Game Boy Color, & Game Boy Advance Emulator)
  • EZPayloadToTi
  • PSGroove / PSFreedom Payload
  • PSGroove PSN Payload
  • Rockbox
File Manager
  • Comgenie's Awesome File Manager
  • FTP Server by blackb0x
  • FTP Server by CJPC
  • Game Ripper
  • PKG Fast Unpacker
  • PSARC File Extractor (CLI and GUI version)
  • Safeimg
Homebrew Games
  • Doom
  • nXMB
  • USB Firmware Loader
Other OS Alternative
  • Hermes AsbestOS Loader
  • Open AsbestOS Loader
Miscellaneous Apps
  • MHUFreeStore
VBA PS3 (GB/GBC/GBA Emulator)

runs on firmware: 3.41 & under

posted on: 12/01/10

VBA PS3 (GBA emulator) will enable you to run Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on your PS3 system.
"This is an application for the PlayStation3 that makes it possible to play
Game Boy Classic / Game Boy Color / Game Boy Advance games on your jailbroken
PlayStation3. It is based on an up-to-date version of the popular PC emulator,

Implemented Functions:

  • Saving/loading of SRAM
  • Savestate loading/saving support (Savestate slot selectable in-game, Up to 10 saveslots)
Controls in ROM Menu:

  • Up - Go up
  • Down - Go down
  • Left - Go back five file entries
  • Right - Go forward five file entries
  • L1 - Go back one page
  • R1 - Go forward one page
  • Cross - (If directory selected) enter directory/ (if ROM selected) start ROM
  • Triangle - (If ROM selected) start ROM with multitap support
  • Circle - (If not in root directory) Go back to previous directory
  • L2 + R2 - (If you previously exited a ROM) return to game
  • Select - Go to settings menu (see 'CONTROLS IN SETTINGS MENU' section)
Controls in Settings Menu:

  • Up - Go up one setting.
  • Down - Go down one setting.
  • Left - Change setting to the left.
  • Right - Change setting to the right.
  • Circle - Go back to ROM menu/Go back to previous Settings screen
  • Start - Reset the setting back to the default value.
  • R1 - Go to the next Settings screen
  • L1 - Go to the previous Settings screen
  • L3 + R3 - Return back to game (if a ROM is loaded)
Controls in Game:

  • R3 + L3 - Press these two buttons together while in-game to go back to the ROM browser menu.
  • R3 + R2 - Save to currently selected save state slot
  • L3 + L2 - Load from currently selected save state slot
  • Right analog stick - Left - Move current savestate slot one slot backwards
  • Right analog stick - Right - Move current savestate slot one slot forward
  • To play a game with a USB controller as Player 1, start up your PS3 and rather than using the Sixaxis/DualShock3, plug in an USB port before.
  • connecting the controller to the PS3 - your USB pad should then become Controller 1.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE

Nestopia (NES Emulator)
version: Release 2
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 10/24/10

This is an NES emulator. First to be released on the PS3. If you don't know what an NES emulator is than you've been living under a rock.

Changelog for release 2:

- Adds saving & loading.

- You can now exit to the XMB without having to restart your PS3.

- Adds fast forward (R2 Trigger).

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
FCEU (NES Emulator)
version: 1.3
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 11/14/10

This is an NES emulator. Second to be released on the PS3. If you don't know what an NES emulator is than you've been living under a rock.

Include are two pkg files. One for running on firmware 3.41, and the other for firmware 1.92


- .zip support
- SRAM support
- State save
- 4P Support
- Settings save and load
- Shader support (Cg format)
- Not all shaders run full speed at 1080p.
- Try lower the resolution for shaders which run slow.
- Aspect ratio makes a difference as well.


Up - Go up
Down - Go down
Left - Go back five file entries
Right - Go forward five file entries
L1 - Go back one page
R1 - Go forward one page

Cross - (If directory selected) enter directory/ (if ROM selected) start ROM
Triangle - Same as Cross
Circle - (If not in root directory) Go back to previous directory
L2 + R2 - (If you previously exited a ROM) return to game
Select - Go to settings menu (see 'CONTROLS IN SETTINGS MENU' section)

L2+L3 - State Load
R2+R3 - State Save


Up - Go up one setting
Down - Go down one setting
Left - Change setting to the left
Right - Change setting to the right

Circle - Go back to ROM menu


Display framerate - This will show the FPS (Frames Per Second) onscreen
Current save state slot - Toggle FCEU save state slot.
Resolution - Switch between resolutions - 480p mode, 720p mode and 1080p mode (depending on your monitor's supported resolutions)
Aspect Ratio - Switch between aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:10 (16:9 will come shortly, for now choose 16:10 on widescreen - perhaps small
cutoff at left and right))
Hardware Filtering - Switch between Linear interpolation (Bilinear filtering) and Point filtering.
Control Style - Switch between original NES style or the more preferred SNES style.
Shader - Select a shader to use.


Standard NES Controls (layout identical to NES controller)
Better NES Controls (rotates input changing Square->B, Cross->A)

R3 + L3 - Press these two buttons together while in-game to go back to the ROM browser menu.

Right analog left / right - Adjust save state on the fly.


- PAL games do not run properly.
- Please start reporting them on the google code bug tracker


- For people running this on HDTVs complaining about input lag:
>Turn off all post-processing filters you may have running - on Sony Bravia HDTVs, display Motion Flow (this also causes input lags
with most games in general, not just this SNES emu. If your HDTV has a 'Game' mode or something of the sort, select that as well.


- Stock shader will run all games at 60fps.
- Some shaders are very taxing currently.
- PAL runs way to fast.


- GameGenie
- Pretty GUI.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
SNES9X Emulator
version: Build 4.4.1
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 11/15/10

SNES9X is a Super Nintendo emulator for the PS3.

If you exit a ROM with L3+R3, you can return back to the game while inside the ROM Browser menu by pressing

L2+R2 simultaneously.

