Team HyperX presents IXtreme 1.6 firmware for Benq, Samsung and Liteon drives on Xbox 360 (Hitachi drives soon).

-Strict Wave 3 compliance! hybrid (modified disks) will not boot!

-Strict drive speed compliance - 12x only for game discs!

-Support for SS V2!

-Integrated 0800 for game dumping including SS v2!

-Full support for all known game exceptions! eg ddr etc!

-One shot boot mode! - allows a one off boot of gamedisc without -stealth/partition checks (will still use stealth), use activate.iso disk to activate each time!

-Support for easy drive key/version info cmd, same as liteon!

-Strict stealth/wave checking, one shot boot mode will boot wave(x)!
[More info VIA xbins]