Nitepr is for PSP (PlayStation Portable) and is kind of old by now but I got a question.

I like to play my psp with nitepr to make the games fun.
I look for random things to edit, such as, ammo, kills, deaths, shots fired, and money.

Well, I was playing Ford Off Roading racing and wanted to edit the speed of my car.
I found the values but when I edit them the car wouldn't be really going that fast or sometimes not
show that speed as it set it to. So does anyone know how I can edit my cars speed?

Also, how do people make codes where you can change stuff such as: gravity, health, and run/walk speed.

For anyone that still plays Star Wars III (The modded one)
I found out that you can just do a simple edit for the troop numbers.
This is good for if you wanted to enjoy a big battle of where you must kill off all the enemies where you ignore capturing
the bases. I think setting both teams at 2000 would be a decent battle. Not sure if the codes work in every game.
I only played in Hoth.