Change log for v4.4.1:
- Added pixel shaders - select them in General Settings.
The following pixel shaders have been added:
> Stock (Default shader)
> 2xSaI
> Blur
> Curved CRT
> HQ2x
> Quad interpolation
> Scanlines
> Sharpen
> Super2xSaI
> SuperEagle
all but SuperEagle, Super2xSaI and Curved CRT run at fullspeed at 1080p 16:9 - the highest resolution. If a shader doesn't run at fullspeed on that resolution, 720p resolution 16:9/4:3 will run it just fine at fullspeed.

-PAL60 option works with 1.92 version
-Added a 'Force NTSC ROM to PAL' option to SNES9x Settings

snes9x-ps3-4.4.1-fw3.41 -
this is for people with firmware 3.41

snes9x-ps3-4.4.1-576pdisabled-fw1.92 -
this is for people with firmware 1.92 AND if you'd rather default to 480p if you have a CRT TV

snes9x-ps3-4.4.1-576penabled-fw1.92 -
this is for people with firmware 1.92 AND if you'd rather default to 576p if you have a CRT TV

Change log for v4.4.0:


- PAL issues are fixed at all resolutions - ghosting is gone

- It's now possible to run NTSC ROMs and PAL ROMs alike correctly at 576p PAL mode. When the setting 'PAL60' is set to ON, a trick will be applied to get NTSC ROMs to run correctly at 50Hz mode. If set to OFF, it will run PAL ROMs correctly. Even though PAL ROMs will play normally now at 480p/720p/1080p, 576p still seems to run PAL ROMs slightly better - but it's probably unnoticeable to the user.

- Cheatcode files can now be loaded and selected/enabled ingame. Note that all zSNES and SNES9x cheatcode files are supported - everything with the .CHT extension. You can also set a Cheatfile directory. If you don't set a Cheatfile directory, the default will be USRDIR.

Cheatfiles must have the same filename as the ROM. Here is how selecting and enabling cheats works in-game:

- Right analog stick - Left + L2 - Move cheat position back by one (-1)

- Right analog stick - Right + L2 - Move cheat position forwards by one (+1)

- Right analog stick - Up - Enable the currently selected cheat

- Right analog stick - Down - Disable the currently selected cheat

Here are two links with some quite useful cheatfiles:





There still remains the issue that with the FW 1.92 versions you can't switch the resolution easily - so I have had to resort to including two builds for 1.92 (just for the people who are running this on CRT TVs - the PS3 has this odd habit of picking as the best resolution exactly the resolution you do not want to use in the first place :P).

snes9x-ps3-4.4.0-fw3.41.pkg - this is the one most people would want to use - for firmware 3.41 and up

snes9x-ps3-4.4.0-576penabled-fw1.92.pkg - 576p is enabled in PARAM.SFO - so if you're running this on a CRT TV and your TV happens to be PAL, it will select 576p first and you're stuck with that resolution basically because there is no resolution switching with the 1.92 version (this has never been possible even up to now - but I'm just mentioning it for the first time since it's only now becoming an issue due to certain people using it on a CRT TV and getting stuck in PAL mode).

snes9x-ps3-4.4.0-576pdisabled-fw1.92.pkg - 576p is disabled in PARAM.SFO - so if you're running this on a CRT TV - even if your TV happens to be PAL, it will select 480p and you will be stuck with that resolution basically because there is no resolution switching with the 1.92 version.

BTW, for all people using this on HDTVs - don't worry about this long-winded explanation - it will automatically pick the best resolution for your TV with the 1.92 version. Resolution switching is possible with 3.41 so users with FW 3.41 get the best end of the deal at the moment until we figure out a way to be able to switch resolutions with 1.92.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v4.4.1)

Gambatte (Game Boy / Game Boy Color Emulator)
version: Release 2
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 10/24/10

This is a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator. If you don't know what a Game Boy / GB Color emulator is than you've been living under a rock.

Change log for release 2:

- Press L3 + R3 to return to ROM selection directory.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
Mednafen (Multi-system Emulator)
version: R83
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 12/02/10

Mednafen is a multi-system emulator. It can emulate various systems such as NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Sega Master System, Game Gear, and more.


  • Supports built-in NES, GB, GBC, GBA, SMS, GG, MD (Genesis), PCE, PCE-CD, NeoGeo Pocket (and color), WonderSwan (and color) emulators.
  • Supports Nestopia(NES) Gambatte(GB GBC) and VBA-M(GBA) external emulators.
  • Load uncompressed or zipped images.
  • Save and load save ram and save states (not currently supported in Gambatte and VBA-M).
  • File browser, place your games on a USB drive, or FTP them to the internal drive.
  • Fast forward.


PCE CD support requires bios at /dev_hdd0/game/MDFN90001/USRDIR/pcebios.bin and currently only supports bin + cue, with all tracks inside the bin (no external audio tracks yet, sorry).

File Menu Controls:

  • Up and Down to Scroll the list by 1
  • Left and Right to scroll the list by a page
  • R2: Toggle Bookmark
  • R3: Open emulator select menu
  • Cross: Select File or directory
  • Circle: Go to previous directory
  • Triangle: Exit
In Game Controls:

  • R2 for fast forward
  • R3 to open settings menu
  • Hold L3 + L2 to save state
  • Hold L3 + R2 to load state
  • Hold L3 + R3 to redefine controls
Settings Menu Controls:

  • Up and down to choose setting
  • Left and right to change the current settings value
  • Circle to exit menu
Changelog for revision 83:

  • Changing the older fonts by font anti-aliasing
  • Fixed a crash when emulation of the PC-Engine
  • Fixed bookmark
  • Fixed a display problem
  • Sort folders before files

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (r83)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (r62)

PCE.emu (PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 Emulator)
version: 1.3.0
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 11/9/10

PCE.emu is a PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator which allows you to play old school games design for the system. This emulator's backend is from the Mednafen emulator.

PCE.emu is PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator written in C++ for Android, iOS and PS3.
It uses the emulation backend from Mednafen and is built on top of the Imagine engine. The source is released under the GPLv3 license.

