The Maximus 360 Xtractor Reader has been updated to v2.8. You can grab the latest update via download link below.

* Graphical tool to allow read keys from Lite On / Benq Drives
* It supports USB key dumping if using with an 360 Xtractor Tool
* Also contains bonus feature as NO-SLAX ModeB command
* Can work with 360 xtractor tool or other (homemade max323) adapters, even rival tools are welcome

* Key reading on Liteon Benq Drives
* key.bin/identify.bin/inquiry.bin file generation
* Allow ORIGINAL / CLONE detection for 360 Xtractor Tool (R.I.P. D.France)
* BONUS FEATURE: Send ModeB command to All Hitachi Drives (even 78/79) NO SLAX REQUIRED

* ADDED : Dumping of Liteon Optical and DVD mainboard serials (it saves as serial.bin) Big thanks to Geremia for the info.
* ADDED : Creation of dummy.bin wich basically is a compilation of all the other files. That way the dump is fully compatible with latest jungleflasher
* ADDED : Added option for creating the missing serial.bin and dummy.bin. You must enter those values, you can find that option under the “Prepare Spoofed Firmware” button, give it a try it has help links on it.