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    [Rumor]: Live TV May Be Heading to PS4 through Deal with Viacom in 2014

    Sony doesn't want MS to take rest of the entertainment space either. Let's wage a war over Live TV services.

    The Xbox One is heavily-touted as the “all-in-one” console - it plays games, movies, and probably seen as one of the biggest features shown off by Microsoft, has multiple capabilities to interact with and display live TV through the console’s UI. Sony may be taking a different approach with more of a clear focus on games, but a new report also shows that they don’t plan to let Microsoft take over the rest of the entertainment space either.

    Plans have been revealed that Sony is negotiating with Viacom to create its own Internet TV service featuring many of Viacom’s properties and channels, such as MTV and Nickelodeon, to stream through their newest console. While Sony has made no official announcements to the public for Live TV on the PS4 so far, the details of the deal so far sound like Sony is definitely looking to at least plan ahead for implementing the service into their console possibly at a later time.

    Details of Sony’s planning with Viacom are still vague at this point, but the rumors state that if Sony does go through with launching their Live TV service for PS4, they will plan for an early 2014 launch on the new system - the PS4 launches later this year.
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