- Accurate emulation and high compatibility rate.
- Zip file support
- CD emulation via loading cue files, you must have a system card rom named syscard.pce in the same directory as your cue files.
- Cue files may use external audio tracks in Ogg Vorbis & Wav (PCM, ADPCM, etc) formats (not working on PS3 currently)
- Optional on-screen multi-touch controls in addition to keyboard controls (needs Android 2.1 for multi-touch)
- Backup memory and save state support, one auto-save and one manual slot for save states
- No user activation or other nonsense

Performance Notes (as of version 1.3.0):

- Android : 55-60fps with hucards on a 550Mhz Droid running Android 2.2. CDs may need slight overclock (600-700Mhz) to run at similar speeds depending on the game's screen mode. On-screen controller can cause a small speed hit so disable it when not in use, will be optimized in the future.

- iOS: 60fps on iPhone 4 with hucards & CDs (~50% cpu utilization). 20-30fps on iPod Touch 2nd gen.

- PS3: 60fps with hucards & CDs.

Default Controls for Android:

- D-pad : navigate menus (Up & Down), Left to go up a directory in file picker, Right to select highlighted entry
- Z, X : Buttons I & II
- Space : Select
- Return : Run
- Menu : open/close the main menu
- L : go directly to Load Rom menu
- Q : Save State
- W : Load State
- Search : Fast-forward in-game
- Back button : Exit game or go back in menus

Controls for iOS:

- Touch top-right corner : open the main menu
- Touch bottom-left corner : Fast-forward in-game (deactivates upon next input elsewhere on screen)

Controls for PS3:

- D-pad : navigate menus (Up & Down), Left to go up a directory in file picker, Right to select highlighted entry
- Cross : confirm/select menu entry, Button I
- Circle : cancel menu entry/go back, Button II
- Select : Select
- Start: Run
- L2 : open/dismiss menu
- R2 : Fast-forward

Currently known issues/bugs:

- No international character support in gui
- Not really a bug, but when running on a case-sensitive file system make sure your CUE file specifies references in the same case as on the file system.
- PS3: only 1 controller is supported
- PS3: loading a CUE file with external audio tracks causes the system to lock up
- PS3: sound is not synced properly, causes slight distortion in the audio

Change log for v1.3.0 (2010.11.08):

-Updated to Mednafen 0.9.14-wip core with various emulation fixes
- 16-bit image rendering enabled to decrease GPU bandwidth and improve speed for devices where this is a bottleneck
- PS3: Updated to use firmware 3.41 libraries, fixes slowdowns in games that use larger than 256 pixel wide screen modes
- PS3: CD images now work, but only bin+cue for now. images with external audio tracks cause a system lockup

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
FBAnext (Arcade System Emulator)
version: v1.0.0
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 11/30/10

FBAnext is a multi-arcade emulator, which simply means you can play supported Arcade games on your PS3 without actually going to the Arcades. See below for supported systems.

Capcom CPS-1
Capcom CPS-2
Capcom CPS-3
Neo Geo
Sega System 16
Psikyo 68EC020
Misc others

Place your roms in /dev_hdd0/game/FBAN00000/USRDIR/roms/

The first time you run FBANext, a configuration file called fbanext-ps3.xml will be generated. This file will store your current options.

If you wish to change your rom path, edit fbanext-ps3.xml located at /dev_hdd0/game/FBAN00000/USRDIR/ and modify the paths-rom element with the directory you wish. Please include a trailing slash at the end of your path otherwise no roms will be located.

.Zip/.7z/.rar file extensions are supported.

Rom Menu:
- L1/R2 Filter on different hardware drivers.
- X Load and run the currently selected rom. If you receive any error messages during loading the rom, they will be displayed. Typically most errors returned are due to old or incorrect rom dumps.
- Triangle Filter clone roms.
- Square Toggle to display 3 and 4 player Roms only
- Select Switch to options menu.
- Start Will return to the currently loaded rom if there is one.

Menu Controls:
SELECT – Insert Coin
START – Start
L2 – Return to browser

Options Menu:
- Show Framerate.
Will display the framerate counter. No will disable it (default)

- Aspect Ratio.
4:3 will display a correct aspect ratio with borders.
16:9 will fill the entire screen.

- Rotatation Adjust Options
Rotate for Vertical Games.
Do not rotate for Vertical Games.
Reverse flipping for vertical games.

- Auto Frameskip Enabled.
Will enable frameskip. No will disable it (default)

- Graphics Filter Type Options
Use Shaders.
Software Filtering.

- Current Shader. Option will cycle through the available shaders:

In Game Controls:
- L2 + R2 + R1 Pause/Return to menu
- R3 Service Mode
- L3 Reset Current Rom

Implemented Features:
- Full graphics/audio supported
- Easy to use rom browser.
- Option to filter on specific drivers
- Option to hide clones
- Option to only display 3 or 4 player games only
- 60fps performance at 1080p for *most* roms
- Pixel Shader support
- Up to 4 gamepads supported
- Rotate screen options
- Hardware filter options (Linear, Point filtering)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.0.0)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (Pre-release)
PS3SX (PSX/PSone Emulator)
version: pre-release
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 11/29/10

Itching to play PSX (PSone) games on your PS3 but don't own the original 60GB PS3 or a PSX system. Well, stop scratching and start installing this PSX emulator onto your jailbroken PS3 system. Yes, this is a PSX emulator which runs games at full speed and sound. Below, you can download the BIOS (required to run the PSX emulator) and the emulator itself.

Pre-release notes:
PS3SX Pcsx port on PS3 using PS3 SDK and psl1ght it's a hybride for the pre-release. No source code will be avaible only when i will completely port the emulator to psl1ght before xmas i will update it with a new GUI save state and cheat code. This emulator can only work on 3.41 retail not tryed yet on older version.

How-to use:
- put all folders so ./BIOS ./MC ./psxrom on root of dev_usb000 so the first port on the right.

Changelog for pre-release:
  • 2 Players
  • All iso formats
  • psx homebrew *.psx and *.exe
  • Save works for player 1 & 2
  • Sound support CDDA and XA
  • Full screen
  • Full Speed

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (PSX Emulator)

version: 1.10.13
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 12/01/10

Based off the Open Manager homebrew application, multiMAN function not only as a backup manager, but also as a file manager, and as an AVCHD and BDMV player—a very useful tool to have installed on your jailbroken PS3, I must say.

What is New in v1.10.13:
This release comes with some minor changes, such as new fonts, no compile errors for source, separate update for firmware v3.15.

What is AVCHD? AVCHD is a camcorder video format. Most camcorder use this format for high-definition recording.

What is BDMV? BDMV is a Blu-ray video format.

  • User defined options.ini (options_default.ini) to set various options
  • Copy/backup progress bar
  • Support and display for 7 devices (HDD/USB/BD/SDHC/MS/CF)
  • Animated icons and backgrounds
  • [ANALOGUE RIGHT STICK] - Moves mouse pointer
  • [L1] - Switches back to 'game' display mode
  • [L2] - Page down (left pane)
  • [R2] - Page down (right pane)
  • [D-PAD] - up/down/left/right moves mouse cursor 1 line up/down (left/right pane)
  • [X] - Enters selected directory
  • [/\] - Exit to XMB
  • [[ ]] - Delete file/folder (use with caution - disabled for PS3 root folders)
  • [O] - Copy file/folder
  • [O]+[SELECT] - Move file/folder (not implemented)
  • [X]+[SELECT] - Rename file/folder (not implemented)
Bottom device icons:
  • [X] or [L3] - Loads device folders in LEFT pane
  • [O] or [R3] - Loads device folders in RIGHT pane
Changelog for v01.10.12:
  • Cover mode 3 will show the cover if available (or COVER.PNG for AVCHD titles).
  • Clicking on [GAMES] in file manager will show the initial cover mode (set in the .ini).
  • In the picture viewer: images will slide into the screen and UP/DOWN will zoom to fit H/V.
  • In file manager: when user enters a new folder, mouse pointer will go to the [..] entry.
  • On inactivity in game cover modes the legend and device list will also disappear.
Changelog for v01.10.13:
  • Display mode #1 uses FREE TYPE fonts.
  • Filemanager [RENAME]: the current name is displayed.
  • Separate UPDATE via internet for firmware 3.15.
  • Source compiles with no warnings for 3.15 and 3.41 now.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.10.11)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.10.12 UPDATE ONLY)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.10.10 includes 828 covers)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.10.07)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.10.02)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.10.01)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.09.03)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.09.03 include 800 covers)

Open Manager
version: 1.17.2
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 10/25/10

This is a compiled version of Open Manager. It is similar to Back Manager, except that it is open source and have many features that are absent from Backup Manager.

To fix controller issue for some games, you must be in Patch Mode: start Open Manager, press R2 on your PS3 controller to toggle between Normal Mode
and Patch Mode, choose Patch Mode, and now you are in Patch Mode. Next, just start your game.

Note: Games that do not suffer from this controller issue may not operate in Patch Mode, so stay in Normal Mode.

Change log for v1.17.2:

- A quick fix for people with fw < 3.40. Open manager no longer prompts these users to update their firmware.

Change log for v1.17.1:

- Reverted back to using SDK 1.92. There was two reasons for this. First to make it compatible with older firmwares like 3.15 and second, there is no reason to update the SDK just yet.

- Mounting to app_home now works without problem.

- PL3 is now fully supported and syscall35 is used although no compatibility is gained from this.

- Previous payloads are still supported (PSGroove > 1.1), open manager detects your current payload and acts accordingly, therefore patched mode is still available for older payloads.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
Open Manager w/Open Copy Install (Mod version)
version: 2.1 Rev I2 with Open Copy 1.1c
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 11/11/10

This version of Open Manager is a modification of the original Open Manager program (see above). This version obviously includes different features not found in the
original Open Manager, that's why
it's on my list. Additionally, this mod version of Open Manager includes Open Copy Install.

Open Copy Install allows you to view games installed on the hard drive (internal and external), copy games from one drive to another drive, and can perform
installations of games to the hard drive.

Note: Enter the following username to use the integrated FTP:
User: OMAN46756 Password: None

Change log for v2.1 Rev I2:
- It clears the list of games played to start the application.

- Activating the Remote Play option from a PC / PSP remotely.

- Added new parameters to indicate the sort order (Fund coverage, block, etc. ...), Edit text on / off home / homebrew, and see if the game disc is selected
internal / external / BR and its parameters to change its location.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
Gaia Manager
version: 1.04
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 11/23/10

Gaia Manager is based off Open Manager and Sexy Manager. Therefore, you can use this to boot games stored on your jailbroken PS3. Not to mention, this manager have features not found on other managers.

  • Direct Boot mode is unsupported! Use it at your own risk.
  • PL3 dev (peek & poke) payload is not supported and using it may crash your PS3.
  • Precompiled psgroove+pl3 versions often include dev payload, so use my builded hexes instead.

  • Supports up to 512 items from two USB devices, internal hdd and bluray.
  • Ability to copy games from bdvd to hdd0 or USB's, from hdd0 to USB's or from USB's to hdd0. It is done asking to you the destination device. It use uses asynchronous reading and writing for fast copy.
  • Special support for big files in FAT: it splits files >= 4GB using .666xx fragments (if the file is name.ext, the file splits as name.ext.66600, name.ext.66601,...). This file is not bootable and it is marked using '_' as folder prefix. The file is joined when you copy it to hdd0 device.
  • Automatically finds the path of the games and asks to you about it. In other case, if the Gaia Manager is installed in the hdd0 creates one. You can change it pressing SELECT+START later.
  • Including checking game option (pressing R3). It displays information about the files, size, splits or big files, if it have one.
  • Support for Homebrew: you can creates "homebrew" folder in root USB FAT device and put here others folders with an EBOOT.BIN (.self format) and one ICON0.PNG. Also you can use the internal hdd0. Homebrew is launched directly and receive the path in argv[0].
  • FTP support to upload homebrew: Gaia Manager uses "GAIA01985" as user, by default. I recommend flashfxp to use it, because FTP (Sony) support is not very good.
  • Supports Hermes v3 patching and disc-less playing. if you return from game list, apps_home can launch games without one disc (some games don't work without any disc).

How-to use:
You just need to put your game in /dev_hdd0/BDRIPS via FTP or BDRIPS in the root of a FAT32 formatted USB disk, you can change the games directory compiling with make WITH_GAMES_DIR=XXX. And your games cover (260x300) in GAMES_DIR/COVER.PNG, /dev_hdd0/BDCOVERS or BDCOVERS in the root of the USB disk that contains the game as TITLEID.PNG (for example BLES12345.PNG).
Often you will find a zip file that contains two Gaia Manager versions (*-BDRIPS.pkg and *-GAMEZ.pkg). The only difference is the directory where you have the games rips, BDRIPS or GAMEZ. I suggest to use the BDRIPS version, but if you want retrocompatibility with the original Backup Manager or with OpenBM you have to use the GAMEZ one.

v1.04 Features:
- Fix Direct Boot and Homebrew launch
- Add support of left analog stick to scroll the game list

v1.03.1 Features:
- Fix some bugs in weltall code. Upgrade as soon as possible and do NOT use V1.03!

v1.03 Features:
- Fix permissions if directory has 0700 as file mode (on internal hard disk). it fix the ftp permission problem with pl3
- Increase max device number from 3 to 5
- Automatically modify PARAM.SFO to enable remote play in game. © FunzZy
- Added german language strings © evostar
- Add a better, transparent HIGHLIGHT.PNG (courtesy of klutsh)
- Add a patch from weltall to get the system version instead of harcoding 3.41 (useful to play new games with old firmwares
- Add cleanup function to remove the list of the games played. That list is sent to Sony
- Updated French translation, thanks foX aCe

v1.02 Features:
- Automatic cover downloading (with SQUARE)
- Backup BDVD button assigment removed, you had to use CIRCLE on first entry
- Add support for pixel blending for PNG alpha support
- Changed logo (thanks traumakom)
- Removed version inside gaia manager and added to XMB information box

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (v1.04)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
Backup Manager
version: 1.0 (modded)
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 9/22/10

This is a mod to the existing backup manager 1.0. The developer call this "Backup Manager v2".

- Run PS3 games from the hard drive without having blu-ray disc inserted.

- Need the new PSGroove no Bluray payload (see below).

- You can overwrite your existing Backup Manager.

(WARNING: I DO NOT RECOMMEND uninstalling the old one first because it will delete all of your ripped games off the PS3 hard drive--JUST

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
PSGroove Payload
version: 4.0B / PL3
runs on firmware: 3.41
posted on: 10/25/10

The following payloads were developed by various developers and is use to jailbreak your PS3.

Change log v4B (Hermes):

4B raw2payload includes a correction for those who use Windows and fixes a stupid mistake I made by copying the files, because the port1_config_descriptor.h port1_config_descriptor.bin and are in fact the V3 version.
If you compiled the .S, have the V4 and if not .. as well, sorry for the failure! [drunk]
v4B Changes:

Hermes Payload v4B ONLY: (For the following devices, download using 1st link)

- hermes_v4b_teensy1.0.zip
- at90usbkey_hermes_v4b.zip
- hermes_v4b_olimex_8mhz.zip
- hermes_v4b_teensy_2.0.zip
- hermes_v4b_avrkey_working_led.zip
- hermes_v4b_maximus_working_led.zip
- hermes_v4b_minimus_working_led.zip
- hermes_v4b_blackcat_working_led.zip
- hermes_v4b_ps2chipper_working_led.zip
- hermes_v4b_maximus_led_shutoff_30sec.zip
- hermes_v4b_minimus_led_shutoff_30sec.zip

- Rockbox Compatible Devices below:

> iPod 4G Greyscale
> iPod 4G Photo
> Gigabeat S
> Gogear hdd 1630-1830
> Gogear hdd 6330
> Gogear hdd 9200
> iRiver H10
> iRiver H10 5G
> iPod mini 1g
> iPod mini 2g
> M-Robe 100
> Sansa e200
> Sansa c200v1
> iPod nano 1g
> iPod Video 5G
> Vibe 500

PL3 Payload for RockBox ONLY: (For the following devices, download using 2nd link)

- Rockbox Compatible Devices below:

> iPod 4G Greyscale
> iPod 4G Photo
> Gigabeat S
> Gogear hdd 1630-1830
> Gogear hdd 6330
> Gogear hdd 9200
> iRiver H10
> iRiver H10 5G
> iPod mini 1g
> iPod mini 2g
> M-Robe 100
> Sansa e200
> Sansa c200v1
> iPod nano 1g
> iPod Video 5G
> Vibe 500

PL3 Payload: (For the following devices, download using 3rd link)

- Bentio
- Blackcat
- Maximus
- Maximus 32
- Olimex
- OpenKubus
- psfreedom-iphone3G-ZantronFrontEnd-0.1
- Teensy 1.0
- Teensy 2.0
- Teensy++ 1.0
- Teensy ++ 2.0
- Arduino Duemilanove (Hermes v4B included)
- Arduino Mega (Hermes v4B included)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (Hermes v4B: this download link includes .hex files for various devices and also Rockbox files)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (PL3 Payload: this download link includes Rockbox files)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (PL3 Payload: this download link includes .hex files for various devices)
PS3 Downgrade HEX Files (For Downgrading any PS3 running firmware v3.42/3.50)
version: Initial Release
runs on firmware: 3.41
posted on: 12/07/10

Are you ready for some free PS3 downgrade action? Sure you are. Team
PS3Yes, the same team who brought PSN/online support to our jailbroken PS3, is back with another release—the release that many have been waiting for, the hex files used for downgrading PS3 systems. These new hex files works on any AT90USB162 boards (8MHz and 16MHz), including Teensy++ 1.0, and Teensy++ 2.0.

How-to downgrade:

The following instructions were extracted from
here and were modified to fit the AT90USB162 boards.

Step 1: Flash the appropriate hex file to your compatible AT90USB162 board. Visit your board's manufacturer website for instructions and software for flashing.

Step 2: Plug your AT90USB162 board to the USB port on the right (the port closes the PS3 eject button), power down the console and cut of the power (unplug from outlet). Re-connect power to the console, press the Power button followed by pressing the Eject button (Note: Should be 200ms between pressing the Power and Eject button). Until finished your downgrade, you don't need cut off the power again.

Step 3: The PS3 console will flash several time and auto-turn off; you can remove your AT90USB162 board now, as your console now be in Service/Factory mode.

Step 4: Prepare a USB flash drive (a.k.a jump drive or thumb drive) and format it as FAT32 file system (using your computer), copy two files (see download link below) to the USB flash drive that you prepared earlier: Lv2diag.self (from FILE 1 folder) and PS3UPDAT.PUP, and place them USB under the root path.

Step 5: Plug your USB flash drive to the right USB port on the PS3 console, and remove any other USB device from your console. Now press the Power button to boot.

Step 6: Wait until the console turn off again. Remove the USB flash drive from your console, and delete all the files. Using your computer, copy the Lv2diag.self, from the FILE 2 folder, to your USB flash drive (root directory).

Step 7: Plug your USB drive to the right USB port on your console and press Power to power on the PS3. Wait a moment. The PS3 will now end Service/Factory Mode.

If done correctly, you're PS3 should now be running firmware v3.41. If so, you've successfully downgrade your PS3.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
PSN Payload (For Online Play / PSN Store Access and 3.50 Spoofing)
version: Initial Release
runs on firmware: 3.41 & 3.15
posted on: 11/17/10

Thanks to developer Xoeo, who developed this PSGroove PSN Payload, we can now play games online and access the PSN store on firmware 3.41 and 3.15 by
using the .hex files below.

(ADDED PS3Break v1.7, Minimus 32, USBTinyMKII, and Bentio)

-HERMES v4b Payload w/ PSN Online Play & 3.50 Spoofing
> at90usbkey1287
> avrkey
> blackcat
> maximus v1
> Minimus 32
> minimus v1
> olimex
> ps2chipper
> Teensy 1.0
> Teensy 2.0
> Teensy++ 1.0
> Teensy++ 2.0
> xplain.hex
> OpenKubus_atmega16u4
> udip_8mhz
> udip_16mhz
> Bentio
> PIC18F- Hermes - PICDEM
> PIC18F- Hermes - USBHID
> PS3Break v1.7

-Rockbox Files (PL3 Payload w/ PSN Online Play & 3.50 Spoofing)
> iPod video 5g (I can confirm this PL3 Payload works for my iPod Video 5G)
> iPod 4G grey
> iPod 4G photo
> iPod mini 1g
> iPod mini 2g
> iPod nano 1g
> gigabeat S
> gogear hdd 1630-1830
> gogear hdd 6330
> gogear hdd 9200
> iriver h10.5
> iriver h10
> mrobe 100
> sansac 200 v1
> sansae 200
> vibe 500

-Rockbox Files (Hermes v4b Payload w/ PSN Online Play & 3.50 Spoofing)
> iPod video 5g (This should be use if the above PL3 Payload doesn't work for you)

-TI (Hermes v4b Payload w/ PSN Online Play & 3.50 Spoofing)
> TI-84
> TI-89


-PL3 Payload (PSN / Online Play)
>Arduino (Duemilanove and Mega)
>PSFreedom for Dingoo
>Minimus 32
>Minimus v1
>Teensy 1.0
>Teensy 2.0
>Teensy++ 1.0
>Teensy++ 2.0

-HERMES V4B Payload (PSN / Online Play)
>Arduino (Duemilanove and Mega)
>PSFreedom for Dingoo
>PS3 Break
>PS3Break 1.1
>Minimus 32
>Minimus v1
>Teensy 1.0
>Teensy 2.0
>Teensy++ 1.0
>Teensy++ 2.0

-Rockbox Files (Hermes v4b w/Mathieulh fix - PSN / Online Play)

-TI (Hermes v4b - PSN / Online Play)
>TI-89 Titanium

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (Spoof v3.50 - HEX Files for Various USB Devices)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (Spoof v3.50 - ONLY FOR ROCKBOX)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (Spoof v3.50 - ONLY FOR TI-84 and TI-89)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (PSN / Online Play - HEX Files for Various USB Devices)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (PSN / Online Play - ONLY FOR ROCKBOX)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (PSN / Online Play - ONLY FOR TI-84 & TI-89 Titanium Calculator)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE (PSN / Online Play - ONLY FOR iPhone 2G/3G & iPod Touch 1G)
version: 1.3
runs on firmware: 3.41
posted on: 11/3/10

Developed by DJPopol, this Windows application allows you to quickly compile payloads source code for the TI-84+ calculator.

How-to use:

1. Select .bin file.

2. Give it a new name for your payload (8 characters required).

3. Click GO.

4. Now, you should have a new file, whatever name you gave it, ending with extension .8xv

Change log for v1.3:

- Kakaroto support update:
(1) before you can choose just 3.41,3.15,3.10,3.01 Versions.
(2) now you can choose any versions(if you have the bin’s file)

- If the soft don’t know bin’s filename, it ask you if it’s kakaroto’s payload, else it will create .8xv file like To8xv.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
RockBox PSGroove Installer
version: 2.1.1
runs on: PC Only
posted on: 11/13/10

RockBox is a computer application what will assist you in installing PSGroove onto various portable devices; such as the iPod (classic, nano, mini), Sansa, iRiver, etc.
for the purpose of jailbreaking your PS3.

Change log for v2.1.1:

- CBL – Custom BootLoader (id10terror’s bootloader) support added

- Bug fix

I added and changed a little bit the installation process of the sansa’s BL.Now you have the option to choose wich bootloader you want to install.
Change log for v2.1:

- RockBox Psgroove Installer 2.1 weigh less than 5MB.
- Updater: RockBox-PSGroove Installer will check automatically if there is available update for download and will allow you to download it without opening any browser.
- Rewrote the Installation process again
- Added a progress bar.
- RockBox-Psgroove Installer 2.1 will download the required files just for your device.
- Made the installation process of the iPods much more flexible.
- Added a loader.cfg generator: It will auto-recognize if RockBox and\or iPodLinux are installed on your device and will add it to the iPL menu.
- Added support for id10terror‘s CBL (Custom Bootloader) wich means that you can store up to 4 diffrent payloads in the same time and launch them using different buttons.
- You don’t need to select RockBox-PSGroove Installer’s directory anymore.
- The iPL installation process use some .bat scripts that I wrote; This should fix any issues that occurred with the old installation process.
- CBL installation is currently disabled – I’ll activate it in a few days.

loader.cfg Editor:
loader.cfg Editor feature will allow you to customize your iPL menu.

- Added support for cbl.cfg.
(Update to Plug-In Creator will come later.)

- Fixed the “blinking” bug.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
version: 1.02
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 11/17/10

MHUFreeStore is a homebrew application for your PS3. Once installed onto your PS3, you will be able to download other homebrew applications; essentially it is a virtual store with free content.

After many hours of work we bring you the latest addition to MHU2D.Net. MHUFreeStore para PS3. MHUFreeStore PS3. We hope that this release is as useful and succeed both as her little sister, the PSP. For those who do not know what this is, I put a brief summary: Is a free and open store content for your PSP and your PS3. Content as Homebrew, free music, backgrounds, etc ... Hence its name: Free, free of charge. Store, store (not the store, the content will NEVER be paying). If you want to advertise on the store, send an email to the same address. And you have it available for download.

Change log in v1.02:

- It Fixed a text that left badly in the English language.

- It Fixed a bug critical that caused failed upon discharging images (above all upon reopening session)

- Fixed the PARAM.SFO (In the version 1,01 continued saying 1.00).


To install it you have two options:

- Using the PKG file that is at the end of this post and install it like any other PKG (in the readme.txt file specified as)

- Use the PSP store and get the PS3 version from there. Once downloaded, connect your PSP in USB mode to the PS3 and install the PKG file from the PS3 XMB.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
version: 1.5 & 1.0
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 11/08/10

FORCE_PACKAGE_NPDRM is used for repacking DRM encrypted PS3 games into a .PKG file. And PSN_PACKAGE_NPDRM is used for repacking DRM encrypted PSN games into a .PKG file.



11/08/10 - V1.00 - Initial Release
- Based on SONY's "MAKE_PACKAGE_NPDRM Rev. 1203"
- "Extended" help with "--help" option
- Packaging of your SELF EBOOT.BIN
- Repackaging of SELF/SPRX/EDATA DRM'ed files

11/11/10 - V1.50 - Updates
- Based on SONY's "MAKE_PACKAGE_NPDRM Rev. 1732"
- Repackaging of SDATA DRM'ed files
- Repackaging of TROPHY directory

It enables the repackaging of DRM'ed games into a .PKG file

Howto :
First create the following structure :
- ...
- Original EBOOT.BIN renamed to whatever you want (ie. GAME.BIN)
- ...

Your EBOOT.BIN must launch the original EBOOT.BIN (ie. GAME.BIN)

Usage : force_package_npdrm [options] config-file target-directory


11/11/10 - V1.00 - Initial Release
- Based (fork) on FORCE_PACKAGE_NPDRM V1.50
- Full repackaging of PSN games

It rebuilds PSN DRM'ed games into a .PKG file
Original DRM'ed EBOOT.BIN is packaged as "raw data" ;-)
Still the problem of licence (act.dat) to run the game on another PS3

Howto :
Download the PSN game directory from your HDD0 to your PC
Create a "config-file" (a lot of explanations on internet)

Usage : psn_package_npdrm [options] config-file target-directory

- PS : Some antivirus softwares consider these tools as positive

This is a FALSE positive !

The reason is that I was constrained to modify the PE of these files ;-)

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
Game Ripper
version: 3.1
runs on: PC Only
posted on: 10/25/10

This program allows you to reduce the overall size of your PS3 game by removing files that are considered unnecessary: dummy files, foreign languages,
updates, and others.

Change log for v3.1:

- PAM format videos added.

- Added support for folders full of language.

- Improved code.

Change log for v3.0:

- New Interface

- Add other languages (French, Italian, English, German).

- Ability to rip videos BIK.

- Possibility of extraction of the Spanish language.

- Added information such as weight of ISO avanr rip then the theoretical weight with compression.

- Fixed the error in the launch of rip displaying a line of code.

- Fixed error when extracting r languages, instead of replacing files it surpassed them.

- Improved language detection.

- Support for files up to 80 characters (ex Modnation Racer).

- Debugging

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
Open AsbestOS Loader by MrGatz85 & Cael
version: 1.0
runs on: 3.41 & under
posted on: 11/11/10

Developer MrGatz85 and Cael have released this Open AsbestOS Loader that is based off the original AsbestOS Loader (originally developed by Hermes). But this a
lot simpler to use. AsbestOS is an "OtherOS" replacement for booting up Linux on your PS3.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
FTP Server (by blackb0x)
version: 1.2
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 10/09/10

This program allows you to transfer files to and from your PS3 using your computer. This program is to be installed on your PS3. On your computer, you will need a
program like FileZilla, FlashFXp, CuteFTP, WinSCP or other FTP software to get things moving.

After installing the FTP Server .pkg file on your PS3 and an FTP program on your computer, start the FTP Server on the PS3, go to your computer and run the FTP
program, enter PS3′s ip, port 21, and leave username, and password blank.

To quit the FTP Server program on your PS3, press either press X.

Change log for v1.2:

- Fixed auto-exiting when using the PS3 Remote Control instead of a gampad.

- Removed leading “/” from roots.

- Fixed multiple transfer connection issues for filezilla.

- More then 1 transfer connection at a time should work.

- Fixed misreported file size for files over 4gb.

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
Comgenie's Awesome File Manager
version: 0.6
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under / PC only
posted on: 10/08/10

Awesome Filemanager allow you to manage directories and files (browse, copy, delete) right from the PS3; without the use of your PC. Therefore, you can move files back and forth between your PS3's internal hard drive and your USB connected external hard drive (FAT32).

This release also includes a file splitter to make your life just a bit easier.

Changelog for v0.06:
- Added move support for faster moving files/directories instead of copy/delete.

- Added very basic LUA support (only string/math libs + echo function). Expect much more functions to be supported in next releases.

- Several fixes for (again) people with different screens

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
PSARC File Extractor CLI & GUI Edition
version: 0.2
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 9/28/10

PSARC File Extractor provides you a way to run games that has files larger than 4 GB, from your external hard drive.

There are two versions attached. One is a command-line (CLI) version, and the other is a GUI version.

Many games utilize a file format known as PSARC (*.psarc) These files ending in .psarc are archive files similar to zip or rar files on PC. By extracting these
large archive files and using the smaller files that are inside, users can get stay under the 4GB limit. This method has been tested on Uncharted II, and will only
work on games utilizing the psarc file format.
How to use PSARC:

1) download PSARC.zip (linked above)
2) Extract zlib.net.dll and PSARC.exe to any folder.
3) Find any files more than 4Gb for example \PS3_GAME\USRDIR\build\main\pak22.psarc (5 596 444 529 byte)
4) Copy pak22.psarc into zlib.net.dll and PSARC.exe directory.
5) Extract pak22.psarc (just drag-n-drop pak22.psarc to PSARC.exe)
6) Now copy pak22 folder with extracted files to gamefolder \PS3_GAME\USRDIR\build\main\
7) Now you can delete pak22.psarc.
8) copy PS3_GAME folder with game to your external fat32 usb hdd GAMEZ\Uncharted2\
9) use backup manager to load game, should work fine.


nXMB - PS1/PS2 Games on PS3
version: Initial Release
runs on: PC only
posted on: 10/10/10

This is a dev flash patch released by Luckluka. It only works on jailbroken PS3 systems that originally supported backwards compatibility. So, if your PS3 was able to play PS1/PS2 games prior to firmware updates, you can re-enable it. PS3 Slim user don't bother.

What is nXMB?

nXMB is a tool that patches your dev_flash to play PS1 Games (PS2 games also work if you have a bc-console) in JB Mode.

How to use nXMB? And What are its requirements?


• PS3 that is JailBroken
• DEV_FLASH from your PS3
• JaiCraB’s Firm Loader v0.3 (See below for Firm Loader download ink)

Step 1: Connect via FTP and get your dev_flash
Step 2: Move your dev_flash and the nXMB into a new folder (NOT THE CONTENTS, BUT THE DEV_FLASH ITSELF).
Step 3: Open nXMB and let it patch your dev_flash
Step 4: Copy the contents of that dev_flash to your USB Flash Disk
Step 5: Launch USB Firm Loader

The PS3 will mount your USB flash disk as dev_flash

You will NOT see “Install Package Files” but instead of that you will be able to boot PS1/PS2 games and you will have access to your memory cards!

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
JaiCraB's Firm Loader
version: 0.3
runs on firmware: 3.41 & under
posted on: 9/23/10

This program allows you to dump /dev_flash onto your USB flash drive. The dev_flash directory is your PS3's current firmware that's running (i.e. firmware v3.41).
By moving the /dev_flash to your USB flash drive, you can modify the firmware files (like RCO and modules files); essentially creating a custom firmware with new
features. Additionally, by modifying these files on your USB flash drive, you do not run the risk of corrupting (brick) your PS3's installed firmware.

Install this .pkg file like any other .pkg file (From your USB flash drive). To run USB Firmware Loader, start the USB Firmware Loader program with the USB mass
storage device attached to your PS3. You will then return to the XMB menu with the firmware loaded.

- You will need PSGroove, PSFreedom, etc., that supports Syscall PEEK and POKE.

- Use the FTP server to transfer /dev_flash to your PC or Comgenie's Awesome Filemanager to transfer /dev_flash to your USB flash drive (FAT 32).

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
PKG Fast Unpacker
version: 3.1
runs on: PC Only
posted on: 9/22/10

PS3 PKG Fast Unpacker allows you to unpack (extract) the content inside a PKG file and re-pack (rebuild) the files into a PKG file.

- Can Unpack/Repack homebrew Debug Packages

- Can Install PSNPSN Packages

- Change Chinese/English hybrid Interface to Enlgish Only

- Some Small bugs fixed

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE
version: 0.1.1
runs on: PC Only
posted on: 10/07/10

This Windows program allows you to split files larger than 4 GB into a .OBM file format, view PKG file info, and remove unnecessary files from your PS3 games.

Change log v0.1.1
- Safe database/Block database

- Working progress bars

- Pattern patcher

- Improved shrinker

- Minor improvements and tweaks

[FileFactory]: DOWNLOAD HERE

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great thread, saves me time from going to the other web site u have this same thread in
btw i could never get that sega saturn emu to work on 3.15
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Helpful, and stickied

Though I suggest you upload the files here on PS3Hax, and I can edit your permissions to update just those files so you don't have to change links every time an app updates (or deal with files being deleted).

Drop me a PM if interested and we can work something out.

Please do not PM me with help/questions (I will not reply). Use this for your questions.
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Page bookmarked. I'll stop here from time to time when I get the chance to see what's new with the scene. :P
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Originally Posted by Pirate View Post
Helpful, and stickied

Though I suggest you upload the files here on PS3Hax, and I can edit your permissions to update just those files so you don't have to change links every time an app updates (or deal with files being deleted).

Drop me a PM if interested and we can work something out.
Pirate, thank you for the sticky. Your offer sounds very tempting. LOL. Currently, I'm testing out Filevo to see how good (or bad) their file hosting service is. I will keep your offer in mind. Thanks again. Love this site!
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Originally Posted by Klaxxon View Post
Page bookmarked. I'll stop here from time to time when I get the chance to see what's new with the scene. :P
Thanks man :-)
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Thanks X! This is a great source of info! Bookmarked!!!
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Mednafen-ps3 revision 34:

Revision changelog:
R31:Hopefully fix longstanding File browser issues!
R32:Display log when mednafen fails to load game. Might not be too readable right now.
R33:Alias left stick to dpad.
R34:Clean up bookmark display

Note: Please use my download link. It is compiled for firmware 1.92 and up.
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Help, where i found "pcebios.bin" to download?
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Epic thread, thanks for the trouble of putting this together!

this thread is full of WIN

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